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naab - nabyemwaEdit

naab file, class nabden ranking
naaba organizational nabder rank
naaban organization nabdwa ranked
naabanay organizationally nabdyun rank, title
naabaya organized nabdyunier assume a title
naaben filing, classification nabdyunuen titling
naaber file, classify nabdyunuer title
naaboya unorganized, out of order nabdyunuwa titled
naabsam filing cabinet nabea ranging
naabtun taxonomy naber range
naabtuna taxonomic nabiea ranking
naabtut taxonomist nabier take on a rank, rank
naabut filer nabpen parade, parading, queuing up
naabwa filed, classified nabper parade, line up, queue up
naabxen organization nabput parader
naabxer organize nabsen lining up, getting in order, deployment, adaption, adapting
naabxwa organized nabser get in line, line up, adapt
naad rail, track nabsyaf ability to adapt
naadopen derailment nabtam row house
naadoper derail nabuen ranking
naadparanyan train nabuer assign a rank, rank
naadpur posam train station nabuwa ranked
naadpur zyined train platform nabxen arrangement, lineup, ordering, deployment, queuing
naadpur train, rail vehicle, locomotive nabxer arrange, put in order, line up, deploy, queue up
naadpuram train station nabxut arranger
naadpures train car, wagon nabxwa arranged, lined up, ordered, deployed, queued
naaf drape nabxyafa adaptable
naafben draping nabxyafan adaptability
naafber drape nabyan bi yebuni '
naafbwa draped nabyan array, grid, pattern, matrix, range, spectrum, table
naafyan drapery nabyana spectral, tabular, gridded
naap system, regime, diet, regimen, set of orders nabyansan table
naapa systemic, systematic, regimental nabyanxen tabulation
naapay systemically nabyanxer tabulate
naapxen systematization nabyanxwa tabulated
naapxer systematize nabyem layout, disposition, array
naapxwa systematized nabyemen disposal
naapyena systematic nabyemer dispose, lay out, array
naapyenan systematicity nabyemun device, mechanism, thing at one's disposal
naapyenay systematically nabyemwa disposed

nacyemes - namgraputEdit

nacyemes cashier box nagder measure, meter
nacyemesut cashier nagdwa measured
nad bi dreniv line of text nagdwer bay run, be measured
nad line nagmus metric scale
nada linear nagpan rhythm
nadan linearity nagpana rhythmic
nadben alignment, lining up, arraying, arrangement nagpanyena rhythmical
nadber align, line up, array, arrange nagser measure up, measure, size up
nadbwa aligned, lined up, arrayed, arranged nagxen measuring, measurement, sizing
nadbwas lineup, alignment, array, set, arrangement nagxer measure, size
nadgoblawa scored nagxwa measured, sized
nadgoblen scoring nagyafwa measurable
nadgobler score, cut a line nagyofwa immeasurable
nadgoblun score nagyofway immeasurably
nadpen lining up, getting in line, queuing up naid stripe
nadper line up, get in line, get into line, queue up, align naidaya striped
nadrawa scored naidgoblawa slit
nadren scoring naidgoblen slitting
nadrer draw a line, score naidgobler slit
nadser line up naidgoflawa rent
nadsiyn dash naidgoflen rending
nadxen alignment naidgofler rend
nadxer align naidxen striping
nadxwa aligned, lined up naidxer stripe
naed lane naidxwa striped
naef canvas naif bi dref strip of paper
naf material, stuff, fabric naif strip, velours, velvet
nafebnad seam naifa made of velvet
nafebnaduka seamless naifen stripping
nafikxen stuffing naifer strip
nafikxer stuff naifwa stripped
nafikxwa stuffed naifyena velvety
nafkunad hem naivgin drilar felt-tip pen
nag measure, measurement, size, dimension nam store, retail establishment, shop
naga metric namag department store
nagar meter nambelar shopping cart
nagaren metering nambeut shop owner
nagarer meter nameb store manager
nagarwa kyoben gonem metered parking zone namgrapen shop-aholism
nagarwa metered namgraput shop-aholic

Namibya - nasbuenEdit

Namibya Namibian napkyaxer shuffle, change the order of, mix up, intersperse
Namibyam Namibia napkyaxwa shuffled, mixed up
Namibyat Namibian napmus hierarchy
namkobien shoplifting napmusa hierarchical
namkobier shoplift napmusay hierarchically
namkobiut shoplifter napoya disorderly
nammis shop window napoyan disorderliness
namnyef shopping bag napsana ordinary
namog mom-and-pop store napsanan ordinariness
nampen shopping napsanay ordinarily
namper shop, go shopping napxen regulation, putting in order
namput shopper napxer ota syagdrav square one's account
namut shop clerk, store clerk napxer regulate, put in order
namyan shopping center, collection of shops, shopping complex napxwa regulated, put in order
namzam store front napyen discipline, rule of law, legal discipline
namzen shopping center napyena disciplinary, disciplined
nap order napyenan orderliness, state of discipline
napa ordinal, regular napyenuen disciplining, dispensing discipline
napan regularity napyenuer discipline
napaxen regularization napyenuwa disciplined
napaxer regularize Nas zyupuxe ha mir. Money makes the world go round.
napaxwa regularized nas money
napaya orderly nasa monetary
napayan orderliness nasak profit, gain, appreciation, surplus, windfall
napbar index nasakea profitable, in the black
napbaren indexing nasaker profit
napbarer index nasakgon profit share, dividend
napbarwa indexed nasakrun windfall
napben arrangement, ordering nasakun windfall, bounty
napber arrange, put in order, ordain nasam syagdrav bank account, bank ledger
napbwa arranged, ordered, orderly, ordained nasam bank
napbwas arrangement, set, list, series nasameb bank director
napden decree, regulation, dictat, ordnance, order, commandment nasamexen banking
napdena regulatory nasamexut banker
napder decree, rule, dictate, ordain, order, command nasamut banker
napdras recipe, prescription nasaxen monetization
napdut governor, ruler, one giving the orders, commander nasaxer monetize
napdwa ordained, ordered, commanded nasaxwa monetized
napdyes rulebook nasbexar money-holder, wallet
napkyaxen shuffling, mixing nasbuen allocation, payment

nasbuer - nasmug yanyanEdit

nasbuer allocate, pay naseler capitalize
nasbuier cashier naselwa capitalized
nasbuiut cashier, teller nases change
nasbun allocation, monetary gift, donation nasesien getting change
nasbuun allocation, payment nasesier get change
nasbyok fine nasesuar change-making machine
nasbyokien receiving a fine nasesuen making change, changing
nasbyokier receive a fine nasesuer make change, change
nasbyokoben paying a fine nasgab surplus
nasbyokober pay a fine nasgon ebkyan stock exchange, stock market
nasbyokuen fining, levying a fine nasgon valdras stock certificate
nasbyokuer fine, levy a fine nasgon share, stock, investment
nasbyokuwa fined nasgonbeer hold a share
nasbyokuwat person fined nasgonbeut shareholder, stockholder
nasdib bursar nasgonbeutyan shareholder community
nasdilen begging nasgonbuen investment
nasdiler beg nasgonbuer invest
nasdilut beggar nasgonbuut investor
nasdref gobruj check stub nasgonbuwa invested
nasdref check, checkbook nasib yield, return
nasdrev bill, paper bill, monetary note, note, paper money nasika rich, wealthy
nasdrevyeb billfold nasikan wealth
nasdub minister of the treasury, treasury secretary nasikat rich person
nasdubam treasury department, ministry of the treasury nasikay richly
nasebkyan money market, monetary exchange nasiklan fortune
nasef financial need nasikser get rich
nasefa needy, poor nasikxen enrichment
nasefan neediness, poverty nasikxer enrich, make wealthy
nasefat needy person, poor person nasikxwa enriched
nasefser become poor nasikxyea enriching
nasefxen impoverishment naskexea interested
nasefxer impoverish naskexean interest
nasefxwa impoverished naskexen having an interest in
nasek gamble, bet naskexer have an interest in
nasekam casino, gambling casino naskexut bounty hunter
nasekar casino machine, gambling machine, slot machine naskyaxer convert money
naseken gambling naskyaxum money conversion booth
naseker gamble, risk money nasmug-exwa coin-operated
naseksem gambling table nasmug sagar coin counter
nasekut gambler, casino player nasmug yanyan coin collection

nasmug yanyanxen - nasyefiwaEdit

nasmug yanyanxen coin collecting nasuklat miser
nasmug yanyanxut coin collector nasukser go broke, become impoverished
nasmug coin nasukxer impoverish
nasmugier get change nasukxwa impoverished, broke
nasmuguar change-maker nasvelek gamble
nasmuguer make change nasvelekam casino, gambling house
nasmugyan coinage, change nasveleken gambling
nasmugyeb coin purse nasveleker gamble
nasnyem piggy bank, moneybox nasvelekir gambling machine
nasok deficit, financial loss, loss of money nasvelekut gambler
nasoka broke, in arrears, short of funds, in the red nasvyons bankruptcy
nasokea in the red, in a deficit nasvyonser go bankrupt
nasoker lose money, go into the red nasvyonxer bankrupt
nasokra broke nasvyonxwa bankrupt
nasokran broke status nasvyoxen counterfeiting
nasokren going broke nasvyoxut counterfeiter
nasokrer go broke nasvyoxwa counterfeit
nasoyemben fund withdrawal nasyafek fight over money
nasoyember withdraw funds, withdraw money nasyan capital
nassaxam mint nasyanak capital gain
nassaxen minting nasyanfyis capital asset
nassaxer mint nasyannox capital expenditure
nassaxwa minted nasyanok capital loss, deficit
nassyag account, money account nasyantin capitalism
nassyagtun accounting nasyantina capitalistic
nassyagtut accountant nasyantinut capitalist
nastun diyb finance department nasyanuen capitalization, financing, funding
nastun diybut head of the finance department nasyanuer capitalize, finance, fund
nastun dub minister of finance, finance minister, finance department head nasyanuut capitalizer, financier, funder
nastun dubam ministry of finance, department of finance nasyanuwa capitalized, financed, funded
nastun finance nasyeb wallet, billfold
nastuna jatexen financial planning nasyef debt, monetary debt, debit, money owed, financial obligation, financial liability, balance owed
nastuna jatexut financial planner nasyefam credit union
nastuna financial nasyefdras bond, lease, lien
nastunay financially nasyefer owe, owe money, be indebted
nastut financier nasyefien renting, borrowing, leasing, taking out a loan, assumption of debt
nasuka poor, broke, penniless nasyefier rent, borrow, lease, take out a loan, assume debt
nasukan poverty nasyefiut borrower, renter, lessee
nasukat poor person, pauper nasyefiwa pur leased car
nasukla miserable nasyefiwa borrowed, rented, leased

nasyefoben - naxokxenEdit

nasyefoben forgiveness, writing off, paying off, settling nauduibarun radio broadcast
nasyefober forgive, write off, pay off, settle naudxag radio frequency
nasyefobwa forgiven, written off, paid off, settled naudxen beaming, radiation
nasyefuen loan, lease, lien, letting, renting out naudxer beam, radiate
nasyefuer loan, credit, let, rent out naudxwa beamed, radiated
nasyefuun loan, lease, lien nauf veil
nasyefuut loan officer, loaner, debitor, creditor, debtor naufer veil
nasyefxer debit naufwa veiled
nasyefxut debitor naufyan sail-loft
nasyefxwa indebted Navahota tamof hogan
nasyemben money depositing, investing navis frill, trim
nasyember deposit money, invest nax price
nasyembun money deposit, investment naxaga expensive, dear, high-cost, pricey, precious
nasyembut investor naxakser appreciate
nasyembwa deposited, invested naxakxen appreciation
nasyembwas deposit, investment naxakxwa appreciated
nasyig misog cashier's window naxaya precious
nasyig nyef wallet naxben fixing the price, price-fixing, price-setting
nasyig nyem cashbox naxber fix the price, price, set a price, assign a price to
nasyig nyeyf purse, money bag, money sack naxbwa price-fixed
nasyig cash, hard cash naxder cost out
nasyigien cashing, getting cash, conversion to cash naxdras bill
nasyigier cash, get cash, convert to cash naxea costing
nasyiguar cash machine naxer cost
nasyiguer make cash, give out in cash naxgab price hike, markup
nasyiguut cashier, mis naxgaben marking up
nasyuv duty, monetary duty, financial obligation, debt naxgaber mark up
naud beam, ray, spoke, radius naxgabwa marked up
nauda radial naxgob sale, price reduction, discount, markdown
nauday radially naxgoben discounting, reduction, marking down
naudazon radiation naxgober discount, reduce, mark down
naudazonxen irradiation naxgobwa discounted, marked down, reduced in price, on sale
naudazonxer irradiate naxika precious, pricey
naudazonxwa irradiated naxnagpur taxicab, taxi, cab
naudben irradiation naxoga cheap, inexpensive, low-cost, low-priced
naudber irradiate naxogan cheapness, inexpensiveness, low cost
naudbwa irradiated naxogxer cheapen, bring down the cost, depreciate
naudilp radio wave naxogxwa cheapened, depreciated
naudsen radiation, beaming naxokser depreciate
naudser radiate, beam naxokxen depreciation

naxokxer - nazikaEdit

naxokxer depreciate naysbuler allot, allocate
naxokxwa depreciated naysbulwa allocated
naxoya priceless nayx cost
naxten appreciation nayxaga high-cost, costly, expensive
naxter appreciate, prize, thank nayxaya costly
naxtwa appreciated nayxer cost
naxtwe it is appreciated nayxgob markdown, reduction in cost
naxtyea appreciative, thankful nayxgoben cutting costs
naxtyean appreciativeness, thankfulness nayxgober cut costs
naxtyeay appreciatively, thankfully nayxgox cost-cut, sale
naxuka kyoben gonem free parking zone nayxgoxen cost-cutting
naxuka priceless nayxgoxer cut costs
naxvalnyem safe, safe deposit box, safety deposit box nayxoga low-cost, cheap
naxyan tariff, price list nayxoya cost-free
naxyap price hike naz value, worth, merit
naxyapea going up in price naza worthy, worthwhile
naxyapen going up in price nazag treasure
naxyaper go up in price nazagam treasury
naxyop price drop, price reduction, discount nazagkaxun trove, treasure-find, treasure trove
naxyopea going down in price nazagkex treasure hunt, treasure-hunt
naxyopen going down in price, price reduction nazagkexen treasure-hunting
naxyoper go down in price nazagkexut treasure-hunter
nayaf corduroy nazagnyem treasure chest
nayb turn nazaken appreciation, gain
nayba in turn nazaker gain value, appreciate
nayd score, stripe, rule, line nazaya valuable, worthwhile, meritorious, precious
naydxen scoring, striping, ruling, lining nazden evaluation, estimate, estimation, assessment
naydxer score, stripe, rule, line nazder evaluate, estimate, assess
naydxun stripe nazdut evaluator, estimator, assessor
naydxwa scored, striped, ruled, lined nazdwa estimated, assessed, evaluated
nayef nylon nazdyofwa inestimable
nayg dimension nazdyofway inestimably
nayga dimensional nazea kidwer worth mentioning, notable
naygan dimensionality nazea worth, worthy of, deserving, meriting
nayif rayon nazen being worth, deserving, meriting
naym shop, boutique nazer be worth, deserve, merit
naymem market naziea worth, deserving, meriting, meritorious
naymyan fair, bazaar nazien being worth, deserving, meriting
nayof denim nazier be worth, deserve, merit
naysbul allotment nazika valuable, worthy, meritorious, precious

nazmuk yaybar - nefgrunenEdit

nazmuk yaybar ore bridge nazvyabxen validation
nazmuk yonxen ore dressing nazvyabxer validate
nazmuk ore nazvyabxwa validated
nazok loss of value nazyef duty, ad valorem tax
nazoken depreciation nazyefxyafwa dutiable
nazoker lose value, depreciate neaf net, web, lattice, grid, grate, grill, fretwork, reticulation, network, mesh
nazoya of no value, worthless, undeserving, priceless neafek zyun tennis ball
nazten appreciation neafek tennis
nazter appreciate, value neafekem tennis court
naztuwa appreciable neafekut tennis player
naztwa appreciated, valued neafyan netting
Naztwe! Thank-you, Thanks, Much appreciated! neax aim
nazuen valuing, appreciation, acknowledgment neaxar viewfinder, sight
nazueni acknowledgments neaxen aiming
nazuer value, prize, appreciate, acknowledge neaxer aim
nazuka valueless, worthless, undeserving neaxwa aimed
nazukan worthlessness nebyemen laying out, arraying
nazun prize, award nebyemwa laid out, disposed, arrayed
nazunakea prize-winning, award-winning ned plane, surface
nazunaker win a prize, win an award neda planar, superficial
nazunakut prize-winner, award-winner nedes facet
nazunek award competition, prize competition nedgoblar scraper
nazuneker compete for a prize, compete for an award nedgoblawa scraped
nazuniea prize-winning, award-winning nedgoblen scraping
nazunier accept a prize, win a prize, receive an award nedgobler scrape
nazuniut prize-winner, award-winner, award recipient nedgoblun scrape
nazunoker lose a prize, lose an award nedyaz bump
nazunokut prize-loser, award-loser nedyazika bumpy
nazunuen awarding a prize, rewarding, awarding, presenting a prize nedyazikan bumpiness
nazunuer award a prize, award, present a prize nedyoz hole, pit, depression
nazunuwa awarded neef lace
nazunuwat awardee neefyan lacework
nazunyeb safe, safety deposit box nef knit, tricot, hatch, lattice, net, cross stitch
nazuwa valued, prized, appreciated, acknowledged nefar darning needle, knitting needle, crochet needle
nazvyaba valid nefaren darning
nazvyaban validity nefarer darn
nazvyabay validly nefarut darner
nazvyaben validation nefarwa darned
nazvyaber validate nefgrunar crochet needle
nazvyabser become valid nefgrunen crocheting

nefgruner - neyef goypurEdit

nefgruner crochet nemaxwa localized
nefgrunwa crocheted nemben installation, putting in place, placement, setting
nefiaf pullover, sweater nember install, put in place, place, set
nefsunyen mesh nembun installation, placement, setting
nefur spinning wheel, spinner nembwa installed, put in place, placed, set
nefuz hook, loop, crook neof cross-stitch, stitch, loop
nefxen knitting, weaving, spinning, reticulation Nepala Nepalese
nefxer knit, weave, spin Nepalad Nepalese
nefxut weaver, spinner, knitter, webber Nepalam Nepal
nefxuyt spinster, webster, knitter Nepalama Nepalese
nefxwa knitted, stitched Nepalat Nepalese
nefxwas knit neuf wicker
nefyan netting, network, lattice, webbing, crosshatch neufyem wicker basket
nefzyiun screen, filter, sieve neun stock, reserve, supply, provision
nefzyiunen screening, filtering, sieving neunser stock up
nefzyiuner screen, filter, sieve neunxen supplying, provision, stocking, reserving, provisioning
nefzyiunwa screened, filtered, sieved neunxer supply, stock, provision
neg bi tiibil level blood sugar level neunxut supplier, provisioner
neg level, echelon, stratum neunyan reserves, stocks, provisions
nega level, even nex syagyem savings account
negar level nex thrift, savings
negay evenly nexam savings and loan bank, thrift and savings bank
negi strata nexar fuel-saving device
negser level out nexea economizing
negxen leveling, smoothing nexen saving, thrift, economizing, economization
negxer level, smooth out nexer save, save up, economize
negxwa leveled out, smoothed, even nextun economics
neif braid nextuna economic
neifxen braiding nextut economist
neifxer braid nexun syagdrav savings account
neifxwa braided nexun nest egg, savings
nel reserve nexunyan savings, thrift savings
nelen reservation nexwa saved, economized
neler sem reserve a table nexwas something saved up
neler reserve nexyea thrifty, economical
nelun reserve nexyean thriftiness, thrift
nelwa reserved nexyeay economically
nem place, locale, location neyaf wale
nema local neyd surface area, area
nemaxen localization neyef goypur band-saw, band saw, bandsaw

neyef - nifujyemEdit

neyef strip, band nidzyaser expand, swell, blow up
neyif plait nidzyaxer expand, swell, blow up
neym spot, locus nidzyaxwa expanded, swollen, blown up
neyof loop nidzyosea shrinking
neyofxen looping nidzyoser shrink, shrivel
neyofxer loop nidzyoxen shrinking, shrinkage, shriveling
neyofxwa looped nidzyoxer shrink, shrivel
neyx economy, thrift nidzyoxwa shrunken, shrivels
neyxen somosyan stock shelving nidzyoxyofwa unshrinkable, shrink-free
neyxen economizing nien consumption, demand
neyxer economize nier consume, demand
neyxyea economical nif yarn, fiber, thread, wire
ni the letter n nifa fibrile
nibyan array, grid, matrix, web nifar needle
nid volume nifarbyeb needle stack, stack of needles
nidak volume gain nifaren needlepoint, sewing, stitching
nidakea gaining volume nifarer sew, stitch
nidaker gain volume nifaruen needling
nidaya voluminous nifaruer needle
nidayan voluminousness nifarun stitch
nidgaser expand, swell, balloon nifarut seamster
nidgax expansion, swelling, ballooning nifaruut needler
nidgaxen expansion, swelling, ballooning nifaruwa needled
nidgaxer expand, swell, balloon nifarwa sewn, stitched
nidgaxwa expanded, swollen, ballooned nifarzyeg eye of a needle
nidgoser contract, shrink nifarzyeger thread a needle
nidgox contraction, shrinkage nifduzar string instrument
nidgoxen contraction, shrinking, shrinkage nifes filament, thin wire
nidgoxer contract, shrink nifesaya filamentous
nidgoxwa contracted, shrunk, shrunken nifir spinner, spinning wheel
nidika voluminous nifoya wireless
nidikan voluminousness nifuj plug
nidnaga volumetric nifujdrof plugboard
nidnagar volumeter nifujoyeben unplugging
nidnagen volumetry nifujoyeber unplug
nidok loss of volume nifujoyebwa unplugged
nidokea losing volume nifujyeben plugging in
nidoker lose volume nifujyeber plug in
nidyaber turn the volume up, raise the volume nifujyebwa plugged in
nidyaobar volume control, volume tuner nifujyem socket

nifuka - nixbuunEdit

nifuka wireless niovbun bow
nifukay wirelessly Nipona drezun haiku
nifun spider's web, web Nipona Japanese
nifur sewing machine Niponad Japanese, Japanese language
nifut seamster Niponam Japan
nifuv pin Niponama Japanese
nifuvben pinning Niponat Japanese
nifuvber pin niun consumable, purchase, order
nifuvbwa pinned niundras receipt
nifuvoben unpinning niut consumer, purchaser, buyer, client, customer
nifuvober unpin niutin consumerism
nifuvobwa unpinned niutyan clientele
nifuwa wired niv leavol spaghetti
nifxen spinning, threading, sewing niv thread, strand
nifxer sew, spin nivar suam pin cushion
nifxut spinner, sewer nivar pin
nifxuyt seamstress nivaren pinning
nifxwa spun nivarer pin
nifyena fibrous, stringy, wiry nivaruen pricking, sticking, poking
nifyuzen tying up nivaruer prick, stick, poke
nifyuzer tie up nivaruwa pricked, stuck, poked
nifyuzwa tied up nivarwa pinned
nig space, expanse, room, capacity, range, confines niwa consumed, demanded
niga spatial, expansive niwas consumable
nigay spatially nix income, revenue, earnings
nigaya spacious, roomy nixak profit
nigayan spaciousness, roominess nixaken profiting
Nigerya Nigeria nixaker profit
Nigeryad Nigerian nixakyafwa profitable
Nigeryam Nigeria nixakyafwan profitability
Nigeryama Nigeria nixakyafwaxen making profitable
Nigeryat Nigerian nixakyafwaxer make profitable
nigika roomy, spacious nixakyafway profitably
nigikan roominess, spaciousness nixakyea profitable
nigog nook, cranny, tiny space, niche, spot nixakyofwa unprofitable
nigser expand, space out nixakyofwan unprofitability
nigxen expansion, spacing out nixbuen selling, vending, debiting
nigxer expand, space out, make room for, accommodate nixbuer nasgon sell a share
nigxwa expanded, spaced out nixbuer sell, debit
niiv strand nixbuun sale

nixbuut - nofyonwaEdit

nixbuut seller, vendor, salesman, salesperson nodogsizina pointillist
nixbuutsem sales counter nodogsizinut pointillist
nixbuwa sold nodrawa punctuated, dotted
nixbuyafwa retailable, sellable nodren siyn punctuation mark
nixbuyam retail establishment nodren punctuation
nixbuyer retail nodrer punctuate, dot
nixbuyofwa unretailable, unsellable nodrun point, dot
nixbuyut retailer nodsiyn dot, period
nixdras earning statement nodxen punctuation, dotting, stippling
nixdref pay check nodxer punctuate, dot, stipple
nixer yefbun earn a tribute nodxwa nad dotted line
nixer make, earn, receive, cash nodxwa punctuated, dotted, stippled
nixok earnings loss, deficit, shortage nodzyuper pivot, swivel
nixoker lose earnings, lose money, come up short nof cloth, tissue, textile, woven material
nixun intake, earnings, income, revenue nofa textile, cloth
nixyan earnings, revenue, income nofoyebren unzipping
nixyef duty, tax, income tax nofoyebrer unzip
niyf filament nofsin embroidery
niyxdras receipt nofsinen embroidery
niyxer get, receive, collect, get paid nofsiner embroider
nizea deserving nofun textile, fiber
nizer deserve nofur loom, weaving loom, spinner
nizun dessert nofxea zyuk spinning wheel
nizwa deserved nofxen weaving, spinning, webbing
nod absiyn dot above accent, dot above diacritic nofxer weave, spin
nod bi fiz point of honor nofxut weaver, spinner
nod bi hyoa zoyp point of no return nofxwa woven, spun
nod bi merizondar compass point nofyaner stitch, sew
nod bi vyelean point of reference nofyanx stitch, seam
nod bu nod point-to-point nofyanxen sewing, stitching
nod obsiyn dot under diacritic nofyanxer sew, stitch
nod point, tip, peak, dot, period nofyanxtuyn couture, dressmaking
noda punctual nofyanxur sewing machine
noddrawa written in Braille, Braille nofyanxut couturier
noddren Braille script nofyanxuyt seamstress
noddrer write in Braille nofyanxwa sewn, stitched
nodeaxar pointer nofyexut weaver
nodeaxer point out, point, demonstrate, show, aim, target, pinpoint, focus nofyonen tearing up, ripping up
nodgrun siyn semi-colon nofyoner tear up, rip up
nodog little dot, speck nofyonwa torn up, ripped up

nofyonx - noxierEdit

nofyonx rip, tear noogser phase
nofyonxar shears, scissors noogxen phasing
nofyonxen ripping noogxer phase
nofyonxer rip, rip apart Norvega Norwegian
nofyonxwa ripped Norvegad Norwegian
nog degree, grade Norvegam Norway
noga gradual Norvegama Norwegian
nogay gradually, gradatim, by degrees Norvegat Norwegian
nogdrawa graded nov linen, rag, cloth
nogdref report card noves chiffon
nogdren grading novim linen closet, linen room
nogdrer grade novozil dye
nogdreut grader novozilber dye
nogmus degree scale novozilbwa dyed
nogpea duzutyan marching band novumxar clothes drier
nogpen marching novyan linens, lingerie
nogper march novyilxam laundry
nogsiun degree sign novyilxar washing machine
nogsiyn dref report card novyilxen laundering, laundry
nogsiyn grade, mark novyilxer do laundry, launder, wash clothes
nogsiynier get a grade, get a mark novyilxil laundry detergent
nogsiynuen grading, giving marks, grade assignment novyilxim laundry room
nogsiynuer grade, give a mark novyilxut launderer
nogsiynuut grader novzyiar sem ironing board
nogsiynuwa graded, marked novzyiar iron
nogxar pacemaker novzyiaren ironing, pressing
nogxen grading, pacing, gradation novzyiarer iron, press
nogxer grade, pace, gradate novzyiarsem ironing board
nogxwa graded, paced, gradated novzyiarwa ironed, pressed
nogyan scale novzyixen ironing, pressing
nogyana scalar novzyixer iron, press
nogyanser escalate novzyixwa ironed, pressed
nogyanxen escalation nox expense, expenditure
nogyanxer escalate noxag great expense
nogyanxwa escalated noxaga expensive, dear
nogyena gradual noxar dispenser
nogyenay gradually noxen spending, expenditure
nogzyulxer wind, wind up noxer spend, dispense
nogzyulxwa wound up noxien taking on an expense
nonog...hav as...as noxier absorb an expense, assume an expense

noxoga - nundelerEdit

noxoga inexpensive, cheap nufyijbwa unbuttoned
noxoya free, gratis nufyujben buttoning
noxuen charging nufyujber button
noxuer charge nufyujbwa buttoned
noxun expense item, expenditure nufzyeg buttonhole, button hole
noxuwa charged nuix budget
noxwa spent, dispensed nuixa budgetary
noyg grade nuixbuien buying and selling, marketing
noyga gradual nuixbuier buy and sell, market
noygen graduation, gradation nuixbuiut marketer
noyger graduate, gradate nuixdib budget administration
noygyena gradual nuixdibut budget administrator
noygyenay gradually nuixdiyb budget department
noyixen laundering, laundry nuixen budgeting
noyx fee, charge nuixer budget
noyxar spout, nozzle, dispenser, fountain nuixwa budgeted
noyxen pouring, shedding, disbursal, dispensing nun product, merchandise item
noyxer pour, shed, disburse, dispense nuna commercial
noyxfuf spout, spigot, nozzle nunaben shelving, merchandise display
noyxier pay off, discharge, defray nunaber display merchandise, display
noyxmem fiefdom nunabwa displayed
noyxmemeb feudal lord nunam mis store window
noyxpur pesem taxi stand nunam store
noyxpur posem cab stand, taxi stand, taxicab stand nunamben storing, storage, warehousing
noyxpur taxi, taxicab, cab nunamber store, warehouse
noyxpureb taxicab driver, taxi driver, cab driver nunambwa stored, warehoused
noyxpurut taxicab driver, taxi diver, cabby nunampen shopping
noyxuen charging nunamper shop
noyxuer charge nunamput shopper
noyxuka free of charge, free, gratis nunamut shop owner, retailer
noyxuwa charged nunamyan fair
noyxwa poured, shed, disbursed, dispensed nunamzen shopping center
nuen supply, production, furnishing nunaym shop, boutique
nuer supply, produce, furnish nunaymen market, marketplace
nuf button nunaymut shop owner, boutique owner
nufag knob nunbuer provide
nufagaya knobby nundel advertisement, ad
nufagayan knobbiness nundeldrof billboard
nufagyena knob-like nundelen advertising
nufyijben unbuttoning nundeler advertise, post

nundelsiun - nuxbienEdit

nundelsiun billboard, sign board nunsyager inventory
nundelut advertiser nunsyagwa inventoried
nundelwa advertised nuntum kiosk, vendor stand
nundyun brand, trade name, label, commercial label, product name nunuen selling, marketing, vending, sales, sale
nunebden bargaining, haggling, negotiation nunuer sell, market, vend
nunebder bargain, haggle, negotiate nunuien trade, bargaining, negotiation, commerce, business
nunebdut bargainer, haggler, negotiator nunuiena commercial
nunebdwa bargained, haggled, negotiated nunuiendet trading partner
nunek deal, bargain nunuiendub minister of commerce, commerce ministry
nuneken negotiation, bargaining, dealing nunuiendubam ministry of commerce, trade ministry, department of commerce
nuneker negotiate, deal, bargain nunuienxen commercialization
nunekut negotiator, dealer nunuienxer commercialize
nunekuwa negotiable nunuienxwa commercialized
nunekuwan negotiability nunuier bargain, negotiate, buy-and-sell, conduct commerce, do business, trade
nunekyafwan negotiability nunuiut businessman, merchant, trader, tradesman, negotiator
nunem timof market stall nunum market stall
nunem market, market-place nunumyan bazaar, collection of market stalls
nunes article, purchase item nunuut seller, market, vendor
nunien buying, purchasing nunuwa sold
nunier buy, purchase nunuzam goldsmith shop, silversmith ship
nuniut buyer, purchaser, client nunyan inventory, merchandise
nuniutyan clientele nunyandras inventory
nuniwa bought, purchased nunyandrawa inventoried
nunmimpur cargo ship, cargo vessel, barge nunyandren inventorying, inventory
nunnad brand, commercial brand, line of products, make nunyandrer inventory
nunpur truck nunyeb pack, package, parcel
nunpuranyan caravan nunyem case
nunpuranyanen caravanning nunyemag crate
nunpuranyaner caravan nunyemben packaging, packing
nunpuranyanwa caravanned nunyember package, pack
nunpuren trucking nunyembut packager, packer
nunpurer truck nunyembwa packaged, packed
nunpurog van nuuf stud
nunpurut trucker nuun drurunes sales slip, sales printout, sales receipt
nunpurwa trucked nuun produce, sales item, commodity, good, merchandise
nunsiyn brand, label nuunyan produce, goods, merchandise
nunsiynuen branding, labeling nuut supplier, producer, furnisher, merchandiser
nunsiynuer brand, label nuwa supplied, furnished, produced, merchandised
nunsiynuwa branded, labeled nux payment, pay
nunsyag inventory nuxbien purchasing, buying

nuxbier nasgon - nyafarEdit

nuxbier nasgon buy a share, purchase a share nuxyofser go bankrupt, become insolvent, default
nuxbier buy, purchase nuxyofxen bankrupting
nuxbiun purchase nuxyofxer bankrupt
nuxbiut client, buyer, purchaser nuxyofxwa bankrupted
nuxbiutyan clientele nuyen provision, providing, supplying, equipping
nuxbiwa purchased, bought nuyer provide, supply, equip
nuxen yefbun paying tribute nuyun provision, supply, equipment
nuxen payment, paying nuywa provided, supplied, equipped
nuxer ha naxdras pay the bill, settle the bill nuz jewel, gem
nuxer je yep pay at the door nuzabwa bejeweled
nuxer nasbyok pay a fine, pay a penalty nuzam jewelry shop
nuxer nasyef pay a debt, settle a debt nuzamut jewelry shop owner, jeweler
nuxer yefbun pay tribute nuzen awarding, rewarding
nuxer yovbyok expiate a punishment, serve a sentence nuzien receiving an award
nuxer pay nuzier receive an award
nuxgax pay raise, pay hike, increase in salary nuziut award recipient, awardee
nuxlawa disbursed nuznyem jewelry box
nuxlen disbursing, disbursement nuzuen award presentation
nuxler disburse nuzuer award, reward
nuxlun disbursal nuzut jeweler
nuxlut disburser nuzuut award-presenter
nuxun payment nuzuwa awarded, rewarded
nuxut payer nuzuwat awardee, rewardee
nuxwa kyoben gonem paid parking zone nuzyan jewelry
nuxwa purut chauffeur, paid driver nuzyeb jewelry box
nuxwa paid nyad autglal chain gang
nuxwas payout nyad chain, series, list, listing
nuxyafwa solvent nyada serial
nuxyafwan solvency nyadben chaining, putting in chains, concatenation
nuxyan outlays, expenditures nyadber chain, chain up, put in chains, concatenate
nuxyef draf tariff schedule nyadbwa chained, chained up, put in chains, concatenated
nuxyef vyesag tariff rate nyadrawa listed
nuxyef duty, tariff nyadren listing
nuxyefaben levying a tariff, tariff-setting nyadrer list
nuxyefaber levy a tariff, impose a tariff nyadrun list
nuxyefoben tariff-removal nyadxen serialization, concatenation
nuxyefober remove a tariff nyadxer serialize, concatenate
nuxyof bankruptcy, insolvency nyadxwa serialized, concatenated
nuxyofa bankrupt, insolvent nyaf knot, tangle, tie
nuxyofan insolvency, bankruptcy nyafar fastener, clasp

nyafser - nyazakEdit

nyafser get knotted, get tangled up, fasten nyanunxer pile up, stack up
nyafson complicated situation, tangled mess, knotty problem nyanunxwa piled up, stacked up
nyafsonika complicated, tangled, messy, knotty nyanupea assembling, congregating, massing
nyafxen knotting, fastening, tying, entanglement nyanupen assembling, congregating, congregation
nyafxer tie, fasten, knot, clasp, entangle nyanuper assemble, congregate
nyafxwa knotted, fastened, clasped, tied, entangled nyanuputyan congregation, assembly
nyan bi drafi deck of cards, stack of cards nyanuwa equipped
nyan bi dref stack of paper nyapxen regulation
nyan bi nasdrevi stack of bills nyapxer regulate
nyan bi nasgosi stack of coins, pile of coins nyapxwa regulated
nyan pile, stack, heap, stock, mass, ensemble, gathering, collection nyasea piling up, stacking up, accumulating
nyana collective nyaser pile up, stack up, accumulate
nyanag mass, herd, crowd nyasyea cumulative
nyanaga massive nyasyeay cumulatively
nyanagser mass, crowd, gather, assemble, herd together, gather together nyaun mass, cluster
nyanagxer mass, crowd, gather, assemble, stack, herd together, gather together nyauna massive
nyanagxwa crowded, massed, herded together nyaunag bloc
nyanan collectivity nyaunagser form a bloc
nyanay collectively nyaunagxen bloc formation
nyanben collection, piling up, amassing, rallying, rounding up, assembling, assembly nyaunagxer form a bloc
nyanber collect, pile up, amass, rally, round up, assemble nyaunagxwa made into a bloc
nyanbwa collected, piled up, amassed, rallied, rounded up, assembled nyaunsea clustering, grouping, massing, bunching
nyandras list nyaunser cluster, group, mass, bunch
nyandrawa listed nyauntojben massacre
nyandren listing nyauntojber massacre
nyandrer list nyauntojbwa massacred
nyandyes catalog nyaunxen clustering, massing, crowding, congestion, jam-packing, bunching
nyandyesben cataloging nyaunxer cluster, group, amass, mass, crowd, congest, jam-pack, bunch
nyandyesber catalog nyaunxwa clustered, grouped, amassed, congested, massed, crowded, jampacked, bunched
nyandyesbut cataloger nyautyan crowd
nyandyesbwa cataloged nyautyana crowded
nyansum bunk bed nyaxen accumulation, stacking, piling
nyanuen equipping, equipment nyaxer accumulate, stack up, pile up, stack, pile
nyanuer equip nyaxun pile, stack, accumulation, heap
nyanuf clip, fastener, tie, strap nyaxwa piled up, stacked up, accumulated, stacked, piled
nyanufen attachment, clipping, fastening, strapping, tying nyaz dotnix luxury tax
nyanufer attach, clip, fasten, tie, strap nyaz nuxgab luxury tax, wealth tax
nyanufwa attached, clipped, fastened, strapped, tied nyaz wealth, riches, luxury, prosperity, opulence
nyanun pile, stack, bunch nyaza deluxe, luxuriant, opulent
nyanunser pile up, stack up nyazak gain in wealth

nyazaken - nyevbwaEdit

nyazaken gaining wealth, accumulation of wealth nyebag storage container, storage bin, container, bin, crate, big box
nyazaker gain wealth nyeben packing, packaging
nyazaya wealthy, rich, luxurious, well-to-do, opulent, affluent, prosperous nyeber pack, package
nyazayan wealthiness, opulence, luxuriousness, affluence, prosperity nyebwa packed, packaged
nyazayaser become wealthy nyed grid, retina, grate
nyazayat wealthy person, rich person, well-to-do person nyeda gridded, reticular, retinal, criss-cross
nyazayaxen making wealthy nyedavol amxar waffle iron
nyazayaxer make wealthy nyedea criss-cross
nyazayaxwa made wealthy nyeder reticulate, criss-cross
nyazdab plutocracy nyedwa reticulated, gridded, criss-cross
nyazdaba plutocratic nyedyan network, grid work, criss-crossing
nyazdabut plutocrat nyef mesh, stitch, sack, bag, basket
nyazdeb plutocrat nyefavol amxar waffle iron
nyazgraf greed, avarice nyefavol waffle
nyazgrafa greedy, avaricious nyefog small bag
nyazgrafan greediness, avariciousness nyefyan baggage
nyazgrafat greedy person nyem bi vozyeldrari box of crayons
nyazgrafay greedily, avariciously nyem box, case
nyazifser luxuriate, enjoy wealth nyemag chest, coffer, caisson, crate
nyazifxea luxuriant nyemagxen crating
nyazifxen luxuriance nyemagxer crate
nyazika wealthy, moneyed, well-to-do, rich, affluent, opulent, prosperity nyemagxwa crated
nyazikan wealthiness, affluence, opulence, prosperity nyemben boxing
nyazikat wealthy person, rich person, well-to-do person nyember box up, put in a box, box
nyazkaxer find wealth nyembwa boxed
nyazkaxun discovery of wealth nyempur van
nyazkaxut wealth-finder nyempures boxcar
nyazkexen seeking wealth nyemsam chest, coffer, chest of drawers
nyazkexer seek wealth nyemsim box seat
nyazkexut wealth-seeker nyen storage, stored item, stock item
nyazok loss of wealth nyenbut collector
nyazoka broke nyentum storage closet
nyazokat one who has lost all his wealth nyenun stock, collection
nyazokea losing wealth, on the financial downhill nyes reserve, stock, cumulus, pile, stack, stored item
nyazoker lose wealth nyesea cumulative
nyazuka poor nyeser pile up, accumulate
nyazukan poverty nyev bag
nyazukat poor person, pauper nyevben bagging
nyazun item of wealth, luxury item nyevber bag, bag up
nyeb container, package, box nyevbwa bagged

nyevyan - nyoxwaEdit

nyevyan baggage nyiovben tying up with a ribbon
nyexam warehouse, storehouse, storage facility nyiovber tie up with a ribbon
nyexar battery, accumulator, storage device nyiovbwa tied up with a ribbon
nyexem storage site nyis order
nyexen somos storage shelf, stock shelf nyiv string
nyexen storage, stocking, accumulation, collection nyiven lacing
nyexer store, reserve, stock, pile up, save, accumulate, collect nyiver lace, lace up, string
nyexim stockroom, store room nyives lace
nyexun stored item, stock nyivwa laced
nyexunam warehouse, storehouse, storage facility nyix order, demand
nyexunem storage site nyixdref mes cashier desk
nyexunim store room, storage room, stock room nyixdref order form, check
nyexunyan storage, stock, inventory, collection nyixdrefier cash a check
nyexunyeb storage bin nyixdrefiut cashier
nyexutyan clientele nyixdrefuer deposit a check
nyexwa stored, reserved, stocked, piled up nyixen ordering
nyexwas stored item, stock item nyixer order
nyexyeb tank, reserve, storage unit, storage bin nyixun order
nyeyd griddle nyixut client
nyeyf purse nyixwa ordered, on order
nyeym chest, cask nyixwas order, something ordered
nyif rope, cable, cord nyof film
nyifbixwa ifektob marionette nyofam film studio
nyifes string nyofar film camera
nyifesog braid nyofen filming
nyifesogen braiding nyofer film
nyifesogwa braided nyofwa filmed
nyifibar plug, socket nyonxun solution
nyifpixar slingshot nyoov strip
nyifpixer lasso, rope nyos waste, surplus, spoilage
nyifpixuz lasso nyosea going to waste
nyiftibuf tag, shoelace tag nyoser go to waste, waste away, spoil
nyifun rigging nyosyeb waste basket, trash can
nyifwa linked, connected, leashed, tied, yoked nyov leavol noodle, flat noodle, ribbon noodle
nyifyan cordage, roping, rigging nyov ribbon, tape
nyin order, requisition nyovvos bow, ribbon bow
nyindras requisition slip nyoxen wasting, spoiling
nyiof film, celluloid nyoxer waste, spoil
nyiofen filming nyoxun waste, spoils
nyiofer film nyoxwa wasted, spoiled

