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Method 1Edit

This is a general asphalt texture. It can be used in any sort of situation, and able to be easily applied and altered for most situations.



  • Col: (Adjust as needed)
    • R-0.25
    • G-0.25
    • B-0.25

  • Spec: (Change as needed)
    • R-0.8
    • G-0.8
    • B-0.8


  • Diffuse Shader:(Lambert)
    • Ref-0.6

  • Specular Shader:(CookTorr)
    • Spec-0.22
    • Hard-5

Texture (F6)

  • Tex: (Musgrave)
    • Input:Multifractal
    • H-0.8
    • Lacu-1.0
    • Octs-2.0
    • iScale-0.4
    • NoiseSize-(Adjust as needed)0.03
    • NoiseBasis-Voronoi F4

Map Input

  • TE: MusgraveTex
    • Coord-Orco
    • Map-Cube
    • SizeX-1.0
    • SizeY-1.0
    • SizeZ-1.0

(Note: Adjust SizeX/Y/Z as necessary, try to keep 1:1:1 Ratio)

  • Map To:
    • Output-Nor
    • Nor-2.0

(Adjust Nor based on mesh size, as necessary)

For this texture, try adding an Image Texture and add an image of actual asphalt. For a large scene, take multiple asphalt images and tile them randomly and overlapping in photoshop, then putting them down on your mesh. Also works well with Nodes. Hope this helped!

  • Author Note: This material is more of a very freshly paved asphalt, and as most people known, almost all asphalt is heavily used. You can dull out the material by turning up the color to a slightly lighter grey, and turning down the specularity to take out some of the shine.