Dried green cardamom pods

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Cardamom is a pungent aromatic spice. The green seed pods of the plant are dried and the seeds inside the pod are used in Indian and Asian cuisine either whole or in a ground form. Ground cardamom is a primary ingredient of curry powder. In the Middle East, cardamom is used to flavour coffee or tea.

Cardamom can also be spelled cardamon or cardomom and in India is popularly known as elaichi.

Types Edit

Green cardamom Edit

Green cardamom, sometimes called true cardamom, is the small green pods of Elettaria cardamomom. The pods contain seeds, which can be ground to make cardamom powder. Green cardamom can be used in both sweet and savory dishes, and it is the variety of cardamom used more often in European and Middle Eastern cooking.

Black cardamom Edit

Black cardamom is the seed pod of Amomum subulatum. It is dark brown and leathery with a smoky flavor, and it is usually used in savory cooking. It is commonly used in South Asian and Chinese cooking.