nyoxwas - oaxEdit

nyoxwas waste, refuse, surplus, spoilage nyuxer ship, deliver, supply
nyoxyea wasteful nyuxien taking delivery of
nyoyv band, strip, ribbon nyuxier take delivery of
nyuen production nyuxiut delivery recipient
nyuer produce nyuxmimpur cargo ship
nyuf bi givosesi pack of cigarettes nyuxnaadpur freight train
nyuf package, pack, parcel nyuxpur delivery truck, delivery vehicle
nyufag crate, bin nyuxun delivery, freight, shipment
nyufog packet nyuxut shipper, deliverer, supplier, delivery man
nyufxam packaging center nyuxwa tyal home delivery meal, take-home meal, takeout
nyufxen packing, packaging nyuxwa shipped, delivered, supplied
nyufxer pack, package nyuyea productive
nyufxwa packed, packaged nyuyean productivity
nyuix supply and demand nyuyeay productively
nyun delivery, good, supply, product o- non-, un-, dis-, south
nyunpur delivery vehicle, delivery truck o the letter o, zero
nyus mampur freight plane oa mus ground floor
nyus mempur truck, delivery vehicle oa zyim ground level
nyus mimpur freighter oa zeroth
nyus naadpur freight train oababer uncover, discover
nyus freight, shipment oababun discovery
nyusbam packing house, packaging firm oababwa uncovered, discovered
nyusben packaging, parceling up, wrapping up, packing oabdutsuwa indomitable
nyusber pack, package, parcel up, wrap up oabdutsuwan indomitability
nyusbut packer, packager oabdutsyafwan indomitability
nyusbwa packaged, parceled, wrapped, packed oafdwa unauthorized, unlicensed
nyusyan freight, deliveries oafwa illicit
nyusyeb crate, bin oajbukgexwa unavenged
nyusyeben packing, crating, boxing up oajutbyena untraditional
nyusyeber pack, crate, box up oakluwa undefeatble, invincible
nyusyebwa packed, crated, boxed up oakluwan invincibility
nyuun produce oansauna not special, ordinary, generic
nyuut producer oansaunay ordinarily, generically
nyuwa produced oansaunxwa unspecialized
nyux supply, delivery, shipment oansyandwa unspecified
nyuxdref receipt, delivery receipt oaonxwa unintegrated
nyuxen shipping, delivery, supply oas zeroth thing
nyuxenjud shipping date, delivery date oat zeroth person
nyuxer ebdras deliver a letter oavutyana unpartisan
nyuxer ebdrun deliver a message oax inaction, non-action

oaxea magmeb - obdododalutEdit

oaxea magmeb inactive volcano ob off, under, beneath
oaxea inactive oba inferior, lower
oaxean inactivity obaaka unsanitary
oaxlea non-operations, inactive, out of service obaakan lack of sanitation, unsanitariness
oaxyea inactive obafxwatyan sub-committee
oayfxea intolerant obaka unwell, unsound, unhealthy
oayfxean intolerance obakan unhealthiness, unsoundness
oaygaxwa undeveloped, unevolved obakay unhealthily, unsoundly
oaynay not quite, not entirely, not fully, not completely, almost obakta unsound, unwholesome
oaynsen disintegration obaktan unsoundness, unwholesomeness
oaynser disintegrate obaktay unsoundly, unwholesomely
oaynxen disintegration obalxer depressurize, relieve the pressure
oaynxer disintegrate oban inferiority
oaynxwa disintegrated obapraxen scrubbing off, brushing off
oaysuwa unavailable obapraxer scrub off, brush off
oaysuwan unavailability obapraxwa scrubbed off, brushed off
oaysyafwan unavailability obay inferiorly
oaza infirm obaybilar creamer, cream separator
oazan infirmity obayxen dispossession, deprivation
oazara non-violent obayxer dispossess, rob, deprive
oazaran non-violence obdab subject government, satellite government, protectorate, outpost
oazaxwa unstrengthened, unfortified obdaben subordination, subduing
oazlaxen de-intensification, turning down obdaber subordinate, subdue
oazlaxer de-intensify, turn down obdipur exutyan submarine crew
oazlaxwa de-intensified, turned down obdipur submarine
oazonuwa unenforced obdipureb submarine captain
oazra dofun nonviolent crime, tort obdipurut submariner
oazra non-violent obditdeb vice-present
oazran non-violence obditdeban vice-presidency
oazta tired obdobem colony
oaztan fatigue obdobema colonial
oaztaser grow tired, get tired, tire obdobemin colonialism
oaztaxer tire out obdobemina colonialist
oaztaxyea tiring, boring, tiresome, dull obdobeminut colonialist
oazvadwa uncomfirmed, unconfirmed obdobemxen colonization
oazyujber unlock obdobemxer colonize
oazyujer unlock obdobemxut colonizer
oazyujwa unlocked obdobemxwa colonized
oazyuvtaxwa untamed, wile obdodalutyan house of representative, chamber of deputies
ob- sub-, infra-, under-, vice- obdododalut representative, deputy

obdonab - obexnyanEdit

obdonab lower class obeaxyean protectiveness
obdonaba lower-class, low class obeer lack, not have, let go, release
obdonabat member of the lower class obeexer get rid of
obdoneg lower class, low social stratum, low social class obeexun trash, garbage, refuse
obdonega of the lower class, low-class obekluwa incurable
obdonegat member of the lower class obekuwa untreatable, irremediable, incurable
obdotyan lower social class, underclass obekuwan untreatability, irremediability, incurability
obdotyana low-class obekyafwan untreatability, irremediability, incurability
obdotyanati those in the lower classes obelen dropping, abandonment, abandoning
obdovyabxim lower legislative chamber, house of representatives obeler drop, abandon
obdovyabxut representative, deputy, member of the house obelunyeb trash can, garbage pail
obdovyabxutyan house of representatives, lower house obelunyef garbage bag, trash bag, garbage sack
obdras subscript obelunyem doggy bag, take-away box
obdrawa subtitled, subscribed, captioned obelwa dropped, abandoned
obdren subtitling, subscript, subscription, captioning, caption obem bottom, base, underpinning, foundation
obdrenad subheading obema fundamental, basic, bottom
obdreniv subtext obemper bottom out
obdrer subtitle, subscribe, caption oben removal, taking off
obdres footnote ober nuxyef remove a tariff
obdrun subtitle ober sindrof take down a poster
obdub sub-minister, vice-minister, undersecretary ober somos take off a shelf
obdubam sub-ministry, vice-ministry, undersecretariat ober tuyoyuvar unhandcuff, remove handcuffs
obdunsiyn accent mark underneath a word ober take off, remove, doff, set down, put down, put off
obdyun signature obesea subsistent
obdyunen signing, undersigning obesen subsistence
obdyuner sign, undersign obeser subsist
obdyunut signer, undersigner obeun lack, gap
obdyunwa signed, undersigned obeuwa unavailable
obea lacking obewa missed, unowned
obeauwa sim unavailable chair obewas missing item, unowned item
obeax protection obewaxer disown, appropriate, dispossess
obeaxam ward obewea missing, lacking
obeaxar protective device, guard, protector, shield obewer be missing, be lacking
obeaxea protective obex leftover, residue, remains, trace, junk, release, loss of control, abandon
obeaxen protection obexem junkyard
obeaxer protect, guard against, ward off obexen releasing, leaving, dropping, letting loose, losing control, letting go, abandoning, abandonment
obeaxut protector, warden, guardian obexer ha mes ija av leave the door open for
obeaxutan protectorate, ward, guardianship obexer ojvad break a promise
obeaxwa protected, guarded, unguarded obexer release, leave, discard, junk, unload, drop off, discharge, let loose, lose control of, let go
obeaxwam protectorate obexnyan junk pile, garbage heap

obexun fyeb - obnabuenEdit

obexun fyeb trash can, garbage pail obikiyea non-vigilant, unwatchful, careless, unmindful
obexun nyef garbage bag, trash bag, garbage sack obiksea uncaring, unconcerned, unmindful
obexun nyem doggy bag, take-away box obikxwa unconcerned, unworried
obexun leftover, residue, remains, trace obiler lose grip, lose grip of, let go
obexwa left over, residual, remaining, trashed, junked, discarded, released, dropped, let loose, uncontrolled, abandoned, left, let go obilper run off
obexwas discarded item, trash, junk, abandoned item obimxer unseat
obfin disadvantage, drawback obirer release
obfina disadvantageous, inferior obiun leftover, relic, residue
obfinan inferiority obiwa sim untaken chair
obfinay inferiorly obiwa relinquished, released, left, left over, residual
obfinaya disadvantaged obiwas something left over, relic, something not taken, residue
obfinuen being a drawback to, disadvantaging obixer pull off
obfinuer be a drawback to, disadvantage obkof lining
obfinuwa disadvantaged obkofen lining
obfinuwat disadvantaged person obkofer line
obgoblawa cut off, lopped off, amputated obkofwa lined
obgoblawat amputee obkum underside, bottom side, lower side
obgoblen amputation, cutting off obkunad sill, lower edge
obgobler cut off, lop off, amputate obkyotyan inferior caste, lower caste
obgoblun piece, lop obkyotyanat untouchable, member of the untouchable class
obgoflawa torn off, ripped off oblawa thrown off, kicked off, overthrown, removed
obgoflen tearing off, ripping oblen knocking off, kicking off, removal, overthrow
obgofler tear off, rip off obler knock off, kick off, remove, overthrow
obgoflun shred, stub, tear-off obmas foundation
obien relinquishment, release obmeel subsoil
obier let go, release, give up, relinquish obmel underground
obifyaxeb deacon obmela subterranean, underground
obifyaxeyb deaconess obmesyuzkunad door threshold, door sill
obifyaxob diaconate obmimkuma offshore
obigfofren snipping off obmimof mainsail
obiggoflawa snipped off obmir underworld
obiggofler snip off obmira infernal
obiggoflun snippet obmirat demon
obik neglect obmos basement, sub-floor
obika neglectful, negligent, unheedful, non-vigilant obmoys bottom layer, sub-layer
obikan neglectfulness, negligence, unheedfulness, non-vigilance obna inferior
obikay negligently, unheedfully obnab inferior rank, lower rank, bottom grade
obikea neglectful, unheedful, unconcerned, unaware, carefree obnaba inferior in rank, subordinate
obiken neglecting obnabier be demoted, go down in rank
obiker neglect obnabuen demotion

obnabuer - obuk hevoniEdit

obnabuer demote oboxen disturbance, annoyance, disruption
obnabuwa demoted oboxer disturb, bother, annoy, disrupt, trouble
obnad lower limit, minimum oboxyea disturbing, bothersome, annoying, disquieting, troubling
obnada minimal obra lowly, rock-bottom
obnadrawa underlined obran lowliness
obnadren underlining obrat lowly one
obnadrer underline obrawa removed by forced, ripped off, torn off
obnagier be downgraded, degress, step down obren forced removal, ripoff
obnaguen downgrading, degression, degrading obrer rip off, tear off, remove forcibly, rob, riff
obnaguer downgrade, degrade, step it down obruxer kick off, kick away
obnaguwa downgraded, degraded, stepped down obsayeb lower layer
obnan inferiority obsiyn below-the-line mark, descending diacritic
obnay inferiorly obsuev liner
obned bottom, base, floor, lower surface, foundation, lower plane obtameb submaster
obneda basic, fundamental, bottom obtammas foundation
obneg lower level, sublevel, inferior echelon obtejer subsist
obnega lower-level, low-echelon obtem cellar
obnod low point, bottom, nadir obteubob lower lip
obnodser bottom out obteuz whisper
obnyifpur cable car obteuzen sub-vocalization, whispering
obnyun by-product obteuzer sub-vocalize, whisper
obokogrosuyea non-infectious obteuzwa sub-vocalized, whispered
obokogrunuwa uninfected obteuzwas something whispered, rumor
oboluwa unsupportable obteyen underlying notion, basic idea
obolwa unsupported obtif vest, jacket, waistcoat
obolyea unsupportive obtim basement, cellar
obolyean unsupportiveness obtityanat lowerclassman
oboos disquiet, distress, worry, qualm obtof underwear, under gear
obooser worry, fret, be annoyed, be stressed, have qualms about obtommas foundation
obooxer worry, upset, distress, annoy, bother obtyan lower class
obooxyea worrisome, upsetting, distressing, annoying, bothersom obtyana of the lower class, low-class
oboser get upset, be perturbed obtyanat lower-class person, member of the lower class
obostayos itch, tingle obtyeb cerebellum
obostayosbok pruritis obtyodeb vice-president
obostayosen itching, tingling obtyodeba vice-presidential
obostayoser itch, tingle obtyodebam vice-presidential residence
obostayosuer make itch, cause to itch, induce itching, irritate obtyodeban vice-presidency
obostayosyea itchy, pruritic, tingly obtyoyf slip
obostayosyean itchiness, tingliness obuer spare
obouwa unsupportable, unsustainable obuk hevoni safety conditions

obuk - obyuxwaEdit

obuk safety, security obyeka untherapeutic
obuka harmless, safe, secure obyekuwa uncurable
obukan safety, security obyekwa uncured
obukuwa invulnerable obyem base, foundation
obukuwan invulnerability obyema fundamental
obukxer make safe, secure, save obyemay fundamentally
obukxwa secured, safe, saved obyex shield
obukyafa invulnerable obyexar protective device, shield
obukyafan invulnerability obyexen protection, shielding
obumxen drying off obyexer protect
obumxer dry off obyexmas protective wall
obumxwa dried off obyextof protective gear, body armor
obun base, floor, foundation, fundament, support obyexut protector
obuna basic, fundamental obyexwa protected, shielded, armored
obuner base, found, support obyexyea protective
obunwa based, founded, supported, covered, exposed obyexyeay protectively
obunzyun baseball obyidapat senior master sergeant
obuper come off of obyidepyat master sergeant
obuxen pushing off, shrugging obyosea dependent
obuxer push off, shrug obyosean dependence
obuxwa pushed off, shrugged obyosen dependence
obvoz undertone obyoser depend, hang off
obvyifxen clearing off, sweeping off obyosut hanger-on, dependent
obvyifxer clear off, sweep off obyudapat chief master sergeant
obvyifxwa cleared off, swept off obyudepyat sergeant major
obvyilxar rinser obyudipat master chief petty officer
obvyilxen washing off, rinsing obyuva dependent, subject
obvyilxer wash off, rinse obyuvan dependence, subjection
obvyilxwa washed off, rinsed obyuvat subject, dependent
obwa removed, taken off, deposed obyuvsea dependent
obxeb inferior, underling, sous-chef, sub-officer obyuvsean dependence
obxen yielding, ceding obyuvsen dependence
obxer yield, cede obyuvser become dependent, become subject, depend
obxwa yielded, ceded obyuvxen subjection
obyaka unhygienic, unsanitary, unhealthful obyuvxer subject, make dependent
obyalen stirring up, raising, lifting up obyuvxwa subjected
obyaler stir up, raise, lift up obyuxlea subservient, servile
obyalwa stirred up, raised, lifted up obyuxlen subservience, servility
obyanmel subcontinent obyuxler serve under
obyanmela subcontinental obyuxwa untouched, unreached

obzam - odovyabaEdit

obzam bottom odobnixiyafwa non-taxable
obzamas porch, portico ododrawa unpublished, unreported
obzeymep underpass odofin amorality
obZimimag sub-Atlantic odofina amoral
obZimimaga sub-Atlantic odofinan amorality, unethicalness
obzyigser flake off odofiynxen demoralization
obzyigxen flaking off odofiynxer demoralize
obzyigxer flake off odofiynxwa demoralized
obzyim lower level odolfivadwa uncondoned
obzyubrer twist off odom country, countryside, non-urban area
odabtuna apolitical, non-political odoma meip country lane
odabtunay apolitically odoma mep country road
odabuwa ungovernable odoma tyod rustic folk, country folk
odabwa ungoverned odoma rural, non-urban
odaluwa unspeakable odomat rural inhabitant, country dweller
odaluwas something unspeakable odomvaldib sheriff
odalwa unspoken odonabwa unranked, zero-ranking
odalwas something unspoken odonyaypa illegitimate, illicit
odata unfriendly odonyaypan illegitimacy, illicitness
odatan unfriendliness odonyaypay illicitly
odawas something left unsaid odoobemina unpatriotic
odebelen deposing odoobifa unpatriotic
odebeler depose odopariwa unarmed
odebelwa deposed odoparuen disarmament
odeben deposing odoparuer disarm
odeber depose odoparuuwa disarmed, unarmed
odebwa deposed odopbiwa undefeated
oden keeping silent odopxen demilitarization
oder keep silent odopxer demilitarize
odeunxwa undocumented odopxwa demilitarized
odeupa unrhythmic odosyana classless, class-free
odeupan unrhythmicality odosyanan classlessness
odeupay unrhythmically odotsyea unsociable
odiduwa unquestionable, unquizzical odotsyean unsociability
odiduway unquestionably, unquizzically odotsyenxwa uncivilized
odir option odotvyasa undisciplined
odira optional odotyen incivility, uncivility
odiray optionally odotyena unsocial, uncivil
odirwa not required, non-mandatory, optional odotyenxwa untamed
oditdaba undemocratic odovyaba illegal, unlawful

odovyaban - oebtexyeaEdit

odovyaban illegality, unlawfulness odudwa unanswered
odovyabas something illegal, illegality, infraction odudyafwan irresponsibility
odovyabay emkyoxwa illegally parked odudyea unresponsive
odovyabay illegally, unlawfully odudyef irresponsibility, unaccountability
odovyabxen infraction, breaking the law, crime odudyefa irresponsible, unaccountable
odovyabxena criminal odudyefiyea irresponsible, unaccountable
odovyabxer break the law, commit an infraction, illegalize odudyefiyean irresponsibility, unaccountability
odovyabxut criminal, lawbreaker odudyefiyeay irresponsibly, unacccountably
odovyabyana unconstitutional odulen resistance
odovyabyanan unconstitutionality oduler back off, resist
odovyabyanay unconstitutionally odulut resistor
odovyanayda illegitimate odulutyan resistance
odovyanaydan illegitimacy odulyea resistant
odovyanayday illegitimately oduna non-verbal
odovyayba illegitimate odunnyanabwa unlisted, unregistered
odovyayban illegitimacy oduwa unutterable
odovyaybay illegitimately odwa unsaid, unuttered, which single
odoynyapa illicit odwas something left unsaid
odoynyapan illicitness odxagay how often
odoyovxen decriminalization odyewa unread
odoyovxer decriminalize odyeyafwa unreadable, illegible
odoyovxwa decriminalized odyeyafwan unreadability, illegibility
odoyvyaba illicit odyotin atheism
odoyvyaban illicitness odyotina atheist, atheistic, non-religious, lay, secular
odoyvyabay illicitly odyotinut atheist, secular person, layman
odrar eraser odyundrawa unsigned
odrawa erased, effaced, unwritten odyunsiynwa unsigned
odredyunuwa unentitled odyunwa unnamed, nameless
odren erasing, effacement odyunyanwa unlisted
odrenvyasaxwa unedited oebdalyea non-communicative
odrer erase, efface oebdobxeutyena undiplomatic
odresiynyana not in alphabetical order, unalphabetic oebdwa undecided
odretxwa unimpressed oebdyea incommunicative, uncommunicative
odreuxuwa unpronounceable oebdyean non-communicativeness, uncommunicativeness
odreuxwa silent, left unpronounced oeben unblocking
odrevyaba ungrammatical oeber unblock
odrevyaban ungrammaticalness oebtesdwa untranslatable, uninterpretable, untranslated, uninterpreted
odrez prose oebtexdwa undecided
odrun erasure oebtexwa undecided
oduduwa irresponsible oebtexyea indecisive

oebzymbwa - ofifwaEdit

oebzymbwa unlayered oexyena unmethodical
oefa unnecessary oexyenay unmethodically
oefay unnecessarily oeybsea uninvolved
oefwa unneeded, unnecessary oeybsean uninvolvement
oegganxuwa irreparable oeybxwa uninvolved, uninterested, disinterested
oegtejbuwa irresuscitatable oeybyanbwa uninvolved, not mixed up in
oegtyeuwa unrecognizable oeypuxun syebag trash bin
oegtywa unrecognized oeza immoderate, extreme
oegxeyena unusual oezan immoderate, immoderation, extremeness
oeja absent oezay extremely
oejan absence oezin extremism
oejasea absent, not present oezina extremist
oejasen abstention oezinut extremist
oejasut absentee, doteuzdref, kebidref of prohibition, ban
oejasutan absenteeism ofa not allowed, prohibited
oejaxwa unprepared, unready ofaa unholy, sacrilegious
oejay in absentia, absently ofaan unholiness
oejen absence ofaaxen desecration, sacrilege
oejeser absent oneself, be absent, abstain ofabyanen deforestation
oema non-local ofabyaner deforest
oemat non-local, outsider ofabyanwa deforested
oembesiwa unhoused, unsheltered, unaccommodated, homeless, unsettled ofabyanxwa unforested
oembesutnyanxwa unpopulated ofan prohibition
oembesutxen depopulation ofavyatean unfaithfulness
oembesutxer depopulate ofavyatexea unfaithful
oembesutxwa depopulated, unpopulated ofden ban, banning, prohibition
oembeswa uninhabited ofder ban, prohibit, disallow
oembexwa unoccupied ofdras ban, prohibition
oembiwa sim unoccupied chair ofdrer ban, prohibit in writing
oesea non-existent, unavailable ofdwa banned, prohibited, disallowed
oesean non-existence, unavailability ofer be prohibited, be not allowed, must not
oesen non-existence ofiadwa not recommended, unrecommended
oeser not exist ofibyen impoliteness, rudeness, insolence, impertinent
oeuna odd ofibyena impolite, rude, ill-mannered, insolent, impertinent
oex dysfunction, breakdown ofibyenay impolitely, rudely, ill-manneredly, insolently, impertinently
oexa dysfunctional, out of service, broken ofidol indiscretion
oexea non-functioning, broken, in disrepair, out of commission, out of service, not operating ofidola indiscrete
oexen breakdown, disrepair ofidolen being indiscrete
oexer break down, stop working, go bad, malfunction ofidoler be indiscrete
oexuwa inoperable, dysfunctional ofifwa unwished for

ofiizda - ofizyeanEdit

ofiizda disloyal ofiyzaxwa disrespected
ofiizdan disloyalty ofiyzaya disrespectful, unrespectful
ofika imperfect ofiyzayan disrespectfulness
ofikan imperfection ofiyzea irrespective
ofikun flaw, imperfection ofiyzeay irrespectively
ofikunaya flawed, full of imperfections ofiyzuen disrespecting
ofikunoya flawless ofiyzuer disrespect
ofikunoyan flawlessness ofiyzuwa disrespected, disreputable
ofila til non-alcoholic drink ofiz dishonor, shame
ofila non-alcoholic ofiza dishonorable
ofiliut teetotaler, non-drinker ofizaben shaming, blaming, dishonoring, embarrassing
ofilmekxwa unleavened ofizaber blame, dishonor, shame, embarrass, disgrace
ofilxwa afel sweet cider ofizabwa dishonored, shamed, blamed, embarrassed, disgraced
ofilxwa unfermented ofizaser be ashamed be embarrassed
ofinaysea undeserving, unqualified ofizaxea dishonorable, embarrassing, disgraceful
ofiniea unqualified ofizaxen shaming, dishonoring, disgracing, embarrassment
ofinyekwa untested, unproved ofizaxer dishonor, shame, put to shame, disgrace, embarrass
ofirxa imperfect ofizay dishonorably, shamefully, disgracefully
ofirxan imperfection ofizaya dishonorable, shameful, disgraceful, embarrassing
ofirxas imperfection ofizayan shamefulness, disgracefulness
ofirxay imperfectly ofizdut dishonest person
ofitestwa not well understood ofizdyea dishonest
ofiteusayxwa unflavored ofizdyean dishonesty
ofitexea ungrateful, thankless, unappreciative ofizdyeay dishonestly
ofitexean ungratefulness, thanklessness, lack of appreciation, unappreciativeness ofizfan lack of ambition
ofitopa insane, mentally unsound ofizfanaya unmotivated
ofitopaser go insane ofizfonuwa unmotivated
ofitopat insane person ofizoben excuse, pardon, exculpation
ofitopatam insane asylum ofizobena exculpatory
ofitwa not well-known, unfamiliar ofizober excuse, pardon, exculpate
ofiupa unwelcome ofizta ignoble
ofivaden disapproval ofiztan ignobility
ofivader disapprove ofiztaxea ennobling
ofivadwa disapproved, unapproved ofiztaxen ennoblement
ofiyak despair ofiztaxer ennoble
ofiyakay desperately ofiztay ignobly
ofiyakea desperate, unhopeful, despairing ofizuer dishonor, shame
ofiyakean desperation ofizuwa dishonored, shamed
ofiyakeay desperately ofizyea dishonorable
ofiyakwa unhoped for ofizyean dishonorably

ofjonoysea - ofyujberEdit

ofjonoysea losing hope, despairing ofyayxina non-sectarian
ofluwa undesirable ofyayxinan non-sectarianism
ofonder wish away ofyaz disgrace
Ofu Et tojer. Don't you die. ofyaza disgraceful
ofu don't, let not ofyazuer disgrace
ofubesa withered ofyazueye disgraceful
ofubesea withering ofyazuwa disgraced
ofubeser wither ofyazuwat persona non grata
ofuka flawless ofyeplen intrusion
ofukan flawlessness ofyepler intrude
ofulxwa undamaged ofyeplut intruder
ofunduwa blameless ofyia invalid, of no use, useless
ofuvetexea unsuspecting ofyian invalidity, uselessness
ofuwa undesirable ofyias worthless item, trash, junk
ofuwan undesirability ofyiduwa inadvisable
ofwa kyoben gonem no parking zone ofyiduwan inadvisability
ofwa banned, prohibited, disallowed ofyidwa unadvised
ofwas ban, something prohibited, no-no ofyidyafwa unadvisable
ofwat outcast, banned person ofyin junk, trash
ofwer be prohibited, be disallowed ofyina of no value, worthless, unworthy, invalid, of no merit, useless
ofxen prohibition ofyinaxen junking, trashing, discarding, devaluation
ofxer prohibit, disallow ofyinaxer junk, trash, discard, devalue
ofxwa prohibited, disallowed ofyinaxwa junked, trashed, discarded, devalued
ofxyea prohibitive ofyinea undeserving
ofyaaxer desecrate ofyiniea undeserving, unworthy
ofyaaxwa desecrated ofyiniwa undeserved, unmerited
ofyabyena immoral ofyinxen invalidation, junking, trashing, discarding, devaluation
ofyabyenan immorality ofyinxer invalidate, junk, trash, discard, devalue
ofyafwan undesirability ofyinxwa invalidated, junked, trashed, discarded, devalued
ofyamiloybwa unbaptized ofyisen expiration
ofyamilyebwa unbaptized ofyiser go invalid, expire
ofyan dishonor ofyixen invalidation
ofyaxa secular, lay ofyixer invalidate
ofyaxat layman ofyixwa expire, invalidated
ofyaxatyan laity ofyizuea unrewarding
ofyaxea non-practicing ofyizuwa unrewarded
ofyaxina impious, irreligious ofyuj fold, pleat, ply
ofyaxinan irreligiosity, impiety ofyujar tampon, plug
ofyaxinat irreligious person, impious person ofyujben folding, pleating
ofyaxinyena impious, irreligious ofyujber fold, pleat

ofyujblar - ogeltoseaEdit

ofyujblar zipper oge not equal to
ofyujblawa zipped up ogea unequal, uneven
ofyujblen zipping up ogeasa unequaled
ofyujbler zip up ogebaxwa unbalanced
ofyujbwa folded, pleated ogebek inequity
ofyujea sim folding chair, camp chair, collapsible chair ogebekea unfair, inequitable
ofyujea folding ogebeker treat unfairly
ofyujen folding ogebekwa unfairly treated
ofyujer fold ogefyinea non-equal in value
ofyujun fold, pleat, ply ogefyiner be non-equal in value
ofyuyj wrinkle ogegona disproportionate
ofyuyjaya wrinkly ogel- hetero-
ofyuyjben wrinkling ogel vyel other than
ofyuyjber wrinkle ogel unlike
ofyuyjbwa wrinkled ogela different, other
ofyuyjika wrinkly ogelan difference
oga fyoxun venial sin ogelas something else, different thing
oga small, little ogelaxen differentiation
ogafiaxuwa unfixable, unimprovable ogelaxer differentiate
ogaj drurewa out of print, not longer being printed ogelay differently
ogaj exea out of service, no longer in service, out of commission ogelden disagreement
ogaj neunxewa out of stock, not longer being stocked ogelder disagree
ogaj yexea out of work, no longer working ogelea differing
ogaj no longer ogelen differing
ogala minor ogeler differ
ogalan minority ogelfinwa unmatched
ogan smallness, littleness ogelsanxuwa unadaptable, nonadaptable
ogana unwhole, unintegral ogelsauna heterogeneous
oganxwa unintegrated ogelsaunan heterogeneity
ogat little one ogelsea differing, different
ogda concise ogelser differ
ogdan concision ogelseuxwa drez blank verse
ogday concisely ogelseuxwa unrhymed
ogdrawa summed up ogeltexea disagreeing
ogdren summary, resume ogeltexen disagreement
ogdrer sum up ogeltexer disagree
ogdresiyn small letter, miniscule, lower case letter ogeltexyena of a different opinion
ogdresiynxen downcasing, lowercasing, rendering in lowercase letters ogeltooda of a different race, ethnically different
ogdresiynxer downcase, lowercase, render in lowercase letters ogeltos discord, lack of empathy
ogdresiynxwa downcased, lowercased, rendered in lowercase letters ogeltosea discordant non-empathetic

ogeltosen - ogreteliuwaEdit

ogeltosen discordance, non-empathizing ogla minute, tiny, miniature
ogeltoser feel different, be non-emphatic oglan minuteness, tininess
ogeltxwa unidentied oglanduwa unquantifiable
ogelxen differentiation oglanduwan unquantifiability
ogelxer differentiate oglandwa unquantified
ogelxwa differentiated oglandyafwan unquantifiability
ogenaba unequal in rank oglanxuwa unquantifiable
ogenaga unequal in size, differently-sized oglanxwa unquantified
ogenega uneven, not level oglaser become tiny
ogenegan unevenness oglasyan minutiae
ogesaunaxuwa uncopiable, unreplicatable oglaxen miniaturization
oget someone else, different person oglaxer miniaturize
ogeta different, not identical oglaxwa miniaturized
ogetajnega of a different generation, allo-generational ognaga small-sized
ogetajnegat allo-generational ognaza cheap
ogetan difference, non-identity ognazan cheapness
ogetay differently, non[identically ognazfut cheapskate
ogetxuwa unidentifiable ognog in a small degree
ogetxwa unidentified ogonbien non-participation
ogetxyafwa unidentifiable ogonbiut non-participant
ogexwa unequaled ogonden detailing
ogeyla dissimilar ogonder detail
ogeylan dissimilarity ogondwa detailed
oggoblawa nicked ogonyanxen disorganization
oggoblen nicking ogonyanxwa disorganized
oggobler nick ogra microscopic, miniscule, tiny
oggoblun nick ogranidzyaxwa unexploded
ogia kyid siyn grave stress mark ogras invisibly small thing
ogia blunt, dull ograt midget, dwarf, runt
ogian bluntness, dullness ogratab corpuscle
ogiay bluntly, dully ogrataba corpuscular
ogikunada blunt-edged, dull-edged ogratilea sober, temperate, abstemious, drinking sensibly
ogilpan ummagelur microwave oven ogratilean sobriety, temperance, abstemiousness
ogilpas ummagelur microwave oven ogratileay soberly, temperately, abstemiously
ogiser become dull, go blunt ogratilen sober-acting, temperance, abstemiousness, not drinking too much
ogitepa dull-minded ogratiler be sober, be temperate, be abstemious, drink sensibly
ogitepan dullness, stupidity ograxen dwarfing
ogitepat dullard ograxer dwarf
ogixen blunting, dulling ograxwa dwarfed
ogixer blunt, dull, make dull ogreteliuwa insatiable

ogreteliuwan - oignidgaxwaEdit

ogreteliuwan insatiability ogxen reduction in size, miniaturization, diminishment, shrinking
ogreteliyafwan insatiability ogxer make smaller, diminish, reduce the size of, miniaturize, shrink
ogretujea sleep-deprived ogxwa reduced in size, miniaturized, diminished, shrunken
ogrexea insufficient ogyusa indelicate
ogrexean insufficiency ohev unless, if not
ogrexeay insufficiently ohevdwa undecided
ogron detail ohevdyea indecisive
ogrona detailed ohevdyean indecisiveness
ogronay in detail ohotandwa unidentified
ogronden detailing, spelling out in detail ohya not every
ogronder detail, spell out in detail ohyas not everything, not all
ogrun detail, specific, microscopic particle, tiny particle, speck ohyasi not all
ogruna detailed, specific, microscopic ohyat not everyone
ogrunay in detail, specifically ohyati not all people, not all
ogrunden detailing, spelling out in detail, specification ohyawa not every
ogrunder detail, spell out in detail, specify ohyawas not everything
ogrundwa detailed, spelled out in detail, specified ohyawat not everything
ogrunteaxar microscope ohyawata not everyone's
ogrunyan minutiae, specifics ohyibyeniuwa inimitable
ogsea shrinking ohyimema non-native, non-domestic
ogser shrink, get smaller ohyisandwa unidentified
ogsun tidbit, minor thing ohyitepa unlikeminded
ogtayepixar tweezer, pincer, nipper ohyitepan unlikemindedness
ogtayepixen tweezing, nipping ohyitoosifan anti-gayness
ogtayepixer tweeze, nip oibdatyena inhospitable
ogtayepixwa tweezed, nipped oibdatyenay inhospitably
ogtaym cabin oiber take off
ogtelen nibbling, snacking, pecking, gnawing oibinyea unattractive
ogteler nibble, snack, peck at, gnaw oibinyean unattractiveness
ogtelwa pecked, gnawed oibiwa uncollected
ogteupixer nibble oibuyea unyielding
ogtilier sip, nip oibyea unreceptive
ogwafia not the best, imperfect, non-optimal oibyean unreceptivity
ogwafian imperfection oifluwa undesirable
ogwafias imperfection, flaw, something imperfect oifluwan undesirability
ogwaika imperfect, incomplete oifuea unpleasant
ogwaikan imperfection, incompletion oifuean unpleasantness
ogwaikaxwa unperfected, uncompleted oifuwa unamused
ogwauja imperfect, incomplete oifwa unloved
ogwaujaxwa unperfected, uncompleted oignidgaxwa unexploded

oijbuwas - ojatexwa tobtojbenEdit

oijbuwas non-starter, unstartable oixuwa unaffected
oijsaxyea uncreative oixyea ineffective, ineffectual
oikagxwa not-fully-grown, immature oixyean ineffectiveness, ineffectuality
oikay almost, not quite, not fully oiyfwa disliked
oikfia imperfect oiza indirect
oikfian imperfection oizan indirectness
oikfias imperfection, flaw oizay indirectly
oikfiasaya flawed oizden intimation
oikfiasuka flawless oizder intimate
oikfiasukay flawlessly oizdwa intimated
oikfiasukxen getting rid of the flaws oizembwa unfocused, aimless
oikfiasukxer get rid of the flaws oizmep detour
oikfiay imperfectly oizonben disorientation
oikta incomplete oizonber disorient
oiktaxwa uncompleted, not filled out oiztesten lack of intuition
oikxwa unfulfilled, uncompleted, unsatisfied oiztestwa unintuitive
oilvyilxwa unwashed oiztexa illogical, irrational
oimer south-east oiztexay illogically, irrationally
oimera south-east ' oiztina unorthodox
oimera south-eastern oiztisa unorthodox
oiper get off oiztisen lack of intuition
oivalxea hardly amusing, unamusing oiztiswa unintuitive
oivdina unfunny oiztiyea unintuitive
oivla unsatisfactory, discontented, malcontent oj future
oivlad complaint oja jobyen future tense
oivladen groaning, grumbling, complaining oja yekun future purpose, future aim
oivlader groan, grumble, complain, voice dissatisfaction oja future
oivladut complainer, groaner, grumbler ojadrawa unplanned, unscripted
oivlan discontent, dissatisfaction, discontentment ojaduwa unpredictable
oivlat malcontent ojaduwan unpredictability
oivlaxer dissatisfy ojaduwas something unpredictable, surprise
oivlaxyea unsatisfactory ojadwa unforetold, unpredicted
oivlaxyeay unsatisfactorily ojadwas something unpredicted, surprise
oivlay unsatisfactorily, discontentedly ojadyafwan unpredictability
oivraxwa unenthused, unexcited, bored, unenthusiastic ojaebuwa unpreventable
oivtax disgrace ojan futurity
oivtaxea ungrateful, thankless ojateatuwa unforeseeable
oivuer bore ojateatwa unforeseen
oivuwa bored ojateatwas something unforeseen
oivuyea boring ojatexwa tobtojben manslaughter

ojatexwa - ojfonoyxwaEdit

ojatexwa unanticipated, unpremeditated, unplanned, non-deliberate ojdrafben scheduling
ojatixuwa unrehearsable ojdrafber schedule
ojatixwa unrehearsed, ad lib ojdrafbwa scheduled
ojatwa unanticipated, surprise ojdrafewa being scheduled
ojaveduwa unguessable ojdrafoben calling off, canceling, cancellation, removal from the schedule
ojaxwa unprepared, not ready, unready ojdrafober call off, cancel, remove from the schedule
ojayagtexwa unpremeditated ojdrafobwa called off, canceled, removed from the schedule
ojayakwa unanticipated ojdras plan, project, schedule
ojayekuwa untestable ojdrawa planned, projected, scheduled
ojayekwa untested ojdren planning, projection, plan, scheduling, schedule
ojbea in debt, owing, indebted ojdrer plan, project, schedule
ojbean indebtedness ojdrewa in the works, being planned
ojbeer owe ojdrut planner, scheduler
ojben reservation, remission, holding off ojdwa promised, projected
ojber reserve, remit, put off, hold off for the future ojea unenduring, impermanent
ojbeun debt ojeater envisage, see for the future
ojbeut debtor ojeatwa envisaged
ojbewa owed ojesen discontinuation, cessation
ojbewas something owed, liability ojeser discontinue, cease, not last
ojbien borrowing, leasing, renting ojeta inconstant
ojbier borrow, lease, rent ojetan inconstancy
ojbiut borrower, lessee, renter ojfa hopeful
ojbiwa borrowed ojfea wishing, aspiring, hoping
ojbiwat debtor, renter, borrower ojfeat aspirant
ojbiyafwa for rent, to let ojfen wishing, aspiring, hoping, intending
ojbuen dreun lease document, lease, lease application ojfer wish, intend, aspire, hope
ojbuen nayx interest ojfon hope, wish, aspiration, intention
ojbuen lending, lease, loan ojfonaya hopeful
ojbuendib lending office, loan office ojfonayan hopefulness
ojbuendibut lending official, loan officer ojfonaysea aspiring
ojbuer lend, lease, let, rent out, loan ojfonayser have hope, aspire
ojbuun loan, lease ojfonayxer inspire, give hope to, encourage
ojbuut lender, loan officer ojfonder express the hope, express the wish
ojbuwa lent, loaned, leased, on loan ojfondun expression of hope
ojbuwas loan, lease ojfonober dash one's hopes, discourage
ojbuwat lessee ojfonoya hopeless, desperate
ojbwa reserved, put off, in remission, held up ojfonoyan hopelessness, desperateness
ojden promise, promising, projection ojfonoyser lose hope, despair
ojder promise, project ojfonoyxer discourage, dash one's hopes
ojdin tale of the future ojfonoyxwa discouraged

ojfut - ojvad obexutEdit

ojfut aspirant, one who hopes ojsaxer procreate
ojfwa wished for, aspired, intended, hoped, wished ojsaxut procreator
ojfwas something hoped for, hope, aspiration, intention ojsaxwa procreated
Ojfwe hav... It is hoped that..., It is wished that... ojtad future spouse, fiance, future husband
ojfyea wishful, hopeful ojtayd future wife, fiancee
ojfyua dangerous, threatening, menacing ojtea sagacious, foresighted, wise
ojfyun future harm, danger, peril, risk, threat ojtean sagacity, wisdom
ojfyunaya dangerous, risky, perilous ojteat sage, wise man
ojfyunden warning, threat ojteater see into the future, foresee, envision
ojfyunder warn, threaten ojteatut seer, visionary
ojfyundwa warned, threatened ojteatuta zyun crystal ball
ojfyunier face danger, challenge oneself, risk ojteatwas future vision
ojfyunuer endanger, imperil ojteaxea expectant
ojfyunuyea perilous, dangerous ojteaxen expectation, peering into the future, future gazing
ojin futurism ojteaxer expect, peer into the future
ojina futurist ojteaxwa expected
ojinut futurist ojteaxway expectedly
ojna juabi on future Mondays ojted future parent
ojna tej after-life, next life ojten foresight, anticipation, foreknowledge, advance knowledge
ojna yejub next Monday ojter future, foresee, anticipate
ojna future, to-be, next, posterior, imminent ojtex plan, project
ojnan posterity ojtexen planning, projection, anticipation
ojnasdref draft, money order ojtexer plan, project, anticipate
ojnat successor, descendant, next one ojtexut planner
ojnuxay on credit, credit ojtexwa planned, projected, anticipated
ojnuxuer charge, put on credit ojteyd future mother, expectant mother
ojnuxwa nuxbiun credit purchase ojtut seer, sage, person with foresight
ojo hav by the time that ojtwa anticipated
ojo by ojubyena unusual, unhabitual
ojob future times, future ojubyenay unusually
ojoba future ojubyenxwa unaccustomed
ojobay in the future ojudarbwa unscheduled
ojobukxwa unscarred ojudrawa undated
ojod on zero occasions, not once, at no time ojun future
ojoixa inconsequential ojup consequence
ojoknas insurance ojupen consequence
ojonapa non-sequential ojupenay consequently
ojonapas non-sequitur ojvad bexut promise-keeper
ojsaxen procreation ojvad fyoxut promise-breaker
ojsaxena procreational ojvad obexut promise-breaker

ojvad - oketiyeanEdit

ojvad promise, commitment, guarantee ojvyandut sooth-sayer, fortune-teller
ojvada dres promissory note, I.O.U. ojwadwa unwarned
ojvada promissory ojwafa unfresh, stale
ojvaden commitment, promise, guarantee, warantee ojwafan unfreshness, staleness
ojvadena promissory ojwedwa impromptu
ojvader commit, promise, guarantee ojwesaxwa unprepared, unpreparedness
ojvadras promissory note, warantee, guarantee ojwexwa unprepared, unready
ojvadut promissory ojwexwan unpreparedness
ojvadwa committed, promised, guaranteed ojwona immature
ojvajtexwa presumed ojwonan immaturity
ojvatex hope, expect, anticipation ojwosa green, unripe, immature
ojvatexaya hopeful, expectant ojwota immature
ojvatexayan hopefulness, expectancy ojwotan immaturity
ojvatexen presumption ojxen planning
ojvatexer hope, expect, anticipate ojxer plan, project
ojvatexika hopeful, expectant ojxun plan
ojvatexikan hopefulness, expectancy ojxut planner
ojvatexin optimism ojxwa planned
ojvatexina optimist, optimistic ojyena futuristic
ojvatexinut optimist ok loss
ojvatexok loss of hope, despair okadwa unrevealed, unconfessed
ojvatexokea losing hope, desperate, despairing okalwa undiscovered
ojvatexoker lose hope, despair okalwas something not found
ojvatexokuer engender desperation okanxonwa unsolved, unresolved
ojvatexoya hopeless okasonwa unsolved
ojvatexoyan hopelessness okasuwa unsolvable
ojvatexuka hopeless, vain okaswa unsolved
ojvatexukan hopelessness okaswas something not found
Ojvatexwe hav It is hoped that okebiuwa not optional
ojvatexyea presumptive okefwa untried
ojvoden discounting, ruling out oken losing
ojvoder discount, rule out oker favyat lose faith
ojvodwa discounted, ruled out oker teptijan lose consciousness
ojvotex despair oker tiibil lose blood
ojvotexea despairing, unhopeful, desperate oker lose, squander
ojvotexer hold out no hope, despair okesea inexperienced
ojvotexin pessimism oketien uninterestedness
ojvotexina pessimist, pessimistic oketier have no interest in, have no involvement with
ojvotexinut pessimist oketiyea uninquisitive, uncurious
ojvyanden sooth-saying, fortune-telling oketiyean uninquisitiveness, lack of curiosity

