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"Every Single Material Known To Man" Project edit

Want to share your material settings with the world? This is the place! This page is going to be turning from a page to a chapter, but to do that we need your support! If you have an idea for a material, even if you don't know how to make it, just put it in the list to help! Someone out there knows how to make it, and if they come across this page with it listed, they might be willing to share.

Etiquette edit

  • Explain the basics of every material (such as Color, Spec, and shading, but not necessarily specifics such as Emit or Trans), even if it is with standard "Add New" properties.
  • IF you provide a picture, explain in the method all details to get us to make ours look the exact same way, do not omit any detail (including anything done in out tabs, or in other categories like Rendering. Also, say if you use something like RayMir or if you have additional lighting or objects to enhance the look!.)
  • Make sure you explain the "Tab" and the "Category" for a material alterations, because not everyone might know what you mean. Be as formal as possible, categorize and organize, and try using the blender-used words instead of your own lingo, if possible.


  • Bad explanation:Set the material's texture's normal to 0.4
  • Good explanation:Under the "Map To" Tab, Select the "Nor" Slider and set it to 0.4
  • Best explanation:
    • Map To:
    • Output-Nor
    • NorSlider-0.4
  • Do NOT replace or delete other people's method on your own. If you believe you have a better way, simply label their explanation "Method A" and create another sub-headline with your method as "Method B" (and so on). If you believe a method is incorrect, insufficiently detailed or plagiarism, appeal to the original author (if able) or on the Discussion page and get support for a removal.
  • Do NOT say your material is better than anyone elses-- everyone has a right to their own opinion and preferences --you may say your method is more "detailed" or "memory-efficient" or "adaptable", but DO NOT SLANDER other people's methods.
  • Add or link the texture image file (png), if there is.
  • Add or link a render example image of the material (just a sphere or a cube or a monkey) with a background for contrast.

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External material libraries edit

Additional materials can be found at: