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A tea bush
Tea leaves on the plant
A glass of iced tea
Iced tea with a lemon

Tea is generally a drink made from infusing tea leaves, which are the leaves of the tea plant, in boiling water. Sometimes other plants are used, these beverages are often called tisanes. Usually the leaves are not actually eaten; they are strained out of the broth before the broth is drunk, but sometimes salads and other foods include the leaf as a food ingredient.

Some people add milk or cream, sugar, or lemon juice.

Tea may be chilled with ice to make a refreshing drink known as ice tea or iced tea. In particular, chilled sweetened tea (or simply sweet tea) is a common beverage in the American South.

Tea is often sold in bottles with added sugar and lemon juice, to be chilled before use.

Tea is a popular drink mixer in some areas; when mixed with vodka, it is known as an Ice Pick.

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