oketuwa - okvalbuutEdit

oketuwa uninterested, uninvolved okosay overtly
okevyaxuwa unprovable okovetewa unsuspected
okevyaxwa unproved, unproven okoxnofer uncloak, uncover
okidwa unmentioned okoxnofwa uncloaked, uncovered
okier suffer a loss okoxnoven unveiling
okitepa unbiased okoxnover unveil
okkad dodalun concession speech okoxnovwa unveiled
okkad concession okoxofer uncloak, uncover
okkaden giving up, concession, admission of defeat okoxofwa uncloaked, uncovered
okkader give up, concede, admit defeat okoxona unproblematic
okkyasean monotony okoxoven unveiling
oklien failure, suffering defeat okoxover unveil
oklier fail, suffer defeat okoxovwa unveiled
okluen defeating okoxwa overt, uncovered
okluer defeat okran conquest
okluwa defeated okrawa conquered, vanquished, trounced, thrashed
okoa overt okren trouncing, thrashing
okoamxwa unsheltered okrer conquer, vanquish, trounce, thrash
okoamxwat homeless person okrut conquerer
okoan overtness oktajnegser degenerate
okoay overtly oktajnegsoa degenerative
okodenxen decoding, decipherment oktajnegxer degenerate
okodenxwa decoded, deciphered oktajnegxwa degenerated
okodrawa unencoded, plain, unenciphered, unencyphered oktos feeling of loss
okodrawas plain text, something unencoded oktoser miss
okodrenxer decode, decipher oktoswa missed
okoduwa undeniable okuen deprivation
okoduway undeniably okuer deprive
okofen uncovering okun losses, damage
okofer uncover okunadbwa unlimited, unbounded, infinite
okofuwa unenviable okut loser
okofwa uncovered, out in the open okuteaxwa unobserved
okon loss, damage, liability okval yandetyan insurance company
okonien suffering a loss, sustaining damage okval , insurance
okonier suffer a loss, sustain damage okvalbien taking out insurance
okoniut person incurring loss okvalbier take out insurance
okonuer damage okvalbiut insurance purchaser
okonuwa damaged okvalbuen insuring
okonuyea damaging, detrimental, harmful okvalbuer insure
okosa overt okvalbuut insurer

okvalbuwa - olansyananEdit

okvalbuwa insured okyiabxen relaxation, soothing
okvaldras insurance policy okyiabxer relax, soothe
okvaldrut insurance writer okyiabxul relaxant, laxative
okwa lost, squandered okyiabxwa relaxed, soothed
okxea shedding okyibyana arrhythmic
okxen shedding okyidwa unstressed, de-emphasized
okxer tiibil shed blood okyisona unimportant, trivial
okxer shed okyisonan unimportant matter, triviality
okxwa shed okyisonaxen trivialization
okyapa immobile, static, stationary okyisonaxer trivialize
okyapan immobility okyisonxen trivialization
okyapaxen immobilization okyisonxer trivialize
okyapaxer immobilize okyisunxen disencumbering
okyasanxuwa immutable okyisunxer disencumber
okyasanxuwan immutability okyisunxwa disencumbered
okyasanxyafwan immutability okyoa unfixed, unstable, unstill, non-stationary
okyasauna unvaried, undiverse okyoan variance, mobility
okyasaunan invariability, immutability okyoembwa unsettled
okyasaunxuwa invariable okyojesea impermanent
okyasaunxuwan invariability okyojesean impermanence
okyasaunxyaf invariability okyoxer dislodge, get moving again, unstop, unstick, loosen, unblock
okyasaunxyafwa invariable okyoxwa unfixed, unstatic, dislodged, unattached, loose, unblocked
okyasaunxyafwan invariability ol- non-, un-, dis-
okyasaunxyafway invariably olabfin disadvantage
okyasea invariable, invariant, unchanging, immobile, monotonous olabfinuea unadventageous
okyasean invariability, invariance, immobility olabfinuen disadvantaging
okyaseay invariably olabfinuer disadvantage
okyasua invariable, immutable olabfinuwa disadvantage, disadvantaged
okyaxuwa invariable, unchangeable olabraxyea smooth
okyaxuwan invariability, unchangeability olabunen disclosure, exposure, discovery
okyaxuway invariably olabuner uncover, disclose, expose, discover
okyaxwa unchanged olabunwa disclosed, uncovered, exposed, discovered
okyaxyafwan invariability, unchangeability olafden de-authorization
okyebuk security, safety, non-threat olafder de-authorize
okyebukua non-threatening, safe olafdwa de-authorized
okyebukuwa unendangered, safe olafwa disallowed
okyekexwa undiscovered olafxer disallow, de-authorize
okyeteatwa unnoticed olansana disparate, non-uniform
okyiabsen relaxation, distension olansyana unspecific, vague, non-specific
okyiabser relax, distend olansyanan vagueness

olansyanay - olobyoenEdit

olansyanay not specifically, vaguely olefxen obviation, obviating
olansyandwa unspecified olefxer make unnecessary, obviate
olansyanxwa unspecified olefxwa obviated
olanutxen de-privatization olemben dislocation, displacement
olanutxer de-privatize olember dislocated, displaced
olanutxwa de-privatized olembesutxen depopulation
olanxen disuniting, unjoining olembesutxer depopulate
olanxer disunite, break up, unjoin olembwa dislocated, displaced
olanxwa disunited, broken up, unjoined oleonser break up
olanyafen untying, unbinding, disconnection, unlacing oleonxen decoupling, breaking up
olanyafer untie, unbind, disconnect, unlace oleonxer decouple, break up
olanyafwa untied, unbound, disconnected, unlaced oleonxwa decouple, broken up
olanyanxer break the chain, unchain oleuna uneven, odd
olaona unwhole, incomplete, imperfect olevafila non-alcoholic
olaonsea decadent, decaying, in ruins olevelbwa unsweetened, unsugared
olaonsen disintegration, decay, decadence, ruination olibexen non-resistance
olaonser disintegrate, decay, go to pieces, fall into ruin, decompose olifuea displeasing
olaonxen disintegration, ruination olifuer displease
olaonxer disintegrate, ruin olifuwa displeased
olaonxwa disintegrated, decayed, ruined olifxea displeasing
olasundwa unspecified olifxer displease
olautyandaba undemocratic oligbiren unsnagging
olaxar de-activator, off switch oligbirer unsnag
olaxen deactivation oligbirwa unsnagged
olaxer deactivate olikser become depleted, run out
olaxler deactivate, put out of commission, remove from service olikxen depletion, exhaustion
olaxluar de-activator, shut-off switch olikxer deplete, exhaust
olaxluen de-activation olikxwa depleted, run out, exhausted
olaxluer de-activate olikxyofwa inexhaustible
olaxluwa de-activate oliyfslonuer disgrace
olaxwa deactivated oliyfslonuwa disgraced
olaylsawa disowned, dispossessed oliymxar dehumidifier
olaylser disown, dispossess oliymxen dehumidification
olaylxen dispossession oliymxer dehumidify
olayonxen disintegration olo- non-, un-, dis-
olayonxer disintegrate olobdabwa refractory, insubordinate, unsubdued
olayonxwa disintegrated olobdabwan insubordination
olazvadwa unconfirmed olobdyunwa unsigned
olazyujben unlocking olobyexwa unprotected
olazyujber unlock olobyoen independence

olobyosea - olupuwaEdit

olobyosea independent olojfonaya despairing
olobyosean independence olojfyea unhopeful
olobyoseay independently olojteaxwa unexpected
olobyuva independent olojteaxway unexpectedly
olobyuvan independence olojtexwa unplanned, unanticipated
olobyuvay independently olojvatex despair
olobyuvsea independent olojvatexea desperate, despairing
olobyuvsean independence olojvatexuen disparagement, discouragement
oloexen reparation, fix, repair olojvatexuer disparage, discourage
oloexer repair, fix olojvatexuyea discouraging
oloexut repairman, fixer olojxwa unplanned, spontaneous
oloexwa repaired, fixed olokvalbwa uninsured
olofyujben unfolding, development, deployment olomulvyixen de-contamination
olofyujber unfold, develop, deploy olomulvyixer de-contaminate
olofyujblawa unzipped olomulvyixwa de-contaminated
olofyujblen unzipping olonapben tidying up, cleaning up, reordering, putting back in order, figuring out, rearrangement
olofyujbler unzip olonapber tidy up, clean up, reorder, put back in order, figure out, rearrange
olofyujbwa unfolded, developed, deployed olonapbwa put back in order, rearranged, cleaned up, tidied up, figured out
olofyujea unfolding, evolving, developing, deploying olopyexwa undefended
olofyujen unfolding, evolution, development, deployment olotruen unmasking
olofyujena evolutionary olotruer unmask
olofyujer unfold, evolve, develop, deploy olotruwa unmasked
olofyuyjben unwrinkling olovdeluwa irrefutable
olofyuyjber unwrinkle olovekwa unrivaled
olofyuyjbwa unwrinkled olovmasbwa undefended
olofyuyjea unwrinkling olovoner unblock, get rid of
olofyuyjen unwrinkling olovpyexen lifting the blockade, unbarring, unblocking
olofyuyjer unwrinkle olovpyexer lift the blockade, unbar, unblock
ologela not different olovpyexwa unbarred, unblocked
ologelxwa undifferentiated olovunwa unblocked, unimpeded
olojbewer get out of debt olovunxer unblock, clear
olojdea non-commital olovuynwa unencumbered
olojdrafbwa unscheduled oloyebdwa unexpressed
olojdrafwa unscheduled oloyebdyea unexpressive
olojdrawa unplanned, unscheduled oloyebeaxuwa unexposed
olojesea unceasing, constant, non-stop oloyebukxuwa inexhaustible, non-exhaustible
olojexwa uninterrupted oloyebukxwa unexhausted
olojfan despair oloyebyujbyea non-exclusive
olojfea desperate olupuer disinvite
olojfer despair olupuwa disinvited

olupuwat - omugnafwaEdit

olupuwat persona non grata, disinvited person omer south
olutsinyea uncharacteristic Omera Afrikam South Africa
olyoymxar de-froster Omera Afrikama South African
olyoymxen de-frosting Omera Afrikat South African, Afrikaner
olyoymxer de-frost Omera Amerikam South America
olyoymxwa de-frosted Omera Amerikama South American
oma cold, frigid Omera Amerikat South American
omaa dull, dim, not shiny, somber Omera Koread South Korean dialect
omaan dullness, dimness, somberness Omera Koream South Korea
omaasen growing dull, dimming, becoming somber Omera Koreama South Korean
omaaser grow dull, dim, become somber Omera Koreat South Korean
omaaxen dulling, dimming, making somber, tarnishing omera southern
omaaxer dull, dim, make somber, tarnish omerat southerner
omaaxwa dulled, dimmed, made somber, tarnished omeray southward, southerly
omaay dimly, dully, somberly omerem south, southern region
omaegxwa mil still water, non-carbonated water Omergona Austral
omagelwa raw, uncooked Omergonat Austral
omagelwas crudite omernod south pole
omakaxwa unelectrified, off the grid omeyoba smooth
omaluen deflation omiluen dehydration
omaluer deflate omiluer dehydrate
omaluuwa deflated omiluwa dehydrated
oman cold, coldness, frigidity omilvyuxwa unpurified
Omana Omani omimolbwa unsalted
Omanam Oman omipkuma non-riparian
Omanama Omani omiyra meridional
Omanat Omani omoefobarwa unironed, unpressed
omanyiga unlit omola unnatural, artificial
omavsuwa non-flammable omolan artificiality, unnaturalness
omay coldly omolas something artificial, an unnatural thing
ombok flu omolay unnaturally, artificially
ombokier catch the flu omoltayebun wig, hairpiece
omegyelbwa mep unpaved road omos ground floor
omegyelbwa unpaved omoynxwa unshaded
omeira extraterrestrial, unearthly omplasea shivering
omeirat extraterrestrial omplaser shiver
omeiryena un-earth-like omtiibila cold-blooded
omelyexwa uncultivated omtil refreshment, soda, pop
omemilbwa unirrigated omugnafer unbuckle
omep impasse, cul-de-sac, dead end, non-starter omugnafwa unbuckled

omul - onexyeanEdit

omul non-entity, nihil, nil, non-matter, nothingness onap disorder, mess
omula immaterial, unsubstantial, non-physical onapa irregular, messy, disordered
omulan immateriality, unsubstantiality onapan irregularity, disorder
omulsen disappearance onapay irregularly, out of order
omulser disappear, vanish onapben messing up, disordering, shuffling
omulvyia impure onapber mess up, disorder, shuffle
omulvyian impurity onapbwa messed up, disordered, disorderly, messy, unordered, random, mixed, shuffled
omulvyin stain onapsana extraordinary
omulvyixen contamination onapsanay extraordinarily
omulvyixer contaminate onaputyan mob, unruly group
omulvyixwa contaminated onapxen messing up
omulxen annihilation onapxer mess up
omulxer annihilate onapxwa messed up
omulxwa annihilated onapyena disorderly, messy
omulyanxen dissolution onaskexea disinterested
omulyanxer break up, dissolve, uncluster onaskexean disinterest
omulyanxwa dissolved onaskexen being disinterested in
omusduwa unscalable onaskexer be disinterested in
omuysaxer de-escalate onaxbun freebie, giveaway, gratuity
omxar refrigerator onaxen annulment, cancellation, voiding
omxen refrigeration onaxer annul, cancel, void
omxer refrigerate onaxtwa unappreciated
omxwa refrigerated onaxtyea unappreciative
onaabxwa unorganized onaxwa annulled, canceled, voided
onaapa unsystemic onayba out of turn
onaapxwa unsystematized onazdwa unassessed, unestimated, unevaluated
onaapyena unsystematic onazvyaben invalidation, annulment
onaapyenay unsystematically onazvyaber invalidate, annul
onab disarray onazvyabwa invalidated, annulled
onaba disarrayed, out of order ondelen annulment, invalidation, quashing
onaber mess up, derange ondeler annul, invalidate, quash
onabwa messed up, deranged, unranked, zero-ranking ondelwa annulled, invalidated, quashed
onabxen derangement onega uneven
onabxer derange, mess up onegan unevenness
onabxwa deranged, messed up onegay unevenly
onada non-linear onema non-local
onadan non-linearity onemat non-local person
onadbwa unaligned, non-aligned onexer waste
onagpana offbeat onexyea uneconomical, unthrifty, wasteful
onaguwa immeasurable onexyean wastefulness

onifsar - opesenEdit

onifsar wireless device onyapa irregular
onifujyeber unplug onyapan irregularity
onifujyebwa unplugged onyapas irregularity
onigaya cramped, unspacious onyapay irregularly
onigxwa cramped, crowded onyapsen becoming irregular
onivarer unpin onyapser become irregular
onixaka non-profit onyifen detachment
onixbuwa unsold onyifer detach
onixea zero-earning onyifwa detached
onizwa undeserved onyiver unlace
onofyaner unstitch onyivwa unlaced
onofyanx tear onyufxen unpacking
onofyanxen tearing onyufxer unpack
onofyanxer tear onyufxwa unpacked
onofyanxwa torn onyusben unpacking, uncrating
onofyizwa unironed onyusber unpack, uncrate
onogben de-escalation onyusbwa unpacked, uncrated
onogber de-escalate onyuwa undelivered, unshipped
onogsiynuwa ungraded, unmarked ooba sat lowliest creature
onoj on zero occasions, not once ooba lowliest, bottom, bottom-most
onoogxer phase out oobser bottom out, become the lowest
onoxwa unspent ooga petty, minor, subordinate, menial
onufer disconnect, untie, unlink oogat petty figure, minor figure, subordinate, inferior
onufwa disconnected, untied, unlinked oogser become subordinate, become minor
onumyemben unpacking oogxen menializing, making minor, subordination
onumyember unpack oogxer menialize, make minor, subordinate
onunekuwa non-negotiable oogxwa menialized, made minor, subordinated
onuxwa yex pro bono work oot they, them
onuxwa unpaid oota their
onxen annulment ootomxen destruction, demolition
onxer annul opaasa unmoved, unexcited, bored
onyadrawa de-listed, crossed off the list opas rest, quiet, lack of movement
onyadren de-listing, crossing off the list opasuwa immobile
onyadrer de-list, cross off the list opasuwan immobility
onyafxen untying, solving, resolving, unfastening, unknotting, untangling, loosening, disentangling opasyafwan immobility
onyafxer untie, solve, resolve, unfasten, unknot, untangle, loosen, disentangle opem disembarkation point
onyafxwa untied, solved, resolved, unfastened, unknotted, untangled, loosened, disentangled open disembarkation, dismounting
onyandrawa unlisted oper tolvyayab go off a diet, get off a diet
onyanyifen detachment oper get off, disembark, dismount, get down
onyanyifer unleash, detach opesen desertion

opeser - osarxwaEdit

opeser desert opyex dub defense minister, secretary of defense
opesut deserter opyex dubam defense ministry, department of defense, DOD
opex release opyex defense
opexen releasing, letting go opyexar shield
opexer release, let go opyexaren shielding
opexwa released, let go opyexarer shield
opeyxen unsnagging opyexarwa shielded
opeyxer unsnag opyexbun tribute
opeyxwa unsnagged opyexdea apologetic
opixen elusion, avoidance, escaping, not getting caught opyexden apology, apologizing
opixer elude, avoid, escape opyexder apologize
opixuwa elusive opyexen defending, defense, fending off
opixuwan elusiveness opyexer defend, fend off
oplen hopping off, getting kicked off, getting knocked off opyexut defender, defendant
opler get thrown off, get kicked off, get knocked off, fly off, hop off opyexutyan the defense
oplexen missing opyexuwa defensible
oplexer miss opyexwa defended
oplexwa missed opyexwan indefensibility
opoosaya anxious, worried opyexyafwa defensible
opooser be anxious, be perturbed, be worried, be bothered opyexyafwan defensibility
opoox anxiety, perturbation, worry opyexyafway defensibly
opooxer make anxious, perturb, worry, bother opyexyea defensive
opooxwa perturbed, bothered, worried, upset opyexyean defensiveness
opooxyea worrisome, perturbing, bothersome opyexyofwa indefensible
opren scrambling off opyexyofwan indefensibility
oprer scramble off opyexyofway indefensibly
opruxwa adopar unfired gun orgrondwa detailed, spelled out in detail
opusem jumping off point osagduwa innumerable
opusen jumping off osagdwa unnumbered
opuser jump off osager discount
opuxen casting off, throwing off, ejection, rejection, expulsion osagwa discounted
opuxer cast off, throw off, reject, expel, eject, force off osaibyansen breaking down, deterioration
opuxwa cast off, repelled, thrown off, rejected, expelled, ejected, forced off osaibyanser break down, deteriorate
opuxwas refuse, trash osaibyanxen breakdown, deterioration, destruction
opuxwat castaway, reject osaibyanxer break down, deteriorate, destroy
opuysen hopping off osaibyanxwa broken down, deteriorated, destroyed
opuyser hop off osana informal
opuyxen tossing off osanan informality
opuyxer toss off osankyaxwa unmutated
opuyxwa tossed off osarxwa unutilized

osauna - otama lyivosEdit

osauna atypical osyaguwa countless, uncountable, non-computable
osaunesiwa unsampled osyeben discarding
osava irrational, unreasonable osyeber discard
osea nonexistent, non-existent osyebwa discarded
osean nonexistence, non-existence osyember uninstall
oseasa disappeared osyenyena unstylish
oseasen disappearance osyobwa unbased, unfounded, baseless
oseaser disappear osyoiber unhinge
oseaxen making disappear osyoibwa unhinged
oseaxer make disappear Ot yuyve dokebier One ought to vote.
oseaxwa made to disappear ot one
oser cease to be, cease to exist ota ones
oseuzaxwa untuned otaamxwa undomesticated, untamed, wild
osexen destruction otad celibate person, bachelor
osexer destroy otadan celibacy
osexmag conflagration, destructive fire otadier get divorced
osexut destroyer otadiwa unmarried
osexwa destroyed otadiwat bachelor, unmarried person
osexyea destructive, non-constructive otadiwayt spinster, unmarried woman
osifyolbwa unpeppered otadsa unmarried, unwed
osindruwa indescribable otadsat unmarried person, bachelor
osindruway indescribably otadsayt spinster
osiynwa unmarked otajbua infertile
osombwa unfurnished otajbuan infertility
oson nonentity, non-issue, blank, nothingness, nihil otajbuaxuwa unfertilizable
osun nothing, nihil, nil otajbuaxuwan unfertilizability
osuna unreal otajbuaxwa unfertilized
osunan irreality, nothingness otajbuaxyafwan unfertilizability
osunin nihilism otajmema non-native
osunina nihilistic otajmemifa unpatriotic
osuninut nihilist otajmemifan lack of patriotism
osunxen annihilation otajmemifut non-patriot
osunxer annihilate otajna deus non-native accent
osunxuwa unrealizable otajna non-native
osunxwa anihilated, annihilated, unrealized otajted foster parent, adopting parent
osunyanesbwa unsorted otajteder foster, adopt
osunyenxwa unstructured otajtedwa adopted
osyaben uncovering, uncapping otajtud adopted child, adopted son
osyaber uncover, uncap otajtuyd adopted daughter
osyabwa uncovered, uncapped otama lyivos wild pansy

otama lyovos - otekeluwaEdit

otama lyovos bluebell oteatwas something unseen
otambiwa unsettled, unoccupied oteatzenbwa unfocused
otamkyoxwa unsettled oteazenxwa unfocused, out of focus
otampetxwa untamed, undomesticated otebik lack of concern
otamxwa apet bronco otebikea uncaring, unconcerned
otamxwa undomesticated, untamed, wild otebiker be unconcerned, be uncaring
otas ones, ones thing otebixea uninteresting, dull, boring
otasi ones, ones things otebixer be of no interest
otatud bastard, out-of-wedlock child otebixwa uninterested
otatuyd out-of-wedlock daughter otebixwer be uninterested
otaxdrawa unrecorded otebosen worrying, fretting
otaxuwa unmemorable oteboser worry, fret
otayd unmarried female otebosuer worry
otayebaren tussling, ruffling otebosuyea worrisome
otayebarer tussle, ruffle oteboxen worrying, disturbance, agitation
otayebarwa uncombed, discheveled, unkempt oteboxer worry, concern, disturb, agitate
otayebnapxwa uncombed, disheveled oteboxwa worried, disturbed, agitated
otayosea numb otedadwa cursed
otayosean numbness otedden gibberish
otayotea numb oteepea not attending
otayotean numbness oteepen absence, failure to attend
otayotiuwa imperceptible oteeper be absent, absent, fail to attend
otayotwa unfelt oteeput absentee
otayotyea insensitive oteeputyen absenteeism
otayotyean insensitivity oteetuwa inaudible
otayoxuwa untouchable oteetuwan inaudibility
otayoxuwat untouchable oteetwa unheard of
otayoxuwati untouchables oteetwas something unheard of
otayoxwa untouched oteetyafwan inaudibility
otea ignorant, unaware, not knowing, unfamiliar oteexea inattentive
oteabeexwa unguarded, unmonitored oteexean inattentiveness
oteabixea unattractive oteflawa unintended, unintentional
oteabixean unattractiveness otefon lack of interest
oteabiyea inconsiderate otefonea uninterested, uncurious
oteabizwa unfocused otefonenuea uninteresting
oteagixwa unfocused otefonuwa uninterested
otean ignorance, unfamiliarity otefonuwan boredom
oteat ignorant person otefonyafwan boredom
oteatuwa invisible otekelea uncurious, uninterested
oteatuwan invisibility otekeluwa uninterested

otekexea - oteswayEdit

otekexea uncurious, uninterested otepyigay indulgently, leniently
otekyoxea distracting otepzenuyea inattentive
otekyoxen distraction otepzenuyean inattentiveness
otekyoxer distract otepzexen inattention
otekyoxwa unfocused, distracted otepzexer day-dream, lack focus
oteliawas leftover otepzexyea inattentive, unattentive
oteliwa uneaten otepzexyean inattentiveness, unattentiveness
oteliwas nyem doggy bag, take-away box oter be unaware, not know, ignore
oteluzea disgusting otes nonsense
oteluzen disgusting otesa nonsensical
oteluzer disgust otesdawas something unexplained, mystery
oteluzwa disgusted otesduda irrational, unreasonable, unreasoned
otelwas leftover, uneated food otesduduwa unexplainable, irrational
otelwasyeb doggy bag otesduduwas something unexplainable, mystery
oten ignorance otesduduway unexplainably
otepbaka insane, mentally unsound otesdudwa unexplained
otepbakan insanity, mental unsoundness otesduwa inexplicable, unexplainable, mysterious
otepejea inattentive, absent-minded otesduwan inexplicability
otepejen day-dreaming, being inattentive otesduwas something inexplicable, something unexplainable, mystery
otepejer day-dream, be inattentive, stare in space otesduway inexplicably
otepiza inattentive, unfocused otesdwa unexplained, mysterious, unclear
otepizbwa inattentive otesdyafwan inexplicability, inexplicableness
otepizbyea inattentive otesdyofwa unexplainable, mysterious
otepizbyean inattentiveness otesdyofwas something unexplainable, mystery
otepkyaxwa unmotivated, unpersuaded otesiuwa incomprehensible
otepkyoxea inattentive otesiuwan incomprehensibility
otepkyoxyea inattentive otesiyafwan incomprehensibility
otepkyoxyean inattentiveness otestawas something not understood, mystery
otepoboxwa unconcerned, not bothered, uncaring otestdawas mystery, something unexplained
otepoosea worried, fretting otestduwas something inexplicable, mystery
otepoosen worrying, fretting otester fail to understand
otepooser worry, fret otestuwa incomprehensible
otepooxea troublesome, worrisome, concerning otestuwan incomprehensibility
otepooxer cause concern, trouble otestuway inexplicably
otepooxwa concerned, worried, troubled otestwa not understood, mysterious
oteppaxwa unmotivated otestwas mystery
otepsinuwa unimaginable otestyafwan incomprehensibility
oteptija unattentive, unalert, distracted otestyukxwa unexplained
oteptijan unattentiveness, unaltertness oteswa non-deliberate, unintended, not meant, unintentional
otepyiga indulgent, lenient otesway unintentionally, not on purpose

otesyoba - otomxwaEdit

otesyoba irrational otisdiyea uninquisitive
otesyoban irrationality otisdiyean uninquisitiveness
otesyobay irrationally otisfea uninterested, lacking in curiosity
otet layman otisfen disinterest
oteuda mute otisfena of no interest
oteudan muteness otisfer have no interest in
oteudser go mute otisfuwa uninterested
oteudxen muting otisfuyea uninteresting
oteudxer mute otiuti people themselves
oteudxwa muted otiutia people's own
otexduway inexplicably otiutias people's own
otexiuwa inconceivable otiutiasi people's own
otexiuwan inconceivability otixwa unstudied
otexiyafwan inconceivability otiyagoblawa uncircumcised
otexiyea inconsiderate otoba inhuman
otexnapa unmethodical otoban inhumanity
otexnapay unmethodically otobifa unhumanitarian
otexuwa unconvinced, unpersuaded otobxyea de-humaniizing
otexuyea unconvincing, unpersuasive otoda not related
otexyea unthoughtful, thoughtless otoemxwa undomiciled
oteyx disbelief otofier get naked, go nude
otezaxwa unacculturated, unaccustomed, unused to otofuer disrobe, strip, denude
otezena uncultured, uncouth otofuwa disrobed, stripped
otezenan uncouthness otoja undead
otezex inattention otojat zombie
otezexea inattentive otojatyena zombie-like
otezexean inattentiveness otojua immortal
oteziwa unaccultured, unaccustomed, not used to otojuan immortality
otezyena uncultured, uncustomary, unusual, not customary otojuwa immortal
otezyenay uncustomarily, unusually otojuwan immortality
otezyenxwa unaccustomed otojuwaxen immortalization
oti they, them, people otojuwaxer immortalize
otia people's, their otojuwaxwa immortalized
otias people's otojyafwan immortality
otiasi people's otolgabwa unseasoned
otija not awake, unvigilent, unawake, unvigilant otolmekbwa unspiced
otijtea unconscious, unaware otolvyayabut non-dieter
otijtean unconsciousness, unawareness otomxen destruction, demolition, tearing down
otikabyebniwa undigested otomxer demolish, tear down, destroy
otilut teetotaler otomxwa destroyed, demolished, torn down

otomxyea - ouperEdit

otomxyea destructive otutas one's own, one's own thing
otomxyean destructiveness otutasi one's own, one's own things
otomxyofwa indestructible otuwa uninformed, unknowable
otomxyofwan indestructibility otuxen dissuasion
otoofsen undressing otuxer dissuade
otoofser undress otuxyea dissuasive
otoofxen undressing otuxyean dissuasiveness
otoofxer undress, take one's clothes off otuyofen taking off gloves
otoofxwa undressed otuyofer take off gloves
otoombewa unoccupied otuzuwa untrained
otoosa neuter, unsexed, gender-neutral, ungendered otwa unknown, ignored
otoosaxen neutering otwas mystery, the unknown
otoosaxer neuter otwasyena mysterious
otoosaxwa neutered otwasyenan mysteriousness
otoosifa non-sexual otyaba inorganic
otooybyena unfeminine otyafwa unknowable
otooybyenan unfemininity otyafwas something unknowable, mystery
otos apathy otyena non-technical, unprofessional
otosea apathetic, unsentient, unfeeling otyenaruwa unequipped
otoser be apathetic otyepa unintelligent
otosyea insensible, insensitive otyodaba undemocratic
otosyean insensibility, insensitivity otyodifwa unpopular
otosyeay insensibly, insensitively otyodxwa unpopulated, sparse
otoxuwa unforgettable otyoyafa barefoot, shoeless
otoxuway unforgettably otyoyafan shoelessness, barefootedness
otoyda wild otyuxwa unfamiliarized, unacquainted
otoydaxwa untamed, wild otyuxwat unfamiliar person
otrawa unfamiliar, unknown, unrecognized oujakuwa unachievable
otrawan unfamiliarity oujakwa unachieved
otrawat unrecognized person, unknown person, unfamiliar person oujea unending
otraway incognito oujnada absolute
otrea unfamiliar, not acquainted oujnaday absolutely
otrer be unfamiliar with, fail to recognize, not know oujnadwa unlimited, absolute, unconfined
otuduwa unexplainable, unexplicable oujnadway without limitation, absolutely
otufa sleeveless oumer south-west
otujdinwa never-dreamed-of oumera south-western
otujsinwa undreamed of oun null, nil
otulxwa raw, uncooked oupdiwat gate-crasher, uninvited guest
otupdyundrawa unregistered oupdiyea unwelcoming
otut oneself ouper sneak in, come by stealth

outfiyz - ovalxenEdit

outfiyz lack of dignity, lack of self-respect ovagean unwillingness
outfiyza indignant ovajatexea unassuming
outnazwa undeserved, unmerited oval danger, peril, threat
outnyanbwa unpopulated ovala unsafe, dangerous, perilous
outyanogsen disbanding ovalaya dangerous, perilous
outyanogser disband ovalayan dangerousness, perilousness
outyanogxer disband ovaldea threatening
outyanogxwa disbanded ovalden threat
outyena unselfish ovalder threaten
outyenan unselfishness ovaldwa threatened, uncertified
ouvtosdyea unapologetic ovaldyea threatening
ouyxwa unmotivated ovalem vegetable garden
ov- anti-, contra-, counter- ovalemut market gardener
Ov-Krist Anti-Christ ovalika danger-filled
ov hav despite the fact that, even though ovalikan dangerousness
ov vyan bi despite, in spite of, notwithstanding ovaljad man warning light
ov vyan hav despite the fact that, notwithstanding that ovaljad warning
ov against, counter-, anti-, opposite, versus, con, despite ovaljader warn
ova against, opposite, contrary ovaljadwa warned
ovaa unpositive ovalober remove a threat, rescue
ovaan unpositiveness ovals insecurity, danger
ovabiuwa unacceptable ovalsa insecure, unsafe, non-secure, unsecure
ovabiuwan unacceptability ovalsan unsafeness, lack of security
ovabiyafwa unacceptable ovalt danger
ovabiyafwan unacceptability ovalta unsafe, unsound
ovabraser rub against ovaltan unsafeness, unsoundness
ovabunar protective device, shield ovaltepa uncertain, unconvinced
ovabuner protect, shield ovaltex mistrust, distrust
ovabunun protection, shield, shielding ovaltexea unconvincing
ovabunut protector, shielder ovaltexen mistrusting
ovabunwa protected, shielded ovaltexer mistrust, distrust
ovabunyea protective ovaltexwa mistrusted, untrusted, unconvinced
ovadabina anti-imperialist ovaltway unintentionally
ovadea contradictory ovaltxen endangerment
ovadebwa unauthorized ovaltxer endanger
ovadelwa unconfirmed ovaltxwa endangered
ovaden contradiction ovaluen endangerment
ovader contradict ovaluer endanger, put in danger, imperil
ovadwa contradicted ovaluwa endangered, imperiled
ovafadwa undetermined ovalxen endangerment

ovalxer - ovbexyofwanEdit

ovalxer endanger, threaten, imperil ovatexuway incredibly, unbelievably
ovalxwa unprotected, unsafeguarded ovatexuyea unconvincing, unpersuasive
ovalyanmul abyel salad dressing ovatexyafwan incredibility, unbelievability, unbelievablity
ovalyanmul telar salad fork ovatexyea incredulous
ovalyanmul salad, mixed salad, salad greens, greens ovatexyean incredulity
ovalyanmulyeb salad bowl ovatuwa unbelievable, incredible
ovalyip flight ovatuway unbelievably, incredibly
ovalyipam refuge, asylum, sanctuary ovautyandaba antidemocratic
ovalyiplam asylum, refuge, sanctuary ovaxea frustrating
ovalyiplen fleeing danger ovaxen thwarting, frustrating, frustration
ovalyipler flee, flee danger, seek asylum ovaxer thwart, frustrate
ovalyiplut refugee, asylum seeker ovaxlawa contravened, violated, defied
ovalyiput fugitive ovaxlea defiant
ovan contrariness ovaxlen contravention, violation, failure to act, defiance
ovantiwa undetermined ovaxler dir defy an order
ovaodwa undecided ovaxler contravene, violate, fail to act on, defy
ovaodyea indecisive ovaxwa thwarted, frustrated
ovaodyean indecisiveness ovaxyofwa unthwartable
ovaprasen rubbing up against ovayafxyea intolerant
ovapraser rub up against ovayafxyean intolerance
ovapyex counterattack, counteroffensive ovazovden anti-protest
ovapyexea counterattacking ovazovdut anti-protester
ovapyexen counterattacking ovbalen suppression
ovapyexer counterattack ovbaler press against, suppress
ovapyexwa counterattacked ovbalwa suppressed
ovar shield, protector, screen ovbalyofwa unsuppressable
ovaren shielding, protection, prevention, resistance, screening ovben opposition, blocking, countering, impeding
ovarer shield, protect, prevent, resist, screen ovber oppose, block, counter, impede, stymie
ovartwa unintended ovbesyofway irresistibly
ovarwa shielded, protected, prevented, resisted, screened ovbex resistance
ovateswa unintended, unintentional, not deliberate ovbexea resistant
ovatesway unintentionally, not deliberately ovbexen resistance
ovateuuwa unconvinced, unpersuaded ovbexer resist
ovatex non-belief ovbexut resister
ovatexan unbelievability, incredibleness ovbexuwa resistible
ovatexea unbelieving ovbexuwan resistibility
ovatexnazea untrustworthy ovbexyafwan resistibility
ovatexnazean untrustworthiness ovbexyea resistant
ovatexut non-believer ovbexyofwa irresistible
ovatexuwa incredible, unbelievable ovbexyofwan irresistibleness

ovbiiltyanina - ovgelaEdit

ovbiiltyanina anti-racist ovditdoba anti-republican
ovbokogrunul anti-bacterial ovdoobina antinationalist
ovbukmas bulwark, rampart, defense, defensive wall ovdopek dub minister of defense, defense department head, secretary of defense
ovbukul antidote ovdopek dubam ministry of defense, defense department
ovbun impediment, block, obstacle, barrier ovdopek combat
ovbunyan blockade ovdopeka melzyuvyan defensive palisade, defensive stockade
ovbut opponent ovdopeker doyov fight crime
ovbuxen pushing against, opposing, opposition, repulsion ovdopeker combat, fight against
ovbuxer push against, oppose, repel ovdopekut bi doyov, combatant
ovbuxwa pushed against, opposed, repelled ovdota antisocial
ovbwa opposed, blocked, countered, impeded ovdotvyaba anti-statutory
ovbyek counter-therapy, counter-remedy ovdovyabyana anti-constitutional
ovbyexar resistor ovdovyabyanan anti-constitutionality
ovbyexen resistance ovduwa objectionable
ovbyexer resist ovdwa objected, opposed, countered
ovbyexut resister ovea unlikely, improbable
ovbyexwa resisted ovean unlikelihood, improbability
ovbyexyafwa resistible oveay unlikely, improbably
ovbyexyafwan resistivity oveb legume
ovbyexyea resistant ovek contest, fight, competition, rivalry
ovbyexyofwa irresistible oveken fighting, competition, rivalry
ovbyexyofwan irresistibility oveker compete with, fight, rival, contest
ovbyexyofway irresistibly ovekut fighter, competitor, rival, contestant
ovdaba anti-government ovekutan rivalry
ovdabat government opponent ovekwa rivaled, contested
ovdalen protest, condemnation, opposition, counterargument ovekyea pugnacious, competitive
ovdaler speak out against, protest, condemn, oppose, argue against ovela unauthentic
ovdalut protester, opponent, prosecutor oveltembwa unsheltered
ovdalutyan prosecution ovepen interference, blocking
ovdata hostile oveper interfere, block
ovdatan hostility ovevyaa implausible, unlikely, improbable
ovdatay in a hostile manner ovevyaan implausibility, unlikelihood, improbability
ovdel refutation ovevyaay implausibly, unlikely, improbably
ovdelen refutation ovfyaxaba anticlerical
ovdeler refute ovfyaxabin anticlericalism
ovdelwa refuted ovfyaxabina anticlerical
ovdelyofwa irrefutable ovfyaxabinut anticlerical
ovdelyofwan irrefutability ovfyaxina anti-religious
ovden objection, opposition ovfyul antidote, anti-toxin
ovder object, oppose, counter ovgela opposite

ovgelsea - ovpeaEdit

ovgelsea opposing ovlut adversary
ovgelser oppose ovmas barricade, barrier, shield, fence, blockade, dam, defense
ovgelsut opponent ovmasben defense, blocking, shielding, damming, barricading, protection
ovhyitoosifa anti-gay ovmasber defend, block, shield against, dam, barricade, protect, shield
ovia unattractive ovmasbier shield oneself, protect oneself, take shelter
ovian unattractiveness ovmasbut protector, defender, shielder, blocker
oviat unattractive person ovmasbwa barricaded, blockaded, shielded, dammed, defended, protected, barred, blocked
ovilper lap ovmasober expose, deprive of protection
oviseuza unmelodic ovmasobwa exposed, deprived of protection
ovistestwan counter-intuitiveness ovmilmeub dike, bank
ovitayosa unaesthetic ovmoub dyke, levee, embankment
oviunwa unadorned, undecorated ovmul antimatter, anti-matter
ovivdin irony ovnagpan counter-rhythm
ovivdina ironic, mock, derisive ovob cereal
ovivdinay ironically ovobil porridge
ovivdinen mockery, derision ovoduwa undeniable
ovivdiner mock, make fun of, ridicule, deride ovoduwan undeniability
ovivxuer mock, make fun of, deride ovodyafwan undeniability
oviztestwa counterintuitive ovoknas indemnity, reimbursement, compensation
oviztestway counterintuitively ovoknasuen indemnification, reimbursement, compensation
ovjwobirizona counterclockwise ovoknasuer indemnify, reimburse, compensate
ovkristinebin anti-papism ovoknasuun indemnity, reimbursement, compensation
ovkristinebina anti-papist ovoknasuwa indemnified, reimbursed, compensated
ovkristinebinut anti-papist ovokogruna non-viral, non-pathogenic, non-microbial, non-bacterial
ovkuma opposite ovokuen compensation
ovkumsea opposing ovokuer compensate
ovkumser oppose ovokuun compensation
ovkumsut opponent ovokuuna compensatory
ovkyin counterweight ovol bran
ovkyis counterweight ovon liability
ovla adversarial ovonuka liability-free
ovlat adversary ovotexuwa indubitable
ovlaxen counteraction, resistance, flouting, defiance, opposition ovotexuway undoubtedly
ovlaxer ojvad break a promise, contravene a promise ovotexway undoubtedly, indubitably
ovlaxer act contrary to, oppose, hinder, act in defiance of, operate against, counteract, resist, flout, defy ovotuwa indubitable
ovlaxut resister, counter-operative, opponent, violator, flouter ovoyzabwa untinged
ovlaxwa counteracted, resisted, flouted, defied, opposed ovoza achromatic, colorless, blank, transparent, plain
ovle probably not ovozan colorlessness, blankness, transparency
ovlea improbable ovozilbwa unpainted
ovlean improbability ovpea defiant, opposing, resistant

ovpen - ovyaanEdit

ovpen contravention, opposition, resistance, violation, transgression, flouting, defiance ovtosut dissenter, one with opposite feelings
ovper ha dovyab break the law, violate the law, flout the law, defy the law ovtosuyea resentful
ovper defy, go against, contravene, oppose, resist, break, violate, transgress, flout, run counter to, run foul of ovufek offense
ovput resister, flouter, offender, violator, defiant one ovufeka offensive
ovpyex blockade ovufeken combating, opposition, fighting alongside
ovpyexar barrier, barricade ovufeker fight against, combat, oppose
ovpyexen blocking, barring, barricading ovufekut combatant, opponent, offender
ovpyexer block, bar, barricade ovufekwa combated, fought against, opposed
ovpyexut blocker ovufekyea offensive
ovpyexwa blocked, barred, barricaded ovufen revenge
ovpyos stumble ovufer avenge
ovpyosea stumbling ovufuen taking revenge, avenging
ovpyosen stumbling ovufuer take revenge, avenge
ovpyoser stumble ovufuut avenger
ovson object, suit ovufuwa avenged
ovsyun obstacle, impediment, blockade ovun obstacle, blockage, impediment, barricade
ovsyunxen impeding, getting in the way of, blocking ovunser be in the way, intrude
ovsyunxer impede, get in the way of, block ovunxen blocking, impeding, barring
ovsyunxwa impeded, blocked ovunxer block, impede, bar
ovtat devil ovunxut intruder
ovtata diabolical ovunxwa blocked, barred, impeded
ovtatem hell ovutyan opposition party
ovtatema infernal ovutyanes opposite team
ovtatember send to hell, condemn to hell ovuvxen consolation
ovtatemper go to hell ovuvxer console
ovtatemyena hellish ovuvxut consoler
ovtatemyenay hellishly ovuvxwa consoled
ovtatyena devilish ovuvxyofa unconsolable
ovtebsiner confront ovuvxyofay unonsolably
ovtexer contest, oppose, disagree, think the opposite ovuyn encumbrance
ovtexyen paradox ovuynen encumbering
ovtexyena of the opposite opinion, opposed, contrary, paradoxical ovuyner encumber
ovtexyenay paradoxically ovuynika cumbersome
ovtexyener believe the opposite, think the contrary, dispute ovuynwa encumbered
ovtexyeneyat contrarian, disputant ovxen prevention, hindrance, impeding, blocking
ovtexyenyea contrarian, disputatious ovxer prevent, hinder, impede, block
ovtexyenyean contrarianism ovxuwa preventable
ovtontindebat anti-clerical ovxwa prevented, hindered, impeded, blocked
ovtos antipathy, dissent, resentment ovyaa untrue
ovtosea antipathetic, resentful ovyaan untruth

