RAC Attack - Oracle Cluster Database at Home/Create Shared Disks


Virtual Device Node (Adapter/Device) Size Path (Datastore/Directory/Filename)
SCSI 1:0 3.25 GB [RAC11g-shared] data.vmdk
SCSI 1:1 3.25 GB [RAC11g-shared] backup.vmdk

  1. In the Inventory tab at the left, select collabn1 (the virtual machine we just created).
  2. From the Commands box, click Add Hardware. In the window that appears, click Hard Disk.
  3. Choose to Create a New Virtual Disk and click Next.
  4. Enter a capacity of 3.25 GB and type the name “[RAC11g-shared] data.vmdk”.
    • Choose File Options → Allocate all disk space now.
    • Choose Disk Mode → Independent and Persistent.
    • Choose Virtual Device Node → SCSI 1:0. Click Next to continue.
  5. Click Finish to create the disk.

  6. Repeat steps 1-5 for the second disk (it is listed at the beginning of this lab).
  7. CONFIRM that your list of hard disks and network devices matches this screenshot.
  8. From the Commands box, click Configure VM.
  9. Click the Advanced tab and scroll down to the Configuration Parameters. Use the Add New Entry button to add the entries listed here. Click OK to save the configuration changes.
    Name Value
    disk.locking false
    diskLib.dataCacheMaxSize 0
    diskLib.maxUnsyncedWrites 0
    mainMem.useNamedFile false