Vietnamese creates comparatives and superlatives out of adjectives and adverbs simply by adding a word to the end. First of all, what are comparatives and superlatives? Comparatives are demonstrated in the following sentences:

He is taller than I am.
You have more than I do.

They simply express a comparison between two items. Superlatives are demonstrated in the following sentences:

He is the tallest of the three.
She brought the most cookies.

They express the outcome of a comparison between more than two items. (All of the items being compared, except for "she," are implied in the second sentence.)



In Vietnamese, comparatives are formed by placing hơn after the adjective or adverb. For example:

Nó cao hơn anh.
He is taller than I. (literally: He tall more me.)
Ông có hơn con.
You, sir, have more than I. (literally: You (sir) have more me.)

(More to come.)