Blender 3D: Noob to Pro/Every Material Known to Man/Human Skin

Method 1Edit

Col: R=0.94 G=0.82 B=0.73
Spe: R=0.94 G=0.82 B=0.73
Mir: R=0.94 G=0.82 B=0.73

[Oren-Nayar] Reflection: 0.95 Roughness:0.3
[CookTorr] Specularity: 0.05 Hardness: 10
Translucency 0.00
Ambient: 0.500
Emit: 0.000

SSS-based method with NodesEdit

This method will use material nodes and SSS (SubSurfaceScattering) to create a more realistic slightly tanned caucasian skin.


Just enable it as a Nodes material and create two material nodes, referring the first as Node1 and the second as Node2. Skip this section if you are not a "noob".
First off, under the "Materials" section select {Add new} and under "Links and Pipeline" tab select "Nodes".Now go to the "Window Type", click, it and from the drop-down menu select "Node Editor". You should have a Node marked as Out and another as Material.Right-click on an empty space and select Add>Input>Material. Link the top-right {Color} (yellow circle), from the node you've created and link it to the bottom-left {Color} of the other Material node. Click on {Add new} in each Material node.


Select Node1

On "Materials Button"

Shaders tab
Enable {Cubic}
Oren-Nayar: Ref-0.8; Rough:0.3
CookTorr: Spec-0.15; Hard:50

SSS tab
Enable {Subsurface Scattering}
Scale: 0.13
Radius R:4.821
Radius G:1.694
Radius B:1.090
IOR (Index of Refraction):1.3
(Note: you can change the IOR to give a lighter,+, or darker,-, skin)
Go to the color picker (not Col slider), Hex:E9B08F


Select Node2

On the "Materials button"

Shaders tab
Enable {cubic}
Minnaert: Ref-0.71; Dark-0.77
Cooktorrent: Spec-0.19; Hard-8

On the "Textures Button"

Add new>Stucci
Enable {Plastic}, and {Soft noise}
NoiseSize: 0.001
Turbulence: 3.4
Noise Basis>Original Perlin

Again on the "Materials Button"

Map Input tab
Enable {Orco} and {Sphere}

Map to tab
Only enable Nor, and leave the rest unselected
Nor slider: 0.4

(Author Note: Change everything as needed if you feel it gives a better look or a more realistic one, also, this article may require some reformatting, since i'm a newbie in wikibooks.)

Method: General CaucasianEdit


  • Col
    • R- 0.902
    • G- 0.773
    • B- 0.694
  • Spec
    • R- 0.834
    • G- 0.760
    • B- 0.679


  • Diffuse Type- Oren-Nayar
    • Ref- 0.85
    • Rough- 0.3
  • Specular Type- CookTorr
    • Spec- 0.17
    • Hard- 30

Method: Pale-StyleEdit


  • Col
    • R- 0.889
    • G- 0.788
    • B- 0.788
  • Spec
    • R- 0.723
    • G- 0.692
    • B- 0.657


  • Diffuse Type- Oren-Nayar
    • Ref- 0.85
    • Rough- 0.3
  • Specular Type- CookTorr
    • Spec- 0.17
    • Hard- 30