ovyaas - ovyayabserEdit

ovyaas something untrue ovyaotosika unconscientious
ovyab irregularity, anomaly ovyaotosikan unconscientiousness
ovyaba doprek guerrilla warfare ovyaotosikay unconscientiously
ovyaba dopreken guerrilla warfare ovyaoyekwa untested
ovyaba doprekut guerrilla ovyas mistake, error, falsehood
ovyaba anomalous, irregular, unruly ovyasa incorrect, wrong, false
ovyaban anomaly, irregularity, unruliness ovyasan incorrectness
ovyabas irregularity, something irregular, anomaly ovyasay incorrectly
ovyabay irregularly ovyasma abstract
ovyafa imprecise, imperfect, vague ovyasman abstractness
ovyafan imprecision, imperfection, vagueness ovyasmay abstractly
ovyafay imprecisely, imperfectly, vaguely ovyatea unwise, imprudent, uninsightful
ovyakyoxwa undefined ovyatean lack of wisdom, imprudence
ovyalma unobjective ovyateay unwisely, uninsightfully
ovyalman unobjectivity ovyatepa irrational
ovyalmay unobjectively ovyatepan irrationality
ovyalva improper ovyatepay irrationally
ovyalvan impropriety ovyatepyena unreasonable
ovyalvas something improper, faux pas ovyatesa irrational, unreasonable
ovyalvay improperly ovyatexyea irrational, unreasonable
ovyam fiction, artifice, illusion ovyatexyean irrationality, unreasonableness
ovyama unreal, fake, fictional, artificial, illusory ovyatexyeay irrationally, unreasonably
ovyaman irreality, fiction, illusion ovyatina unorthodox
ovyamdin fiction, fictional story ovyatinan unorthodoxy
ovyamdina fictional ovyatipuwa untrusted
ovyamdinay fictionally ovyautina anti-communist
ovyamteasea illusory, fake-looking ovyauxa unfaithful, disloyal
ovyamteater have illusions ovyauxan unfaithfulness, disloyalty
ovyamxen faking, fictionalization ovyauxay unfaithfully, disloyally
ovyamxer fake, fictionalize ovyava inexact, vague
ovyamxwa faked, fictionalized ovyavadwa undetermined, indeterminate
ovyan untruth, deceit, falsehood ovyavan inexactness, vagueness
ovyanaba unaligned, nonaligned, out of order ovyavay inexactly, vaguely
ovyanaduwa unguided ovyaveaxwa unverified, unchecked, uncontrolled, unaudited
ovyanber contrast ovyayaba asystemic, chaotic, disorderly, haywire, irregular, unsystematic, unsystemic, unordered, messed up
ovyandeyat dishonest person ovyayaban irregularity
ovyandyea dishonest ovyayabas irregularity
ovyandyean dishonesty ovyayabaxwa unsystematized
ovyankaxuwa undetectable ovyayabay irregularly
ovyanpyexer struggle against, fight ovyayabser go haywire

ovyayabyena - ovyuxwaEdit

ovyayabyena unsystematic, unorderly, messy ovyidaxwa unexplained
ovyayekwa unproven, unproved ovyidwa confused, muddled, made unclear
ovyayma ineffective ovyidxen confusion, muddling, making unclear
ovyayman ineffectiveness ovyidxer confuse, muddle, make unclear
ovyayuva disloyal ovyifa unclear
ovyayuvan disloyalty ovyifan unclarity
ovyayuvsea disobedient, disloyal ovyifxen muddling, confusion
ovyayuvsen disobedience, disloyalty ovyifxer muddle, confuse
ovyayuvser disobey ovyifxwa muddled, confused
ovyayva inaccurate ovyis impurity, blemish, crud
ovyayvan inaccuracy ovyisa impure, foul, crude
ovyayvay inaccurately ovyisan impurity, foulness, crudeness
ovyea unrelated, irrelevant ovyisas something impure, something crude
ovyean unrelatedness, irrelevance ovyisaxen muddying, clouding, muddled, pollution, fouling
ovyeay unrelatedly, irrelevantly ovyisaxer muddy, cloud, muddle, pollute, foul
ovyegana disproportionate ovyisaxwa muddied, clouded, muddled, polluted, fouled
ovyeganay disproportionately ovyisun impurity
ovyegexuwa incomparable ovyita unchaste
ovyegexuwan incomparability ovyitxen defilement, deflowering, adulteration
ovyegexuway incomparably ovyitxer defile, deflower, adulterate
ovyegexyafwan incomparability ovyitxwa defiled, deflowered, adulterated
ovyegona disproportionate ovyomteatuen disillusionment
ovyegonay disproportionately ovyomteatuer disillusion
ovyelea irrelevant ovyomteatuwa disillusioned
ovyelean irrelevance ovyonsyea unfailing
ovyeluwa unconcerned ovyoomil antifreeze
ovyemepea non-communicative ovyoteas disillusion
ovyesaga disproportionate ovyoteasuer disillusion
ovyesagay disproportionately ovyoteasuwa disillusioned
ovyesona irrelevant, immaterial, athematic ovyufina anti-terrorism
ovyet someone outside the family, non-kin ovyulbokxen disinfection
ovyexen thwarting, undermining, sabotaging, usurping ovyulbokxer disinfect
ovyexer work against, thwart, undermine, sabotage, usurp ovyulbokxil disinfectant
ovyexujbut strike-breaker ovyulbokxwa disinfected
ovyexut saboteur, underminer, usurper, thwarter ovyuna immaculate, unspotted, unstained, untarnished
ovyexwa thwarted, undermined, sabotaged, usurped, unrelated, unconcerned ovyunay immaculately
ovyia unclean ovyunxen stain removal
ovyian uncleanliness ovyunxer remove stains
ovyida unclear, muddled, confused ovyunxwa unstained
ovyidan lack of clarity, confusion ovyuxwa unsoiled

ovyuzpen - oyanulikxwa yelEdit

ovyuzpen betrayal oy but, however, yet
ovyuzper betray, turn against oyabexwa unsupported
ovyuzput traitor, turncoat oyaf disability, incapacity, handicap, weakness, impotence
ovzaypasa anti-progressive oyafa disabled, incapacitated, handicapped, powerless, weak, impotent
owa ga jod never again oyafan powerlessness, weakness, inability, impotence
owa jod not a single time, never oyafer be unable
owa zero, no, not any, not a, not a single oyafwa impossible
owapyex strikeout oyafwan impossibility
owapyexer strike out oyafwaxer make impossible
owas not a thing, nothing, not a single one oyafway impossibly
owasag cipher, null, zero oyafxen disablement, incapacitation, handicapping, weakening
owat nobody, no one, not a single person, none oyafxer disable, incapacitate, handicap, weaken
ox abstention oyafxwa disabled, incapacitated, handicapped, weakened
oxaen failure to carry out, violation, breaking oyakta impatient
oxaer ha dovyab break the law oyaktan impatience
oxaer fail to carry out, violate, break oyaktasea growing impatient
oxaga infrequent oyaktasen growing impatient
oxagay infrequently, not often oyaktaser grow impatient
oxea idling, idle, abstaining, inactive oyaktaxen making impatient
oxean idleness, abstention, inactivity oyaktaxer make impatient
oxen idling, abstention, inaction, abstinence, inactivity oyaktaxwa made impatient
oxena inactive oyaktay impatiently
oxenan inactivity oyakwa aplex surprise attack
oxer be idle, abstain oyakwa unexpected
oxes mess, disarray, disorganization oyakway unexpectedly
oxesaxwa disorganized oyanava nonpartisan
oxeswa disorganized oyanbaler decompress
oxetyena impractical oyanbyea non-conformant, non-conforming
oxetyenan impracticality oyanexyea uncooperative
oxobser break up oyanifer take out the stitches, unstitch
oxobxen breaking up oyanmulxwa unmixed, pure
oxobxer break up oyansanin non-conformism
oxobxwa unorganized, broken up oyansanina non-conformist
oxrawa violated, failed oyansaninut non-conformist
oxren violation, failure oyanseuza unharmonic
oxrer dir ignore an order oyantos lack of sympathy
oxrer dovyab violate a law, break a law oyantosea unsympathetic
oxrer vyanyek fail a test oyanulber unglue
oxrer violate, fail, break, ignore, disobey oyanulbwa unglued
oxut abstainer, idler oyanulikxwa yel unsaturated oil

oyanulikxwa - oybuxerEdit

oyanulikxwa unsaturated oybixwen being pulled under
oyanvatexuwa untrustworthy oybixwer be pulled under
oyanvatexwa untrusted oybmas vyiar floor sweeper, broom
oyanxwa unassociated oybmas vyixar sweeper, floor cleaner, broom
oyanyafen untangling, denouement oybmas vyixur vacuum cleaner
oyanyafer untangle oybmas floor
oyanyexyea uncooperative oybmasaof parquet
oyanyuben unfolding oybmasof carpet
oyanyujber unfold oybmasoyf rug
oyanyujbwa unfolded oybmasyan flooring
oyasuna ungeneric, atypical oybmep underpass
oyazaxen deflation oybmila underwater
oyazaxer deflate oybmima magmeb underwater volcano
oyazaxwa deflated oybmima undersea
oyb- sub-, under-, infra- oybna subordinate, subsidiary, junior
oyb ha tam underneath the house oybnaba inferior in rank, lower-ranking
oyb beneath, under, underneath, below oybnabat inferior, lower-ranking person
oyba inferior, lower, nether oybnad underline
oybanyan subset, subseries oybnadrawa underlined
oybdopyun aplaxar minesweeper oybnadren underlining
oybdopyun mine, explosive mine oybnadrer underline
oybdopyunben laying a mine, minelaying oybnaga inferior in degree
oybdopyunber mine, lay a mine oybnaxer subordinate
oybdopyunbwa mined oybnaxwa subordinated
oybdopyunkexen mine-hunting oybnazder underrate, under-evaluate, under-appreciate
oybdopyunkexer mine-hunt oybsadrawa engraved
oybdopyunkexut mine-hunter oybsadren engraving
oybdovyayab subcode oybsadrer engrave
oybea subordinate oybsadrun engraving
oybemernada tropical, torrid oybsadrut engraver
oyben declension oybtez subculture
oyber decline, take under oybteza subcultural
oybermerem tropics, tropical zone, torrid zone oybtif cardigan, vest, waistcoat, jacket
Oybermernad Tropic of Cancer oybtim cave, cellar
oybey underneath, under, under the bottom of oybtyeb cerebellum
oybgwomula subatomic oybtyeba cerebellar
oybgwomulyan submolecule oybupea coming under
oybigper run under oybuper come under
oybixen pulling under oybuxen pushing under, submerging
oybixer pull under oybuxer push under, submerge

oybuxwa - oyebilpemEdit

oybuxwa pushed under, submerged oyebelwas export
oybxub subsidiary oyebem outdoors, exterior, outside, outer area
oybyommela magmeb subglacial volcano oyebema yagsim chaise lounge, deck chair
oybzey under oyebemben expulsion, ejection, throwing out, eviction
oybzyemep tunnel underneath oyebember expel, eject, throw out, evict
oyeb- ex-, extra-, out- oyebembuwa ousted, chased out, sent out, removed
oyeb ab out on oyebembwa expelled, ejected, thrown out, evicted
oyeb be out at, out in, outside, on the exterior of oyebemtyal picnic, outdoor meal
oyeb bi hyos ex nihilo oyebemuben ousting, chasing out, sending out, removal
oyeb bi out of, out from, outside, exterior to oyebemuber oust, chase out, send out, remove
oyeb bu out to oyebemyuf agoraphobia
oyeb out, outside oyebemyufa agoraphobic
oyeba fyusulsom outhouse, port-a-potty oyebemyufut agoraphobe
oyeba ifekem outfield oyeben taking out, extraction
oyeba ujnad outer limit oyeber teupib extract a tooth
oyeba outer, exterior, external oyeber take out, extract, put out, put outside
oyebalen expression, pressing out oyebewa excluded, excepted, left out, omitted, except for
oyebaler press out, express oyebexea excluding, except
oyebalwa expressed, pressed out oyebexen exclusion, exception, holding out
oyebalyea expressive oyebexer exclude, except, hold out
oyebalyeay expressively oyebexwa excluded, excepted, held out
oyeban externality, exteriority, outerness oyebexyea exclusive, exception
oyebavol crust, outer crust oyebexyean exclusivity, exceptionality
oyebden expression oyebexyeay exclusively, exceptionally
oyebder express oyebgoblawa excised, cut out
oyebdom outskirts of town, countryside oyebgoblen excision
oyebdoma out-of-town, country oyebgobler cut out, excise
oyebdun expression oyebgoflawa ripped out, torn, out, excised
oyebdwa expressed oyebgoflen ripping out, tearing out, excising
oyebdyea expressive oyebgofler rip out, tear out, excise
oyebdyeay expressively oyebgoflun excision
oyebeaser manifest itself, become exposed oyebiea excluding
oyebeaxen exposure, exposing, manifestation oyebien elimination, extraction, removal, exception, taking out, exclusion
oyebeaxer expose, manifest oyebiena exceptional
oyebeaxwa exposed, manifested oyebienay exceptionally
oyebeexen keeping out, exclusion oyebier exclude, take out, eliminate, remove, extract, except
oyebeexer keep out, exclude oyebigper run outside
oyebeexwa kept out, excluded oyebilp efflux, outflow, leak
oyebelen exportation, carrying out, hauling out oyebilpea effluent, flowing outward
oyebeler haul out, carry out, export oyebilpem drain

oyebilpen - oyebtiexerEdit

oyebilpen effluence, outflowing, leaking, drainage oyebmer exoplanet, distant planet, planet outside our solar system
oyebilper flow out, drain, leak oyebmes exit door, exit, outlet, egress, way out
oyebiluen outpouring oyebna exterior, external
oyebiluer pour out oyebnad outline
oyebiluwa poured out oyebnan exteriority, externality
oyebiwa excluded, eliminated, extracted, removed, taken out, excepted, except oyebnaxen externalization
oyebixen extraction, pulling out, elimination oyebnaxer externalize
oyebixer teupib extract a tooth oyebnaxwa externalized
oyebixer extract, pull out, eliminate oyebned outer plane
oyebixun extract oyebnig outer space
oyebixwa extracted oyebnoogsea phasing out
oyebiyea exclusive oyebnoogser phase out
oyebiyean exclusiveness, exclusivity oyebnoogxen phasing out
oyebiyeay exclusively oyebnoogxer phase out
oyebkiser lean out, bow out, bend out oyebnoogxwa phased out
oyebkixen bending out, bowing out oyebnyuxen shipping out, delivery
oyebkixer bend out, bow out oyebnyuxer ship out, deliver
oyebkixwa bowed outward, convex, outwardly bent oyebnyuxut shipper, deliverer
oyebkunad outer edge oyebnyuxwa shipped out, delivered
oyebkyoxer stick out oyebrawa locked out, excluded
oyeblawa ousted, kicked out, fired, carried outside oyebren locking out, exclusion
oyeblen ouster, firing oyebrer lock out, exclude
oyebler oust, kick out, fire, carry outside oyebrixen ripping out, deracination
oyebluxen driving out, shoving out, ousting, ouster oyebrixer rip out, deracinate
oyebluxer drive out, shove out, oust, force out oyebrixwa ripped out, deracinated
oyebluxwa driven out, shoved out, ousted oyebruxen kicking out, ouster
oyebmaaryana mer exoplanet, planet outside our solar system oyebruxer kick out, oust
oyebmas outer wall, facade oyebruxwa kicked out, ousted
oyebmasben walling out oyebsan aspect, outer form, appearance, outward appearance, contour
oyebmasber wall out oyebsana aspectual
oyebmasbwa walled out oyebtama tulxun cookout
oyebmem foreign country, abroad, foreign territory oyebtama tyal picnic, outdoor meal
oyebmema dub minister of foreign affairs, foreign minister, head of the department of state oyebteaxer look out
oyebmema dubam state department, foreign ministry, ministry of foreign affairs, department of state oyebtem veranda
oyebmema soni foreign affairs oyebteuben spitting out
oyebmema foreign oyebteuber spit out
oyebmemat foreigner oyebteubwa spat out
oyebmempen emigration oyebtiexea exhaling, exhalant, breathing out
oyebmemper emigrate oyebtiexen exhalation, breathing out
oyebmemput emigrant oyebtiexer exhale, breathe out

oyebtiexun - oyepluseaEdit

oyebtiexun exhaled breath oyebyemxwa dismissed, discharged
oyebtiexwa exhaled, breathed out oyebyemxwoa due to be discharged
oyebtim outhouse, outside room oyebyujbea excluding
oyebtyalam outdoor restaurant, cafe oyebyujbeexa exclusive, uninclusive
oyebtyalier eat in, eat out, eat outdoors oyebyujben exclusion
oyebtyoyaper kick out oyebyujber exclude
oyebtyoyapyexenn kicking out oyebyujbwa excluded
oyebtyoyapyexwa kicked out oyefwa not required, voluntary, non-compulsory, non-obligatory
oyebuben emission, mission oyega abnormal, non-standard, bizarre
oyebuber emit, send out oyegan abnormality, bizarreness
oyebubwa emitted oyegas something abnormal, something bizarre
oyebubwat emissary oyegay abnormally, bizarrely
oyebuen issuance oyegla extraordinary, inordinate, unusual
oyebuer issue oyeglay extraordinarily, inordinately, unusually
oyebujbea excluding oyegsauna atypical, irregular, abnormal
oyebukser evacuate oyegsaunay atypically, irregularly, abnormally
oyebukxen mep evacuation route oyegun abnormality
oyebukxen evacuation, exhaustion, draining out, running out, depletion oyeken avoiding, avoidance, giving up
oyebukxer evacuate, exhaust, drain out, deplete oyeker avoid, give up, stop trying
oyebukxuwa exhaustible oyekut quitter, wimp
oyebukxwa evacuated, exhausted, drained out, run out, dried up, depleted oyekuwa untempted, unchallenged
oyebukxwer bi run out of, be depleted of oyekwa avoided, untried
oyebukxyafwa exhaustible oyekyafwa avoidable
oyebukxyafwan exhaustibility oyekyofwa unavoidable, inevitable
oyebukxyofwa inexhaustible, non-exhaustible oyekyofwan inevitability
oyebukxyofwan inexhaustibility, non-exhaustibility oyekyofway unavoidably, inevitably
oyebupea coming out, emerging, emergent oyelbawa ousted, fired
oyebupen coming out, emerging, emergence oyemben taking out, extraction, de-installment, unseating, displacement, replacement
oyebuper come out, emerge oyember take out, extract, de-install, unseat, displace, replace, withdraw
oyebutyan out-group oyembiyofwa irreplaceable
oyebux expulsion, rejection oyembiyofwan irreplaceability
oyebuxen expulsion, rejection, pushing out, driving out, ousting, extrusion, dismissal oyembwa unseated, displaced, replaced
oyebuxer expel, drive out, push out, oust, reject, extrude, dismiss oyep exit
oyebuxwa expelled, rejected, pushed out, driven out, ousted, extruded, dismissed oyepa gone out
oyebuzea bowed, curved, arced oyepaper fly out
oyebuzer bow out, curve out, arc out oyepem exit, way out
oyebwa taken out, put out, extracted oyepen exiting, going out, leaving, going outside, going outdoors
oyebyasen standing out oyeper exit, go out, get out, leave, go outside, go outdoors
oyebyaser stand out oyeplus eruption
oyebyemxen dismissal, discharge oyeplusea erupting

oyeplusen - oyijdwaEdit

oyeplusen erupting oyepyosen falling out
oyepluser erupt oyepyoser fall out
oyeplusoa about to erupt oyeuber bring out
oyepmep way out, exit, exit path oyeuper come out
oyepmes exit door, exit, way out oyeva unfair, unjust, uneven
oyepren escape, breakout oyevan unfairness, inequity
oyeprer break out, escape oyevay unfairly
oyeprex explosion oyevdyea non-judgmental
oyeprexar bomb oyevekea cheating
oyeprexen exploding, explosion oyeveken cheating
oyeprexer explode oyeveker cheat
oyeprexul dynamite oyevekut cheater
oyeprexyea explosive oyevekwa cheated
oyeprexyean explosiveness oyevekyofa uncheatable
oyeprexyeay explosively oyevtepyena unfair-minded, biased
oyeprut escapee oyevxwa unjustified
oyepusen jumping out, ejection oyeznada not parallel, non-parallel
oyepuser jump out, eject oyfer feel inhibited
oyepuxa meg extrusive rock oyfxer inhibit
oyepuxa extrusive oyfxwa inhibited
oyepuxea extruding, ejecting oyfxwan inhibition
oyepuxen extrusion, ejection, throwing out, ejecting, jettisoning, casting out oyfxyea inhibitive, inhibiting
oyepuxer extrude, eject, throw out, jettison, cast out oygda laconic
oyepuxun faosyeb trash barrel oygdan laconism
oyepuxun syeb trash container oygday laconically
oyepuxun yignyef trash basket oygjea succinct
oyepuxun trash, refuse oygjean succinctness
oyepuxwa extruded, ejected, thrown out, jettisoned, cast out oygjeay succinctly
oyepuxwas trash, throw-away item, refuse, reject oyib not far
oyepuxwat outcast, castaway, reject oyiba not far
oyepuyafwa inaccessible oyibesuwa unavoidable
oyepuyser hop out oyibesuway unavoidably
oyepuyxen tossing out oyifa timid, undaring
oyepuyxer toss out oyifan timidity
oyepuyxwa tossed out oyifay timidly
oyepyasen jumping out, leaping out oyifut timid person
oyepyaser jump out, leap out oyigfla impolite
oyepyofwa inexorable oyigflan impoliteness
oyepyofwan inexorability oyijbwa unopened
oyepyofway inexorably oyijdwa unexpressed

oyijdyea - oyovduwaEdit

oyijdyea unexpressive oymxer cool off, refresh
oyiklaxen unraveling, solving, solution, untangling, disentangling oymxil refreshment
oyiklaxer uncomplicate, unravel, solve, untangle, disentangle oymxwa cooled, refreshed
oyiklaxwa unraveled, solved, untangled, disentangled oynasa free, cost-free, gratuitous
oyikson non-problem oynasay for free, free, at no cost
oyiksonxen resolution, simplification, clearing up oynasyef debt-free
oyiksonxer simplify, resolve, clear up, uncomplicate oynifa wireless
oyiksonxwa simplified, resolved, cleared up oynoyxay free of charge, FOB
oyivdwa illicit oyobosen being unconcerned, heedlessness
oyivluwa inextricable oyoboser be unconcerned, be heedless
oyivluwan inextricability oyokdwa unimprovised, ad lib
oyivlyafwan inextricability oyokdway ad lib
oyixber take out of use, mothball, decommission oyokwa not surprised
oyixbwa mothballed, decommissioned, taken out of use oyomxen de-icing
oyixfia useless oyomxer de-ice, thaw
oyixfian uselessness oyomxwa de-iced, thawed
oyixfiaxer render useless oyonbuwa inseparable, atomic
oyixlawa unemployed oyonbyexuwa unbreakable
oyixlawan unemployment oyonbyexwa unbroken
oyixlawat unemployed person oyoneatwa undistinguished
oyixluwa unemployable oyongela indistinct
oyixrawa unexploitable, unexploited oyongelan indistinctness
oyixrawan unexploitability oyongelay indistinctly
oyixwa elyam scrap iron oyongelxuwa indistinguishable
oyixwa elyamut scrap merchant oyongelxwa undistinguished
oyixwa sim unused chair, unoccupied chair oyonpyexuwa unbreakable
oyixwa unused oyonpyexuwan unbreakability
oyizbwa unsurpassed oyonpyexyafwan unbreakability
oyjoba eternal oyonsaunxwa undistinguished
oyjoban eternity oyontexduwa indisputable
oyjobay eternally oyontexduwan indisputability
oyken missing oyontexdyafwan indisputability
oyker miss oyonxuwa inseparable
oykwa missed oyonxuwan inseparability
oyma cool, fresh oyonxwa anyan streak
oyman coolness, freshness oyonxwa naid streak
oymay coolly, freshly oyonxyafwan inseparability
oymima dank, cool and damp oyova shameless, unashamed
oymiman dankness oyovan shamelessness
oymxar cooler oyovduwa blameless, non-indictable, unindictable

oyovokuwa - oytwadsenEdit

oyovokuwa unpunished oyteisa odorless
oyovukuwa unpunished oytetud orphan, orphan son, orphan boy
oyovyuxwa unabetted oytetuyd orphan daughter, orphan girl
oypapea flying under oyteusa tasteless, insipid
oypapen flying under oyteusan tastelessness, insipidness
oypaper fly under oyteyda motherless
oypea passing under, going under oyteydan motherlessness
oypem underpass oytidat person with no siblings
oypen passing under, going under oytiibila bloodless
oyper go under, go underneath, pass under, pass underneath oytiydat person with no sisters
oypusen jumping down, jumping under oytofa naked, nude, bare, unclothed, going naked, going nude
oypuser jump down, jump under oytofan nakedness, nudity, bareness
oypuxen throwing under oytofat nude, nude person, naked person
oypuxer throw under oytofayt female nude
oypuxwa thrown under oytofdazam strip club
oypuyser hop under oytofdazen dancing naked, pole-dancing, strip-dancing
oys lack, lapse oytofdazer dance naked, pole-dance, strip-dance
oysea lacking, elliptical, missing oytofdazut pole-dancer, stripper
oysen deprivation, lacking oytofen going naked, going nude
oysena privative oytofer go naked, go nude
oyser lack, be without, be deprived of, miss oytofin nudism
oyseuza atonal oytofina nudist
oyseuzan atonality oytofinut nudist
oystoser miss, feel the lack of oytofser strip naked, strip, get naked
oysun siyn apostrophe oytofxen denuding, stripping naked
oysun lack, something missing, lacuna oytofxer denude, strip naked
oytada unmarried oytofxwa denuded, stripped naked
oytaydat bachelor oytolag famine
oytaydatan bachelorhood oytoosa genderless
oytayeba bald, hairless, smooth oytoosat genderless person
oytayeban baldness, hairlessness, smoothness oytos apathy
oyteda orphaned oytosea apathetic
oytedam orphanage oytosen being apathetic
oytedan orphanhood oytoser be apathetic
oytedat orphan oytwad widower
oytedayt female orphan oytwadan spinsterhood, widowhood
oytedsa orphaned oytwadayt spinster
oytedser become orphaned oytwadaytan spinsterhood
oytedwat male orphan oytwadsa widowed
oytedxer make an orphan out of, orphan oytwadsen becoming widowed

oytwadser - oyvozaEdit

oytwadser become widowed oyuvasea independent
oytweda fatherless oyuvay independently
oytwedan fatherlessness oyuvla non-obedient, non-compliant
oytwidat person with no brothers oyuvlan non-compliance
oytyeba brainless, idiotic, imbecilic oyuvlaser ha dovyab disobey the law, break the law, fail to comply with the law
oytyeban brainlessness, idiocy oyuvlaser fail to comply, disobey, break, contravene
oytyebat brainless person, idiot, imbecile oyuvsea disobedient, insubordinate
oytyepa stupid, idiotic oyuvsean disobedience, insubordinate
oytyepan stupidity, idiocy oyuvsen insubordination
oytyepat stupid person, idiot oyuvser be insubordinate, become independent, disobey
oyufa unafraid oyuvteexea disobedient
oyufut dread naught oyuvteexean disobedience
oyufxwa unintimidated oyuvteexen disobedience
oyugem uncomfortable spot oyuvteexer disobey
oyugema uncomfortable oyuvxen deliverance, liberation, emancipation
oyugeman discomfort oyuvxer make independent, liberate, emancipate
oyuglaxwa untenderized oyuvyen licentiousness
oyujbarer unplug oyuvyena licentious, lascivious, lewd, libertine
oyujbarwa unplugged oyuxea unhelpful
oyujblaren unlocking oyuxwa teat naked eye, unaided vision
oyujblarer unlock oyuzbaer loosen, release, unscrew
oyujblarwa unlocked oyuzbaren decompression
oyujblawa unlocked oyuzbarer decompress
oyujblen unlocking oyuzbarur decompressor
oyujbler unlock oyuzbarwa decompressed
oyujdyea inconclusive oyuzkexwa unexplored
oyukom discomfort oyuzmasbwa unenclosed, unfenced, unprotected, undefended
oyukoma uncomfortable oyuznadbwa unframed
oyukomxer make uncomfortable oyuzyuben unrolling, development, unraveling, unfolding, uncoiling, unwinding, solution
oyukon inconvenience oyuzyuber unroll, develop, unravel, unfold, uncoil, unwind, evolve, solve
oyukona inconvenient oyuzyubwa unrolled, developed, unraveled, unfolded, uncoiled, unwound, evolved, solved
oyukonxer inconvenience oyuzyupea evolving, unwinding
oyukxnasbuut stingy tipper oyuzyupen evolution, unrolling, unfurling, development
oyukyen discomfort, inconvenience, bother oyuzyupena evolutionary
oyukyena uncomfortable, inconvenient oyuzyuper evolve, unwind, unroll, unfurl, develop, unravel
oyukyenas annoyance, something uncomfortable, embarrassment oyv despite, in spite of
oyukyenuen embarrassment, inconveniencing oyvaxen inversion
oyukyenuer make uncomfortable, inconvenience, annoy, bother, embarrass oyvaxer invert
oyukyenuyea annoying, embarrassing, bothersome, inconveniencing oyvaxwa inverted
oyuva independent, unbound, unobliged, unattached, free oyvoza pale, bland

oyvozan - ozuvteudeaEdit

oyvozan paleness, blandness ozeba imbalanced, wobbly
oyvozaser grow pale ozebexwa unbalanced, destabilized, off kilter, off-kilter
oyvozata pale-faced ozebwa imbalanced, off balance, off kilter, uncentered, unbalanced
oyxen deprivation, depriving ozebwaser get off balance
oyxer deprive ozebwaxer throw off balance
oyxwa deprived ozena off-center
oyzaser wither ozenaga immoderate, non-average
oyzbeymep underpass, tunnel ozenodwa unfocused
oza deus weak accent, slight accent ozep imbalance, instability
oza weak, feeble ozepa off balance, unbalanced, wobbly, unstable
ozamasbwa unprotected ozeper go off kilter, become unbalanced, wobble
ozan weakness, feebleness ozesaga not average
ozana non-anterior ozesonwa unfocused
ozaser become weak, grow weaker, grow enfeebled, weaken ozeta abnormal
ozatexwa unpremeditated ozetan abnormality
ozaxen weakening, enfeebling ozetay abnormally
ozaxer weaken, enfeeble ozeypuan impermeability
ozaxwa weakened, enfeebled ozeyteasan opacity
ozay weakly, feebly ozivalxea silly
ozayteaxwa unexpected, unanticipated ozivalxean silliness
ozaytexwa unplanned, unprojected, unanticipated ozivseux chuckle, teehee, giggle
ozdalea mumbling, murmuring, muttering ozivseuxen chuckling, teeheeing, giggling
ozdalen mumbling, murmuring, muttering ozivseuxer chuckle, teehee, giggle
ozdaler mumble, murmur, mutter ozivteuden chuckling
ozdalut mumbler, mutterer ozivteuder chuckle
ozdalwa mumbled, muttered oznod loophole
ozden whispering ozoypnod point of no return
ozder whisper, say softly ozoytejbuwa unresuscitatable
ozdizeud chuckle ozta weary, worn down, worn out, tired, fatigued
ozdizeuden chuckling oztan fatigue, weariness
ozdizeuder chuckle oztaser grow fatigued, get tired, become weary, tire
ozduen hinting oztaxea tiresome, fatiguing, wearisome
ozduer hint oztaxer wear down, fatigue, tire out, weary
ozdun whisper, whispered remark ozteud whisper
ozdut whisperer ozteuden whispering
ozduun hint ozteuder whimper, whisper
ozduwa hinted ozteudwa whispered
ozdwa whispered ozuvseuxer whimper, moan softly, snivel, weep
ozea off-center ozuvteud whimper, moan, sigh
ozeaxwa unfocused ozuvteudea whimpering, moaning, sighing

ozuvteuden - pansintuzaEdit

ozuvteuden whimpering, moaning, sighing paax excitement
ozuvteuder whimper, moan, sigh paaxer excite
ozuvteudut whimperer, moaner paaxwa excited
ozyadwa unannounced pad chirp, tweet
ozyagazonser relax paden chirping, tweeting
ozyagazonxea relaxing pader chirp, tweet
ozyagazonxwa relaxed padrawa tweeted
ozyeilpuwa impermeable, non-porous padren tweet, tweeting
ozyeilpuwan impermeability padrer tweet
ozyeilpyafwan impermeability paduzar drum
ozyemila impermeable paduzaren drumming
ozyemilaf raincoat paduzarer drum
ozyemilan impermeability paduzarumxar tumble-drier
ozyepua impermeable paduzarumxen tumble-drying
ozyeteasa opaque paduzarumxer tumble-dry
ozyeteasay opaquely paduzarumxwa tumble-dried
ozyeteatuwa opaque paduzarut drummer, percussionist
ozyetejaa inexperienced Pagrwaya Paraguayan
ozyexer slack off Paka Pakistani
ozyexut slackard Pakam Pakistan
ozyifa rough, not smooth Pakama Pakistani
ozyifan roughness Pakat Pakistani
ozyifxen roughening pan motion
ozyifxer roughen panbok motion sickness
ozyifxwa roughened panduz march
ozyima uneven, not level pansin aagekut movie star
ozyina uneven, odd pansin ekut movie actor
ozyinan unevenness pansin izbut movie director
ozyobwa unrestricted pansin motion picture, movie, cinema, film
ozyovyabwa unrestricted pansina cinematic
ozyubrer untwist, unravel pansinam cinema, movie theater, movie theatre, movie house, move theater
ozyuka wheelless pansinar movie camera
paan agitation, stir, bustle, restlessness, unrest pansiner film, record
paanaya restless, fidgety, agitated, perturbed pansinifut cinephile
paanser stir, fidget, be restless pansinmar movie star
paanxen agitation, stirring up, perturbation pansinput movie-goer
paanxer agitate, stir up, perturb pansinsaxen movie-making
paanxwa agitated, stirred up, perturbed pansinsaxut movie maker
paas excitement pansintuz cinema
paasa excited pansintuza cinematic

pansintuzut - pasyofxerEdit

pansintuzut cinematographer Paragwyat Paraguayan
pansinxem motion picture studio paranyan train
panyofbok paralysis, palsy Pargwayama Paraguayan
panyofboka paralyzed parog cart
panyofbokat paralytic patient paryen allure
panyofbokxea paralyzing pas motion, move, movement
panyofbokxer paralyze pasbok motion sickness
panyofbokxwa paralyzed pasboka motion sick
paop- stop-and-go pasea mus escalator
paop stop and go pasea moving
paopea lurching, stopping-and-going pasegea sim swing
paopen stopping and going, lurching pasegea simyan swing set
paoper stop and go, lurch pasegea swinging
paos- stop-and-go pasegen swinging
paosdal stutter, stammer paseger swing
paosdalea stuttering, stammering pasegwa swung
paosdalen stuttering, stammering pasen moving
paosdaler stutter, stammer paser move
paosdalut stutterer, stammerer pasika bustling
paosdalwa stuttered pasmus escalator
paosea faltering, hesitating paspos stop-and-go
paoseay falteringly, hesitatingly pasposen lurching
paosen faltering, hesitation, hesitating pasposer stop-and-go, lurch
paoser falter, hesitate pasta turbulent
paospea lurching, hobbling pastan turbulence
paospen lurching, hobbling pasteurxwa pasteurized
paosper lurch, stop-and-go, hobble pasuwa mobile
pap flight pasuwan mobility
papaymut innkeeper, hosteler pasyaf mobility
papeger flit, flutter, flitter pasyafa able to move
papen flying pasyafwa mobile, movable
paper fly pasyafwan mobility
papien takeoff pasyafxen mobilization
papier fly away, fly off, take off, take flight, alight pasyafxer mobilize
papuen flying, sending into flight, piloting pasyafxwa mobilized
papuer fly, send flying, pilot pasyof paralysis, immobility
papuut pilot, flier pasyofa paralyzed, immobilized
papuwa flown, sent into flight, piloted pasyofser become paralyzed, become immobilized
papyuxlut flight attendant pasyofwa immobile
par carriage, buggy, light vehicle pasyofxer paralyze, immobilize

pat beexnyem - patupenEdit

pat beexnyem birdcage patija ovular
pat deuzun bird song patijayob egg shell
pat dyus bird call patijbam hatchery
pat tavyul bird lime patijben hatching, egg-laying
pat teatwas bird's eye view patijber lay, lay an egg, hatch
pat teaxen bird watching patijbwa hatched, laid
pat teaxut bird watcher patijbwat hatchling
pat teluar bird feeder patijbwatyan brood
pat tol bird feed patijplexar egg-beater
pat toluar bird feeder patijsan oval, egg-shape
pat bird, fowl, flying creature patijsana egg-shaped, oval
pata vubsum bird's nest, nest patnam bird shop
pata avian patnamut bird seller
patagxem barnyard, farmyard patnyan flock
patagxen aviculture patpixut bird catcher
patagxena avicultural patsum nest
patagxenut aviculturalist pattam birdhouse
patagxer raise birds pattob angel, birdman
patagxut aviculturalist pattobyena angelic
patam birdhouse, chicken coop pattujem roost, perch
patayeb drilar feather pen, quill pattun ornithology
patayeb zyun neafek badminton pattuna ornithological
patayeb zyun shuttle cock pattunay ornithologically
patayeb feather, plume pattut ornithologist
patayebub drilar quill pen, calamus, plume patub wing, aileron, airfoil, pinion, fan, flapper
patayebub quill patubas flutter, flap
patayebyan plumage patubasar flapper, valve
patayebyena feathery patubasea mes flapper, shutter, swinging door, valve
patayeyb down, fluff patubasea flapping, fluttering
patayeybyena downy, fluffy patubasen flapping, fluttering
patayeybyenan downiness, fluffiness patubaser flap, flutter
patdeuzun birdsong patubyuj flap, volet
pateib beak, bill, spout patubzen hub
patem aviary patulob claw, gripper
pateub beak, bill, spout patulobar grip, gripper
patij avoz egg white patuloben gripping, clawing
patij evoz egg yolk, yellow part of the egg patulober claw, grip
patij favol meringue patulobwa clawed, gripped
patij zemul egg yolk patupea flitting
patij zyiun omelet patupen flitting

patuper - PersatEdit

patuper flit pelput crawling thing, creepy-crawler
patyan flock, flock of birds pelt ovbexea insect-resistant
patyanam aviary pelt ovbuxul insect repellent
patyanea flocking pelt teupixun bug bite, insect bite
patyanen flocking, flocking together pelt tojbil insecticide, bug spray
patyaner flock, flock together pelt insect, bug
patyem barnyard pelteuxen buzzing
patyexen aviculture pelteuxer buzz
patyexena avicultural peltyan swarm
patyexenut aviculturalist peltyanea swarming
pavol cabbage peltyaner swarm
paxen exertion, activation, motivation, motion, movement peltyena creepy, bug-like
paxena motivational peltyenan creepiness
paxenay motivationally peltyuf fear of insects, insectophobia
paxer move, exert, activate, motivate peltyufa afraid of bugs
paxur motor peltyufut insectophobe, person afraid of bugs
paxurxer motorize pem itinerary, path, way, walkway
paxurxwa motorized pen going, trip, voyage, iteration, motion, traffic
paxwa moved, activated pensin trace
payet flying reptile pensinen tracing
payxea shuddering pensiner trace
pea going pensinwa traced
peduzar snare drum pep ride, trip by car, land voyage
peduzarut snare drummer pepdet fellow passenger, riding mate
pek fight peper ride, go on land
pekem combat zone, fight arena pepien riding
peken fighting pepier ride off, get a ride
peker fight pepuen driving
pekut fighter pepuer drive, take for a ride, run
pekwa fought peput rider, passenger
pekyea pugnacious pepuut driver
pelat flying insect per bi mes bu mes go from door to door
pelpen creeping, crawling per yovbyokam go to prison
pelper creep, crawl per go, go to
pelptayos itch, tingle persa gibar scimitar
pelptayosbok pruritis Persa Iranian, Persian
pelptayosen itching, tingling Persad Persian
pelptayoser itch, tingle Persam Iran
pelptayosuer make itch, cause to itch, induce itching, irritate Persama Iranian, Persian
pelptayosyea itchy, pruritic, tingly Persat Iranian, Persian

