Georgia Water/Best Practices/Planning/Goals

Envisioning Desired Futures


The purpose of planning is to identify a "best" set of actions to attain a more desirable future for someone(s). A public participation program may developed to identify the "someones" and to enable them and other affected parties to collaboratively define their desired future, which then becomes the target future condition (the goal) for the planning process. For example, workshops to define the desired future for the Georgia Basin in Canada, using GB-QUEST model, were organized as part of the Georgia Basin Futures Project.

Use of Goals in Planning


In a comprehensive multipurpose formulation approach, full consideration is given to all planning objectives and constraints in formulating alternative plans to achieve the multiple purposes. Formulation Approaches


  • Flood damage reduction (+)
  • Navigation (+)
  • Ecosystem restoration (+)
  • Water quality
  • Water supply
  • Recreation
  • Hydropower generation
  • Hurricane and storm damage prevention
  • Stormwater management

(+) For a Water Resources Directory/U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' project, "a Stand alone project purpose may only consist of one of the Corps' high priority project purposes: flood damage reduction, navigation, or ecosystem restoration."[1]