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Blender 3D: Noob to Pro/Every Material Known to Man/Chrome

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A chrome setting by Robert-Jon(Eckie) (not Ecks, he was called Eckie before Ecks came to the forums ^^ )


Chrome: Click to enlarge

Another Chrome setting by nepeterson. I like the look of a slight blue tint.

Nepeterson chrome.png

Chrome 2: Click to enlarge

Chrome 3 (see teapot): Another chrome material with a little blur.

Chrome 3: Click to enlarge


  • Diffuse
    • RGB:
      • R: 0.750
      • G: 0.750
      • B: 0.750
  • Specular
    • Intensity: 0
  • Mirror
    • Reflectivity: 1
    • Gloss
      • Amount: 0.800
      • Samples: 100

For best results, add in an HDRI image and remove the lamp.