The Devonshire Manuscript/ys yt possyble

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The Devonshire Manuscript
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Pacyence tho I have not My lute awake performe the last labor
The Devonshire Manuscript facsimile 14r

f. [14r]

1    3 ys yt possyble
2    that{{th}+t+} so hye debate
3    so sharpe so sore & off suche rate
4    shuld end so sone & was begone so late
5    is it possyble1

6    ys yt possyble
7    so cruell intent
8    so hasty hete & so sone spent
9    ffrom love to hate & thens ffor to Rele [] nt
10    is it possyble

11    ys yt possyble
12    that{{th}+t+} eny may fynde
13  {v'} {w+t+}  within on hert so dyverse mynd
14    to change or torne as wether & wynd
15    is it possyble

16    is it possyble
17    to spye yt in an yIe
18    that{{th}+t+} tornys as oft as chance on dy
19    the trothe wheroff can eny try
20    is it possyble

21    it is possyble
22    ffor to torne so oft
23    to bryng that{{th}+t+} lowyste that{{th}+t+}  wasse2 most Alofft
24    & to fall hyest yet to lyght sofft3
25    it is possyble4

26    All ys possyble
27    Who so lyst beleve
28    trust therfore fyrst & after preve5
29    as men wedd ladyes by lycence & leve
30    all ys possyble

fynys quod{q+d+} Wyatt s

Notes & Glosses edit

     1. Note the regular alternation of the spellings of "ys yt" and "is it."
     2. Note the unusual spelling of "wasse." It may be phonetic or musical.
     3. This may be a contemporary allusion.
     4. Note that the indentation gradually increases.
     5. This wording and theme connects to "In faythe methynkes yt ys no Ryght" (22r).

Commentary edit

Attributed to Sir Thomas Wyatt,[1], this poem was entered by H2.

This poem's curious system of spelling, capitalization, spacing, and indentation supports a visual movement from oscillation (or vacillation) to stabilization and linearization, enforcing the poem's thematic content. One example of this gradual movement occurs in the scribe's uses of variant spellings: specifically, he alternates "ys yt" and "is it" and gradually indents the final lines.

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