Peruvya - peykerEdit

Peruvya Peruvian petayoz pexen fur trapping
Peruvyam Peru petayoz pexut fur trapper
Peruvyama Peruvian petayoz fur
Peruvyat Peruvian petayozut furrier
peryen allure, stride, gait petbekam veterinary
pes standby, wait, pause petbektun veterinary science
pesam wait station petbekut veterinarian
pesea standing by, waiting petben harnessing
pesem waiting area petber harness
pesen standing by, waiting peteexen sniffing
peser noyxpur wait for a taxi peteexer sniff
peser stand by, wait peteexwa sniffed
pesim waiting room petkobien poaching
pesnad queue, line of people waiting, line, row, wait line petkobier poach
pesnadxen queuing up, lining up petkobiut poacher
pesnadxer queue up, line up petmop burrow
pesnadxwa lined up, queued up petmopen burrowing
pesyaf patience petmoper burrow
pesyafa patient petulob claw
pesyafan patience petyaden lowing
pesyafay patiently petyader low
pesyika impatient pevol cauliflower
pesyof impatience pexar trap, snag, snatch
pesyofa impatient pexen trapping, snagging, snatching
pesyofan impatience pexer trap, snag, snatch
pesyofay impatiently pexmes trap door
pesyuka patient pexum cage, trap
pesyukan patience pexumber cage, trap
pesyukay patiently pexumbwa caged, trapped
pet animal, land animal pexun trappings, loot, stash
petagxem cattle ranch, ranch pexut trapper, snatcher
petagxen animal husbandry, cattle raising pexwa trapped, snatched
petagxer raise animals, raise cattle pexwer get trapped, get snagged, get snatched
petagxut animal raiser, cattle raiser peyepen wiggling, worming, insinuating
petam hutch, animal shelter, pen peyeper wiggle, worm, worm ones way, insinuate oneself, worm one's way
petaper ride an animal peyet worm, grub, maggot, woodworm
petapsim saddle peyetzyeg wormhole
petapsimper saddle up peyk brush, minor skirmish, row, tussle
petayeb coat, fur, animal hair peyken tussling
petayoz buien fur trade peyker tussle

peyxen - pittutEdit

peyxen snagging pitaib fish bone
peyxer snag pitayeb fish scale, scale
peyxwa snagged piteab fish eye, fisheye
pia departed, gone piteb fish head
piam departure lounge piteob jowl
piat aquatic bird pitgoblar fish cutter
piaz pearl pitgrun fish hook, fishhook
pib tooth, prong pitgrunen angling
pibar fork pitgruner angle
pibaren forking pitgrunut angler
pibarer fork pitibuj fishtail
pibarwa forked pitieb gill
pibwa toothed, serrated pitiyupen fishtailing
piduzar tambourine pitiyuper fishtail
piduzarut tambourine player pitlavol fish and chips
piem point of departure, departure point pitnam fish shop
pien jwob hour of departure, departure time pitnamut fishmonger, fish merchant
pien departure pitneaf fish net
pier depart, leave, set out, run along pitoyb mermaid, siren
piit crustacean, barnacle, shellfish pitpexar fish trap, fish lure, bait
piita crustacean, crustaceous pitpexen fish trapping
piityena crustaceous, crusty pitpextel bait, fish bait, fish lure
pilen quitting, abandonment, leaving, scramming, abandoning pitpexut fish trapper
piler quit, scram, get the hell away, abandon, leave pitpix mimpar fishing boat
pilwa quit, abandoned, left pitpix nef fishing net, fishnet
piot aquatic animal pitpix saryan fishing gear
pip cruise, sea voyage, sail, water voyage pitpix zyuv fishing pole
piper cruise, sail pitpixen catching fish, fishing
pipier set sail, sail off pitpixer catch fish, fish
pipuem dock, pier pitpixut fisherman
pipuer dock pitpixuta piscatory, fisherman's
pipur cruise ship pitsana pisciform
pipureb cruise ship captain pitteab fisheye
piput sailer, seafarer pitteaba walleyed, fish-eyed
pipyena maritime pittelea fish-eating
pit ay lavol zyigosi fish and chips pittelut fish-eater
pit ay lavol zyigosyal fish and chips pittun ichthyology
pit magyel fish fry pittuna ichthyological
pit milsyeb aquarium, fish tank, fishbowl pittunay ichthyologically
pit fish, Pisces pittut ichthyologist

pitub - pluxer zyigiarEdit

pitub fin plexar beater
pituil fish sauce plexegar beater
pityan school of fish plexegen pummeling, battery, pounding
pityena fishy, fish-like plexeger pummel, batter, pound
pityexen pisciculture plexegun pummeling, pounding, beating
pityexena piscicultural plexegwa pummeled, battered, pounded
pityexenut fish breeder, pisciculturalist plexek boxing match
pitzyeglen spearfishing plexekem boxing ring
pitzyegler spearfish plexen beating, clobbering, boxing, whacking, striking, hitting
pitzyeglut spearfisher, spearfisherman plexer beat, beat up, clobber, box, whack, strike, hit
pix catch plexut boxer
pixar catcher, mitt plexwa boxed, clobbered, beaten up, whacked, blown, hit, stricken
pixeker play catch plix capture, arrest, seizure
pixekut catcher plixbun bounty
pixen catching plixen capture, capturing, nabbing, arresting, seizing
pixer noyxpur catch a cab plixer capture, nab, arrest, seize
pixer catch plixun loot
pixnyif lasso plixut captor
pixnyifen lassoing plixwa captured, nabbed, seized, arrested
pixnyifer lasso plixwat captive, arrested person
pixnyifut lasso wrangler plixwatan captivity
pixnyifwa lassoed plosea sinking, plunging, diving, plummeting
pixtuyaf catcher's mitt, mitt, pitcher’s mitt plosen faof diving board
pixut catcher plosen diving, plunging, plummeting, sinking
pixwa caught, nabbed, seized ploser dive, plunge, plummet, sink
pixwas catch, haul plosut diver
pixyea catchy ploszyeg sinkhole
pixyofwa elusive, impossible to catch ploxar plunger
pixyofwan elusiveness ploxen plunging, dunking, sinking, downing
piyet batrachian ploxer plunge, dunk, sink, plumb, down
piyez pearl ploxnad plumb line
plas quake, shake, seism, convulsion, tremor ploxwa mampar downed aircraft
plasen shaking, quaking, convulsion ploxwa mimpar sunken ship
plaser shake, quake, convulse ploxwa sunken, plunged, dunked, downed
plax shake-up plusen diving, lunging, pouncing
plaxar shaker pluser dive, lunge, pounce
plaxen shaking up plux lunge, launch, thrust
plaxer shake up pluxar thruster
plaxwa shaken pluxen lunging, thrusting, launching, precipitation, plunging
plet marsupial pluxer zyigiar plunge a sword

pluxer - pooxwaEdit

pluxer lunge, thrust, launch, precipitate, plunge ponjob vacation, break, leisure time, leave
pluxwa lunged, thrust, launched, precipitated, plunged ponjobien taking a break, going on vacation, vacationing, going on leave, furlough
pluxyea precipitous ponjobier take a break, go on vacation, vacation, go on leave
po the letter p ponjobiut vacationer
pod roar, bellow, shriek, howl, yell ponjobuen furloughing, giving a break
poden roaring, bellowing, shrieking, howling, yelling ponjobuer furlough, give a break
poder roar, bellow, shriek, howl, yell ponjobuwa furloughed, put on break
podin fable, tale of animals pontaf pijamas
podina fabled pontav pajamas
podinut fabulist ponuen giving a break, letting rest, furloughing, putting to rest, give a respite to
podiz tomof circus tent ponuer give a break, let rest, furlough, put to rest
podiz animal circus, circus ponuwa furloughed, rested
podizam circus tent, circus arena ponyeb suitcase, valise, luggage
podizek circus stunt, circus performance ponyebag trunk, travel trunk
podizen clowning around ponyef blut porter, redcap
podizer perform circus, clown around ponyef nyexim baggage claim
podizun circus act ponyef travel bag
podizut circus performer, clown ponyefyan luggage, baggage
podraf travel map Poos bu et! Pax tibi, Peace unto you!, Peace be with you!
podren travel brochure poos yantexdreun peace treaty, peace accord
pofyul teupixun venom bite, poisonous bite poos peace, pax, calm
pofyul venom, toxin poosa placid, pacific, at peace
pofyula venomous poosan placidness
pofyulaya venom-filled poosaxen placation, appeasement, pacification
pofyulyea venomous poosaxer placate, appease, pacify
Pola Polish poosaxut appeaser, pacifier
Polad Polish poosaxwa placated, appeased, pacified
Polam Poland poosaya peaceful, pacific, calm
Polama Polish poosayan peacefulness, calmness
Polat Pole poosika peaceful, pacific, calm
pomep itinerary poosikan peacefulness, calmness
pomepdraf travel map poosoya unpeaceful
pon rest, repose poosoyan unpeacefulness
ponam inn, motel poosuka unpeaceful
ponem rest area, rest stop poosukan unpeacefulness
ponien job break time, recess, intermission pooxar pacifier
ponien resting, break, recess pooxen appeasement, peacemaking, pacification
ponier rest, take a break pooxer make peace, appease, pacify, bring peace
ponim rest room pooxut peacemaker
ponjob tamog vacation cabin pooxwa appeased, pacified

pop taxun - potkex yepetEdit

pop taxun travel souvenir, souvenir posem station, stop
pop travel, trip, voyage, journey posen stopping, standing still
popam datibut hotel receptionist, hotel host poser stop, be still, stand still
popam hotel, inn, hostel posnod period
popamdat hotel guest possiun stop sign
popameb hotelier pot animal, beast
popames inn pota bestial, animal
popamut hotelier potag beast
popaym inn, hostel potagxen breeding
popdatim guest room potagxer breed
popdet travel mate, traveling companion, fellow traveler, fellow-traveler potagxut breeder
popdref balsiyn passport stamp potagxwa bred
popdref passport potam hotel
popem travel destination, travel location potamyog flophouse
popemyan itinerary potan animality
popen traveling potayeb animal hair
poper travel, journey, voyage potayebyan mane, shock, mop, mop of hair, shock of hair
popier set off on a trip, go traveling potaym inn
popizbut travel guide potdem zoo, zoological park, animal park, zoological garden
popmepyan itinerary potdemut zoo-keeper
popnad trajectory, course poteib snout
popnyem trunk poteif muzzle
popsindraf postcard, picture postcard poteifben muzzling
popuen send-off poteifber muzzle
popuer send off, take on a trip poteifbwa muzzled
poput traveler, voyager, journeyman, itinerant poteixen sniffing
poputim guest room poteixer sniff
popyag distance poteub mug, muzzle
popyuxam travel agency, travel bureau potif pet
popyuxut travel agent potifbeut pet owner
portugala ivyozvafil port potifdeym dog park
Portugala ivyozvafil port potifnam pet store
Portugala Portuguese potiftel pet food
Portugalad Portuguese potij egg, ovum
Portugalam Portugal potijbea spawning
Portugalama Portuguese potijben spawning
Portugalat Portuguese potijber spawn
pos dyanod period potijbwa spawned
pos stop potkex goblar hunting knife
posa still, at rest, stopped, stationary potkex yepet hound, hound dog, hunting dog

potkex - poyxerEdit

potkex hunt potuxen pawing
potkexen hunting, preying potuxer paw
potkexer hunt, prey potuxwa pawed
potkexut hunter potuyub claw
potkexwa hunted potuyuxen clawing
potkexwat prey, hunted prey potuyuxer claw
potnyan herd potuyuxwa clawed
potnyanen herding potyan animal kingdom, animalia
potnyaner herd, flock, huddle potyanar yoke
potnyanes breed potyanaren yoking
potnyanizbem cattle ranch, ranch potyanarer yoke
potnyanizben herding potyanarwa yoked
potnyanizber lead cattle, herd animals, herd potyanut shepherd
potnyanizbut herder potyanuta pastoral
potnyanut herder potyem cage
potob baby buck, fledgling, cub potyember cage
potog yearling, young bull, heifer, young cow, fledgling potyembwa caged
potpexen trapping potyena animal-like, animalistic, bestial
potpexer trap potyuf fear of animals, zoophobia
potpexut trapper potyufa fearful of animals, zoophobic
potsum litter poxar stopper
pottojbam slaughterhouse poxen arrest, stoppage
pottojbem hunting ground poxer doyov stop crime
pottojben slaughter, slaying, hunting poxer stop, arrest
pottojber slaughter, hunt poxwa stopped, arrested
pottojbut hunter, animal slayer poyn respite, break
pottujem roost poys dyanod comma
pottun zoology poys rest, pause, break, respite
pottuna dem zoological park, zoo poysafxer let rest
pottuna zoological poysafxwu R.I.P., rest in peace
pottunay zoologically poysam inn, motel
pottut zoologist poysaxer put to rest, relieve
potub paw poysaxyea restful
potuben pawing poysea resting
potuber paw poysem rest area, rest stop
potubwa pawed poysen resting, pausing
potuloxar claw poyser rest, pause
potuloxen clawing poysnod comma
potuloxer claw poyxen pausing, bringing to a rest
potuloxun claw mark poyxer pause, bring to a rest

poyxnyuf - puresEdit

poyxnyuf pause button pruxunxem cartridge factory
poyxwa paused, brought to a rest pruxut shooter
pras convulsion pruxwa bey dopar shot by a gun
prasea trembling, convulsing, shuddering pruxwa shot, fired at, discharged, launched
prasen trembling, convulsing, shuddering pruxwas ammunition, shrapnel
praser tremble, convulse, shudder pruxwat shooting victim
prays shiver, shudder Pu fyomir! Go to hell!, To hell with you!
praysea shivering, quivering, dithering, jittering, shuddering puduzar cajon
praysen shivering, quivering, dithering, jittering puduzarut cajon player
prayser shiver, quiver, dither, jitteer, shudder puem point of arrival, arrival point
prayxer give one the shivers, make shudder puen jwob hour of arrival, arrival time
prex crash, shock, wreck, smashup, impact Puer hum efxe ewa jubi. It takes two days to get there.
prexen crashing, wrecking, smashing, impacting pui- arriving-and-leaving, toward-and-away, coming and goings
prexer crash, shock, wreck, smash into puien gonem kiss-and-ride zone
prexovar shock absorber puien arriving and leaving, kiss-and-ride, coming and going
prexwa crashed, smashed into, wrecked, shocked, impacted puix ifek amez baseball diamond
prix rape puix ifek dem baseball park
prixen raping puix ifek yaz baseball mound
prixer rape puix ifek zyun baseball
prixut raper, rapist puix ifek zyuv baseball bat
prixwa raped puix ifek baseball, baseball game
prixwat rape victim puix ifekam baseball stadium
prixyea rapacious puix ifekem baseball field, baseball yard
prosea drowning puix pitch and catch, baseball
prosen drowning pur afzyiun motor vehicle license plate
proser drown pur yanprex car crash
proxer drown pur zeymipar ferry, car ferry
proxwa drowned pur car, motor car, automobile, vehicle, craft, motor vehicle
proxwat drowning victim pura automotive, vehicular
prusen shooting, discharging puram garage
pruser shoot, discharge, go off purbaren running over
prux discharge, shot purbarer run over
pruxar shooter, discharger purbarwa run over
pruxen shooting, firing, discharging purdem car park, parking lot
pruxer dopar fire a gun, discharge a weapon pureb driver, motorist, pilot
pruxer shoot, fire, launch, discharge pureba tef driver's cap
pruxun nyef cartridge pouch pureben driving, piloting, steering
pruxun nyem cartridge casing, shell casing pureber drive, pilot, steer
pruxun zetif cartridge belt purebwa driven, piloted, steered
pruxun cartridge, shell, projectile, bullet pures carriage, wagon, car

purilp fukyes - puyxerEdit

purilp fukyes traffic accident puxgibaren lancing
purilp iklaxun traffic jam puxgibarer lance
purilp izeadrof traffic sign puxgibarut lancer
purilp mansiunar traffic light, traffic signal puxgibarwa lanced
purilp nyaunxen traffic jam, traffic congestion puxgoblar spear
purilp siunar traffic signal puxgoblaren spearing
purilp zyox traffic jam puxgoblarer spear
purilp traffic, vehicular flow puxgoblarut spearer
purim car, wagon, train car, garage puxgoblarwa speared
purizbar steering wheel puxmep trajectory
purizben steering, driving puxnad trajectory
purizber drive, steer puxpibar pitch fork
purizbut driver, steersman puxun projectile, missile
purmep motorway puxunog-ovarea bullet-proof
purpix hitchhike puxunog bullet, projectile, small projectile
purpixen hitchhiking puxunogar pistol, shooter
purpixut hitchhiker puxunogaren gunfire
purpopam motel puxunogarer fire a pistol, shoot
purpotaym motel puxunogtun ballistics
purseuxar car horn, horn puxunogtuna ballistic
purseuxer blow the car horn, honk puxunogtut ballistics expert
pursim car seat, coach seat puxut pitcher, thrower
purtabyex bodywork puxuta tuyaf pitcher's glove
purtabyexam body shop puxuta yaz pitcher’s mound, bump
puryexut valet puxuz parabola, pitch arc, trajectory
puryovbien hijacking puxuza parabolic, trajectoral
puryovbier hijack puxuzsan parabola, parabola shape
puryovbiut hijacker puxuzsana parabolic, parabola-shaped
puryovbiwa hijacked puxuzyiun discus
pus jump, leap puxwa thrown, pitched, cast, projected, launched
pusen jumping, leaping puysegar suem spring mattress
puser jump, leap puyseger bound, bounce, dribble
pusnyif jump rope puysegyea elastic, springy, bouncy
puspen rushing puysegyul elastic, springy stuff
pusper rush puyseker play hopscotch
pusut jumper, leaper puysekun hopscotch
put bug, insect puysen hopping, skipping
pux throw, pitch, toss, hurl, sling, fling, jet puyser hop, skip, bound, bounce
puxen throwing, pitching, launching puyxen tossing, hurling, flinging
puxer throw, cast, launch, pitch puyxer toss, hurl, fling

puyxwa - pyexenEdit

puyxwa tossed, hurled, flung pyaysen hopping, skipping
Pwertorika Puerto Rican pyayser hop, skip
Pwertorikam Puerto Rico pyeit mollusk
Pwertorikama Puerto Rican pyepea crawling
Pwertorikat Puerto Rican pyepegea slithering
pyaea hovering pyepeger slither
pyaer hover pyepen crawling
pyafa ready, able to go pyeper crawl
pyafan readiness, ability to go pyeput crawler
pyafser get ready, prepare oneself pyet reptile
pyafwa ready pyeta reptilian
pyafwan readiness pyex bi yuzpen home run
pyafxen preparation pyex ewa strike two
pyafxer make ready, prepare pyex strike, stroke, hit, coup, blow
pyafxwa prepared pyexar bat, slugger, baton, cudgel
pyapur hovercraft pyexaren batting, slugging, cudgeling
pyas jump, leap, bound, surge, liftoff pyexarer bat, slug, cudgel
pyasea jumping, leaping, bounding, surging pyexarwa batted, slugged, cudgeled
pyasegen bouncing, skipping, jumping up-and-down pyexbuken bruising
pyaseger bounce, hop, skip, jump around pyexbuker bruise
pyasegyea bouncy pyexbukun bruise
pyasen jumping, leaping, bounding, surging, jumping up, shooting upward, projection pyexbukwa bruised
pyaser jump, jump up, leap, bound, surge, shoot up, project, lift off pyexdal debate, argument
pyat bird of prey, raptor pyexdaler debate, argue
pyax shot, launch, fire pyexdalut debater, arguer
pyaxar launcher, shooter pyexdaluwa debatable, arguable
pyaxem launch pad, launch site pyexdalwa debated, argued
pyaxen syob launch pad pyexdalyea argumentative
pyaxen launching pyexdea insulting, offensive
pyaxer izzyuv shoot an arrow, launch an arrow pyexden insult, insulting, offending
pyaxer pyaxfuf launch a missile pyexder insult, offend verbally
pyaxer launch, fire, shoot pyexdwa insulted, offended
pyaxfuf missile, rocket pyexegar whip
pyaxfuftom missile silo pyexegaren zyuf whipping post
pyaxfuftun rocket science pyexegaren battery, whipping, pummeling
pyaxfuftut rocket scientist pyexegarer batter, whip, pummel
pyaxfufyan rocketry pyexegarwa aybil whipped cream
pyaxmep trajectory, missile trajectory pyexegarwa battered, whipped, pummeled, beaten
pyaxun projectile, missile, rocket pyexen zyuv club, bat, cudgel, billy club, billy, mace, nightstick, truncheon
pyaxunog bullet pyexen hitting, striking

pyexer ha zyun oyebbi ha ifekem - pyuxmelukEdit

pyexer ha zyun oyebbi ha ifekem hit the ball out of the park pyosegen tumbling
pyexer mammak strike lightning pyoseger tumble
pyexer tamigpen hit a hom erun pyosen falling, dropping, precipitation
pyexer hit, strike pyoser fall, drop
pyexig swat pyosovar parachute
pyexigar swatter pyot wild animal, wild beast, beast
pyexigen swatting pyota bestial
pyexiger swat pyotem wilderness
pyexigwa swatted pyotuloxen clawing, mauling
pyexovar uzaxen fender-bender, minor traffic accident pyotuloxer claw, maul
pyexovar fender, bumper pyotuloxwa clawed, mauled
pyexuar knocker pyotuyaben pawing
pyexuen knocking pyotuyaber paw
pyexuer knock pyotuyabwa pawed
pyexut hitter, striker, beater pyotyan wild kingdom, wildlife
pyexuwa knocked pyox drop, downthrow
pyexwa hit, stricken, struck pyoxen dropping, downthrow, felling, downing, dumping
pyeyx tap, rap, percussion pyoxer drop, let fall, throw down, fell, topple, dump
pyeyxdaz tap dance pyoxwa dropped, thrown down, felled, dumped
pyeyxdazer tap dance pyoys trip, stumble, pratfall
pyeyxdazut tap dancer pyoysen tripping, stumbling
pyeyxen tapping, rapping pyoyser trip, stumble
pyeyxer tap, rap pyoyxen tripping
pyeyxut tapper, rapper pyoyxer trip
pyeyxwa tapped, rapped pyoyxwa tripped
pyiitayob shell, scallop, conch pyuea reaching
pyiityexen shellfish culture pyuen reaching
pyim provenance, origin pyuer reach, get to
pyisea coming from, being from, hailing from, due to, being the product of pyun goal, target, destination
pyisen provenance pyusen precipitation, lunging, pouncing
pyiser come from, be from, hail from, be due to, be the product of pyuser mimkun run ashore
pyit fish of prey pyuser lunge, pounce, precipitate
pyoduzar bongo drum pyux hit, collision, impact, concussion, bump
pyoduzarut bongo drummer pyuxen colliding, collision, bumping, impacting
pyofa unready, not able to go pyuxer hit, bump into, collide with, knock into, bang, impact
pyolkyin pendulum, plumb pyuxlawa shocked
pyoper run amok, run around wild pyuxlea shocking
pyos fall, drop pyuxlen shocking
pyosa fallen pyuxler shock
pyosea falling, dropping pyuxmeluk crater

pyuxovar - ryifazaEdit

pyuxovar bumper rojaba millennial
pyuxun impact rojabat millennial
pyuxwa bumped, collided, impacted rojabzyus millennial
r-ay-b duz R & B music, Rhythm and blues music rok-ay-rol duz rock-and-roll music
raduzar piano Rom Rome
raduzarut pianist roma goblar shiv
rafab oak, oak tree Roma sagdyun Roman numeral
rafabes drilar reed pen Roma Roman
rafabes reed Romad Latin
rafaob oak, oak wood Romader speak Latin
rafaoba oaken, make of oak Romanya Romanian
rafeb acorn Romanyad Romanian
ralafab linden tree, lime tree Romanyam Romania, Romanian
ralafeb lime Romanyama Romanian
ralafoza lime green Romanyat Romanian
ralefab maple, maple tree Romat Roman
ralefaob maple wood romifyaxeb monsignor
ralefaoba maple, made of maple wood ruduzar cymbalist, cymbals
ralofab elm, elm tree rufab plane tree
ralofaob elm wood Rusa Russian
ralofaoba made of elm wood, elm wood Rusad Russian
reduzar harp Rusam Russia
reduzarut harpist Rusama Russian
refab beech tree Rusat Russian
refaob beechwood Rwanda Rwandan
refaoba made of beechwood Rwandad Kinyarwanda
refeb beechnut Rwandam Rwanda
Rege duz Reggae music Rwandama Rwandan
repad scream Rwandat Rwandan
repaden screaming ryaduzar lyre
repader scream ryaduzarut lyre player
riduzar harpsichord ryafab birch tree, birch, silver birch
riduzarut harpsichordist ryafaob birch wood
rifab chestnut tree ryafaoba made of birch wood
rifaob chestnut wood ryeduzar oud
rifaoba made of chestnut ryefab locust tree, acacia
rifeb chestnut ryifab sweet chestnut tree
rifyayza brownish ryifayoza dark brown
rifyaza brown, maroon ryifayza brownish
ro the letter r ryifaza chestnut brown, brown

ryoduzar - saibyanxwaEdit

ryoduzar xylophone sagea numbering
ryoduzarut xylophonist sagen enumeration
ryofab poplar tree, poplar sager enumerate, number
ryuafab weeping willow tree sagmus numeric scale, index
ryufab willow tree sagnapa in numerical order
Sa hyoa kyiun It was no problem., You're welcome., No problem., It was no big deal. sagnapxer arrange in numerical order
sab body, corpus sagnapxwa arranged in numerical order
saduzar accordion sagsin figure, cipher
saduzarut accordionist sagsiyn number sign
saea comprising, representing sagtuin number theory, numerology
saer form, represent, comprise sagtuina numerological
safayb tea plant sagtuit numerologist
safayeb tea leaf sagtun mathematics
safel bay level sweetened tea sagtuna kyasiun mathematical variable
safel bay lifeb tea with lemon sagtuna mathematical
safel boy level unsweetened tea sagtunay mathematically
safel magilsyeb teakettle sagtut mathematician
safel tea sagtuun statistic
safelam teahouse sagtuuna statistical
safelnyef teabag sagtuuni statistics
safelsyeb teacup sagtuunut statistician
safelyeb tea urn sagvelek numbers game, gamble, lottery, numbers racket, numbers pool
sag awa number one sagveleken playing the numbers, gambling, betting, playing the lottery
sag tayoxar number pad sagveleker play the numbers, gamble, bet, play the lottery
sag zyiun number plate sagvelekut gambler, better, lottery player, numbers player
sag number sagvelekwa gambled
saga numeric sagyaun byte
sagaun digit, bit sagzyiun seuz dial tone
sagauna digital sagzyiun dial
sagaunxer digitalize, digitize sagzyiunen dialing
sagaunxwa digitalized, digitized sagzyiuner ha yibdalar dial the telephone, dial the phone
sagay numerically sagzyiuner dial
sagaya numerous sagzyiunwa dialed
sagdar enumerator saib strut
sagden counting, enumeration saibyan frame, framework, structure, skeleton, scaffolding
sagder count, count out loud, enumerate, number saibyana skeletal, structural
sagdwa enumerated, numbered, counted saibyanay structurally
sagdyofwa innumerable saibyanxen structuring
sagdyofway innumerably saibyanxer structure
sagdyun numeral saibyanxwa structured

salun - sanxea goypurEdit

salun specimen sanien taking shape, formation
Salvadora Salvadoran sanier take shape, form
Salvadoram San Salvador sanika intact
Salvadorama Salvadoran sanikan intactness
Salvadorat Salvadoran sanin formalism
sam armoire, chest, chest of drawers sanina formalistic
samos etagere, shelf, shelves, shelving saninut formalist
san shape, form, figure sankyaser transform, metamorphose, mutate
sana formal sankyaxen transformation, metamorphosing, mutation, metamorphism
sanan formality sankyaxena meg metamorphic rock
sanaxen formalization sankyaxena transformational, mutational, metamorphic
sanaxer formalize sankyaxenay transformationally, mutationally
sanay formally sankyaxer transform, metamorphose, mutate
sanaya shapely sankyaxir transformer
sanayan shapeliness sankyaxwa transformed, metamorphosed, mutated
sandras formula sankyaxyofwa immutable
sandrasa formulaic sankyaxyofwan immutability
sandrasyena formulaic sankyaxyofway immutably
sandrawa formulated sankyos sediment
sandren formulation sankyosea meg sedimentary rock
sandrena formulaic sankyosea sedimentary
sandrer formulate sankyosen settling, sedimentation
sandrun formula sankyoser settle, sediment
sandruna formulaic sanoka flabby
sandrunxen formulation sanokea losing shape, going flabby
sandrunxer formulate sanoker lose shape, go flabby
sanfen tailoring sanoya formless
sanfer tailor sanoyan formlessness
sanfut tailor sansea forming, formative
sanfutam tailor shop sanser form, morph, take shape
sanfwa tailored santun morphology
sangela conformant santuna morphological
sangelay in conformance santunay morphologically
sangelea conforming santut morphologist
sangelen conformance sanuen giving shape to, forming, formation
sangeler conform sanuer give shape to, form, lend shape to
sangoblar carving knife sanuka formless
sangoblawa carved, sculpted sanukan formlessness
sangobler carve, cut to a form, sculpt sanuwa shaped, formed
sangoblun sculpture, carving sanxea goypur fretsaw

sanxen - saxer duzEdit

sanxen formation, shaping, molding saser develop, come to be, turn out, evolve
sanxena formational saswa developed, evolved
sanxenay formationally sat creature, being
sanxer form, shape, mold saun kind, genre, type, genus, species, sort
sanxwa formed, shaped, molded sauna generic, typical
sanxyea formative saunaben classification, sorting
sanyan format, configuration, composite, composition, mold saunaber classify, assign to a type, sort
sanyanxen configuration, formatting, composing saunabwa classified, sorted
sanyanxer configure, format, compose saunasea typifying
sanyanxut composer saundras plan, project
sanyanxwa composed, configured, formatted saundrawa planned, projected
sanyeven criticism saundren planning, projecting
sanyever critique, criticize saundrer plan
sanyevut critic saundrut planner
sanyevwa critiqued, criticized saunes sample
sapat partridge saunesien sampling
sapiaden crying saunesier sample
sapiader cry saunesiwa sampled
sapiat swan saunnapxen sorting
sapit herring saunnapxer sort
sapot hedgehog saunnapxwa sorted
sar instrument, tool, device, utility, apparatus saunser typify, be modeled after
sara instrumental sauntun typology
sarnyem toolbox sauntuna typological
sarog gadget sauntunay typologically
sarogyan gadgetry sauntut typologist
sarsaxen making tools, toolmaking saunxen classification
sarsaxer make a tool saunxer classify
sarsaxut toolmaker saunxwa classified
sarsea instrumental, helpful sav reason, rationale
sarser be instrumental, help, be a tool, be of use sava rational, reasonable
sartim tool shed, tool room savob fern, mushroom
sartom tool shed Sawda Arabam Saudi Arabia
sarxen utilization, making use of Sawda Saudi
sarxer utilize, make use of Sawdat Saudi
sarxwa utilized saxam factory, plant
saryan instrumentation, equipment, tool set, gear saxeb foreman
saryanyem gearbox, toolbox saxem plant, factory
sasea developing, evolving saxen fabrication, making, craft, manufacturing, creation, production, development
sasen development, evolution saxer duz create music

saxer taxdras - SenegalamEdit

saxer taxdras cut a record seat being, creature
saxer make, fabricate, create, craft, manufacture seaten noting, taking note of, noticing
saxim studio, lab seater note, take note of, notice
saxun creation, product seatwa noted, noticed
saxut creator, manufacturer, fabricator, developer, maker seduzar bandoneon
saxwa created, fabricated, made, crafted, manufactured, developed sefayb coffee plant
saxwas creation, product sefeb coffee bean
saxwat creature sefel bay bil cafe au lait
saxyea creative sefel bay bilyug coffee with cream
saxyean creativity sefel bay level coffee with sugar
saxyeay creatively sefel boy bilyug black coffee
sayeb layer, foil, sheet, slab sefel mulyonxur percolator
sayebxen layering sefel coffee
sayebxer layer sefelam cafe, coffee house
sayebxwa layered sefelsyeb coffee cup
saz sculpture sefelyeb coffee urn, coffee pot
saza sculptural sefmul caffeine
sazer sculpt, carve sefmuluka caffeine-free
sazgoblar chisel sefmulxwa caffeinated
sazgoblawa chiseled sefoza coffee brown
sazgoblen chiseling seib projection, ledge, jut, marquee, lever, cantilever, balcony
sazgobler chisel seibsea jutting out, protruding, projecting, sticking out
sazgoblut chiseler seibser jut out, protrude, project, stick out
sazim sculpture studio sem table
sazun sculpture, carving semben setting the table
sazut sculptor, carver sember seat at the table, set the table
sazwa sculpted, carved sembun table setting
sazyonar chisel semes board, blackboard
sazyonaren chiseling semeut camper
sazyonarer chisel semof table cloth, tablecloth
sazyonarut chiseler semog tablet, shelf
sazyonarwa chiseled semov table linen, table cloth
Se eta nayb eker. It's your turn to play. sempa seated at the table
sea being sempea sitting at the table
sead affidavit semper sit down at the table
sean being, essence semub flap, table flap
seasea apparent sen being, essence
seasean appearance sena essential
seaseay apparently Senegala Senegalese
seasen appearance, apparition Senegalam Senegal

Senegalama - seuxrarEdit

Senegalama Senegalese seuxalpuibar radio transmitter-receiver, radio
Senegalat Senegalese seuxar horn, klaxon
sepat quail seuxarager blare
sepetulob spine seuxarea honking, tooting, beeping
sepit barbel seuxaren honking, tooting, beeping
sepot porcupine seuxarer honk, toot, beep
ser bekul fuyixut be a drug abuser seuxaya sonorous
ser bekul grayixut be a drug addict seuxayan sonorousness
ser ifkyoxwa be bekuli be hooked on drugs seuxaz volume
ser tyuwa bay be acquainted with seuxaza loud
ser be seuxazan loudness, volume
Serbya Serbian seuxazaser get louder
Serbyad Serbian seuxazaxen turning up the volume
Serbyam Serbia seuxazaxer make louder, turn up the volume
Serbyama Serbian seuxazay loudly
Serbyat Serb seuxbyex bang
seubob lip, rim seuxbyexea banging
seupan cadence seuxbyexen banging
seupana cadenced seuxbyexer bang
seusar bell seuxbyexun bang
seusarager bong, clang, ding-dong seuxbyexwa banged
seusaram bell tower seuxden sounding out, pronunciation, articulation, enunciation
seusarea chiming, ringing seuxder sound out, pronounce, articulate, enunciate
seusaren chiming, ringing seuxdrar recorder
seusarer chime, ring seuxdras recording, record, phonograph
seusaroger tinkle seuxdrer record
seuser ring, sound, sound like, honk, toot, blare, chime, clang seuxdwa sounded out, pronounced, articulated, enunciated
seux azan volume, loudness seuxen making a sound, ring, sounding
seux sound seuxer make a sound, ring, sound, honk, toot, beep, clang, bang
seuxa leduzar acoustic guitar seuxibar ibun radio reception
seuxa leduzarut acoustic guitarist seuxibar radio, radio receiver
seuxa acoustic, sonic seuxibarer radio
seuxag noise, big sound seuxibun radio reception
seuxagea emitting a loud noise, ringing out seuxika sonorous
seuxagen emission of a loud noise, ringing out seuxikan sonorousness
seuxager emit a loud noise, ring out seuxnaudar radio
seuxalp sound wave, acoustic wave, sonic wave seuxnid acoustic volume, volume
seuxalpdrar oscilloscope, sonogram seuxoya silent
seuxalpdras sonograph seuxoyan silence
seuxalpibar radio receiver seuxrar horn, honker, tooter, hooter

seuxraren - sexyenEdit

seuxraren honking, tooting, hooting seuznadikay melodiously
seuxrarer honk, toot, hoot seuznadoya unmelodious
seuxraruen honking the horn, beeping the horn, tooting the horn, sounding the horn seuznadoyay unmelodiously
seuxraruer honk the horn, beep the horn, toot the horn, hound the horn seuznaduka unmelodious
seuxtun acoustics seuznadukan unmelodiousness
seuxtuna acoustic seuznadukay unmelodiously
seuxtunay acoustically seuzteefyofa tone deaf, tone-deaf
seuxtut acoustics expert seuzteefyofan tone deafness
seuxubar radio transmitter seuzteefyofser become tone deaf
seuxubun radio transmission, radio broadcast seuzteefyofxen rendering tone deaf
seuxuka sound-free, silent seuzteefyofxer render tone deaf
seuxukan emptiness of sound, silence seuzteefyofxwa rendered tone deaf
seuxur siren seuztun tonetics
seuxurea blaring, going off seuztuna tonetic
seuxuren blaring, going off seuztunay tonetically
seuxurer blare, go off seuztut tonetician
seuxwa sounded, rung seuzuen toning
seuxyan acoustics, audio seuzuer tone up
seuxyana acoustic, audio seuzuka toneless
seuz bi teuz tone of voice seuzuwa toned
seuz dar tone language sevob thistle
seuz drezun tone poem sex construct, structure
seuz izbex tone control sexa structural
seuz sizun tone painting sexam factory
seuz tone sexeb master builder
seuza tonal sexem building site, construction site
seuzan tonality sexen ifek erector set
seuzaun toneme sexen construction
seuzaxen tuning sexer build, construct
seuzaxer tune sexlawa founded
seuzaxut tuner sexlen foundation
seuzaxwa tuned sexler found
seuzay tonally sexlun foundation
seuznad melody, tune sexun building, construct
seuznada melodic sexut builder, constructor
seuznaday melodically sexwa built, constructed
seuznadaya melodious sexyanul mortar, construction mortar
seuznadayan melodiousness sexyea constructive
seuznadayay melodiously sexyean constructiveness
seuznadika melodious sexyen structure

sexyena - singondrenEdit

sexyena structural simoben unseating, de-seating, removal
seyen status simober de-seat, take away one's seat
seyena status-related simobwa unseated, de-seated, removed
seym desk, small table simoker lose a seat, lose one's seat
sib shaft, frustum simopen getting up from a sitting position, getting up from a chair
siblawa collected, gathered simoper get up from a sitting position, get up from a chair
siblen gathering, collecting simpa seated
sibler gather, collect simpea sitting, sitting down
siblun collection, gathering simper sit down, sit, have a seat
siduzar concertina, marima sin image, picture
siduzarut concertina player sina pictorial
sifabes pepper plant sinalp television signal
sifayb black current bush sinalpibar television, t.v., telly
sifeb pepper sinalpibaren television
sifebteil chili sinalpibarer televise
sifyayb black current, cassis sinalpibarwa televised
sifyol pepper sinalpibun television reception
sifyolaya peppery, hot, spicy sinalpubar television camera
sifyolbar pepper shaker sinalpubun television broadcast, television transmission
sifyolbaya peppery, hot sinar camera, viewer
sifyolber pepper sinarzyev lens
sifyolbwa peppered sindraf chart, visual chart
sifyolyena hot, spicy, peppery, piquant sindrawa described, illustrated, depicted
siim bench sindrawas description, depiction
Sikin Sikhism sindrea adun descriptive adjective
Sikina fam Sikh temple sindrea dyun appellative, descriptive name
Sikina Sikhi sindrea descriptive, illustrative, depicting
Sikinat Sikh sindren description, illustration, depiction
sim chair sindrena descriptive
simbeea sitting sindrer describe, illustrate, depict
simbeer have a seat, be sitting sindresiyn pictograph, ideograph, character
simben sitting, session sindresiyna pictographic, ideographic
simber assign a seat, seat sindrof poster, picture board
simbia seated, sitting Singapora Singaporean
simbien taking a seat, sitting down Singaporam Singapore
simbier take a seat, sit, sit down Singaporama Singaporean
simbuen offering a seat Singaporat Singaporean
simbuer offer a seat singon feature
simbuwa offered a seat singondrawa featured, described
simbwa seated singondren featuring, describing, description

singondrer - sirxerEdit

singondrer feature, describe sinzyefen mirroring
sinibar mansinar television camera sinzyefer mirror
sinibar television, television set, t.v., t.v. set sinzyefnam mirror shop
sinibaren television sinzyefnamut mirror retailer
sinibarer televise sinzyefut mirror-maker
sinibarim den, t.v. room, t.v. den sinzyefwa mirrored
sinibarwa televised sinzyev mirror
sinibun anyan t.v. series sipat woodcock
sinibun television program, t.v. show sipit anchovy
sinien visualization, imagination sipot mole
sinier visualize, imagine sipotayob moleskin
siniwa imagined, imaginary sir machine
sinjubdren magazine, illustrated review sira mechanical
sinmis picture window sirdrar typewriter
sinuar screen sirdrawa typewritten
sinuaren screening sirdren typewriting
sinuarer screen sirdrer type, typewrite
sinuarwa screen sirdresiyn type
sinubar television camera, t.v. camera sirdresiynnad line of type
sinubun telecast sirdrun typed copy
sinuem scene, stage, exhibition site, display site sirdrut typist, secretary
sinuer display, exhibit, show, depict sirdrutyan typist pool, secretary pool
sinuun display, exhibit, show, depiction sirin mechanistic theory
sinuut display artist, exhibitor sirina mechanistic
sinuwa displayed, exhibited, depicted sirinut mechanist
sinuwasyan scenery sirog contrivance, contraption, device, gadget
sinuwasyana scenic sirogyan gadgetry
sinxea depicting, descriptive sirtob robot, automaton
sinxen depiction, description sirtoba robotic
sinxer depict, describe sirtun technology
sinxun depiction, description sirtuna technological
sinyena picturesque, quaint sirtunay technologically
sinyuz frame, picture frame sirtut technologist
sinyuzben framing sirtyen mechanics
sinyuzber frame sirtyena mechanical
sinyuzbwa framed sirtyenut mechanic, machinist
sinyuznad picture frame sirun mechanism
sinyuznadben framing sirut mechanic
sinyuznadber frame sirxen mechanization
sinyuznadbwa framed sirxer mechanize

sirxwa - sojabaEdit

sirxwa mechanized siyndun remark
siryan machinery siynduwa remarkable
siryen technique siyndwa remarked
siryena machine-like, technical siyndyefwa notable, remarkable
siryenan technicality siyndyefway notably, remarkably
siryenay technically Siyndyefwe hav It should be noted that
siun bi ha jobi sign of the times siz painting
siun bi ha zeys sign of the cross sizam painting gallery
siun sign sizer paint
siunar signal sizes medal
siunaren signaling sizesag medallion
siunarer signal sizesien winning a meal
siunarut signaler, signalman sizesier win a medal
siunarwa signaled sizesiut medal winner
siunaryan signage sizesuen medal presentation
siundrof sign board, signboard, poster, sign, billboard sizesuer award a medal
siunen signing sizesuut medal presenter
siuner make a sign, give a sign, signal sizesuwa awarded a medel
siuntun semiology sizesyan medal chest
siuntuna semiological sizim painting studio
siuntunay semiologically sizun painting
siuntut semiologist sizut painter
siunxea signaling, signifying, indicating, indicative Skota Scottish, Scotch
siunxeay indicatively Skotad Scottish Gaelic
siunxen signaling, signifying, indicating, indication Skotam Scotland
siunxer signal, signify, indicate Skotama Scottish, Scotch
siunxwa signaled, signified, indicated Skotat Scot
siunzyuf signpost Slovakya Slovak
sivob nettle, stinging nettle Slovakyad Slovak, Slovakian
siym seat Slovakyam Slovakia
siyn mark Slovakyama Slovak, Slovakian
siynben marking Slovakyat Slovak
siynber mark Slovenya Slovene
siynbun marking Slovenyad Slovenian
siynbwa marked Slovenyam Slovenia
siynden remark, remarking Slovenyama Slovene
siynder remark Slovenyat Slovene
siyndras note so the letter s
siyndrawa notated, jotted down, noted sojab century
siyndren notation, jotting down, noting sojaba centennial

som - suduzarutEdit

som furniture, furnishing, item of furniture sonyever critique
Somalya Somali sonyevut critique
Somalyad Somali sonyevwa critiqued
Somalyam Somalia Spanya Spanish
Somalyama Somali Spanyad Spanish
Somalyat Somali Spanyam Spain
sombelen kyinpur moving truck Spanyama Spanish
sombelen nox moving expense Spanyat Spaniard
somben furnishing squirt = IL+,PUX+,ZYA- '
somber furnish su huuyen amen
somblur moving truck, moving van suam pillow, pillow cushion
somblut mover suan element
sombwa furnished suana elemental
somipen moving, moving out suandraf chart of elements
somiper move, move out suantun chemistry
sommanar lamp suantuna chemical
somnyeb drawer suantunay chemically
somnyebyan set of drawers suantut chemist
somos nyen shelf stock suanyan synthesis
somos shelf suanyana synthetic
somosaber shelve, put on the shelf suanyanxen synthesis, synthesizing
somosabut shelver, shelf clerk suanyanxer synthesize
somostej shelf life suanyanxwa synthesized
somosyan shelving, rack suanyon analysis
sompipea moving, moving out suanyona analytic, analytical
somsaxam carpenter’s shop suanyonar analyzer
somsaxen tuzutyan carpenters’ guild suanyonut analyst
somsaxen carpentry suanyonxen analysis, analyzing
somsaxer make furniture, do carpentry suanyonxer analyze
somsaxut carpenter suanyonxwa analyzed
somtyen cabinetmaking suav pillowcase, pillowslip
somtyenut cabinetmaker suaym cushion, bed cushion
somupea moving in sub offshoot
somupen moving in Sudana Sudanese
somuper move in Sudanad Sudanese
somyan furniture, real estate, furnishings Sudanam Sudan
son matter, thing, affair, issue Sudanama Sudanese
sonog trifling matter Sudanat Sudanese
sonyan affairs, business suduzar harmonica
sonyev critique suduzarut harmonica player

