Blender 3D: Noob to Pro/Every Material Known to Man/Moss


This is a pretty good moss texture that i use. it really just depends on the size of your plane, though.


'Material Buttons'

R: 0.000 G: 0.617 B: 0.079


Leave everything at default unless otherwise specified.

Spec: 0.191 Hard: 127

'Map Input'

Size X: 0.189 Size Y: 0.189 Size Z: 0.189

'Map To'

Col Nor (yellow)

Nor slider: 25


Texture Type: clouds Color Soft Noise

Noise size: 0.050 Noise depth: 6

Colors: Colorband selected Cur 1: Pos: 0.477

      R: 0.000
      G: 0.587
      B: 0.209

Cur 2: Pos: 0.577

      R: 0.000
      G: 0.383
      B: 0.047