Creation Myth


Lạc Long Quân, according to the creation myth of the Vietnamese people, was the father of the Vietnamese people. Lạc Long Quân was the son and sole successor of the Khương Lộc Tục, the King of Kinh Dương, who ruled over Xích Quỷ.

Lạc Long Quân's wife, Âu Cơ, gave birth to a sac containing 100 eggs from which 100 children were born. One day Lạc Long Quân told Âu Cơ: "I am descended from dragons, you from fairies. We are as incompatible as water is with fire. So we cannot continue in harmony." This said, the husband and wife parted. The man went seawards with 50 of their children, while his wife went to the mountains with the other half of the clan. The eldest son, who followed his mother, later installed himself as Vietnam's first monarch, Hùng Quốc Vương.