Cookbook:Dud Patti (Milk Tea)

Dud Patti (Milk Tea)
CategoryBeverage recipes
Servings2 servings
Time~10 minutes

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Instead of adding milk to tea brewed with water, this method steeps the tea leaves directly in hot milk.

Ingredients edit

Equipment edit

Procedure edit

  1. Pour in the milk into the pan. Let it simmer on medium-low heat.
  2. When it is nearly boiling, add the tea.
  3. Stir it a little with a spatula to allow it to brew before it boils over.
  4. Take it off the heat when it boils over and pour it into a cup through a strainer.
  5. Sweeten it with sugar and enjoy!

Notes, tips, and variations edit

  • You can get loose tea from any Pakistani and/or Indian store. Some brands are Tapal Danedar, and Lipton.