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Blender 3D: Noob to Pro/Every Material Known to Man/Bronze

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Material Buttons:

First, in the Material Panel:

Col: R: 0.549 G: 0.471 B: 0.325

Spe: R: 0.456 G: 0.398 B: 0.300

Mir: R: 0.476 G: 0.342 B: 0.100

in the Mirror Transp Panel

Ray Mirror is enabled. RayMir: 0.3Then

in the Shaders Panel: Diffuse Shader:

[Oren Nayar] Ref: 0.85 Rough: 0.95 Specular Shader:

[Phong] Spec: 1.2 Hard: 25

Then in Texture Buttons:

Texture Buttons

Texture: Voronoi Int is enabled. Distance Metric: Minkovsky 1/2 iScale:1 Size: 0.25

Colors Panel: Colorband is enabled left Color: R: 0.651 G: 0.490 B:0.239 right Color: R: 0.549 G: 0.471 B: 0.325