The Devonshire Manuscript/Items in the Devonshire Manuscript Without Witnesses

Incipit Foliation
A wel I hawe at other lost 22v
Alas poore man what hap have I 15v-16r
Alas that men be so vngent 27v
am el mem 67v
and thys be thys ye may 44r
And wylt thow leve me thus 17r
as ffor my part I know no thyng 41r-v
Beholde love thye powre how she despisith 69v
blame not my lute for he must sownd 64r-v
Bownd am I now & shall be styll 08v-09r
Deme as ye list vppon goode cause 84v
Dyvers dothe vse as I have hard & kno 77v
fancy framed my hart ffrust 62r
Farewell all my wellfare 09v-10r
ffanecy fframed my hart ffurst 61v-62r
fforget not yet the tryde entent 54v
ffortune dothe frown 78v
ffull well yt maye be sene 51r
Greting to you bothe yn hertye wyse 79r-v
Grudge on who liste this ys my lott 78v
Gyve place all ye that dothe reioise 77v
Hartte aprest with dessperott thoughtes 47v-48r
how shold I 43r
howe shulde I 77r-v
I abide and abide and better abide 81v
I ame not she be prowess off syt 65r
I lowe lovyd and so doithe she 06r
I may well say with Ioyfull harte 28v
I se the change ffrom that that was 40v-41r
If that I cowlde in versis close 63v
In faythe methynkes yt ys no Ryght 21v-22r
In places Wher that I company 62v
It was my choyse It Was my chaunce 24v-25r
It was my choyse yt was no chaunce 30v
lengre to muse 80r
Lo how I seke & sew to haue 52v
lo in thy hat thow hast be gone 59r
May not thys hate from the estarte 10v
Me list no more to sing 74v
My ferefull hope from me ys fledd 07v
my hart ys set nat to remowe 65r
my hart ys set not remoue 58v-59r
My hope is yow for to obtaine, 57r
myght I as well within my song be lay 65v
Myght I as well within my songe 66r
Myn vnhappy chaunce / to home shall I playn 60v
now all of chaunge 81r-v
Now may I morne as one off late 26r
Now must I lerne to lyue at rest 54r
now that ye be assemblled heer 88r
O myserable sorow withowten cure 58v
Pacyence of all my smart 21r
patiens for I have wrong / 82v
patiens tho I had nott 71r
Sins you will nedes that I shall sing 73v
Spight hathe no powre to make me sadde 78r
Sum summ say I love sum say I moke 58v
Sum tyme I syghe sumtyme I syng 20v
Syns love ys suche that as ye wott 51v-52r
Syns so ye please to here me playn 53r
Take hede be tyme leste ye be spyede 02r
Tanglid I was yn loves snare 79v-80r
The fruite of all the seruise that I serue 72r
The hart & servys to yow profferd 11v
The Ioye so short alas the paine so nere 75v
the losse is small to lose suche on 77v
The pleasaunt beayt of swet Delyte Dothe blynd 66r
the sueden ghance ded mak me mves 67v
ther ys no cure ffor care off miyd 41r
This rotyd greff will not but growe 47v
thy promese was to loue me best 40r
to cowntarffete a mery mode 65v
To dere is bowght the doblenes 59v
To make an ende of all this strif 83r-v
to men that knows ye not 60r
To Rayle or geste ye kno I vse yt not 75r-v
To yowr gentyll letters an answere to resyte 29r
Too yoye In payne my will 44v
whan that I call vnto my mynde 82v-83r
What helpythe hope of happy hape 46v-47r
What menythe thys when I lye alone 12v-13r
what nedythe lyff when I requyer 43r-43v-44r
what shulde I saye 77r
What thyng shold cawse me to be sad 27r
when I bethynk my wontet ways 58r
Who hath more cawse for to complayne 28r
Wyll ye se / What Wonderous love hathe wrought 84r
Wyly no dought ye be a wry 59v
Wyth sorowful syghes and wondes smart 26v
Yf in the worlde there be more woo 53v
Yf with complaint the paine might be exprest 73r
Yff reason govern fantasye 45r-46r
Yowre ferefull hope cannot prevayle 08r
ys yt possyble 14r