suem - sunyanxenEdit

suem mattress sumtim bedroom
suemnam mattress retailer, mattress store sumtimyan dormitory, dorm
suemnamut mattress dealer, mattress seller sumtimyandet dorm mate
suemof bedspread sumtof pajamas, bedclothes
suemov sheet sumyan bedding, litter
suemoyf blanket, cover sun thing
suemsaxut mattress maker suna real
suemxen padding, upholstering sunam bazaar
suemxer pad, upholster sunan reality
suemxwa padded, upholstered sundyun noun
suen procurement, provision, providing, procuring sundyuna nominal
suer procure, provide sundyunxen nominalization
sufabes strawberry bush sundyunxer nominalize
sufeb strawberry sundyunxwa nominalized
sufel strawberry juice sunes item
suib joint sunesben itemization
suiben articulation sunesber itemize
suibwa articulated sunesbwa itemized
suim box spring, spring, bedspring sunesnapxar sorter
sul base, chemical base sunesnapxen sorting
sula basic sunesnapxer ha nyan sort the deck
sum zyuf bedpost sunesnapxer sort, sort out
sum bed sunesnapxwa sorted, sorted out
sumben putting to bed, bedding sunsen materialization
sumber put to bed, bed sunser materialize
sumbexwa bed-ridden sunxen realization
sumbuyk bedsore sunxer realize
sumbwa put to bed, bedded down sunxwa realized
sumdet bedmate sunyan category
sumes couchette sunyana categorical
sumkum besen bedside vigil sunyandras program
sumkumbesen bedside vigil sunyandrawa programmed
summanar bed lamp sunyandren programming
sumog cot sunyandrer program
sumopa out of bed sunyandrut programmer
sumoper get up from the bed, get up sunyanes sort
sumpa lying down, recumbent, in bed sunyanesben sorting, assortment
sumpea reclining, lying in bed, recumbent sunyanesber sort
sumpen reclining, going to bed, retiring, lying down, bedding down sunyanesbwa sorted
sumper recline, go to bed, retire, lie down, bed down sunyanxen categorization

sunyanxer - syagdraverEdit

sunyanxer categorize Swedam Sweden
sunyanxwa categorized Swedama Swedish
sunyen structure Swedat Swede
sunyena structural syaag calculus, computation
sunyenay structurally syaagar calculator, calculating machine
sunyenxen structuring syaagen computation, calculation
sunyenxer structure syaagena computational, calculative
sunyenxwa structured syaager compute, calculate
supat lark syaagir jadren computer programming
supit gilt-head, sea bream syaagir jadrer program
supot skunk syaagir jadrun computer program
sur motor, engine syaagir jadrut computer programmer
surmipar motorboat syaagir computer
surtyen engineering syaagira cybernetic
surtyena engineering-related syaagirtun cybernetics, computer science
surtyenut engineer syaagirtuna cybernetic
surtyenxen engineering syaagirtunay cybernetically
surtyenxer engineer syaagirtut computer scientist
surtyenxwa engineered syaagirxen computerization
surxen motorization syaagirxer computerize
surxer motorize syaagirxwa computerized
surxwa enzyukpar motorcycle, motorbike syaagtun calculus
surxwa mipar motorboat syaagtut calculus expert
surxwa motorized syaagwa calculated
Surya Syrian syaagyafwa calculable, computable
Suryam Syria syaagyafwan calculability, computability
Suryama Syrian syaagyafway calculably, computably
suryan heavy equipment syaagyofwa incalculable, non-computable
Suryat Syrian syaagyofwan incalculability, non-computability
suun procurement, provision syab summit, peak, top, pinnacle, cap
suwa procured, provided syaben capping, topping off
suym couch, divan, sofa, sleeping sofa syaber cap, put a ceiling on, top off
suz artifact, piece d'art syabwa capped, topped off
suza artificial syag count, tally
suztob mannequin syagar counter, counting machine
suzyan art collection syagay computationally
suzyanam museum syagder account for
suzyanameb museum curator syagdrav ledger, account
Sweda Swedish syagdraven accounting, bookkeeping, mumber-crunching
Swedad Swedish, Swedish language syagdraver keep the books

syagdravut - syoboblawaEdit

syagdravut accountant, bookkeeper, number-cruncher syem establishment, setup, institution
syagen counting, tallying syemben installing, installation
syagena computational syember install
syager count, tally syembun installation
syagsem counter syembut installer
syagsemut cashier syembwa installed
syaguwa nas cash syembwas installment
syaguwa countable syemser establish oneself, get installed, get instituted
syagwa counted, tallied syemxen establishment, institution, establishing, instituting, setting up
syagyan accounts syemxer establish, institute, set up
syagyem account syemxwa established, instituted, set up
syagyofwa incalculable, innumerable syemxwas establishment, institution, setup
syagyofway incalculably, innumerably syen style, fashion, mould, mode
syan species syena stylistic, fashion-related
syana specific, special syenin mannerism
syanes type syenizon trend
syanesa typical syentun manners
syanesxen typification syenxen styling, fashioning, moulding
syanesxer typify syenxer style, fashion, mould
syanesxwa typified syenxut stylist, fashionista
syanog category syenxwa styled, fashioned, moulded
syanoga categorical syenyan manners, fashions
syanogxen categorizing, categorization syenyena stylish, fashionable
syanogxer categorize syepat woodpecker
syanogxwa categorized syin-mepxwa subject-oriented
syanxen classification, specification syin subject
syanxer classify, specify syina subjective
syanxwa classified, specified syinan subjectivity
syapat black grouse syinay subjectively
syapit hake syob bi pien home base
syeb container, bin, vessel, receptacle syob base, foundation, fundament, basis, bottom, ground, root
syebag bin syoba tomofem base camp
syebea containing syoba basic, foundational, fundamental
syeben containment syobay basically, fundamentally
syeber contain syobdun root word
syebwa contained syobem base, post
syeen fashion, manner, mode syober base, found, ground
syeena manneristic syobmas pedestal, substratum, underpinning, footing
syeenaya fashionable syobnad bottom line, baseline
syeeninut fashionista syoboblawa eradicated

syoboblen - tabijEdit

syoboblen eradication taameb head of household, lord, master
syobobler eradicate taamebea dominant
syoboya baseless, groundless, unfounded taameben heading a household, lording, domination, mastery
syobuka baseless, groundless, unfounded taameber head a household, lord over, dominate, master
syobux root cause taamem homestead, estate
syobvyan axiom, principle taameyb lady of the house, dame, mistress
syobvyana axiomatic taamif home sweet home
syobwa be based on taamuktos nostalgia, homesickness
syobwa based, founded, grounded, rooted taamuktosea nostalgic, homesick
syobyan infrastructure taamuktosen being nostalgic, feeling homesick
syobyex groundwork taamuktoser be nostalgic, feel homesick
syobzyim platform taamweb headmaster, lord, male head of household
syobzyun zaobyexer baseball bat taamxen domestication, taming
syofabes red current bush taamxer domesticate, tame
syofeb red current taamxut tamer
syoib hinge, joint taamxwa domesticated, tamed
syoiben hinging taamyena cozy, homey
syoiber hinge, hinge on tab syag body count
syoibwa hinged tab tayeb body hair
syopat pheasant tab utsinyen body image
syopit sardine tab body, corpus
syoyab pod taba basyen body language
syufi effects taba bodily, corporal
syun-mepxwa object-oriented tabablax body massage, body rub
syun object tabablaxut masseur
syuna objective tabablaxuyt masseuse
syunan objectivity tabaga corpulent
syunay objectively tabagan corpulence, size
syunes article tabaka physically sound, healthy
syunxen objectification tabakan physical soundness, health
syunxer objectify tabakay healthily
syunxwa objectified taban corporality
syunyena objective tabay corporally, bodily
syunyenan objectivity tabazaxen body-building, bodybuilding
syunyenay objectively tabazaxer do body-building, work out, do bodybuilding
syunyenin objectivism tabazaxut body-builder, bodybuilder
taab lymph, lymph node tabes organism
taaba lymphatic tabgon body part
taam home, abode, homestead tabibnyana nyif spinal cord
taama domestic, tame, home tabij embryo

tabija - tadokerEdit

tabija embryonic tabsem bier
tabijyena embryonic, embryo-like tabsin figure
tabil humor, body fluid tabsina figurative
tabila humoral tabsindras figure drawing
tabkex body search tabsindrer draw a figure
tabkum flank tabsindrun figure drawing
tabmeluk kobiut grave robber tabsindrut figure drawer
tabmeluk meg tomb stone, grave stone, tombstone, gravestone, headstone tabteax autopsy
tabmeluk grave, tomb tabteaxer do an autopsy, autopsy
tabmelukem graveyard, burial ground tabtun anatomy
tabmelukxen entombment, burial tabtuna anatomical
tabmelukxer entomb, bury tabtunay anatomically
tabmelukxut gravedigger tabtut anatomist
tabmelukxwa entombed, buried tabutoptunay neuropsychological
tabnyaun sagmus body mass index tabutoptut neuropsychologist
tabnyaun body mass tabuzlea squirming, writhing
tabnyef body bag tabuzlen squirming, writhing
tabnyem coffin tabuzler squirm, writhe
tabnyeym mes bier tabyan tamog cabin in the woods, log cabin
tabnyeym coffin, casket tabyuz tegument
tabobelun remains, corpse tad spouse
tabog corpuscle tada marital, spousal
taboga corpuscular tadan marital state, marriage
taboka physically unwell, ill tadat in-law
tabokam hospital tadayt female in-law
tabokan physical unwellness, unwellness, illness tadbuer endow
tabokat physically ill person tadbun dowry, endowment
tabos ifbuut organ donor tadbuwa endowed
tabos organ taddyun married name
tabosa organic tadien marriage, wedding
tabosay organically tadienxel wedding, nuptials
tabostun physiology tadier get married, marry, wed
tabostuna physiological tadiwa married, wedded
tabostunay physiologically tadiwat married person
tabostut physiologist tadoka widowed
tabosyan organism tadokat widow, widower
tabovmas shield, armor, body armor, body shield tadokatan widowhood
taboyga squat tadokayt widow
taboygsea squatting tadoken losing a spouse, being widowed
taboygser squat tadoker be widowed, lose a spouse

tadokwat - tajberEdit

tadokwat widower tafsaxam tailor shop
tadon marriage tafsaxen tailoring
tadsa married, wedded tafsaxer tailor
tadsen marriage, wedding tafsaxut tailor
tadsenxel wedding tafsaxuyt tailoress
tadser get married, wed tafut tailor
taduen marriage tafutam tailor shop
taduer marry, officiate at a marriage, marry off, give away in marriage taib gyian bone density
taduut marriage official, justice of the peace taib sunyen bone structure
taduwa married taib bone
tadwat male in-law taiba osseous, bony
tadxer marry taibaya bony
tadxwa married taibayan boniness
tadyan husband and wife, couple, married couple taibil bone marrow
tadyana conjugal taibnyan skeleton
tadyovxea adulterous taibnyana skeletal
tadyovxen adultery taiboben boning, de-boning
tadyovxer commit adultery taibober de-bone, bone
tadyovxut adulterer taibobwa boned, de-boned
tadyuv marital bond taibog osselet, nodule
tadyuvfuxen adultery taibsa ossified
tadyuvfuxer commit adultery taibsen ossification
tadyuvfuxut adulterer taibser ossify
tadyuvfuxwa adulterated taibyan ossature
taeb nif muscle fiber taibyel ossein
taeb muscle taibyem ossuary
taeba muscular taibyena bony
taebaya muscle-bound taibyenan boniness
taebayat muscleman taj valdras birth certificate
taeboya scrawny taj birth
taeboyan scrawniness taja natal
taebxen muscling up tajas creature
taebxer muscle up tajat baby, offspring
taebxwa muscled up, brawny tajata infantile
taebxwan brawniness tajatan babyhood, infancy
taebxwat muscleman tajatog little baby
taebyan musculature tajatyena infantile, babyish, childish
taem domicile tajayt baby girl, infant girl
taemer have as one's residence tajben giving birth, bearing a child, birthing, breeding, engendering, begetting
taf suit, outfit tajber bear, give birth, birth, bring into the world, carry a child, breed, engender, beget

tajbikut - takibnyanaEdit

tajbikut midwife, natal care specialist tajmeminut nativist
tajboa pregnant tajmemyuva patriotic
tajboan pregnancy tajmemyuvan patriotism
tajboaser get pregnant, get impregnated tajmemyuvat patriot
tajboaxen impregnation tajna native, native-born, indigenous
tajboaxer impregnate, get pregnant tajnad breed, brood
tajboaxwa impregnated tajnadxen breeding
tajboayt pregnant woman tajnadxer breed
tajbua fertile tajnadxwa bred
tajbuan fertility tajnat native, indigenous person
tajbuaxen fertilization tajnatin nativism
tajbuaxer fertilize tajnay natively, indigenously
tajbuaxuwa fertilizable tajneg generation
tajbuaxuwan fertilizability tajnega generational
tajbuaxwa fertilized tajnegay generationally
tajbuaxyafwa fertilizable tajnegser generate
tajbuaxyafwan fertilizability tajnegxea generative
tajbwa born, begotten, engendered, birthed, in-born tajnegxen generation
tajbwat baby, infant, bairn tajnegxer generate
tajbwata infantile tajnegxwa generated
tajbwatan infancy tajsaun genus
tajbwatyena babyish tajted birth parent, birth father, natural father
tajbwayt baby girl, infant girl tajteyd birth mother, natural mother
tajdel birth notice tajtyan birth class, social standing
tajdom home town, birthplace town tajtyen talent, in-born skill
tajdyezun biopic tajtyenaya talented
tajdyun given name, birth name, first name, maiden name, nee tajtyenika talented
tajem birthplace, place of birth tajtyenoya untalented, talentless
tajen being born tajtyenuka untalented, talentless
tajer be born tajwat baby boy, infant boy
tajjub ivxel birthday party tajyaf kexut talent scout
tajjub leyavol birthday cake tajyafon talent, in-born ability, god-given talent, native ability
tajjub xel birthday celebration tajyafonika talented, full of talent, talentedness
tajjub birthday tajyafonikat talented person
tajjud date of birth tajyafonuka untalented, devoid of talent
tajmem homeland, native country, fatherland takib vertebra
tajmema native takiba vertebral
tajmemifa patriotic takibaya vertebrate
tajmemifan patriotism takibnyan spine, spinal column, vertebral column, backbone
tajmemifut patriot takibnyana spinal

tam vob - tamoyaEdit

tam vob house plant tameben dominance, mastery, lording over, domineering
tam vozilbut house painter tameber dominate, master, lord over
tam house, domicile, dwelling, home, habitat, habitation, abode, lodging tamebwa mastered, lorded over, dominated
tama emdyun home address tamebyea dominant, domineering
tama domiciliary tameon duplex
tamab domain, dominion tameyb mistress
tamag mansion, manse, manor, domain tamien taking up residence, moving in, settlement
tamageben lording over, domination tamigpen home run
tamageber lord over, dominate tamiper leave home, move, resettle, strike out
tamagebwa lorded over, dominated tamkexen house hunting
tamageyb lady of the manor tamkexer house hunt
tamagweb lord of the manor tamkexut house hunter
tamayg residence tamkum side of the house
tamayt homemaker, housewife tamkyax kyinpur moving van
tamaz castle, keep tamkyaxen moving, change of residence, relocation
tamazeb head of the castle, lord of the castle tamkyaxer help move, help relocate, move, change residence, relocate
tamazeyb castle mistress tamkyaxut mover
tamazweb castle master, lord of the castle tamkyaxutyan moving firm
tambeen habitation, owning a home, home ownership, residence, occupation, lodging tamkyaxwa moved
tambeer live, inhabit, own a house, reside, occupy a dwelling, dwell, lodge tamkyobeser stay at home
tambesem habitat, place of residence tamkyobesut stay-at-home
tambesen dwelling, residing, living tamkyobexwa stuck at home
tambeser dwell, reside, live, be lodged tamkyoxem settlement
tambesut resident, inhabitant, lodger tamkyoxen settlement
tambesutsag occupancy tamkyoxer settle, move in, take up residence
tambeun dotnix property tax tamkyoxut settler
tambeut inhabitant, home occupant, resident, dweller, homeowner tamkyoxwa settled
tambeutan habitat, residence, home owernership tammem estate
tambien settling, settlement, occupation tammipar houseboat
tambier settle, take up residence, occupy tamoben uprooting, dislodging
tambiun settlement tamober uproot, dislodge
tambiut settler, occupant tamobwa uprooted, deprived of house and home, dislodged
tambiwa settled, occupied tamof tent
tambok homesickness, nostalgia tamofem campground
tamboka homesick, nostalgic tamofempen camping
tambuen sheltering, housing, lodging tamofemper camp out
tambuer shelter, settle, provide housing, house, lodge tamofemput camper
tambuwa sheltered, housed, lodged tamofsum sleeping bag, tent bed
tambuwas shelter, something provided as a shelter, lodging tamog cottage, hut, lodge, cabin
tamdeym yard tamoya homeless

tamoyan - taobxenEdit

tamoyan homelessness tamukan homelessness
tamoyat homeless person tamukxer render homeless, uproot, deprive of housing
tamoyeba outdoors tamukxwa uprooted
tamoyeper go outdoors tamup ivxel homecoming celebration
tamoyg bungalow, chalet, cottage, cabin tamupen homecoming
tamoysen becoming homeless tamuper come home
tamoyser become homeless tamutyan household
tamoyxen uprooting, depriving of housing, making homeless tamuvwa housebound
tamoyxer uproot, deprive of housing, make homeless tamuwa housed, sheltered
tamoyxwa uprooted, deprived of housing, robbed of house and home tamwat man of the house
tampa gone home tamweb master of the house, head of household, male head of house, master, lord
tampen going home tamyan block of houses, housing complex, compound
tamper go home tamyaun apartment
tampet pet, house animal, domesticated animal tamyauntom apartment building
tampeta tame tamyeba indoors
tampettel pet food tamyeper go indoors
tampetxen domestication, taming, housebreaking tamyex house work, domestic chores, housework, homework
tampetxer domesticate, housebreak, tame tamyexen working from home, telecommuting
tampetxwa domesticated, tamed, housebroken tamyexer work at home, telecommute, work domestically, do homework
tampien leaving home tamyexun work from home, telework
tampier leave home tamyexut work-at-home, telecommuter
tampuen home arrival, arriving home tamyipeyt tabby, tabby cat
tampuer arrive home tamyog shack, shanty, hovel
tamsaxwa home-made, homemade, domestically crafted tamyogdom shantytown, slum, favela
tamsomyan house furnishings tamyuva house-bound
tamsyob home base tamyuxleb butler
tamtayd housewife tamyuxlut domestic servant
tamtix homework, home study tamyuxlutyan domestic staff
tamtoyb woman of the house tamyuxluyt maid
tamtujer sleep in Tanzana Tanzanian
tamtuler dine at home Tanzanad Tanzanian
tamtulxwa home-cooked Tanzanam Tanzania
tamtwod man of the house Tanzanama Tanzanian
tamtyal in-home meal, take-out, frozen dinner Tanzanat Tanzanian
tamtyalien eating in, having take-out at home taob flesh
tamtyalier eat in, have take-out at home taoba carnal
tamtyaluer deliver take-out taobaya fleshy, carnal
tamtyaluut take-out deliverer, meal deliverer taobil gravy, jus
tamuen housing, sheltering taobser become flesh, incarnate
tamuer house, shelter taobxen incarnation

taobxwa - tapifek utyanEdit

taobxwa incarnated tapan physicality
taobyaz tumor tapas exercise, workout
taobyazbok cancer tapasam exercise gym, gym, workout center
taobyazboka cancerous tapasen exercising, working out
taobyazbokaya cancerous tapaser exercise, work out
taobyazuka tumor-free tapasir exercise machine
taogoblam butcher shop, chop shop tapat parrot
taogoblar meat cleaver, cleaver, butcher knife tapay physically
taogoblawa butchered tapaza physically strong, sturdy, hardy
taogoblen faof chopping block, cutting board, butcher block tapazan physical strength, sturdiness, hardiness
taogoblen sem butcher block tapazon physical force
taogoblen butchery, meat-cutting, cleaving tapbaka physically healthy, physically sound
taogobler butcher, cut meat, chop meat, chop, cleave tapbakan physical health
taogoblut butcher tapbakser get into good physical shape
taogol cut of meat tapek exercise, training
taol be gizyuv kabob, skewered meat tapeka gymnastic
taol gizyuv spit, skewer, meat skewer tapekam workout gym, gym, gymnasium
taol gusuf meat hook tapekapet pommel horse, gym horse, long horse, vaulting horse
taol meat tapekem workout space
taolam butcher shop tapeken gymnastics, working out, exercising
taolaya meaty tapeker work out, exercise, do gymnastics
taolayan meatiness tapekim exercise room, locker room
taolfuyf sausage tapektyenuut gymnastics trainer
taolfuyfes sausage link tapekut gymnast
taolika meat-filled, meaty tapelader chirp
taolil stew, pot-au-feu tapelat cicada
taolmekxar meat grinder tapflan eros, erotic desire, sex, lust, physical desire
taoloya meatless tapflana sexual, erotic
taolteil stew, meat stew tapflanaya voluptuous, horny
taoltelea carnivorous, meat-eating tapflanayser grow horny
taoltelut carnivore, meat-eater tapflanier lust after
taoluka meat-free, meatless tapiad honk
taolzyogol strip, meat strip, steak tapiadar horn, klaxon, honker
taolzyun meatball tapiaden honking
tap physique tapiader honk
tapa bak physical health tapiat penguin
tapa beaxut bodyguard tapifek det sports mate
tapa igbaxa physical jerks push-ups and knee-bends tapifek detyan sports association
tapa physical tapifek tilam sports pub
tapaden parroting tapifek utyan sports team

tapifek utyanut - taubEdit

tapifek utyanut sports team member tapyigay brutally
tapifek zyun soccer ball tapyigxer toughen up, brutalize
tapifek sport, sports, match, game tapyoden gibbering
tapifeka sports-related tapyoder gibber
tapifekam sports arena, stadium tapyof physical disability, weakness of body, handicap
tapifekem sports field tapyofa physically weak, weak, feeble, feeble-bodied, handicapped, crippled
tapifeker play sports tapyofat handicapped person, person with disability
tapifekim locker room tapyuga delicate, soft-bodied
tapifekut sports player tat angel, spirit, heavenly host
tapifekutyan sports team, team tata angelic
tapifekutyen sportsmanship tated parent-in-law
tapifekyena sportive, sportsy tatem heaven, paradise
tapiga vivacious tatema celestial, heavenly
tapigan vivacity tatember send to heaven
tapoza physically weak, feeble tatemper go to heaven
tapozan feebleness tateyd mother-in-law
taptun physiology tatid sibling-in-law
taptuna physiological tatiyd sister-in-law
taptunay physiologically tatuyd daughter-in-law
taptut physiologist tatwed father-in-law
taptyenuen physical training tatwid brother-in-law
tapuga lethargic, lazy, sluggish tatwud son-in-law
tapugan lethargy, laziness, sluggishness, sloth tatyena angelic, like an angel, spiritual
tapugat lazybones, lazy person taub- neuro-
tapugser become lazy, become lethargic, become sluggish taub-abektun neurosurgery
tapugxer make lazy, cause to be sluggish taub-abektut neurosurgeon
tapxerar exercise machine taub boxen nerve block
tapxeren exercise, exercising taub buk nerve damage
tapxerer exercise taub fab dendrite
tapxerim exercise room taub fib nerve trunk
tapyaf physical ability, physical strength taub fub axon
tapyafa strong, strong-bodied, physically strong, tough taub fyob nerve root
tapyegan sanity, mental normality taub igbux nerve impulse
tapyek workout taub mayl nerve gas
tapyekam workout facility, gym taub nif nerve fiber
tapyeker seek a toned body, work out taub tum nerve cell
tapyen stance, attitude, physical stance, bearing taub ujnod synapse
tapyiga yafon brute force taub ujun nerve ending
tapyiga physically tough, brutal taub zen nerve center
tapyigan brutality taub nerve

tauba naap - taxdrowaEdit

tauba naap nervous system taubtut neurologist
tauba nervous, nerve-related taububar neurotransmitter
taubaun neuron taubyan nervous system
taubaya nervous tauxien getting excited, growing nervous
taubayan nervousness tauxier get excited, grow nervous
taubbekkultunay neuropharmacological tauxiyea nervous, excitable, annoying
taubbekultun neuropharmacology tauxuen excitement, enervating, annoyance
taubbekultuna neuropharmacological tauxuer excite, make nervous, enervate, bother, annoy
taubbekultut neuropharmacologist tauxuuwa excitable, annoyable
taubbok neurosis tauxuuwan excitability, annoyability
taubboka neurotic tauxuwa excited, enervated, annoyed
taubbokan neuroticism tauxuyafwan excitability, annoyability
taubbokat neurotic person tav overalls, smock
taubboktun neuropathology taves apron
taubboktuna neuropathological tavyul zyeg shit hole
taubboktunay neuropathologically tavyul waste, dung, feces, shit, excretion
taubboktut neuropathologist tavyula fecal
taubbyisea neurogenic tavyulen defecation, excretion
taubdartun neurolinguistics tavyuler defecate, excrete, shit
taubdartuna neurolinguistic tavyuloben defecation, excretion
taubdartunay neurolinguistically tavyulober defecate, excrete, shit
taubdartut neurolinguist tavyulyena shitty
taubfyul neurotoxin tax memory
taubfyuluyea neurotoxic taxbexun keepsake
taubfyuluyean neurotoxicity taxdin memoir, record
taubgyas neuroma taxdinut memoirist, recorder
tauboex neurolysis taxdrar recorder
tauboexa neurolytic taxdras record, memento, recording
tauboyegoblen neurotomy taxdrasbea record-setting
taubtaeba neuromuscular taxdrasyan collection of recordings, album
taubtejtun neurobiology taxdrasyizpea record-breaking
taubtejtuna neurobiological taxdrasyizpus record-breaker
taubtejtunay neurobiologically taxdrasyizput record-breaker
taubtejtut neurobiologist taxdrawa recorded
taubtiibilufa neurovascular taxdrawas recording, record
taubtoptun neuropsychology taxdren recording
taubtoptuna neuropsychological taxdrer record
taubtoptut neuropsychologist taxdroen expunging
taubtun neurology taxdroer blank over, erase the recording of, expunge
taubtuna neurological taxdrowa expunged

taxem - tayeb umxarEdit

taxem memorial, memorial grounds tayabayan fattiness
taxen remembering, recollection tayabika fatty
taxer remember, recall, recollect tayabikan fattiness, fat content
taxien memorization, recollection tayaboya fat-free, non-fat
taxier memorize, keep in ones memory, remember, recall, commit to memory, make a note of, recollect tayabuka fat-free, non-fat
taxiwa memorized, committed to memory, noted, recollected tayabukan absence of fat
taxkexer search one's memory Tayad Thai language, Thai
taxkyoen memorization Tayadaler speak Thai
taxkyoer memorize, fix in ones memory, fix in one's memory Tayadalut speaker of Thai
taxkyowa memorized, fixed in ones mind, fixed in one's mind Tayader say in Thai
taxmeg monument, headstone Tayadrawa written in Thai
taxmega monumental Tayadrer write in Thai
taxok amnesia, memory loss tayal blubber, fat, grease, oil, lard
taxoka amnesiac tayala pudgy, fatty, blubbery
taxon memory, recall tayalaya greasy, oily, fatty
taxos memory, seat of memory tayalayan greasiness, oiliness, fattiness
taxosa mnemonic tayalben greasing up, application of oil
taxtazun memorial statue tayalber grease up, apply oil
taxuar reminder tayalbwa greased up, oiled up
taxuer remind tayalika greasy, oily fatty
taxun memory, recollection, memento, keepsake tayalikan greasiness, oiliness, fattiness
taxuna mnemonic tayalmag grease fire
taxuntun mnemonics tayaloya grease-free, non-oily, fat-free
taxuntuna mnemonic tayaluka grease-free, non-oily, non-fat
taxuun reminder, memorandum, memo tayalyig lard
taxuwa memorable tayam pavillion
taxuwas keepsake, souvenir, memento Tayam Thailand
taxwa remembered Tayama Thai, Siamese
taxwas something remembered, recollection Tayat Thai, Thai person
taxxel commemoration, memorial Tayayt Thai female
taxxela commemorative, memorial tayd wife, female spouse
taxxelen commemoration, memorialization taydan wifehood
taxxeler commemorate, memorialize taydif darling wife, wifey-poo, old lady
taxyaf ability to remember, memory taydoka widowed
taxyikwa hard to remember taydokat widower
taxyuxar mnemonic device taydoken being widowed, losing one's wife, becoming a widower
taxyuxea mnemonic taydoker be widowed, lose a wife, lose one's wife, become a widower
Taya Thai tayeb fuyv hairpin
tayab fat tayeb goyblar hair clipper
tayaba fatty tayeb umxar hair drier

tayeb yonkunad - tayeza abtafEdit

tayeb yonkunad fringe, hair fringe tayebuzaxwa curled, frizzed
tayeb hair tayebuzaya frizzy, curly-haired
tayeba capillary, hair-related tayebuzyena curly, curly-haired
tayebar comb tayebuzyenan curliness
tayebaren combing tayebvooz hair tint, hair dye, hair color
tayebarer comb tayebvoozbut hair tinter
tayebarwa combed tayebvoz hair color
tayebaya hairy tayebyaben bristling
tayebayan hairiness tayebyaber bristle
tayebbik hair care tayebyabwa bristled
tayebbikam hair salon tayebyapea bristling
tayebbikut hair salonist, hair stylist tayebyaper bristle
tayebeb tuft tayef bristle
tayebika full of hair, hairy, hirsute tayefar brush, hairbrush
tayebikan hairiness, hirsuteness tayefaren brushing
tayebnad yonbyexun hairline fracture, tiny crack tayefarer brush
tayebnad hairline tayefarwa brushed
tayebok hair loss, alopecia tayefyena bristly
tayeboka bald tayegoblam barber shop, hair cuttery
tayebokan baldness tayegoblar shaver, clippers
tayebokea going bald tayegoblen shaving, tonsuring, haircut
tayeboker go bald, lose hair tayegobler shave, tonsure, cut hair
tayebonapa disheveled, with messy hair, uncombed tayegoblun haircut, shave
tayebonapxer dishevel, mess up the hair tayegoblut hair cutter, barber
tayeborben shaving, cutting hair, tonsure tayel shampoo
tayeboya hairless, smooth, bald tayelben shampooing
tayeboyan hairlessness, smoothness, baldness tayelber shampoo
tayebsan coiffure tayelbwa shampooed
tayebsyen hair style, coiffure tayev coarse yarn, braid, tress, strand
tayebsyenim hair salon tayevar mop, swab
tayebsyenut hair stylist, coiffeur tayevaren mopping, swabbing
tayebtun trichology tayevarer mop, swab
tayebuka hairless tayevarwa mopped, swabbed
tayebukan hairlessness tayeyaz pimple, wart, bump
tayebun toupe, wig, hairpiece tayeyazika pimply, full of warts
tayebuz curl, curl of hair, hair curl tayeyb fuzz, nap, pile, down
tayebuza curled tayeybyena fuzzy
tayebuzar curler, curling iron tayeybyenan fuzziness
tayebuzaser curl, frizz, get curly hair tayez fur, down
tayebuzaxen curling, frizzing tayeza abtaf fur coat

tayeza - tayoteaEdit

tayeza fur, made of fur tayoboser itch
tayezaya furry, downy tayobosun itch, skin irritation
tayezayan furriness, downiness tayobosyea itchy
tayezika furry tayobtun dermatology
tayezikan furriness tayobtuna dermatological
tayezobkof fur lining tayobtunay dermatologically
tayezobkofwa fur-lined tayobtut dermatologist
tayezyena furry, downy tayobuken scarring
tayf dress, robe, outfit tayobuker scar
tayfut dressmaker tayobukun scar
tayfuyt couturiere tayobukwa scarred
tayfxen dress-making tayobuyk skin sore
tayfxut dressmaker tayobzyunes blister, boil
tayib cartilage tayof leather
tayiba cartilaginous tayofa made of leather, leather
tayjat baby girl, infant girl tayogoblawa scarred
taykokan widowhood tayogobler scar
taym ranch house tayogoblun scar
tayob-il zyun-es sweat bead, bead of sweat tayogoflawa flayed
tayob skin, hide tayogoflen flaying
tayoba cutaneous, dermal tayogofler flay
tayobdril tattoo tayop sense
tayobdriler tattoo tayopa sensorial
tayobil sweat, perspiration tayopelp itch, skin-crawl
tayobilaya sweaty tayopelpen itching, pruritis, skin-crawling
tayobilayan sweatiness tayopelper itch
tayobilea perspiring, sweating tayopelpuer cause to itch, make itch, induce itching
tayobilen perspiration, sweating tayopelpyea itchy
tayobiler perspire, sweat tayopelpyean itchiness
tayobilika sweaty tayos sense, sensibility, feeling, sensation
tayobilikan sweatiness tayoser feel, sense
tayobilovar antiperspirant tayosober numb
tayobilovus antiperspirant tayosobwa numbed
tayobiluka sweat-free tayosuwa palpable
tayoboben skinning, flaying tayosyea sensitive
tayobober flay, skin, strip tayosyean sensitivity
tayobobwa skinned, flayed tayot sense of feeling, sensation
tayobok dermatitis, skin malady tayota sensory, tactile
tayobos itch, pruritis, skin irritation tayotar feeler, antenna, sensor
tayobosea itching tayotea sentient

tayoteat - teabilazeaEdit

tayoteat sentient being, sentient creature tayuba glandular
tayoter feel, physically feel Taywana Taiwanese
tayotiar feeler, sensor, sensing device Taywanam Taiwan
tayotier get the sensation, sense, feel, have the impression Taywanama Taiwanese
tayotuer make feel, give the impression, impress on Taywanat Taiwanese
tayotun feeling, sensation taz statue
tayotuwa sensitive tazunyan statuary
tayotuyea sensational, impressive tazyena statuesque
tayotwer be felt tea aware, knowing, cognizant, witting
tayotyaf ability to feel, sense of feeling teab avoz white of the eye, whites of the eyes
tayotyafa able to feel, sensitive teab eye, oculus, orb
tayotyafwa possible to be felt teaba ocular, optic, eye-related
tayotyea sensitive teabab eyelid
tayotyean sensitivity teababen blinking
tayotyof inability to feel, numbness teababer blink
tayotyofa numb, insensitive, unable to feel teabar eyeglasses, glasses, spectacles
tayotyofan numbness, inability to feel teabara optical
tayotyofwa numb, impossible to feel teabarbea bespectacled
tayotyofwaxea numbing teabarnam optical store, eyeglasses store
tayotyofwaxen anesthetization, numbing teabarnamut eye store clerk
tayotyofwaxil anesthetic teabarut optician
tayotyofwaxul anesthetic teabaxer wink
tayotyofxwa anesthetized, numbed teabeex job watch, vigil
tayotyofxwaxer numb, anesthetize teabeex yabtom guard tower, watch tower
tayox touch, feel, sensation teabeexen keeping an eye on, watching, guarding, monitoring
tayoxa tactile teabeexer keep an eye on, watch, guard, monitor
tayoxar feeler, sensor teabeexut guard, monitor, guardian
tayoxen touching, palpation teabeexutan guardianship
tayoxena tactile, palpable teabeexutum guard post, guard booth
tayoxer feel, sense, touch, contact, palpate, feel of, reach out and feel teabeexwa guarded, watched, monitored
tayoxuwa palpable, sensitive teabex guard, watch, wake
tayoxuwan palpability, sensitivity teabexar monitor
tayoxyafwan palpability, sensitivity teabexen guarding, keeping an eye on, watching, monitoring
tayoxyea touching, touchy-feely teabexer guard, keep an eye on, watch, monitor
tayoz skin color, complexion teabexut guard, monitor
tayozyeg pore, skin pore teabexwa guarded, watched, monitored
tayozyun blister teabien consideration
tayozyunea blistering teabier consider
tayozyuner blister teabil tear
tayt female angel teabilazea sobbing, bawling, wailing

teabilazen - teadutEdit

teabilazen sobbing, bawling, wailing teabtun ophthalmology
teabilazer sob, bawl, wail teabtuna ophthalmological
teabilea weeping, crying, shedding tears teabtunay ophthalmologically
teabilen weeping, crying, shedding tears teabtut ophthalmologist, oculist
teabiler weep, cry, shed tears teabtyen optics
teabiles teardrop, tear drop teabtyenut optician
teabilien tearing up, bursting into tears teabvos iris
teabilier tear up, burst into tears teabvoz eye color
teabilozea whimpering teabvozil eyeliner
teabilozen whimpering teabyeb eyelash, eyelashes, cilia
teabilozer whimper teabyeber bat eyelashes, flirt
teabiluen bringing to tears teabyebut flirt
teabiluer bring to tears teabyebyea flirtatious
teabiluwa brought to tears teabyija eyes wide open, wide-eyed, fully aware
teabiluyea din sob story, tearjerker teabyijay with eyes wide open, with full awareness
teabiluyea weepy, tear-jerking teabyuijar eyelid
teabilzyun tear drop, teardrop teabyuijben winking
teabip gizyuv toothpick teabyuijber wink
teabiwa considered teabyuijen blinking
teabix attraction, visual attraction teabyuijer blink
teabixea attractive teabyunxar sight
teabixean attractiveness teabyunxer aim, target, eye, focus on, set one's sights on
teabixeay attractively teabyunxwa aimed, targeted, eyed, focused, sighted
teabixwer be attracted teabyuzyuben rolling one's eyes
teabiyea considerate teabyuzyuber roll one's eyes
teabizer aim, focus teabzen focus
teabizun target, focus teabzena focal
teabizwa focused teabzenar focus, sight, rangefinder
teabkof blindfold teabzennod focal point
teabkunad conjunctiva teabzenser focus
teabkunadbok conjunctivitis teabzenxen focusing
teabnaga optometric teabzenxer focus
teabnagen optometry teabzenxwa focused
teabnagut optometrist teabzyeg eye socket, eye orbit
teabnef retina teabzyun eyeball
teabnefa retinal teabzyuna ophthalmic
teabnefbok retinopathy teaden testimony, witnessing
teabober gouge out one's eyes teader witness, testify
teabofyuj eye fold, canth teadun testimony
teabofyuja epicanthic teadut witness, eyewitness

teadutsim - teatyibanEdit

teadutsim witness chair, witness box teasyikwa obscure, hard-to-see
teadwa witnessed, testified teasyikwan obscurity
teadwas testimony, eyewitness account teasyikxer obscure
teadyafwa testifiable teasyikxwa obscured
teadyafway testifiably teat vision, sight, eyesight
teaf blinder, blindfold teata visual, optical
teagia in focus, sharp, keen teatea seeing, viewing
teagian focus, visual sharpness teaten seeing, viewing
teagixer focus, sharpen teater see, view
teagixwa focused teatien perception
teagua dull, out of focus, fuzzy teatier catch sight of, perceive, witness
teaguan dullness, lack of focus, fuzziness teatiwa perceived
teaguser go out of focus teatiyea perceptive
teaguxwa fuzzied teatizon aspect, viewing direction, perspective
teakyes phenomenon teatizona aspectual
teakyesa phenomenal teatnad line of sight, vista
teakyesay phenomenally teatned field of view
tean awareness teatnig scope, viewing range
teap visit teatnod point of view, perspective
teapen visitation, visiting teatos sense of sight
teaper visit, go see teatuen demonstration, showing, show, display, exhibition, exhibit
teapim visiting room teatuer show, demonstrate, display, let see, run by, exhibit
teapixea eye-catching, noticeable teatuuwa demonstrable
teapixer catch the eye, be noticed teatuuwan demonstrability
teapopen sight-seeing teatuwa visible, exhibited, shown, displayed
teapoper sight-see teatuwan visibility
teapoput sight-seer teatuyafwan demonstrability
teaput visitor teatuyea demonstrative, showy
teas appearance, sight, view, aspect teatwa seen, viewed
teasa aspectual, visual, apparent teatwas sight, something seen
teasea apparent, appearing teatwer be seen, be viewed
teaseay apparently, seemingly teatyaf ability to see, sight, eyesight, vision
teaser seem, appear, look, look like teatyafa able to see, sighted
teasgon aspect, feature teatyafat seeing person, sighted person
teasier get a view, have in sight teatyafwa visible
teasin scene, vista, sight teatyafwan visibility
teasina scenic teatyafwaxen exposure, exposing, making visible
teasinyan scenery teatyafwaxer expose, make visible
teasnyov videotape teatyafwaxwa exposed, made visible
teasuer afford a view teatyiban visual distance, range of vision

teatyikwa - tebakayEdit

teatyikwa hard to see, obscure, opaque teaxuen demonstration, spectacle
teatyikwan difficulty to see, opacity teaxuena spectacular
teatyof blindness, inability to see teaxuer demonstrate, show
teatyofa blind teaxut viewer, watcher, observer, beholder
teatyofan blindness teaxuun spectacle, show
teatyofat blind person teaxuut demonstrator, shower
teatyofer be blind teaxuuwa spectacular
teatyofsea going blind teay wittingly, knowingly
teatyofser become unable to see, go blind teayofwaxer make invisible
teatyofwa invisible teaz spectacle, wonder, awe
teatyofwan invisibility teazaya spectacular, wondrous, marvelous, remarkable
teatyofwasen disappearance teazien being amazed, being awestruck, being stunned, being dazzled, being awed
teatyofwaser disappear teazier be amazed, be awestruck, be stunned, be dazzled, be awed
teatyofxar blinder teazika spectacular, wondrous, marvelous, remarkable
teatyofxea blinding teazikay spectacularly, wondrously, marvelously, remarkably
teatyofxer blind teaziwa amazed, awestruck, stunned, dazzled, awed, astonished
teatyofxwa blinded teazpas stunt
teatyofxwaxer make disappear teazpasut stunt man
teatyofxwaxwa disappeared teazuen amazement, astonishment, dazzling
teatyofxwaxwat desaparecido, disappeared person teazuer amaze, stun, awe, dazzle
teatzen focus, aim, target, concentration teazun show, spectacle
teatzexea focusing, attentive teazunaya spectacular, showy
teatzexen focusing, attention, paying attention, aiming, concentrate one's eye on teazunika wondrous, spectacular, show, stunning, amazing, dazzling, awesome
teatzexer focus, pay attention to, aim at, concentrate on teazunikay wondrously, spectacularly, stunningly, amazingly, awesomely, astonishingly
teatzexwa focused, aimed, concentrated teazuut showman, dazzler, show artist
teav eye patch teazuwa amazed, stunned, awed, dazzled, astonished
teax look, regard teazuyea amazing, stunning, awesome, dazzling, astonishing, wonderful
teaxam theater teazuyeay amazingly, stunningly, awesomely, dazzlingly, astonishingly, wonderfully
teaxar scope, viewing device teazyef lens, eyeglass
teaxem arena teb tayeb hair on the head
teaxen looking, regarding, beholding, viewing, observation teb head
teaxer look, look at, regard, eye, behold, view teba capital, head-related
teaxien observation, watching tebabun scalp
teaxier observe, watch, look at, take in tebabunoben scalping
teaxim viewing room, theater, screening room tebabunober scalp
teaxiut watcher, observer tebabunobwa scalped
teaxiutyan viewing audience tebaka mentally sound, sane
teaxnabyan spectrum tebakan mental soundness, sanity
teaxtom observation tower tebakat sane person, mentally sound person
teaxtyoyaper strut, sashay tebakay sanely

