Dragon Quest/Brecconary Town

In the beginning, the sole goal is to gain experience levels and better equipment. This is done through combat and by purchasing weapons, armor, and a shield in Brecconary.


File:DW1 Map Brecconary.png
Brecconary Town
Bamboo Pole 10G
Club 60G
Copper Sword 180G
Clothes 20G
Leather Armor 70G
Small Shield 90G
Herb 24G
Torch 8G
Dragon Scale 20G
One night 6G

In this bustling town life seems to be unaffected by the shadow that is stealing over the Kingdom. Here you will find an Inn for rest and shops where you can purchase weapons, armor, and tools. Spend your Gold wisely; it will not go far as prices are high. When you have outfitted yourself, talk to the townsfolk. You will learn that all is not business as usual, for even here tales of savagery and evil hang in the air.


File:DW1 Snap Status.png
Status shows the max Agility, Strength, and other abilities. Your current condition is shown on the left.

Once you leave the security of Brecconary you will meet many enemies in the wilderness. You will need a weapon and some protection against monsters. Your best buys are the Club and the Clothes. With these, you should have little trouble defeating the weak slimes that live near the city walls. With each slime you defeat, you will earn gold for better weapons. Braver souls may enjoy a challenge and simply buy the Club alone, or purchase the Leather Armor. This will leave you 10 gold pieces shy of the other piece of equipment, which you can earn in little time… if you can stay alive.

Whichever combination you have bought, select the Status command and you will see that these items are listed at the bottom. You are now better prepared to face the rigors awaiting you. Later in the game, your level will rise after defeating a number of enemies. You can bring up the Status Window again to see improvements in Strength and Agility, as well as maximum HP and MP. Throughout the game the Status Window will show how you are doing.
(Note: In the Dragon Warrior I & II release, you can equip and unequip items through the Status menu and selecting Equip.)


File:DW1 Snap StartingOut.png
Keep close to the town and castle until you reach level 3. Then head further north.

Stepping beyond the walls of the town, you enter a vast expanse of wilderness, of wide plains, thick forests, impassable mountains and scorching desert sands. These wild places are swarming with servants of the Dragonlord, weak ones like Slimes, but also powerful dragons. Stay near the town and fight Slimes until you have raised your level, then venture further away. Slowly you will expand your horizons.


File:DW1 Snap Dragon Scale.png
Come back for better equipment

You'll want to buy a shield to increase your defense, and swapping out your first weapon for a Copper Sword will give you a substantial attack boost. Another useful item, the Dragon Scale, can boost your defense slightly; it is found in the little item shop in the south east corner of Brecconary. Unlike armor and weapons, which take effect automatically when you purchase them, you must access the item menu and select the Dragon Scale to equip it.