Georgia Water/Policy/Georgia Erosion and Sedimentation Act/OCGA Sections

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Note: A summary of specific provisions for each code section is here.

Overview of the Act, by code section

12-7-1. Short title. This chapter shall be known and may be cited as the

"Erosion and Sedimentation Act of 1975, as amended."

12-7-2. Legislative findings; policy of state and intent of chapter.
12-7-3. Definitions.
12-7-4. Adoption of comprehensive ordinances relating to land-disturbing activities;

delegation of responsibility to planning and zoning commission;
other local ordinances relating to land development;
effect of chapter on design professionals.

12-7-5. Adoption of rules and regulations for localities without ordinances.
12-7-6. Best Management Practices;

minimum requirements for rules, regulations, ordinances, or resolutions.

12-7-7. Permit or notice of intent required for land-disturbing activities;

approval of application and issuance of permit;
denial of permit;
bond requirement.

12-7-7.1. Erosion and sediment control plan prepared; completion; implementation.
12-7-8. Certification of locality as local issuing authority;

periodic review;
procedure for revoking certification;
enforcement actions.

12-7-9. Applications for permits;

erosion and sediment control plans and data;
time for issuance or denial.

12-7-10. Referral of application and plan to district; time for action.
12-7-11. . Statement of reasons for denial of permit required;

conditions for approval;
suspension, revocation, or modification of permit.

12-7-12. . Orders directed to violators; stop work order procedures.
12-7-13. Injunctions.
12-7-14. Actions to restrain imminent danger;

emergency orders; duration of effectiveness of orders.

12-7-15. Civil penalty.
12-7-16. Hearings and review.
12-7-17. Exemptions.
12-7-18. Effect of chapter on requirements of the “Georgia Water Quality Control Act.”
12-7-19. Education and training requirements;

required programs; instructor qualifications; expiration of certification.

12-7-20. Creation of Stakeholder Advisory Board; responsibilities; procedures.
12-7-21. (Repealed effective July 1, 2006)

Appointment of panel to study controls implemented pursuant to chapter;
procedure and operation of panel.

12-7-22. Electronic Filing and reporting system.