Georgia Water/External Links/Data


  • Surface Water Withdrawal Permits for municipal and industrial users, by Georgia DNR Environmental Protection Division, September 2005.
  • Water Resources Database "WRDB was originally developed by the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) in association with EPA Region 4 to address the imposing data management challenges presented by the Chattahoochee River Modeling Project. Since its inception, WRDB has been enhanced a number of times and applied to numerous projects in Region 4."

Online Maps and GIS Data

  • GIS Digital Datasets in Georgia in support of river basin management planning
  • Georgia Spatial Data Infrastructure, GIS Clearinghouse
  • GIS data for Georgia, by U.S. Geological Survey
  • Georgia Department of Community Affairs has sets of downloadable maps to help local planners prepare the community Comprehensive Plans required by DCA for every town in Georgia. The types of DCA's downloadable maps include: boundaries, community facilities, transportation, hydrography, protected natural resources. The DCA lists specifications for community maps to be included in the community Comprehensive Plans (so good idea to check your community's Comprehensive Plan to find updated local maps. [1] Also see: