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Blender 3D: Noob to Pro/Every Material Known to Man/Brass

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Method 1Edit

(Moved from "Gold")

Since this is "every material known to man" and this material looks a lot like highly polished brass, it might be wise to move this set up to a page titled "Polished Brass". Might also be nice to point out which knobs to push or buttons to turn to make it less polished looking (ordinarily brass reflects, but is not a mirror). I suspect it doesn't look like gold because the highlights are too white. Try turning the specularity into a nice deep reddish glowy kind of highlight and see if it doesn't look more like gold.

Taken from the release Notes ([1]).


Col: R=1.00 G=1.00 B=0.4
Spe: R=1.00 G=1.00 B=0.8
Mir: R=0.80 G=0.90 B=0.70

A: 1.0

Mirror Transp
Ray Mirror: On
RayMir: 0.40

Diffuse Shader:
[Oren Nayar] Ref: 0.8
Rough: 0.9
Specular Shader:
[Phong] Spec: 1.4
Hard: 20