RAC Attack - Oracle Cluster Database at Home/Expanded Table of Contents

RAC Attack is a free curriculum and platform for hands-on learning labs related to Oracle RAC (cluster database). We believe that the best way to learn about RAC is with a lot of hands-on experience. This curriculum has been used by individuals at home and by instructors in classes since 2008.

Part I: Setting Up RAC


Hardware and Windows Preparation

  1. Hardware and Windows Minimum Requirements
  2. Install VMware Server
  3. Setup Virtual Networks
  4. Setup Virtual Storage
  5. Download Oracle Enterprise Linux

Linux Install

  1. Create VM
  2. Prep for OS Installation
  3. OS Installation
  4. Wrap-up OS Installation
  5. Create RAC Attack DVD
  6. Prep for Oracle

Create Cluster

  1. Create Interconnect
  2. Create Shared Disks
  3. Copy VM
  4. Configure Disks
  5. Configure Node 1
  6. Configure Node 2
  7. SSH and CVU

Grid Install (ASM)

  1. Setup ASMLIB
  2. Cluster Verification Utility (ASM)
  3. Install Grid Infrastructure (ASM)
  4. Increase CRS Fencing Timeout (ASM)
  5. Setup ASM

Grid Install (Shared Filesystem)

  1. Setup OCFS2
  2. Cluster Verification Utility (Shared Filesystem)
  3. 11gR2 Bug Workaround
  4. Install Grid Infrastructure (Shared Filesystem)
  5. Increase CRS Fencing Timeout (Shared Filesystem)

RAC Install

  1. Install Database Software

Create Database

  1. Create DB

Rolling Patches

  1. Patching Grid and Database Software

Part II: Exploring RAC


Clusterware Testing

  1. Clusterware and Fencing
  2. Clusterware Callouts

Services, Failover and Load Balancing

  1. Install Instant Client
  2. Service Failover
  3. Connection Failover
  4. Runtime Failover
  5. Client Load Balancing
  6. Server Load Balancing


  1. Install Runstats
  2. Sequence Test
  3. Parallel Query Test
  4. Scheduler Test
  5. File Test

RAC Backups and Recovery

  1. Setup Backups
  2. Flashback Database
  3. Block Change Tracking
  4. Archived Logs
  5. Database Backups
  6. Database Recovery