The Devonshire Manuscript/fancy framed my hart ffrust

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The Devonshire Manuscript
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ffanecy fframed my hart ffurst In places Wher that I company
The Devonshire Manuscript facsimile 62r

f. [62r]

1    fancy framed my hart ffrust
2    to bere good m wyll and seke the same
3    y sowght the best and ffownd the worst
4    yet ffansy


Commentary edit

This poem, entered by H12, remains unattributed. The entry consists of three full lines and an incomplete fourth line from the preceding poem. The entry directly above it on the same page, Written in Margaret Douglas's hand, provides a seemingly complete version of the poem. Both examples show indications of revision by an unidentified hand. An annotation, “gioye,” appears under the poem in the same hand that has revised the poem above.

Textual Notes edit

Texts Collated edit


Collation edit

1 fancy] ffanecy LDev096 framed] fframed LDev096 ffrust] ffeuurst LDev096
2 m wyll] wyll LDev096 seke] sechee LDev096
3 y] I LDev096 worst] wo^urst LDev096
4 yet ffansy] yet ffansy was no delle to blame LDev096
5 ] ffor ffancy hawe a dobell neame LDev096
6 ] and has her neame so ys her kynd LDev096
7 ] ffancy a ffoo and ffancy a ffreynd LDev096
8 ] ffancy ffolowyd all my desyer LDev096
9 ] to lyk wher as I had best lust LDev096
10 ] what cold I mor off her requyrer LDev096
11 ] than ffor that thyng wyche ueds Iniust LDev096
12 ] and fforsyth me styl ffor to be Iust LDev096
13 ] in thys she showyd her selff my ffreynd LDev096
14 ] to mak me lord off my nown mynd LDev096
15 ] thys ffraned ffancy LDev096
15.1 ] thys ffayned ffancy at the last LDev096
16 ] hath ca^usyd me ffor to beware LDev096
17 ] off wyndy words and bablyng blast LDev096
18 ] wych b hath offtymes cast me in snare LDev096
19 ] and broght me ffrom my yyoy to care LDev096
20 ] wherffor I mak thys promes now LDev096
21 ] to brek my ffancy and nat to bowe LDev096