The Devonshire Manuscript/In places Wher that I company

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The Devonshire Manuscript
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fancy framed my hart ffrust If that I cowlde in versis close
The Devonshire Manuscript facsimile 62v

f. [62v]

1    In places{es} Wher that I company
2    I go sayng I lywe full merely
3    yet offtymes to cloke my care and payn
4    I make my contenance to be glad and fayn
5    {t+r+}{{th}+t+} when that my hert wepith and sithyth full bitterly 1

[I speke by that I mene by this]
I speke by that / And mene by this

Notes & Glosses edit

     1. A superscript r following a t indicates an omitted "er" or "ur."[1]

Commentary edit

Entered by H7, this poem remains unattributed. This poem is one of a several entries in the manuscript that speaks of counterfeiting feelings in public (see: “Sum summ say I love sum say I moke” (58v); “I am not she be prowess off syt” (65r); “Myght I as well within my song be lay” (65v); “To cowntarffete a mery mode” (65v); “Ceaser whan the traytor of egipte” (70r); and “Whan that I call vnto my mynde” (82v-83r)). In this instance, the speaker explains how they change countenance in public to appear glad when they are not.

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