The Devonshire Manuscript/It was my choyse It Was my chaunce

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The Devonshire Manuscript
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Hey Robyn Ioly Robyn tell me Now may I morne as one off late
The Devonshire Manuscript facsimile 24v
The Devonshire Manuscript facsimile 25r

f. [24v]

1    It was my choyse It Was my chaunce
2    that brovgght my hert N others hold
3    wher by it hath had sufferaunce
4    lengar per{p1}de then resan wuld
5    sens I yt bovnd where{r'} it was fre
6    methynks I wys of ryght it shuld
7    Accepted yt be

f. [25r] 

8    Accepted yt be with{w+t+} owyt Refuse
9    Wnles that fortun haith the powre{r'}
10    all ryght of Low for to a buse
11    for as thei say on happy owre{r'}
12    may more{r'} prevayll yen then ryght ore{r'} myght
13  {r'}{n'} yf fortune then lyst for to lowre

Commentary edit

Attributed to Sir Thomas Wyatt,[1] this poem was entered by H3 and discusses the right of Fortune to abuse lovers. "It was my choyse It Was my chaunce" is an excerpt of the thirty-five line poem "It was my choyse yt was no chaunce" (35v).

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Collation edit

1      It Was my chaunce] yt was no chaunce / LDev048 
2      brovgght] browght LDev048     hert] hart LDev048     N] in LDev048     hold] holde / LDev048 
3      wher by] Wherby LDev048     it] ytt LDev048     sufferaunce] Sufferaunce / LDev048 
4      lengar] lenger LDev048     resan] Reason LDev048     wuld] wold / LDev048 
5      sens] syns LDev048     yt bovnd where it was fre] ytt Bownde where ytt was ffree / LDev048 
6      methynks] me thynkes LDev048     I wys] ywys LDev048     ryght] Ryght LDev048     it] yt LDev048     shuld] shold / LDev048 
7      Accepted yt] Acceptyd LDev048 
8      Accepted] Acceptyd LDev048     yt]  LDev048     with owyt Refuse] with owte Refuse / LDev048 
9      Wnles] Vnles LDev048     fortun] fortune LDev048     haith] have LDev048     powre] power / LDev048 
10      all] All LDev048     ryght] Ryght LDev048     Low] love LDev048     a buse] Abuse / LDev048 
11      as thei say on] As thay say / one LDev048     owre] howre / LDev048 
12      prevayll] prevayle LDev048     yen] then LDev048     ryght] Ryght LDev048     ore] or LDev048     myght] myght / LDev048 
13      lowre] lowre / LDev048 
14      ] What vaylyth Right LDev048 
15      ] What vaylyth Ryght yff thys be trew LDev048 
16      ] then trust to chaunce and go by gesse / LDev048 
17      ] then who so lovyth may well go sew / LDev048 
18      ] vncerten hope for hys redresse / LDev048 
19      ] yett some wolde say Assueredly / LDev048 
20      ] thou mayst Appele for thy relesse / LDev048 
21      ] to fantasy / LDev048 
22      ] To fantasy pertaynys to chose / LDev048 
23      ] All thys I knowe for fantasy / LDev048 
24      ] ffurst vnto love dyd me Induse / LDev048 
25      ] but yet I knowe as stedefastly / LDev048 
26      ] that yff love haue no faster knott / LDev048 
27      ] so nyce a choyse slyppes sodenly / LDev048 
28      ] yt lastyth nott / LDev048 
29      ] Itt lastyth not that stondes by change / LDev048 
30      ] fansy doth change / fortune ys frayle / LDev048 
31      ] both thes to plese / the ways ys strange / LDev048 
32      ] therfore me thynkes best to prevayle LDev048 
33      ] ther ys no way that ys so Iust / LDev048 
34      ] as trowgh to lede / the tother fayle / LDev048 
35      ] And therto trust / LDev048