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  1. Georgia Water/Best Practices/Conservation/Rainwater harvesting
  2. Georgia Water/Policy/Local Ordinances
  3. Georgia Water/Statewide Plan/Statewide Advisory Committee
  4. Georgia Water/Laws/HelpList
  5. Georgia Water/Best Practices/Planning/Regional
  6. Georgia Water/Regional Plans/Oconee, Ocmulgee and Altamaha River Basins
  7. Georgia Water/Laws/Federal Aid in Sport Fish Restoration Act of 1950
  8. Georgia Water/Laws/Plant Protection Act
  9. Georgia Water/Laws/Coastal Zone Management Act
  10. Georgia Water/Laws/Wildflower Preservation Act of 1973
  1. Georgia Water
  2. Georgia Water/Laws/Planning Act of 1989
  3. Georgia Water/Best Practices/Conservation/Rainwater harvesting
  4. Georgia Water/Best Practices/Planning
  5. Georgia Water/Laws/Game and Fish Code
  6. Georgia Water/Policy/Georgia River Basin Management Planning Act
  7. Georgia Water/History
  8. Georgia Water/Statewide Plan
  9. Georgia Water/Statewide Plan/Vision
  10. Georgia Water/Statewide Plan/Timeline

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