RAC Attack - Oracle Cluster Database at Home/Setup ASM

  1. As the oracle user, use the oenv macro (from Ardent Performance Computing) to set your environment for the SID +ASM1. Then, type asmca to launch ASMCA. collabn1:/home/oracle[RAC1]$ oenv SIDs here are: grid +ASM1 ORACLE_SID = [RAC1] ? +ASM1 The Oracle base for ORACLE_HOME=/u01/grid/oracle/product/11.2.0/grid_1 is /u01/app/oracle collabn1:/home/oracle[+ASM1]$ asmca
  2. Make sure you're on the Disk Groups tab and then right-click on the DATA diskgroup and choose Edit Attributes.
  3. Set the Database Compatibility and the ADVM Compatibility both to then click OK. Choose YES when prompted about advancing database compatibility.
  4. Click the Create button to add a new diskgroup.
  5. Name the new diskgroup BACKUP. Choose External redundancy and select the disk ORCL:BACKUP. Then, click the Show Advanced Options button.
  6. Leave the Allocation Unit at 1MB and set all compatibility parameters to, then click OK.

  7. Click EXIT to close the ASM Configuration Assistant.