tebaxer - tebzanayEdit

tebaxer nod tebober decapitate, behead, remove a head
tebbyoyk headache tebobwa decapitated, beheaded
tebbyoyker have a headache teboka insane
tebdrasin portrait tebokam insane asylum, mental institution
tebdrasinam portrait studio tebokan insanity
tebdrasinen portrayal tebokat insane person
tebdrasiner portray tebokay insanely
tebdrasintem portrait gallery tebrax turmoil, confusion, mental turmoil
tebdrasinut portrait artist tebraxea flustering, confusing, exciting
tebdrasinwat character, portrayal tebraxen flustering, confusion, excitement
tebdrasinyan portraiture tebraxer fluster, confuse, excite
tebiea considering tebraxwa flustered, confused, excited
tebien consideration tebsin face
tebier consider, take into account, keep in mind, bear in mind tebsina facial
Tebik! Attention tebsinay facially
tebik attention, heed tebsinea facing
tebikea paying attention, mindful tebsinen facing
tebiken paying attention, being mindful, heeding tebsiner face
tebiker pay attention, be mindful, heed tebsintun physiognomy
tebikier become mindful of, heed, pay attention tebsintuna physiognomical
Tebiku ha Yepet! Beware of the dog! tebsintunay physiognomically
tebikuen bring attention to, draw attention to tebsintut physiognomist
tebikuer bring attention to, draw attention tebsiuner nod
tebiwa considered tebtazun bust
tebix impression tebuz bokogrun corona virus
tebixer impress tebuz crown
tebixier get the impression tebuza coronal
tebixuer give the impression tebuzben coronation, crowning
tebixuwa impressionable tebuzber crown
tebixwa impressed tebuzbwa crowned
tebixyea impressive tebuzoben uncrowning
tebixyean impressiveness tebuzober uncrown
tebkun side of the head tebuzobien abdication
tebnig head room tebuzobier abdicate
tebnuf headstall tebuzobiwa abdicated
tebnyeb cranium tebuzobwa uncrowned
tebnyeba cranial tebvoz complexion
tebnyef skullcap tebzan face, countenance, mug
tebnyem skull, cranium tebzana facial
tebnyema cranial tebzanay facially

tebzanen - teetarEdit

tebzanen confrontation teeb paduzar ear drum
tebzanena confrontational teeb ear, auricle
tebzanenay confrontationally teeba aural, auricular
tebzaner face, confront teebar earphone, earpiece, audio device
tebzansin mugshot, face image, head shot teebay aurally
ted parent teebbyoyk ear ache, earache
teda parental teebiyub ear lobe
tedan parentage teebuz earing, earring
teden parenting, raising teebyel ear wax
teder parent, raise teed siyn quotation mark, quote mark, quote, quotation sign
tedid wonder teed hear-say, rumor, quotation
tediden wonderment teeden rumoring
tedider wonder teeder rumor, quote, hearsay
tedien consultation teedras report
tedier consult teedrawa reported
tedif papa, daddy teedren reporting
tediut consultant teedrer report
tedoka orphan, orphaned teedrut reporter
tedokan orphanhood teedwa rumored, hear-say, quoted
tedokat orphan teedwe hav it is rumored that, hearsay has it that
tedokatam orphanage teef earmuff
tedokayt female orphan teepea attending, in attendance
tedoken losing one's parents, being orphaned teepen attendance
tedoker lose a parent, lose one's parents, be orphaned teeper attend
tedokxen orphaning teeput attendee, member of the audience
tedokxer orphan teeputyan attendance, audience
tedokxwa orphaned tees sound, audio
tedoyat orphan teesa sonic
tedoyatam orphanage teesag noise
tedoyatan orphanage teesaga noisy, loud
tedoyayt female orphan teesdras sonogram
tedoywat male orphan teeser sound, sound like
tedtojben patricide teesnagar audiometer
tedtojbena patricidal teesnyov audiotape
tedtojbut patricide teesyen acoustics
tedwa parented, raised teesyena acoustic
tedyan parents, mother and father teet- audio-
tedyanoker be orphaned teet audio, hearing
tee-teata audio-visual teeta auditory, aural
tee-tei-teyob-bektut otorhinolaryngologist, ear-nose-throat doctor teetar earphones

teetay - tefnyemEdit

teetay aurally teetyofxer deafen
teetem auditorium teetyofxyea deafening, ear-splitting
teeten hearing, audition teetyukwa easy to hear
teeter hear teetyuxar hearing aid
teetien getting wind of, hearing, get word teex audition, hearing
teetier get wind of, hear, get word teexar earphone, headphone, earpiece, microphone, phone
teetim sound studio teexea listening, attentive
teetnogar audiometer teexean attentiveness
teetos sense of hearing teexen listening, attention
teetuen informing, letting it be heard, , notification teexer doyevson hear a case
teetuer inform, let it be heard, notify teexer yevson try a case, hear a case
teetum sound booth teexer listen, audit, audition, pay attention to
teetuwa notified teexien auditing, auditioning
teetyaf ability to hear teexier audit, audition
teetyafa able to hear, hearing teexifut audiophile
teetyafnogar audiometer, sonometer teexiut auditor
teetyafok hearing loss teexiwat person being auditioned
teetyafokea suffering from hearing loss teexuen pointing out, letting it be heard, try-out, auditon
teetyafwa audible teexuer point out, let it be heard, try out, audition
teetyafwan audibility teexut listener, auditor
teetyafway audibly teexutyan audience
teetyek attention teexuut auditioner
teetyekea attentive, clued in teexuwa pointed out
teetyekean attentiveness teez earring
teetyeker try to hear, attempt to hear, pay attention to tef byoxar hat rack, hat stand, hat tree
teetyika hard of hearing tef fuyv hatpin
teetyikat hearing-challenged person tef nyov hat band
teetyiken straining to hear, having a hard time hearing tef vyoek hat trick
teetyiker strain to hear, have a hard time hearing tef yazkunad hat brim
teetyikwa hard to hear, hard-to-hear tef hat, headgear
teetyof inability to hear, deafness tefam haberdashery
teetyofa deaf teflawa intended, intentional
teetyofan deafness teflawan intentionality
teetyofat deaf person teflaway intentionally
teetyofsea going deaf teflen intention
teetyofser go deaf tefler intend
teetyofwa inaudible teflun intention
teetyofwan inaudibility tefnam hat store, haberdashery, hat shop
teetyofwaser become inaudible tefnamut haberdasher, hat seller, hatter
teetyofwaxer make inaudible tefnyem hatbox

tei- - teixyikanEdit

tei- rhino-, nose, nasal teif muffler
teib-abektun rhinoplasty teil soup
teib nose, snout, proboscis teilar soup spoon
teiba yujteuzun nasal consonant teilarag soup ladle
teiba nasal, rhinal teilsyeb bowl, soup bowl
teibalegien sniffling teilyeb bowl, soup bowl
teibalegier sniffle teilyena soupy
teibalien sniffing teipluxen sneezing, sternutation
teibalier sniff teipluxer sneeze
teiban nasality teipluxoa about to sneeze
teibaxen nuzzling teipyos nose-dive
teibaxer nuzzle teipyoser nose-dive
teibaysea proboscidate teis scent, smell, odor, aroma
teibbok rhinitis teisaya smelly, odorous, aromatic
teibika mucus-filled, snotty teiser smell, smell like
teibikan snottiness teit sense of smell
teibil mucus, snot teita olfactory
teibila mucal teiter smell, detect an odor
teibilaya snotty, snot-nosed teitier get a whiff of
teibilayan snottiness teitos sense of smell
teibilea running at the nose teituen giving off a smell
teibilen running at the nose, rhinorrhea teituer give off a smell
teibiler run at the nose teityaf sense of smell, ability to smell, olfactory sense
teibilokeger drivel teityafa able to smell
teibiloker run at the nose teityafwa able to be smelled
teibixun something chewable teityafwan ability to be smelled
teibok cold, rhume teityof anosmia, inability to smell
teiboksen catching a cold teityofa unable to smell, suffering from anosmia
teibokser catch a cold teityofser lose the ability to smell
teibtun rhinology teityofwa impossible to smell, odorless
teibtuna rhinological teityofwan inability to be smelled, odorlessness
teibtunay pneumonologically, rhinologically teiv handkerchief, snot rag
teibtut rhinologist teixen olfaction, smelling
teibukxen blowing one's nose teixena olfactory
teibukxer blow one's nose teixer smell, sniff
teibuz nose ring teixeusen snoring
teibuzuk sinus teixeuser snore
teibuzukbok sinusitis teixeusut snorer
teibyena rhinoid, nose-like teixwa smelled
teibzyeg nostril teixyikan difficulty breathing, apnea, shortness of breath, asthma

teiyofsea - tejoyanEdit

teiyofsea losing the ability to smell tejea living, alive
teiyofsen losing the ability to smell tejefwa vital
teiz perfume, aroma tejer live, be alive
teizbar perfumer, aromatizer tejika lively, full of life, vivacious, vital, vivid, animated, vigorous
teizben perfuming, aromatization tejikan liveliness, gusto, vivacity, vitality, vivaciousness, vividness, vigor
teizber perfume, aromatize tejikay vitally, vivaciously, vividly, vigorously
teizbwa perfumed, aromatized tejikxen animation, invigoration, vivification, livening up, revitalization
teizika perfumy, aromatic tejikxer animate, invigorate, vivify, liven up, revitalize
teizikan perfuminess tejikxwa animated, invigorated, vivified, revitalized
teiznam perfumery tejipa extinct
teiznamut perfumer tejipan extinction
teizuka perfume-free, aroma-free tejipea going extinct
teizxam perfume factory tejipen extinction, going extinct
teizyeb vial of perfume tejiper go extinct
tej noog life stage tejipoa threatened with extinction, about to go extinct
tej life tejjob lifetime
teja live, alive tejna vital
tejan aliveness tejnad life line
tejat living person, creature tejnan vitality
tejaxen enlivening tejnay vitally
tejaxer enliven, liven up tejober take away life, take a life
tejaxwa enlivened tejogrun microbe, germ, microorganism
tejaya lively, vivacious, full of life, vivid tejogruna microbic, microbiotic
tejayan liveliness, vivacity, vividness tejogrunika germ-ridden
tejben revival tejogrunuk sterility
tejber bring to life, bear, revive tejogrunuka sterile
tejbuen life-giving, animation tejogrunukxen sterilization
tejbuer give life, animate tejogrunukxer sterilize
tejbuwa animated tejogrunukxwa sterilized
tejbuyea life-giving tejogrunyuf germophobia
tejbyen way of life tejogrunyufa germophobic
tejdet life mate, life partner tejogrunyufut germophobe
tejdin biography, life story, bio tejok loss of life, death
tejdina biographical tejoka perished
tejdinut biographer tejoken perishing
tejdrasin life drawing tejoker perish
tejdrasinam life drawing studio tejokut casualty
tejdrasinen life drawing tejopyoxen hanging
tejdrasiner draw from life tejoya lifeless
tejdrasinwat life drawing model tejoyan lifelessness

tejoyxer - teleuxenEdit

tejoyxer deprive of life telarpib prong
tejpea coming alive telaryan cutlery
tejpek life struggle telbokiyea parasitic
tejper come alive telbokiyean parasitism
tejsan life form, bioform telbun gift of food, sustenance
tejsiun life sign, sign of life teldet dining companion
tejtaxdin memoir, life story, bio telef byoyk hunger pang
tejtaxdinut memoirist telef hunger, appetite
tejtis wisdom telefa hungry
tejtisa wise telefag famine
tejtisat wise person telefat hungry person
tejtisay wisely telefer hunger, be hungry, have an appetite
tejtun biology telefobea hunger-alleviating
tejtuna biological telefoben hunger satisfaction
tejtunay biologically telefober satisfy one's hunger
tejtut biologist telefsea getting hungry
tejuen animation telefsen getting hungry
tejuer animate telefser get hungry
tejuj end of life teleftoja dead of starvation, dead of thirst
tejuka lifeless teleftojben starvation
tejuwa dyez animated film, cartoon teleftojber starve, starve to death
tejuwa animated teleftojbwa starved
tejvalxar life-saver teleftojea dying of hunger, starving, starving to death, dying of thirst
tejvalxea life-saving teleftojen starvation
tejvalxer save a life teleftojer die of hunger, starve, starve to death
tejvalxut life-saver telefxea appetizing
tejyena life-like, lively, vivacious telefxen appetizing
tejyenan liveliness, vivaciousness telefxer make hungry, famish
tejyenay vivaciously telefxul appetizer
tekyox fixation, attention, mental focus telefxwa famished
tekyoxen fixation, paying attention to, focusing telem cafeteria, refectory, mess hall canteen
tekyoxer fixate, pay attention to, focus on teleus flavor, taste
tekyoxwa fixated, focused teleusaya flavorful, savory, tasty
tekyoxyea attentive teleusayan flavorfulness, savoriness, tastiness
tel food, edible teleuser savor, taste
telam restaurant, eatery, eating establishment, diner teleusoya flavorless, unsavory, tasteless
telampen eating out, restaurant-going teleusoyan flavorlessness, unsavoriness, tastelessness
telamper eat out, go to a restaurant teleusuka flavorless, unsavory, tasteless
telamput restaurant-goer teleusukan flavorlessness, unsavoriness, tastelessness
telamut restaurateur teleuxen tasting

teleuxer - telyanatEdit

teleuxer taste teltuza gastronomic
telfon appetite teluar feeder
telftojen starvation teluen feeding
telfyeb can, food tin, tin can, can of food teluer feed
telien eating teluf food phobia, gastrophobia
telier eat, ingest, consume telufa gastrophobic
telif love of food, gourmandise telukser go hungry
telifut gourmet, foodie, food-lover teluun feed
teliksea getting full, becoming sated teluut feeder, server
telikser get full, be sated teluwa fed
telikxen satisfying one's hunger, sating teluz taste
telikxer satisfy one's hunger, sate teluzaya tasty, savory
telikxwa sated, full teluzayan tastiness, savoriness
telikxyofa insatiable teluzien sampling the taste, tasting, savoring
telikxyofan insatiability teluzier taste, take a taste, savor
telil soup teluzif delight
telilyeb bowl, soup bowl teluzifa delighted
telim dining room teluzifer like the taste
teliut eater teluzifxea delightful
teliuwa edible teluzifxer delight
teliyafwa edible teluzifxwa delighted
teliyafwan edibility teluzika tasty, savory
teliyafwas something edible teluzikan tastiness, savoriness
teliyofwa inedible teluzoya tasteless, insipid
teliyofwan inedibility teluzoyan tastelessness, insipidness
teliyofwas something inedible teluzuen offering a taste
telmuyf toothpick teluzuer offer a taste
telnun grocery item, produce, edible product teluzuf disgust
telnunyan groceries teluzufa disgusted
telnunyanam grocery store teluzufer be disgusted
telpek food fight teluzufxea disgusting
telpyexegar beater, kitchen beater, food beater teluzufxer disgust
telsam cupboard teluzufxwa disgusted
teltem dining hall, cafeteria, mess hall teluzufxyika squeamish, easily disgusted
teltilam brasserie, bar and restaurant teluzufxyikan squeamishness
teltim dining room teluzuka tasteless, insipid
teltun gastronomy, food science teluzukan tastelessness, insipidness
teltuna gastronomic teluzuwa offered a taste
teltunay gastronomically telxim kitchen
teltut gastronome, food specialist telyanat dining companion

telyeb - tepbosierEdit

telyeb plate, dinner plate tepbekam psychiatric hospital, psychiatric clinic
telyebag platter tepbekim mental ward, psych ward
telyebog saucer, little plate tepbektun psychiatry
telyeyb saucer tepbektuna psychiatric
tem hall tepbektunay psychiatrically
ten knowing, wit, knowledge tepbektut psychiatrist
teob cheek tepbekwat mental patient, psychiatric patient
teoba jugal tepbiea hav considering that, bearing in mind that, taking into account that
teobvoz blush tepbien consideration, bearing in mind
teobvozer blush, flush tepbier consider, bear in mind
teobyeb beard tepbik care, concern, worry
teobyebaya bearded tepbikaya anxious, worried, concerned
teojson matter of life and death tepbikea caring, concerned
tep mind, intellect tepbikeat concerned person
tepa mental, intellectual tepbiker care, be concerned, worry
tepaga broad-minded tepbikier become worried, become concerned
tepagan broad-mindedness tepbikoya unconcerned, not worried, carefree
tepagat broad-minded person tepbikuea worrisome, concerning
tepagra genius tepbikuer worry, concern, give cause for concern
tepagrat genius tepbikuwa worried, concerned
tepanayga simple-minded, naive tepbiwa considered, borne in mind
tepanaygan simple-mindedness, naivete tepbix interest, mental engagement, attention
tepanaygat simpleton, naif tepbixea interesting, mentally captivating, attention-grabbing
tepanaygay simple-mindedly, naively tepbixer interest, mentally attract, grab attention
tepat parakeet tepbixun thing of interest, something of interest
tepava favorable, favorably disposed, pro tepbixwa interested, mentally captivated
tepay mentally, intellectually tepbixwer be interested, be mentally engaged
tepaza intelligent, smart, mentally strong, keen, intellectually strong tepbok mental illness, insanity
tepazan smartness, intelligence, keenness, intellectual strength tepboka insane, mentally ill, crazy
tepazat intelligent person tepbokam mental hospital, mental institution, sanatorium
tepazay intelligently, smartly, keenly tepbokan insanity, mental illness, craziness, madness
tepazon mental power, intellect, mental faculty tepbokat mentally ill person, insane person, crazy person
tepbak mental health, sanity tepbokay insanely
tepbaka sane, mentally sound, of sound mind tepboksea becoming mentally ill, going insane
tepbakam mental health facility tepbokser become mentally ill, go insane, go crazy, go mad
tepbakan sanity, mental soundness tepbokxer make crazy, drive insane, cause to be mentally ill
tepbakat sane person, mentally sound person tepbokxwa driven insane, driven mad
tepbakay sanely tepbos calmness of mind, serenity
tepbaxen nodding tepbosien calming down
tepbek psychiatry, psychiatric care, psychiatric treatment tepbosier calm down

tepbosuer - tepkyoxyeaEdit

tepbosuer calm down tepivan cheerfulness
tepbosuyea calming tepivat cheerful person
tepboxen calming down tepivxer cheer up
tepboxer calm down tepiwa borne in mind, kept in mind, considered, taken into account
tepboxwa calmed tepiza focused, attentive, sharp, logical
tepdyeden mind-reading, divination tepizan straight-mindedness, logicalness, logic
tepdyeder read minds tepizat focused person, sharp person, logical person
tepdyedut mind-reader tepizber pay attention, focus the mind, steer the mind
tepeja mentally present, aware tepizbwa focused, attentive
tepejan presence of mind, awareness tepizien attention
tepek puzzle, enigma, mind-game, mind game tepizier pay attention, focus one's mind on
tepekaya enigmatic, puzzling tepiziyea attentive
tepekuer puzzle tepizra sane
tepekuyea puzzling tepizran sanity
tepeladen chirping tepizraser regain one's sanity
tepelader chirp tepizrat sane person
tepelat cricket tepizraxer bring sanity to
tepex cognition, functioning of the mind, mental operation tepizray sanely
tepexa cognitive tepizuen focusing, drawing attention
tepexen cognition tepizuer focus attention, draw attention
tepfen pretense tepizuyea attention-focusing, attention-getting
tepfer pretend tepizuyean attentiveness
tepfut pretender tepkuxen distraction
tepfwa pretended tepkuxer distract
tepfyea pretentious tepkuxwa distracted
tepfyean pretentiousness tepkyaxena motivational
tepiboya toothless tepkyaxenay motivationally
tepiboyan toothlessness tepkyaxer motivate, persuade, change minds
tepiea considering, bearing in mind, keeping in mind, taking into account tepkyaxwa motivated, persuaded
tepien bearing in mind, keeping in mind, consideration, taking into account tepkyaxyea motivating, persuasive
tepier bear in mind, keep in mind, consider, take into account tepkyin weight on one's mind, worry
tepiga alert, smart, quick-minded, quick-witted, witty, quick-on-the-draw tepkyinier worry
tepigan alertness, quick-wittedness, wittiness tepkyinuer worry
tepigat wit, smart fellow tepkyinuwa worried
tepigay quick-mindedly, quick-wittedly, wittily, smartly tepkyinuyea worrisome
tepika mindful tepkyoxea attentive
tepikan mindfulness tepkyoxean attentiveness
tepikay mindfully tepkyoxen attention, paying attention
tepit turbot tepkyoxer pay attention
Tepiu hav... Bear in mind that... tepkyoxyea attentive

tepkyoxyean - tepsinaEdit

tepkyoxyean attentiveness teponapxwat mentally disturbed person, nutcase
tepluxan impression tepoos peace of mind, relief
tepluxen having an impression tepooser be calm, be relieved, calm down
tepluxer impress, have an impression on, influence intellectually tepooxer calm down, give peace of mind
tepluxuwa impressionable tepooxwa relieved
tepluxuwan impressionableness tepova unfavorable, contrarian, con
tepluxwa impressed tepovan contrarianism
tepluxyaf impressiveness, ability to impress tepovat contrarian person
tepluxyafwa impressionable, possible to impress tepoyega mentally abnormal, mentally aberrant, insane, weird
tepluxyafwan impressiveness tepoyegan mental abnormality, mental aberration, insanity, weirdness
tepluxyea impressive tepoyegsea going insane, becoming weird
tepluxyean impressiveness tepoyegser go insane, become weird
tepmanxen clearing up, clarification tepoyegxen making insane
tepmanxena clarificational tepoyegxer make insane
tepmanxer clear up, clarify tepoyegxwa make insane
tepmanxwa cleared up, clarified tepoyza silly, foolish
tepoboser become concerned, grow anxious, worry, be concerned, care tepoyzan silliness, foolishness
tepoboxer worry, bother, concern, disturb tepoyzat silly person, fool
tepoboxwa worried, bothered, concerned, anxious, disturbed tepoza dumb, stupid, of weak intelligence, mentally weak, feeble-minded, dull-witted
tepoboxyea worrisome, bothersome, concerning, disturbing tepozan dumbness, stupidity, weak intelligence, feeble-mindedness, dull-wittedness
tepoga petty, small-minded, mean, silly, narrow-minded tepozat dummy, dumb person, feeble-minded person, dullard
tepogan pettiness, small-mindedness, meanness, silliness, narrow-mindedness tepoztan boredom
tepogat silly person, narrow-minded person, petty person tepoztaxea boring
tepogay pettily, small-mindedly, meanly tepoztaxer bore
tepogia dull-minded, dull, dumb, obtuse, stupid teppas emotion
tepogian dullness, dumbness, stupidity, dull-mindedness teppasa emotional, emotive
tepogiat dullard, stupid person teppasan emotivity
tepogiay stupidly teppasay emotionally
tepoiza not right in the mind, mentally off, insane teppasaya emotional
tepoizan mental aberration, insanity teppaser emote
tepoka out of one's mind, crazy teppasika emotional
tepokat one who's lost his mind, crazy person teppasuer move
teponap mental disorder teppasuyea moving
teponapa mentally disordered, crazy, mentally deranged, deranged teppax motive, intent
teponapan mental disturbance, craziness teppaxen motivation
teponapat crazy person, deranged person teppaxena motivational
teponapsea going crazy, become mentally disturbed teppaxer motivate
teponapser become mentally disturbed, go crazy teppaxwa motivated
teponapxen making crazy, mental disturbance tepsin imagination, mental image
teponapxer make crazy, drive mad tepsina imaginary

tepsinien - tepyigayEdit

tepsinien imagination tepuzran craziness, daffiness, madness, nuttiness, mental twistedness
tepsinier imagine tepuzraser go crazy, go bezerk, go daffy, go made, go nuts
tepsiniwa imaginary, imagined tepuzrat crazy person, insane person, nutcase
tepsiniyafwa imaginable tepuzraxer make crazy, drive batty, drive insane
tepsiniyea imaginative tepuzraxwa crazed, driven batty, driven insane
tepsiniyean imaginativeness tepuzray crazily, madly, nuttily
tepsiniyofwa unimaginable tepuzuen distraction
tepsiniyofway unimaginably tepuzuer distract
tepsinuer project an image, make see in the mind tepuzuwa distracted
teptija alert, mentally alert, conscious, attentive tepuzuyea distracting
teptijan alertness, consciousness, attention tepvyox trick, ruse, con, mind trick
teptijber bring around to consciousness tepvyoxen trickery, fooling, conning
teptijier become alerted tepvyoxer trick, fool, play a ruse on, con
teptijper come to, regain consciousness tepvyoxut con-artist, trickster
teptijuer alert, call attention to tepvyoxwa tricked, fooled, conned
teptuja unconscious tepvyoxyea tricky
teptujan unconsciousness tepvyoxyean trickiness
teptujay unconsciously tepyaf mental ability, intelligence, brainpower
teptujben knockout, k.o. tepyafa smart, intelligence, mentally-gifted, intelligent, witty, mentally capable
teptujber render unconscious, knock out tepyanpyex clash of wits, debate
teptujbwa knocked out tepyaza cocky, cavalier, conceited, haughty, huffy, insolent, pompous, supercilious
teptujper black out, go unconscious tepyazan cockiness, conceitedness, haughtiness, huffiness, insolence, , pomposity, superciliousness
teptun psychology tepyega mentally normal, sane
teptuna psychological tepyegan mental normality
teptunay psychologically tepyek puzzle, enigma, mind-test
teptut psychologist tepyekier puzzle over
teptuyj stupor tepyekuea puzzling, enigmatic
teptuyjea stuporous tepyekuer challenge the mind
tepuga slow-witted, mentally slow, dull-minded, dull, slow of mind, dumb, stupid tepyekuwa puzzled
tepugan slow-wittedness, mental dullness, dullness, stupidity, dumbness tepyen attitude, mental framework, spirit, mentality, mood, disposition, state of mind, morale
tepugat dullard, slow-witted person, dummy tepyena attitudinal
tepugay stupidly, dumbly, slow-wittedly tepyenika moody
tepuka empty-headed, vapid, air-headed tepyenikan moodiness
tepukan empty-headedness, vapidity tepyeva fair-minded, judicious, wise, even-tempered, level-headed
tepukat air-head tepyevan fair-mindedness, judiciousness, wisdom, even temper, level-headedness
tepukay vapidly tepyevat fair-minded person, level-headed person
tepuzbea distracting, mind-bending tepyiga severe, tough-minded, strict, stern, hardheaded, hard-minded, stubborn, intolerant, rigorous
tepuzben distraction tepyigan severity, tough-mindedness, strictness, sternness, stubbornness
tepuzber distract tepyigat stickler, tough cookie, stern-minded person
tepuzbwa distracted, scatter-brained tepyigay severely, sternly, rigorously

tepyija - tesinayEdit

tepyija open-minded, tolerant ter know, be aware
tepyijan open-mindedness, tolerance tes meaning, significance, import, intent, sense, denotation
tepyiva free-spirited, liberal, progressive tesaga important, significant, of great import, grandiose
tepyivan free-spiritedness, liberality, progressiveness tesagan importance, significance, great import, grandiosity
tepyivat free-spirit, free-spirited person, liberal, progressive tesagay importantly, significantly, grandiosely
tepyoden growling tesager matter
tepyoder growl tesagser become important
tepyof mental incapacity, stupidity, mental disability tesagxen making importance, magnify the importance of
tepyofa stupid, dumb, mentally disabled tesagxer make important, lend import to
tepyofxen stupefaction tesagxwa magnified in importance
tepyofxer stupefy tesaun sememe, unit of meaning
tepyofxwa stupefied, dumb-struck tesaya meaningful, significant, important
tepyuga lax, soft-hearted, lenient, tolerant, easy-going, indulgent, softhearted, merciful, kind tesayan meaningfulness, significance, importance
tepyugan laxness, soft-heartedness, leniency, lenience, tolerance, softheartedness, mercifulness, mercy, kindness tesayser matter, have meaning, be meaningful, make sense
tepyugat lenient person, softy, tolerant person, indulgent person tesayxer give meaning to, render meaningful, imbue with sense
tepyugay softheartedly, leniently, mercifully, kindly tesden explanation, reason, rationale, explication, clarification, definition
tepyugra lenient tesdena explanatory, rational
tepyugran leniency tesder explain, explicate, clarify, define
tepyugray leniently tesdid search for an explanation, question why
tepyugser go easy, be lenient, indulge tesdier seek an explanation, ask why
tepyuja close-minded, closed-minded, intolerant, conservative tesdrasin diagram, explanatory drawing
tepyujan close-mindedness, closed-mindedness tesdrasinen diagramming
tepyujat bigot, close-minded person tesdrasiner diagram
tepyukla simple-minded, naive tesdrasinwa diagrammed
tepyuklan simple-mindedness, naivete tesdud reason, rationale, explanation
tepyuklay simple-mindedly, naively tesduda rational, reasonable, reasoned
tepyuva close-minded, conservative tesduen explanation, rationalization
tepyuvat conservative, close-minded person tesduer explain, rationalize, suggest an explanation, explain why
tepyuvaxea captivating tesduwa explainable
tepyuvraxea captivating, interesting tesdwa explained, explicit, clarified, defined
tepyuvraxwa interested, captivated teser mean, signify
tepyuvxer captivate tesien inference, deduction
tepzen attention tesiena inferential, deductive
tepzenien drawing attention tesier infer, deduce
tepzenier draw attention tesika meaningful, significant, important
tepzeniyea attention-getting tesikan meaningfulness, significance, importance
tepzenuen paying attention, focusing attention tesikxer render meaningful, imbue with meaning
tepzenuer pay attention, focus attention tesin figure
tepzenuyea attentive tesina figurative
tepzenuyean attentiveness tesinay figuratively

tesinwer - testyofxeaEdit

tesinwer figure testun semantics
tesiun symbol, denotation testuna semantic
tesiuna symbolic testunay semantically
tesiunay symbolically testunut semanticist
tesiunen nodding, symbolization testuuwa understandable, explicable
tesiuner symbolize, denote testuwa clear, explained, clarified, explicated
tesiunsen symbolization, denotation testuwan understandability, comprehensibility, explicability
tesiunser symbolize, denote testuway explicably, clearly
tesiuntun symbology testuyika hard-pressed to explain
tesiunwa symbolized testuyikwa hard to explain
tesiunyan symbolism, symbology testuyofwa inexplicable, enigmatic
tesiuwa understandable, comprehensible testuyofwan inexplicability, enigmaticity
tesiuwan understandability, comprehensibility testuyofwas something inexplicable, enigma
tesiwa inferred, deduced testuyofway inexplicably, enigmatically
tesiyafwan understandability, comprehensibility testuyukwa easy to explain
tesiyea inferential, deductive testwa understood, comprehended, clear
tesiyeay inferentially, deductively testway understandably, comprehensibly
tesiyn mental note Testwe hav... It is understood that...
tesiyner make a mental note testyaf ability to understand, faculty of understanding, comprehension
tesoga trivial, of little importance, insignificant testyafa able to understand, able to comprehend
tesogay trivially testyafwa understandable, comprehensible
tesoger mean little, be of little import testyafwan understandability, comprehensibility, explicability
tesogser become trivial testyafwan understandability, comprehensibility
tesogxen trivialization testyafway understandably
tesogxer trivialize testyika hard-pressed to understand
tesogxwa trivialized testyikwa hard to understand, difficult to comprehend, hard-to-crack, incomprehensible, complicated, impenetrable, puzzling, enigmatic, inscrutable
teson matter, issue testyikwan inscrutability, difficulty to understand
tesoya meaningless, insignificant, unimportant, senseless, trivial testyikwas something difficult to understand, hard nut to crack, enigma, puzzle
tesoyan meaningless, insignificance, unimportance testyikwaxea confusing, complicating
tesoyser lack meaning, be devoid of meaning, matter not testyikwaxer make confusing, make incomprehensible, complicate
tesoyxer render meaningless, rob of meaning testyikxea confusing, muddlesome, confounding
testea understanding testyikxer confound, muddle, make hard to understand
testen understanding, comprehension, apprehension testyikxwa confounded, muddled, befuddled
tester understand, comprehend, apprehend, know the meaning of testyof inability to understand, inability to comprehend, confusion, failure to understand, incomprehension
testien realization testyofa unable to understand, unable to comprehend, confused, at a loss to understand
testier realize, come to understand testyofwa incomprehensible, impossible to understand
testikan meaningfulness, significance, importance testyofwan incomprehensibility, impossibility to understand
testiwa realized testyofwaxer make incomprehensible, confound, confuse, make impossible to understand
testuen explanation, clarification, explication testyofway incomprehensibly
testuena explanatory testyofxea confusing, mystifying

testyofxen - teubabEdit

testyofxen confusion tetam church, mosque, temple
testyofxer confuse, mystify, confound, render impossible to understand tetama ecclesiastical
testyukwa easy to understand, simple, easily-understood tetampen going to church, attending church
testyukwan simplicity, ease of being understood tetamper go to church, attend church
testyukxen explication, explanation, simplification tetamput church-goer
testyukxer explicate, explain, make simple to understand, render comprehensible, simplify tetamputyan congregation
testyukxwa explicated, explained, simplified tetan priesthood
tesuen implication, suggestion, intimation, inducting tetana sacerdotal
tesuer imply, suggest, intimate, hint, induce teteb cleric
tesuka meaningless, insignificant, unimportant, senseless, trivial, pointless, moot teteba clerical
tesukan meaninglessness, insignificance, unimportance, senselessness, triviality, pointlessness, mootness tetebyan clergy
tesukxer render meaningless teted grandparent
tesuun hint, intimation, suggestion, implication, induction tetedyan grandparents
tesuwa implied, suggested, intimated, hinted, induced teteted great grandparent
tesuyea implicit, implying, intimating, inductive teteteyd great grandmother
tesuyeay implicitly, inductively tetetid great uncle or aunt
tesuzra absurd tetetiyd great aunt, great-aunt, great-great-aunt
tesuzran absurdity tetetwed great grandfather
tesuzray absurdly tetetwid great uncle, great-great-uncle
tesuzrun absurdism teteyd grandmother
teswa meant, deliberate, intentional, intended teteydif grandma
teswan deliberateness, intentionality tetid uncle or aunt
teswas intention, purpose, intent, point tetim chapel
teswasuka pointless tetin clericalism
teswasukan pointlessness tetina clericalist
tesway intentionally, deliberately, on purpose tetinut clericalist
tesyob reason, rationale, basis tetitud cousin
tesyoba rational, reasoned tetituyd female cousin
tesyoban rationality tetitwud male cousin
tesyobay reasonably tetiyd aunt, great-aunt
tesyobaya reasonable tetiydif auntie
tesyobayan reasonableness tetwed grandfather
tesyoben reasoning tetwedif grandpa
tesyober reason tetwid great-uncle, uncle
tesyobxen rationalization tetwida avuncular
tesyobxer rationalize tetyan clergy
tesyobxwa rationalized teub mouth
tet priest, rabbi, mullah, servant of god, pastor, minister, cleric, elder, padre, vicar, clergyman, man of the cloth, rector, lama, father, parson teuba oral, buccal
teta pastoral, clerical, sacerdotal teubab yobalar tongue depressor
tetab church hierarchy, church teubab tongue

teubaba - teuderEdit

teubaba lingual teubiwa swallowed
teubaxen licking teubix yugyel chewing gum
teubaxer lick teubix zyunog cud
teubaxwa licked teubixegen rumination, grazing
teubayeb mustache teubixeger ruminate, graze
teubayebaya mustachioed teubixen chewing, mastication
teubbak oral hygiene teubixer givob chew tobacco
teubbaktun oral hygienics teubixer chew, do something mildly with the teeth, masticate
teubbaktuna oral hygienic teubixwa dref papier mache
teubbaktut oral hygienist teubixwa chewed, masticated
teubeb gum teubixyafwa chewable
teubeba gingival teubiyik difficulty swallowing
teubebbok gingivitis, gum disease teubiyxen munching
teubib jaw teubiyxer munch
teubien swallowing teubiyxun munchable
teubier bekzyunog swallow a pill teubiyxut muncher
teubier swallow teubiyxwa munched
teubikber cram into the mouth teubnuf bit
teubil saliva, spit, sputum teubob voz lipstick, lip color, lip gloss
teubila tayub salivary gland teubob lip, valve, labium
teubilen salivation teuboba yujteuzun labial consonant
teubiler salivate teuboba labial
teubilien sucking teubobsan labium, labrum
teubilier suck teubobyeber suck
teubilokegea dribbling, driveling teubox kiss
teubilokegen dribbling, driveling teuboxegen smooching
teubilokeger dribble, drivel teuboxeger smooch
teubilokegyea dribbly, drively teuboxen kissing
teubiloken drooling, slavering, slobbering teuboxer kiss
teubiloker drool, slaver, slabber teuboyx peck
teubilokyea slobbery teuboyxer give a peck on the cheek
teubiloyeben spitting out, expectoration teubsin expression
teubiloyeber spit out, expectorate teubsinen making an expression
teubiloyebun expectorant, spit teubsiner make an expression
teubiloyebwa spit out, expectorated teubyijea yawning
teubilpuxen spitting, expectoration, spewing teubyijen yawning
teubilpuxer spit, expectorate, spew teubyijer yawn
teubilpuxun expectorant teud call, cry
teubilpuxwa spitted, expectorated, spewed teuden calling, crying out
teubiluen spitting, expectoration teuder call, cry out

teudnuf - teusibarEdit

teudnuf call button teupibtun odontology, dentistry
teudwa called, cried out teupibtuna odontological, dental
teuf muzzle teupibtut odontologist, dentist
teufuen muzzling teupibuen teething
teufuer muzzle teupibuer teethe
teufuwa muzzled teupibuka toothless
teujukan lifelessness teupibukan toothlessness
teumib palate teupibut dentist
teumiba palatal teupibutam dentists office
teumibxen palatalization teupibwa zyuk gear
teumibxer palatalize teupibwa zyupzyuv pinion
teumibxwa palatalized teupibwa gnawed, toothed, notched, indented, serrated
teupib gizyuf toothpick teupibyan denture
teupib oyeben tooth extraction teupibyel pulp
teupib vyixar toothbrush teupibyena odontoid, tooth-like
teupib vyixyel toothpaste teupixegen crunching, munching, nibbling
teupib yigabmul tooth enamel teupixeger crunch, munch, nibble, do something repeatedly with the teeth
teupib yonmulsen tooth decay teupixegwa crunched
teupib zyeg tooth cavity teupixegyea crunchy
teupib tooth teupixegyean crunchiness
teupiba yujteuzun dental consonant teupixen biting
teupiba dental teupixer bite
teupibaya zyupzyuv pinion, cogwheel, toothed gear teupixogen nibbling
teupibaya toothed, indented, serrated teupixoger nibble
teupibbek dentistry, dental hygiene, dental care teupixogut nibbler
teupibbekam dentist office, dental clinic teupixogwa nibbled
teupibbektut dentist teupixun bite, morsel
teupibbekut dental hygienist teupixwa bitten
teupibbyok odontalgia, dental pain teupixwas morsel
teupibbyoyk toothache teupixyea mordant, biting
teupibea gnawing teus taste
teupiben gnawing teusa gustatory
teupiber gnaw teusaya tasty, full of taste, savory
teupibika toothy, indented, serrated teusayan tastiness, savoriness
teupiblasen teeth chattering teusayxer make tasty
teupiblaser teeth chatter teuser taste, taste like
teupibok tooth loss teusgab seasoning, spice, taste supplement
teupiboya toothless teusgaben seasoning, spicing
teupiboyan toothlessness teusgaber season, spice, supplement with taste
teupibrasen teeth-chattering teusibar taste bud, taste receptor

teusika - teuzubarEdit

teusika tasty, full of taste, savory teutyofa unable to taste
teusikan tastiness, savoriness teutyofwa unable to be tasted
teusikxer imbue with taste, fill up with taste teutyofwan inability to be tasted, vapidity
teusoya tasteless, insipid teuv mask
teusoyan tastelessness, insipidness teuvien putting on a mask
teusoyxer deprive of taste teuvier put on a mask
teusoz laugh teuvuen masking
teusozag guffaw teuvuer mask
teusozagen guffawing teuvuwa masked
teusozager guffaw teuxar pointer
teusozea laughing teuxen tasting
teusozen laughing, laughter teuxer taste
teusozer laugh teuxwa tasted
teusozog giggle teuyba oral
teusozogen giggling teuybay orally
teusozogyea giggly teuz voice
teusozoz chuckle teuza vocal
teusozozen chuckling teuzagxar megaphone
teusozyefwa laughable teuzagxir microphone
teusozyefway laughably teuzaun phoneme
teusuka tasteless, insipid teuzauna phonemic
teusukan tastelessness, insipidness teuzauntun phonemics
teusukxer remove the taste teuzauntut phonemicist
teusyiga bitter, astringent teuzay vocally
teusyigan bitterness, astringency teuzen vocalization
teusyigser become bitter, become astringent teuzer vocalize
teusyigxer embitter, make astringent teuzibar haydun telephone call, phone call
teusyigxwa embittered teuzibar times phone booth, telephone booth
teut sense of taste teuzibar telephone, telephone receiver, voice receiver
teuta gustatory teuzibara telephonic
teuter taste teuzibaren telephone reception
teutien tasting, sampling teuzibarer telephone, phone
teutier sample, take a taste teuzibarun telephone call, phone call
teutiun sample, taste teuznyem voice box, larynx
teutiut taster, sampler teuznyema laryngeal
teutos sense of taste teuztun phonology
teutuer offer a sample, offer to taste, give a taste to teuztuna phonological
teutuwas sample teuztunay phonologically
teutyaf ability to taste, sense of taste teuztut phonologist
teutyafwa tastable teuzubar megaphone

teuzubir - teydaEdit

teuzubir microphone texler conceive
teuzun phone, sound texlun concept
teuzuna phonic, phonetic texluna conceptual
teuzuntun phonetics texlunxen conceptualization, conceptualizing
teuzuntuna phonetic texlunxer conceptualize
teuzuntut phoneticist texlunxwa conceptualized
teuzvoz timbre texnabyan thought pattern
tev scarf texnad line of thought, train of thought
tevyoxwat fool texoka distracted, lost in thought
tex thought, cognition texoker lose track of, be distracted, be lost in thought
texa cognitive texokxen distraction
texden notation, mention texokxer distract
texder note, remark, mention texokxwa distracted
texdun note, remark, mention texokxyea distracting
texdwas note, remark, mention texoya thoughtless
texebek debate, crossfire, battle of opinions, arguing, dispute texoyan thoughtlessness
texebeker debate, argue, dispute texuen persuasion, suggestion
texebekut debater texuer persuade, convince, make think, give the idea, suggest the thought, seed the thought
texebekutyan debate team texuka vacuous
texebkyan debate, argument, discussion, idea swap texukan vacuousness
texebkyanxer exchange thoughts, debate, discuss, argue texuntunay mnemonically
texen thinking, cogitation, cognition texuwa persuaded, convinced
texer think, cogitate texuyea persuasive, convincing, suggestive
texieay admittedly texuyean persuasiveness
texien conception texuza irrational, cooky, deluded, crazy
texier conceive of, get the idea texuzan craziness, irrationality, cookiness
texika thoughtful, pensive texuzasea going crazy
texikan thoughtfulness, pensiveness texuzaser go crazy
texiun concept texuzaxer make crazy
texiuna conceptual texuzaxwa crazed
texiunxen conceptualization texyea pensive, thoughtful
texiunxer conceptualize texyean pensiveness, thoughtfulness
texiunxwa conceptualized texyebekuwa debatable
texiuwa conceivable, conceived texyen opinion, view, belief, way of thinking, mental bias
texiwa conceived texyenaya opinionated, biased
texiyafwa conceivable texyender express an opinion, opine, express the opinion
texiyafway conceivably texyener opinion, have the opinion, be of the view, believe
texiyofwa inconceivable texyenika opinionated, biased
texiyofway inconceivably teyd mother
texlawa conceived teyda maternal

teydan - teypbonEdit

teydan maternity, motherhood teyibixer distract, draw away attention
teydif mama, mom, mommy, mum teyibixwa distracted, mentally disengaged, uninterested
teydsen becoming a mother teyibixwer be uninterested, be distracted, be mentally unengaged
teydser become a mother teylen grazing, nibbling, snacking
teydsoa pregnant teyler graze, nibble, snack
teydsoan pregnancy teyob neck
teydtojben matricide teyoba cervical
teydtojbena matricidal teyobabaxen necking
teydxen mothering teyobabaxer neck
teydxer mother teyobixer collar, grasp by the collar
teydxwa mothered teyobuf throat
teyen idea, concept teyobufa yujteuzun gutteral consonant
teyena conceptual, ideal, ideational, notional teyobuz necklace
teyenay conceptually, ideally, notionally teyodet daughter-in-law
teyenien conceptualizing teyof belar tie rack
teyenier conceptualize, conceive of, get the idea, get the notion teyof nivar tie tack
teyenin idealism, conceptualism teyof tie, necktie
teyenina idealistic, conceptualist teyopyoxer hang, hang by the neck, hang by a noose
teyeninut idealist, conceptualist teyopyoxwa hanged, hanged by the neck
teyeniun conceptualization teyov collar
teyeniwa conceptualized teyoyuvar neck chain, yoke
teyenser conceive, conceptualize teyoyuvaren yoking
teyentun philosophy teyoyuvarer yoke
teyentuna philosophical teyoyuvaroben unyoking
teyentunxen philosophizing teyoyuvarober unyoke
teyentunxer philosophize teyoyuvarobwa unyoked
teyentut philosopher teyoyuvarwa yoked
teyenuen suggestion, giving the idea teyozyoben strangulation, choking
teyenuer suggest, seed the idea, give the idea teyozyober strangle, choke
teyenuwa suggested teyozyobex strangle-hold
teyenuyea suggestive teyozyobut strangler
teyenxen conceptualization, conception teyozyobwa strangled, choked
teyenxer conceptualize, conceive teyozyoxen choking
teyenxwa conceived, conceptualized teyozyoxer choke
teyenyan ideology, set of ideas teyozyoxwa choked
teyenyana ideological teyp spirit, esprit, air
teyenyanay ideologically teypa spiritual
teyenyanut ideologue teypan spirituality
teyf woman's hat teypay spiritually
teyibix distraction, mental distraction, lack of interest teypbon sang-froid, calm, cool

teypbona - TibetamEdit

teypbona cool and collected tezexean attentiveness
teypyaf adamancy, resoluteness, determination tezexeay attentively
teypyafa strong-willed, adamant, bullish, stubborn, resolute, determined tezexen attention
teypyof spiritual weakness, pliancy tezexer pay attention, focus on
teypyofa weak-minded, weak in spirit, weak-hearted, pliant tezien acculturation
teyub horn tezier acculturate oneself
teyubaya horned tezika cultured, full of culture
teyubsana horn-shaped tezpek culture clash
teyubuxen butting teztun culture studies, culturalism, ethnography, culturology
teyubuxer butt teztuna ethnographic, ethnological, culturological
teyubyena horny teztunay ethnologically
teyv shawl teztut culture scholar, ethnographer, ethnologist, culturalogist
teyx opinion, belief tezuen acculturation
teyxder express an opinion, voice an opinion tezuer acculturate
teyxdras opinion piece, editorial tezuka cultureless
teyxdyea doctrinaire tezukan dearth of culture
teyxen consideration, reflection, imagining, dreaming tezuwa acculturated
teyxer consider, reflect, imagine, dream tezyen custom
teyxwa considered, reflected, imagined, dreamed tezyena customary, usual
teyz cult tezyenay customarily, usually
teyza cultic tezyeni mores
teyzin cultism tezyenser get accustomed, get used to, habituate
teyzina cultist tezyenxen customization, habituation
teyzinut cultist, cult figure, cult practitioner tezyenxer customize, habituate
tez culture tezyenxwa accustomed, habituated
teza cultural tiab tayeb chest hair
tezaser get acculturated tiab chest, breast
tezaxen acculturation tiaba pectoral
tezaxer acculturate tianef sweater, pullover
tezaxwa acculturated tiav shirt, long-sleeved shirt
tezay culturally tiavog short-sleeved shirt
tezben cultivation tiayb breast
tezber cultivate tiayuv bra, brassiere
tezbwa cultivated tiayv blouse, long-sleeved blouse
tezbyena cultured tiayvog short-sleeved blouse
tezdeuzun anthem tiaz brooch, pin
tezdin saga, legend tib trunk, torso
tezdina legendary Tibeta Tibetan
Tezex! Attention! Tibetad Tibetan
tezex attention Tibetam Tibet

