The Devonshire Manuscript/Sum summ say I love sum say I moke

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The Devonshire Manuscript
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O myserable sorow withowten cure my hart ys set not remove
The Devonshire Manuscript facsimile 58v

f. [58v]

1    Sum summ{_m} say I love sum say I moke
2    summ{_m} say I can not my selfe refrane
3    Sum say I was wraped in mynin a whoman semoke smock 
4    sun some  say I hau plesure{r'}sun I hau payn  some 
5    yt yet  on my fayth yf yow wel be lewf me
6    non knw so wel as I wher my shwe grewe me1, 2

Notes & Glosses edit

     1. The rhyme is ababcc: mock, refrain, smock, pain, believe me, grew me.
     2. This may be a riddle, referring to a specific occurrence. It matches the mood of love and mockery with the mention of unveiling, disguise, and cross-dressing.

Commentary edit

Possibly written in H1.1's hand, this poem remains unattributed. The poem describes hidden motives that are interpreted differently by different people (“some say”). Although the reference to being wrapped in a woman’s smock may be metaphorical, this image could also refer to a specific incident that may have been known to the members of the coterie.

Six poetic lines appear on eight graphical lines and the rhyme scheme is ababcc: mock, refrain, smock, pain, me, me. The placement of the text, the break in the lines, the repetition of words, and other factors suggest that this poem may have been composed and recorded simultaneously.