RAC Attack - Oracle Cluster Database at Home/Create VM

  1. From the SUMMARY screen, choose Create Virtual Machine. Name the new machine collabn1 and select the RAC11g datastore.
  2. Select Linux Operating System and choose Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (32-bit).
  3. Allocate 760M of memory for the virtual machine and choose 1 processor.
  4. Choose to Create a New Virtual Disk.
  5. Set the disk size to 30G and name the file [RAC11g] collabn1/system.vmdk – leave all other options at their defaults and click Next.
  6. Choose to Add a Network Adapter.
  7. Choose to create a NAT network connection.
  8. Choose Don't Add a CD/DVD Drive.
  9. Choose Don't Add a Floppy Drive.
  10. Choose Don't Add a USB Controller.
  11. Review the configuration and click Finish. Do not power on the virtual machine yet.