Traditional Chinese Medicine/Lower Extremities Acupuncture Points

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The acupuncture points of the Lower Extremities (下肢穴) include:

Chinese Name Pinyin Acupoint
髋骨 kuān gǔ EX-LE1
鹤顶 hè dǐng EX-LE2
膝内 xī nèi EX-LE3
内膝眼 nèi xī yǎn EX-LE4
膝眼 xī yǎn EX-LE5
胆囊 dǎn náng EX-LE6
阑尾 lán wěi EX-LE7
内踝尖 nèi huái jiān EX-LE8
外踝尖 wài huái jiān EX-LE9
八风 bā fēng EX-LE10
独阴 dú yīn EX-LE11
气端 qì duān EX-LE12

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