The Devonshire Manuscript/A wel I hawe at other lost

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The Devonshire Manuscript
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He Robyn gentyll robyn The knot which fyrst my hart did strayn
The Devonshire Manuscript facsimile 22v

f. [22v]

1    A wel I hawe at other lost1
2    not as my nowen I do protest
3    bot wan I hawe got that I hawe mest
4    I shal regoys among the rest

Mary Shelton2

Notes & Glosses edit

     1. A smudged character precedes the line.
     2. Compare this signature to the one on 1r and on 7r.

Commentary edit

Written in Mary Shelton's hand, this poem is also signed "Mary Shelton" and could be an original creation by Shelton herself. The speaker expresses a hope to regain what he or she has lost and to accept the outcome.

"A wel I hawe at other lost" appears as the second poem entered on the page (placed at the bottom of 22v).