Blender 3D: Noob to Pro/Every Material Known to Man/Mothball

Here is a texture setting for a crusty mothball.

Material Tab

Color: R:0.93, G:0.93, B:1
Alpha: 1

Shader Tab

Diffuse Shader (Oren-Nayar), Ref: 0.4
Diffuse Shader (Oren-Nayar), Rough: 2

Specular Shader (Blinn), Spec: 0.5
Specular Shader (Blinn), Hard: 10
Specular Shader (Blinn), Refr: 2

Texture Settings

Texture Type: Musgrave

Musgrave Tab

Hetero Terrain
H: 1.000
Lacu: 1.000
Octs: 1.000
Ofst: 1.000

iScale: 2.5
NoiseSize: 0

Noise Bias: Blender Original, Nabla: 0.001

Map To Tab

Add (not Mix)
Nor (press twice)
Color: R:1, G:1, B:1