Welcome to the Vietnamese textbook! This book will teach you to speak, read, and write in Vietnamese, and understand Vietnamese culture.

Chào mừng các bạn đến với sách giáo khoa tiếng Việt. Sách này sẽ dạy bạn đọc, nói, và viết tiếng Việt, và hiểu về văn hoá Việt.

Introduction edit


Lessons edit

This is a draft of the lesson plans. You can discuss these plans here. The second draft of this book is also being planned here.

Pronunciation edit

Spelling edit

Chúng ta học tiếng Việt nhé - Let's Learn Vietnamese edit

Beginners edit

Pre-intermediate edit

Intermediate edit

Post-intermediate edit

Từ vựng - Vocabulary edit

Grammar edit

Văn hoá - Culture edit

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In order to correctly view the Vietnamese contained in this textbook, your browser must be support Unicode. Most modern browsers support Unicode adequately. You must also set your browser to use a font that supports Vietnamese characters. For more information, please visit Displaying Vietnamese webpages.