Georgia Water/Statewide Plan/Statewide Advisory Committee



"How was the state advisory group formed? What is it charged to do?

When the advisory committees were formed, the major purposes of the Statewide Advisory Committee (SAC) were identified as follows:

  1. Provide early input to EPD and the Water Council on the description of Georgia’s over-arching goals for water management, water management objectives, and the array of new policy tools identified for development in the first water plan;
  2. Screen draft policy tool recommendations, for statewide applicability, before EPD submits them to the Water Council.

To accomplish these purposes, the SAC includes organizations with statewide perspectives and water-related interests that reflect Georgia’s geographic, economic, cultural, jurisdictional, and water resources realities. Governor Perdue and the Water Council identified such organizations and then, as Water Council Chair, the EPD Director formally asked each organization to name individuals from their ranks to represent the organization’s views on the SAC. ‘At-large’ individuals were also identified for their broad knowledge or expertise concerning water issues statewide." (quoted from: SAC Discussion Paper, 10-20-06, pg.7)

Members of SAC




Statewide Advisory Committee's discussion packet for meeting of November 6, 2006. (SAC Discussion Paper, 10-20-06)