Georgia Water/Policy/Issues/Ground Water

Chapter 2. Water Policy

2.4.3. Ground Water Policy in Georgia

Policy Issues

  • Limit total allowed withdrawal (from all users)
  • Manage aquifer recharge
  • Consider ground water pumping effects on spring flow

Example policy from other states

  • Idaho -- "It is the policy of Idaho that average withdrawals from an aquifer should not exceed the reasonably anticipated rate of future recharge to that aquifer." (p.3)
  • Idaho -- "It is the policy of Idaho that managed recharge be encouraged, pursuant to state law. Comment: Managed aquifer recharge may enhance spring flows and maintain desirable aquifer levels." (p.4)
  • Idaho -- "It is the policy of Idaho that the hydrogeologic relationships between ground water supplies and spring flows continue to be quantified to allow for the determination of optimal development of the water resources. Comment: Spring flow is part of the natural discharge from an aquifer. Pumped ground water withdrawals from an aquifer change the original recharge-discharge relationship and affect spring flows. Where this relationship exists, it must be sufficiently quantified to allow for optimal utilization of the ground water supply while protecting established senior rights which depend on spring flows discharging from the aquifer." (p.4)