Tibetama - tiexyikenEdit

Tibetama Tibetan tiebaluer expire, breathe out, exhale
Tibetat Tibetan tiebaluir breathing machine, lung machine
tibubxen digestion tiebalyujben suffocation, strangulation
tibubxer digest tiebalyujber suffocate, strangle
tibuf train, dragnet, tassel tiebalyujbwa suffocated, strangled
tibuj obsiyn cedilla tiebbok pneumonia
tibuj tail, tassel tiebbokier catch pneumonia
tibujbraxen wagging, tail wagging tiebboyk cold, common cold
tibujbraxer wag, wag the tail tiebboykier catch a cold
tibupea trailing, dragging behind, lagging tiebboykuer pass on a cold
tibupen trailing, dragging behind, lagging tiebil phlegm
tibuper trail, drag behind, lag tiebtun pneumonology
tibuzer bow, bend over tiebtuna pneumonological
tibyeym pouch, poke tiebtut pneumonologist
tibyoysea slouching tiebukxen bekul cough syrup
tibyoysen slouching tiebukxen coughing, cough
tibyoyser slouch tiebukxer cough
tibyoysut slouch, sloucher tiebyujben suffocation, choking
tid sibling, brother or sister tiebyujber suffocate, choke
tida fraternal, brotherly tiebyujbwa suffocated, choked
tidtojben fratricide tiebyujbyea suffocating, choking
tidtojbena fratricidal tiebyujen suffocation, choking
tidtojber commit fratricide, kill one's sibling tiebyujer suffocate, choke
tidtojbut fratricide tien apprisal, learning, apprehension, noticing, getting word
tiea tuxut student teacher tier become aware, get word, learn, notice
tieb graikxen lung congestion tiexea breathing, respiring
tieb lung tiexen vyesag breathing rate
tieba pulmonary, lung-related, pneumonic tiexen breathing, respiration
tiebal breath tiexena respiratory
tiebalfuf trachea, windpipe tiexer breathe, respire
tiebaliar inhaler tiexeusea wheezing
tiebaliea breathing in, inhaling, taking a breath tiexeusen wheezing
tiebalien inhalation, breathing in, taking a breath tiexeuser wheeze
tiebalier breathe in, inhale, take a breath tiexfuf breathing tube
tiebaliwas inhalant tiexuar breathing device, respirator
tiebalok burp, belch, eructation tiexun breath
tiebaloken burping, belching, eructation tiexyik asthma, difficulty breathing
tiebaloker burp, belch, eructate, eruct tiexyika short of breath, asthmatic, hard of breathing
tiebaluar breathing device, breathing tube tiexyikea wheezing
tiebaluea breathing out, exhaling, expiring tiexyiken wheezing

tiexyiker - tiibiltumsyagarEdit

tiexyiker wheeze tiibil neg blood level
tiexyiksea gasping, wheezing, having difficulty breathing tiibil neunam blood bank
tiexyiksen gasping, wheezing, having difficulty breathing tiibil saun blood type
tiexyikser gasp, wheeze, have difficulty breathing tiibil syag blood count
tiexyikwa hard to breathe tiibil todat blood relative
tiexyofa unable to breathe tiibil tum blood cell, hemocyte
tiexyofan inability to breathe tiibil tyed blood relation
tiexyofsea becoming unable to breathe, asphyxiating tiibil vyayek blood test
tiexyofsen becoming unable to breathe, asphyxiating, asphyxiation tiibil yeblixen blood transfusion
tiexyofser become unable to breathe, asphyxiate tiibil yex blood work
tiexyofwa unbreathable tiibil yontix hemanalysis
tiexyofwan unbreathability tiibil zyiunog blood platelet
tiexyofxen asphyxiation, choking, stifling tiibil zyobil blood serum
tiexyofxer asphyxiate, choke, stifle tiibil blood
tiexyofxwa asphyxiated, choked, stifled tiibila sanguineous, blood-related
tiexyukea gasping tiibilaya bloody
tiexyuken gasping tiibilayan bloodiness
tiexyuker gasp tiibilbal blood pressure
tif jacket, suit coat, waist coat, blazer tiibilea bleeding
tifes vest, jacket tiibilef blood thirst
tiib byexes heart beat, cardiac pulse tiibilefa bloodthirsty
tiib heart tiibiler bleed
tiiba cardiac tiibilglal blood clot
tiibbektun cardiology tiibilglalser coagulate, clot
tiibbektuna cardiological tiibilier suck blood
tiibbektunay cardiologically tiibilika bloody, blood-filled
tiibbok heart disease tiibilikan bloodiness
tiibbyoyk heartache tiibiliut vampire
tiibektut cardiologist tiibillevelbok diabetes
tiibigef heart attack, cardiac emergency, cardiac arrest tiibillevelboka diabetic
tiibil- hemato-, hema-, hemo-, blood-, sanguin- tiibillevelbokat diabetic
tiibil bal blood pressure tiibilnad blood line, bloodline, ancestry, heritage, ethnicity, lineage
tiibil fyuluen blood poisoning tiibilok blood loss
tiibil ifbuen yuzpur bloodmobile tiibilokea losing blood, bleeding, exsanguinating
tiibil ifbuut blood donor tiibiloken losing blood, bleeding, exsanguination
tiibil imozkyalxen hematosis tiibiloker lose blood, bleed out, exsanguinate
tiibil ivoza blood-red tiibilokxen bloodshed
tiibil levafil nag blood-alcohol level tiibiloya bloodless
tiibil level blood sugar tiibilp bloodstream, blood flow
tiibil muil blood plasma tiibiltumsyagar hemocytometer

tiibiltun - tikebienEdit

tiibiltun hematology tijdiner day-dream
tiibiltuna hematological tijdinut day-dreamer
tiibiltunay hematologically tijea waking
tiibiltut hematologist tijen jwobi waking hours
tiibiltyan race, bloodline tijer wake up
tiibiltyana racial tijes ikxen graduation, completion of a course of study
tiibiluer bloody, get blood on, ensanguine, bleed tijes ikxer graduate, complete a course of study
tiibiluf blood vessel tijes ikxut graduate
tiibiluka bloodless tijien wakening
tiibilvoza blood-colored tijier wake up, awaken
tiibilvyun bloodstain tijiwa woke
tiibilvyunuen staining with blood tijob internship, training period, training course, course of study, course
tiibilvyunuer bloodstain tijper come to, gain consciousness, wake up
tiibilvyunuwa bloodstained tijtea conscious, aware, alert
tiibilyebilbixut bloodsucker, vampire tijtean consciousness, awareness
tiibilyova blood guilty tijteay consciously
tiibilyujun clot, thrombus tijten consciousness, awareness, alertness
tiibpos cardiac arrest tijtep conscious mind, consciousness
tiibtun cardiology tijter know consciously, be conscious, be aware
tiibtuna cardiological tijtuen alerting, prompting
tiibtunay cardiologically tijtuer alert, make aware, prompt
tiibtut cardiologist tijtuwa alerted, prompted
tiibuf artery tijuar jwobir alarm clock
tiibufa yigsenbok arterial sclerosis, hardening of the arteries tijuen awakening
tiibufa arterial tijuer awaken
tiibufog arteriole, capillary tijuwa awakened
tij yiv birth right tikab esophagus
tij wakeful state tikaba esophageal
tija awake, alert, vigilant tikabien digestion
tijan vigilance, wakefulness tikabier digest
tijben awakening, rousing tikabiwa digested
tijber wake up, waken, awaken, rouse tikabiyik indigestion, dyspepsia
tijbes vigil, wake, watch tikabiyika dyspepsic
tijbesea vigilant, alert, watchful tikabiyikwa hard to digest
tijbeseay vigilantly tikabiyofwa indigestible
tijbesen vigilance, staying alert, watching tikeb stomach, gut
tijbeser be vigilant, stay alert, watch out tikeba gastric, stomach-related
tijbwa awakened, roused, aroused tikebbok gastritis
tijbyea arousing tikebbyoyk stomach ache
tijdin day-dream tikebien ingestion

tikebier - tildimEdit

tikebier ingest tikyebilena defecatory
tikebikxen stuffing tikyebiler defecate, shit
tikebikxer fill the stomach, stuff tikyebub rectum
tikebikxwa stuffed tikyebuba tayoxen rectal palpation
tikebikxwas stuffing tikyebuba rectal
tikebil chyme, gastric juice tikyob intestine, bowels, small intestine
tikebiloken vomiting, throwing up, regurgitation, puking tikyoba intestinal
tikebiloker vomit, throw up, regurgitate, puke tikyobbok enteritis, dysentery, diarrhea
tikebilokun vomit, puke tikyobien ingesting, ingestion
tikebiwa ingested tikyobier ingest
tikebukxar stomach pump tikyobiwa ingested
tikebukxen stomach pumping tikyoboben disemboweling
tikebukxer pump the stomach tikyobober disembowel
tikebukxil emetic tikyobobwa disemboweled
tikebyijben gutting til drink, beverage, potion
tikebyijber gut tilab breast, tit, mamma
tikebyijbwa gutted tilaba mammary
tikebzyubraxea stomach-churning tilabeib teat, nipple
tikib liver tilabil breast milk, milk
tikiba hepatic, liver- tilabilien suckling
tikibbok liver disease, hepatitis tilabilier suck, suckle
tikibil bile tilabiluen breastfeeding, nursing, suckling, lactation, breast feeding
tikibtun hepatology tilabiluer suckle, nurse, lactate, breast feed
tikibtuna hepatological tilabiluwa suckled, nursed, lactated
tikibtunay hepatologically tilabuz tit ring, nipple ring
tikibtut hepatologist tilaf brassiere, bras
tikub pancreas tilam bar, drinkery, pub
tikuba pancreatic tilamag saloon
tikubbok pancreatitis tilampek bar fight, tavern tussle, bar row
tikyab large intestine tilar bolar spoon rest
tikyeb anus tilar spoon
tikyeba teubabaxen analingus tilarag ladle
tikyeba anal tilaraguen ladling out
tikyebal fart, flatulence, wind tilaraguer ladle out
tikyebaluen farting, breaking wind, flatulence tilaraguwa ladled out
tikyebaluer fart, break wind tilarog teaspoon
tikyebaluyea flatulent tilav brassiere, bra
tikyebay anally tilaym bistro
tikyebil feces, shit, dung, chyle tildet drinking companion
tikyebila fecal tildim drinking fountain, water fountain

tildimes - tinierEdit

tildimes water fountain tilsyebgan cup-full
tildras drink menu tiltam tavern
tilef thirst tiltim bar, saloon
tilefa thirsty tiltojer drink to death, drown oneself
tilefag drought tiluen giving to drink
tilefen thirsting tiluer give to drink, water, give water to, ply with drinks
tilefer thirst, be thirsty tilum refreshment stand, drink kiosk
tilefobea thirst-quenching tiluwa nid dose
tilefober quench one's thirst tiluwas bi bekul dose of medicine
tilefobus thirst-quencher tiluwas dose
tilefsea getting thirsty tilyuijar cork, cap
tilefser get thirsty tilzyeb bi vafil glass of wine
tileftojer die of thirst tilzyeb bi yavil glass of beer
tilefxen making thirsty tilzyeb drinking glass, glass
tilefxer make thirsty tim amnag room temperature
tilefxwa made thirsty tim bi avembiuti chamber of deputies, house of representatives, congressmen, the house
tileger guzzle tim bi yafuwati chamber of deputies
tilen drinking, imbibing tim duz chamber music
tiler drink, imbibe tim duzutyan chamber music orchestra
tilfuyf drinking straw, straw tim golar room divider, partition
tilfyeb beverage can tim yuxlen room service
tilfyuf drinking straw tim yuxlut room servant
tilgron water shortage, water deficit tim room, chamber, quarters
tilgronag major water shortage, drought timag salon, large room, hall
tilien drinking, imbibing timdet roommate
tilier drink, imbibe times booth, roomette, closet, compartment, cabinet
tilim refreshment area timglan roomful
tiliut drinker, imbiber timof booth, lean-to, shelter, stall
tiliyafwa drinkable, potable timog booth, cell, pod, cubby hole, small room, closet, cubicle
tiliyafwan potability, drinkability timyan quarters, suite, dormitory
tiliyofwa undrinkable, non-potable timyandet dormitory mate, dorm mate
tilov napkin tin doctrine, dogma, theory, lesson, teaching, -ism
tilsem eynsim bar stool tina doctrinal, dogmatic, theoretical
tilsem bar, counter, drink counter tinay theoretically
tilsemut bartender tinden theorization
tilsom refreshment stand tindena theoretical
tilsyeb bi safyel cup of tea tinder theorize, spout dogma
tilsyeb bi sefel cup of coffee tindut theoretician, dogmatist
tilsyeb leyavol cupcake tinien studying, indoctrination
tilsyeb cup, drinking cup tinier study, indoctrinate oneself, adopt a theory

tinmep - tipyigraxerEdit

tinmep discipline, doctrinal track tipifa fun-spirited, gay, frivolous, kind, amiable
tinuen indoctrination tipifan fun-spiritedness, gayness, frivolity, kindness, amiability
tinuer indoctrinate tipin sentimentalism
tinuwa indoctrinated tipina sentimentalist
tinuyea doctrinaire, dogmatic tipinut sentimentalist
tinuyean dogmatism tipiva merry, light-hearted, cheery, gay
tinyuvsut disciple tipivan merriness, light-heartedness, cheeriness, gayness
tinzyaden propagandizing tipkyaa flexible
tinzyader propagandize tipkyaan flexibility
tinzyadwa propagandized tipkyoa stubborn
tinzyadwas propaganda tipkyoan stubbornness
tip sentiment, attitude, temperament, temper, mood, emotion, disposition tiplaxea thrilling, vibrant
tipa sentimental, attitudinal, temperamental, emotional tiplaxean vibrancy
tipaga big-hearted, generous, genial tiplaxeay thrillingly, vibrantly
tipagan big-heartedness, generosity, geniality tiplaxen thrilling
tipagat big-hearted person, generous person, genial soul tiplaxer thrill
tipagay generously tiplaxwa thrilled
tipan sentimentality tipoga stingy, small-minded
tipava agreeable, accommodating, empathetic tipogan stinginess, small-mindedness
tipavan agreeableness, empathy tipova contrary, hostile, antipathetic
tipay sentimentally, temperamentally, emotionally tipovan contrariness, hostility, antipathy
tipaya temperamental, emotional, moody tipoza low-key, calm, unenthusiastic, bored
tipayan moodiness tipuf spite, anger
tipaza excited, passionate, emotional tipufa mean, mean-spirited, spitefulness, angry
tipazan excitement, passion tipufan meanness, mean-spiritedness, spitefulness, angriness
tipazay excitedly tipufra infuriated, enraged
tipazdez melodrama tipufran furor, rage
tipazdeza melodramatic tipufraser get infuriated, be enraged
tipazdezaxer melodramatize tipufraxea infuriating, outrageous
tipazier get excited, get impassioned, be moved grow frantic, run high tipufraxer infuriate, enrage
tipazika excited, passionate, emotional, wired, frantic, on edge, fired up tipuva dour, sad-spirited, down, dispirited, solemn, grave, depressed, downcast
tipazuen excitement tipuvan depression, dourness, sad-spiritedness, dispiritedness, solemnity
tipazuer excite, impassion, move tipuvat depressed person
tipazuka unexcited, unpassionate, unemotional tipuvxer depress
tipazukay unexcitedly tipyiga stern, stern-hearted, hard-headed, hard-nosed, rigid, flinty, severe, rigorous
tipazuwa excited, impassioned, moved tipyigan sternness, stern-heartedness, hard-headedness, flintiness, rigorousness
tipden sentimentalization, expression of emotion tipyigra angry, furious, raging
tipder sentimentalize, express emotion tipyigran angriness, furor, rage
tipdwa sentimentalized tipyigraser grow angry, get angry, grow enraged
tipelat grasshopper tipyigraxer enrage, infuriate, make angry

tipyigraxwa - tisyafatEdit

tipyigraxwa enraged, infuriated, angered tisjober intern, train in-house
tipyigray angrily, furiously, ragingly tisjobut intern, trainee
tipyigxwa enraged, infuriated, angered tiskex curiosity, interest
tipyija open-minded, tolerant, liberal tiskexea curious, interested
tipyijan open-mindedness, tolerance, liberality tiskexen curiosity
tipyiva liberal-minded, liberal, open-minded tiskexer be curious, be interested
tipyivan liberalness, liberality, liberal-mindedness, open-mindedness tiskexier take an interest in
tipyuba intimate tiskexuer interest, be of interest to
tipyuban intimacy tiskexut knowledge-seeker
tipyubay intimately tiskexuuwa interested
tipyuga flexible, lenient, gentle tiskexuyea interesting
tipyugan flexibility, lenience, gentleness of spirit tiskexwa interesting, curious
tipyuja close-minded, intolerant tisnog grade, school grade, academic level
tipyujan close-mindedness, intolerance tisnogyaper move up a grade in school, advance scholastically
tipyuva conservative tistam dyes schoolbook, textbook
tipyuvan conservativeness tistam jab school year
tis learning, knowledge, acquired knowledge, wisdom tistam joeb school session
tisdien inquiring tistam nog school grade
tisdier inquire tistam school, schoolhouse
tisdiwa inquired tistama school-related
tisdiyea inquisitive tistamdet schoolmate
tisdiyean inquisitiveness tistameb principal
tisef inquisitiveness, interest, curiosity, thirst for learning tistamem schoolyard
tisefa inquisitive, interested, curious, thirsty for knowledge tistampen matriculation
tisefer be interested, be curious, be thirsty for knowledge tistamper matriculate, go to school, attend school
tisefier take an interest in tistamput school attendee, matriculator
tisefuer engage interest in, interest, pique interest in tistim classroom
tisem lecture hall tistimutyan class
tisen learning, apprehension tisun dyes lesson book
tiser learn, apprehend tisun jadrun lesson plan
tisfea interested, curious tisun lesson, class, session
tisfean curiosity, interest tisunjob class time, lesson period
tisfen interest, curiosity tisut learner, pupil
tisfer want to learn, be inquisitive about, be curious about, be interested in tiswa learned, apprehended
tisfier take an interest in, develop a curiosity about, grow interested in tiswas something learned, lesson
tisfuer arouse interest, interest tiswasyan lessons learned, wisdom, experience, knowledge
tisfuwa interested tisyaf ability to learn, intelligence, aptitude, smarts
tisfuyea interesting tisyafa able to learn, intelligent, gifted, smart
tisfuyeay interestingly tisyafan aptitude, intelligence
tisifea studious tisyafat mentally-gifted person, intelligent individual, smart person

tisyafwa - tiydEdit

tisyafwa intelligible tiwa learned, apprised, noticed
tisyafwan intelligibility tiwas dyes lesson book
tisyan knowledge, learning tiwas lesson, something learned
tisyeken studying tiwasyan knowledge
tisyeker study tiwut male pupil
tisyekut student tixam school
tisyekyea studious tixem study hall
tisyik learning difficulty tixen utyan study group
tisyika learning-disabled, mentally challenged tixen study, studying
tisyikan difficulty learning tixer jestay study hard
tisyikat mentally challenged person, slow-learner, person with learning disabilities tixer study
tisyikwa hard to learn tixim studio
tisyofa unable to learn, stupid, dumb, unintelligent tixnad course of study, course
tisyofan inability to learn, stupidity, dumbness tixnadkyin course load
tisyofwa unintelligible tixum study booth, study pod, study cubicle
tisyofwan unintelligibility tixun joeb lesson period, study period, study session
tisyukwa easily learned tixun lesson, study
tit scholar, disciple, learner, pupil tixuna didactic
titbul yansyem scholarship foundation tixut student
titbul scholarship tixutan studentship
titud nephew or niece tixutyan student body
titudi nephews and nieces tixwa studied
titudin nepotism tixyea studious, erudite
titudina nepotistic tixyean studiousness, erudition
titutuyd grand niece tixyeay studiously, eruditely
titutwud grand nephew tiyab bladder
tituyd niece tiyabil urine, piss, pee
titwud nephew tiyabilegen dribbling urine
tityena scholarly tiyabileger dribble urine
tiub belly tiyabilen urinating, pissing, peeing
tiuba ventral tiyabiler urinate, piss, pee
tiubbyok belly ache tiyabilim pissoir
tiubdalen ventriloquy tiyabilsom urinal
tiubdalut ventriloquist tiyabilyeb bedpan
tiuf corset, bodice tiyabob prostate, prostate gland
tiut pupil tiyaboba prostatic
tiuv underwear, underpants, briefs, shorts, boxers tiyabobbok prostatitis
tiuyb abdomen tiyaboboben prostatectomy
tiuyba abdominal tiyafwa noticeable
tiuyt female pupil tiyd sister

tiyda - tobetanEdit

tiyda sororal, sisterly tiyufer drag behind, lag
tiydif sis tiyufut slackard, laggard
tiydyan sorority, sisterhood tiyugiben fucking
tiyeb testicles tiyugiber fuck
tiyeba testicular tiyugibut fucker
tiyebil semen, cum, ejaculate tiyugoblawa circumcised, cut
tiyebilen ejaculation, cumming tiyugoblen circumcision
tiyebiler ejaculate, cum tiyugobler circumcise, cut
tiyebiluen insemination tiyuyb vagina
tiyebiluer inseminate tiyuyba vaginal
tiyebiuwa inseminated tiyuybil vaginal fluid
tiyib ovary tiyuybilen menstruation
tiyiba ovarian tiyuybiler menstruate
tiym nook, cranny tlyasem dining table
tiyn theory to the letter t
tiyna theoretical toam apartment building, residence
tiynxen theorization toambeaxut concierge
tiynxer theorize toambesen residence
tiynxut theoretician toambeser reside
tiyob kidney toambesut resident
tiyoba renal toambewa occupied
tiyobbok kidney disease, renitis toames apartment, flat, unit
tiyobtun renology toamesbesen dwelling in an apartment
tiyobtuna renological toamesbeser dwell in an apartment
tiyobtunay renologically toamesbesut apartment dweller
tiyobtut renologist, kidney specialist toamesdet flat mate, apartment mate
tiyub penis, phallus toamesdeten sharing a flat
tiyuba penile, phallic toamesdeter share a flat
tiyubien fellatio, sucking toamyan apartment complex, compound
tiyubier fellate, suck tob human, human being, person, man
tiyubil pre-cum toba human
tiyubiut fellator, sucker tobag giant, grownup
tiyuboben castration, gelding toban humanity, manhood
tiyubober castrate, geld tobava humanitarian, humane
tiyubobwa castrated, gelded tobavat humanitarian
tiyubraxen masturbation tobavin humanitarianism, humanism
tiyubraxena masturbatory tobavina humanitarian, humanistic
tiyubraxer masturbate tobavinut humanitarian, humanist
tiyubuz cock ring tobet youth, juvenile
tiyuf train tobetan youth

tobetyena - tobpixlenEdit

tobetyena youthful tobob bikut baby-sitter
tobetyenan youthfulness tobob dal baby talk
tobifa humane, humanitarian tobob dyes baby book
tobifan humaneness tobob dyun baby name, pet name
tobifin philanthropy tobob igzyax baby boom
tobifina philanthropic tobob igzyaxat baby-boomer
tobifinut philanthropist tobob ilbiov baby diaper
tobifut human person, humanitarian tobob sim high chair, highchair
tobij embryo, human egg, ovum tobob sum baby bed
tobija embryonic, ovular tobob tel baby food
tobijbelea gestating, pregnant tobob teubip baby tooth
tobijbelen gestation, pregnancy tobob tof baby clothes, baby wear
tobijbeler gestate tobob tojnag infant mortality
tobijben impregnation, ovulation tobob tyoyapas baby step
tobijber impregnate, ovulate tobob zateb baby face
tobijbwa impregnated, pregnant, ovulated toboba bok childhood disease
tobijea ovulating toboba infantile
tobijen ovulation tobobagxen raising children
tobijer ovulate tobobagxer raise children
tobijien conception toboban childhood, infancy
tobijier conceive tobobi children
tobijil embryonic fluid tobobog little baby, bambino
tobijnyem womb tobobplixen kidnapping, baby snatching
tobijovar contraceptive tobobplixer kidnap
tobijuen impregnation tobobplixut baby snatcher, kidnapper
tobijuer impregnate tobobplixwa kidnapped
tobijuwa impregnated, pregnant tobobtojben infanticide
tobijuwan pregnancy tobobtojbena infanticidal
tobijyafwan pregnancy tobobtojbut baby-killer, infanticide
tobijyem ovary tobobyena childish, babyish, baby-like, infantile
tobijyema ovarian tobobyenan childishness
tobin humanism tobog little person, midget
tobina humanist, humanistic tobot baby, infant, child
tobinut humanist tobova inhumane
tobkex manhunt, bounty-hunt toboyban girlhood
tobkexen man-hunting, bounty-hunting toboyg young lady, girl, damsel
tobkexer manhunt toboyt baby girl, female child, female infant
tobkexut bounty hunter, man-hunter tobpixlawa kidnapped
tobob-ovarea child-proof tobpixlawat kidnapping victim
tobob aplaxov baby wipe tobpixlen kidnapping

tobpixler - toejsonEdit

tobpixler kidnap tobyafonxwa human-powered
tobpixlut kidnapper tobyan humanity, humankind, mankind
tobpixlyofwa unkidnappable tobyen virility, manliness
tobpixlyofwaxer make unkidnappable tobyena manly, virile, anthropoid
tobplixen kidnapping tobyenan manliness
tobplixer kidnap tobyextun ergonomics
tobplixut kidnapper tobyextuna ergonomic
tobsana anthropomorphic tobyextut ergonomist
tobsanan anthropomorphism tobyog urchin, kid
tobsaxwa nofun synthetic fiber tobyogen acting like a kid, mischief, playing pranks
tobsaxwa man-made, manmade tobyoger act like a kid, be mischievous, play pranks
tobsayna android, anthropoid tod family
tobsaynat android, anthropoid Tod God
tobsin portrait toda familial, kindred
tobsiner portray todam household, homestead
tobsinun portrayal todama domestic, household
tobsinut portrait artist todameb head of the household, master
tobtojben murder, homicide, manslaughter todameyb mistress
tobtojber murder, slay todamut housekeeper
tobtojbut murderer, slayer todamuyt housewife
tobtojbwa murdered, slayed todan kinship
tobtojbwat murder victim, homicide victim, slaying victim todana dyun nickname, sobriquet, familiar name
tobtojbyea murderous, homicidal todana familiar
tobtun anthropology todat relative, sib
tobtuna anthropological todatyan kinfolk, clan, kindred
tobtut anthropologist toddyun family name, surname, last name
tobtuzunxwa man-made todeyb mater familias
tobufa misanthropic todnad family line
tobufan misanthropy todnada genetic
tobufin misanthropy todnadaun gene
tobufina misanthropic todnadaunyan genome
tobufinat misanthrope todnadtun genetics
tobufut misanthrope todnadtuna genetic
tobuj end of time todnadtut geneticist
tobuka sim empty chair todtun genealogy
tobunay anthropologically todtuna genealogical
tobwot male infant todtut genealogist
tobxen humanization todutyan gang
tobxer humanize todweb pater familias
tobxwa humanized toejson matter of life or death

toem - tojbeaxerEdit

toem domicile toj akun death benefit
toemxer domicile toj bek death care
toemxwa domiciled toj dobnux death tax
tof byoxgrun clothes hanger toj dodel death announcement, obit, obituary
tof yignyef hamper, laundry basket toj dopautyan death squad
tof clothing, apparel, garment, item of clothing, clothes toj fyuz death penalty
tofaben getting dressed, putting on clothes, dressing toj jwasiyn death knell
tofaber put on, don, clothe, dress, get dressed toj pesnad death row
tofabim dressing room toj sim death chair
tofabwa donned, worn, put on, dressed, clothed toj tam death house
tofbwa worn toj tilsyeb death cup
tofdras clothing label, tag toj tim death chamber
tofea wearing, being dressed in toj tomofem death camp
tofer wear, be dressed in toj tum death cell
tofgrun clothing hook, tag toj valdras death certificate, death warrant
tofien putting on clothes, dressing, getting dressed, donning clothing toj vyesag death rate
tofier put on clothes, dress, get dressed, don clothing toj yef death duty
tofim clothes closet, closet toj yevdul death sentence
tofimes clothes closet toj death
tofkyaxam clothes alternation shop, tailor shop toja fyoxun mortal sin
tofkyaxen clothes altering, tailoring toja magmeb extinct volcano
tofkyaxer alter clothes, tailor toja dead, extinct
tofkyaxut tailor tojan extinction
tofnam clothes store tojat dead person, deceased
tofnamut clothes salesperson tojatdem cemetery
tofnyeb laundry basket, clothes hamper tojatnyem coffin, casket
tofoben undressing, disrobing, stripping tojatsem bier
tofober undress, disrobe, take off, strip tojatxel funeral
tofobwa undressed, disrobed, stripped tojatxela funerary
tofsam wardrobe, chest of drawers, dresser tojatxelam funeral parlor, mortuary
tofsaxen making clothes tojatxeleb funeral director, mortician
tofsaxer make clothes tojatxelut mortician
tofsaxut clothes-maker tojatxelyena funereal
tofsyen style of dress, fashion tojaxen deadening
tofuen clothing, dressing tojaxer deaden
tofuer clothe, dress, put clothes on tojaxwa deadened
tofut wearer tojbarer crush to death
tofuwa clothed, dressed tojbarwa crushed to death
tofyafwa wearable, ready-to-wear tojbeax vigil, wake
tofyan wardrobe, clothes, clothing, gear, set of clothes tojbeaxer do a wake

tojben - tojtunutEdit

tojben killing, slaying tojmelukem graveyard
tojber kill, slay, put to death tojmelukxut gravedigger
tojbil poison, potion, venom tojmelzyeg grave, tomb
tojbilaya poisonous, venomous tojmelzyegxut gravedigger
tojbilier take poison tojna mortal
tojbiluen poisoning tojnan mortality
tojbiluer poison tojnat mortal, mortal being
tojbua aplex lethal attack, deadly strike tojnyem coffin, casket
tojbua deadly, lethal tojoa about to die, moribund, at death's door, mortal
tojbuan lethality, deadliness tojoan mortality
tojbul bequest tojoata sem deathbed
tojbuler leave in ones will, bequeath tojota mog ashes of the deceased
tojbulut bequeather tojpen dropping dead, falling dead
tojbulwa bequeathed tojper drop dead, fall dead
tojbut killer, slayer tojplex killer hit, lethal blow, deadly beating
tojbwa killed, slayed, put to death tojplexer knock dead, beat to death
tojbwat person killed, killing victim, victim of a killing, victimof a slaying tojplexwa knocked dead, beaten to death
tojbyok pain of death tojproser drown
tojbyox saibyan gallows tojproxer drown
tojbyox zyunif noose, hangman's rope, hangman's knot tojproxwa drowned
tojbyoxen execution by hanging, hanging tojproxwat drowning victim
tojbyoxer execute by hanging, hang tojprux lethal shot
tojbyoxut hangman, executioner tojpruxen lethal shooting
tojbyoxwa hanged to death, hanged tojpruxer shoot dead
tojdel death notice tojpruxwa shot dead
tojdin obituary, obit tojpyex lethal stroke, killing punch, deadly blow
tojdina obituarial tojpyexen beating to death, fatal beating
tojea dying tojpyexer beat to death, beat fatally, strike dead, knock dead
tojeat dying person tojpyexwa beaten to death, fatally beaten, struck dead, knocked dead
tojem place of death tojpyosen dropping dead
tojen dying, expiration tojpyoser drop dead
tojer die, pass away, expire tojsem bier
tojfon death wish tojtab corpse, dead body
tojfondras will, will and testament tojtaxmeg gravestone, tombstone, headstone, grave marker
tojfyayelen extreme unction tojteuv death mask
tojgibaren stabbing to death tojtim death chamber
tojgibarer stab to death tojtun thanatology
tojgibarwa stabbed to death tojtuna thanatological
tojjwob time of death tojtunay thanatologically
tojmeg gravestone, tombstone, headstone tojtunut thanatologist

tojua - tolnyefEdit

tojua mortal toleusoyan tastelessness, blandness, insipidness
tojuan mortality toleutea; tasting '
tojuat mortal, mortal being toleuten tasting
tojvaldras death certificate toleuter taste
tojyefa fyoxun mortal sin toleutwa tasted
tojyena deadly, moribund, death-like toleutyofa unable to taste
tojyigtan rigor mortis toleutyofwa impossible to taste
tojyuf fear of dying, thanatophobia toleuxen tasting
tojyufa afraid of death, thanatophobic toleuxer taste
tojyufut thanatophobe toleuxut taster
tol food, foodstuff, groceries toleuxwa tasted
tola food, alimentary tolgab food additive
tolabwas food topping tolgaben seasoning
tolam grocery store tolgaber season
tolamut grocery store clerk tolgabuka seasoning-free
tolar eating utensil tolgabun food additive, food topping
tolaryan dishes, place setting tolgabwa seasoned
tolbelar grocery cart tolgran food surplus
tolef hunger tolgron food deficit
tolefa hungry tolgronag major food deficit, famine
tolefag famine tolien feeding oneself
tolefea starving tolier feed oneself
tolefen hungering, starvation tolkexen foraging
tolefer hunger, starve tolkexer forage, forage for food, scrounge for food, seek food
toleftoj death by starvation tolkexut forager
toleftojea dying of starvation, starving to death tolmek somos spice rack
toleftojer die of starvation, starve to death tolmek spice, seasoning
tolefuen starvation tolmekaya spicy, hot
tolefuer starve tolmekber add spice, season
tolefuwa starved tolmekbwa spiced, seasoned
toleus taste tolnam grocery store
toleusaya tasty tolnamut grocer, grocery clerk
toleusayan tastiness tolneam food storehouse
toleusea tasting tolneun food reserve
toleusen tasting tolnien food consumption, demand for food
toleuser taste, taste like tolnuen food supply
toleusgab relish tolnuut food supplier
toleusgabol condiment tolnuxgab food tax
toleusgabuil dressing tolnyad food chain
toleusgabun condiment, relish tolnyef grocery bag, grocery sack

toloysea - toodtaxdrenaEdit

toloysea starving tomsanoken breakdown, dilapidation
toloyser go without food, starve, be deprived of food, go hungry tomsanoker break down, lose structure, waste away, dilapidate
toloyxen vyayab starvation diet tomsanokxer dilapidate
toloyxen starvation, food deprivation tomsexem construction site
toloyxer starve, deprive of food tomsexen building, construction
toloyxwa starved tomsexer build, construct
tolpar grocery cart tomsexut builder, construction engineer
tolsam food buffet tomsexwas edifice, construction
tolsyeb casserole, pan, pot, cooking pot tomtun architecture
toltun dietetics, food science tomtuna architectural
toltuna vyayab dietary regime, diet tomtut architect
toltuna dietary tomub wing, building wing
toltut dietitian tomyan complex, building complex
toluar feeder tomyuxut valet
toluen feeding, alimentation, nourishment, nurturing tood race, ethnic group
toluer feed, nourish, nurture tooda ethnic, racial
toluk starvation, hunger, food deprivation toodaajuntun ethnoarchaeology
tolukag famine, massive starvation toodaajuntuna ethnoarchaeological
tolum food stall toodaajuntut ethnoarchaeologist
toluwa fed, nourished, nurtured toodan ethnicity
toluyea nourishing, nutrient toodat member of a race
tolvyayab diet tooday racially, ethnically
tolvyayaba diet, dietary tooddin folk tale
tolvyayabea dieting tooddinyan folklore
tolvyayaber diet, be on a diet tooddinyana folkloric
tolvyayabut dieter toodfobtun ethnobotany
tolyan groceries, foodstuffs, provisions toodfobtuna ethnobotanical
tolyanam grocery store toodfobtut ethnobotanist
tolyanamut grocer toodin racism
tolyeb casserole, pan toodina racist
tom building, edifice toodinay racially
tomag hi-rise toodinsingondrut ethnographer
tomaz fort toodinut racist
tomfaob timber toodmeltun ethnogeography
tomnab row of buildings toodmeltuna ethnogeographic
tomnyan cluster of buildings, block toodmeltut ethnogeographer
tomof pavilion toodsingondren ethnography
tomog low-rise toodsingondrena ethnographic
tomsan structure toodtaxdren ethnography
tomsana structural toodtaxdrena ethnographic

toodtaxdrut - tosifraxerEdit

toodtaxdrut ethnographer topikay soulfully
toodtejtun ethnobiography toptun psychology
toodtejtuna ethnobiographic, ethnobiographical toptuna psychological
toodtejtut ethnobiographer toptunay psychologically
toodtun ethnology toptut psychologist
toodtuna ethnological topyontixen psychoanalysis
toodtut ethnologist topyontixer psychoanalyze
toodyesenan clannishness topyontixut psychoanalyst
toodzena ethnocentric tos feeling, sensation, sense
toodzenan ethnocentricity tosa sensory
toodzenin ethnocentrism tosag sensation
toodzenina ethnocentristic tosaga sensational
toodzeninut ethnocentrist tosagay sensationally
toom habitat, habitation, home tosagxer sensationalize
tooma domestic tosagxwa sensationalized
toomxen domestication, habituation tosar sensor, sense
toomxer domesticate, habituate tosden expression of feeling
toomxwa domesticated, habituated tosder express feeling
toomyena home-like tosea sentient
toos gender, sex tosean sentience
toosa sexual, gender-related tosen sensation, feeling
toosin sexism toser feel, sense
toosina sexist tosien feeling, sensing
toosinut sexist tosier feel, sense
tooyb female tosif cheer
tooyba teuzuen female suffrage tosifa cheerful
tooyba female, feminine tosifan cheerfulness
tooyban femaleness tosifay cheerfully
tooybyena female-ish, feminine tosifla jubilant, joyful, rhapsodic, thrilled, gleeful
tooybyenan femininity tosiflan jubilance, rhapsody, thrill, glee
top psyche, soul, spirit, animus, esprit, heart tosiflaser feel jubilant, be thrilled
topa spiritual, psychic tosiflaxen making jubilant, thrilling
topan spirituality tosiflaxer make jubilant, thrill
topat ghost, spirit tosiflaxwa thrilled, overjoyed
topatyena ghostly tosiflay jubilantly, joyfully, rhapsodically, gleefully
topbak spiritual health, psychic health tosifra rapturous, ecstatic
topbaka spiritually healthy, spiritually sound tosifran rapture, ecstasy
topbakan spiritual health tosifraser go into rapture, become ecstatic
topdet soul-mate tosifraxen sending into rapture, making ecstatic
topika soulful tosifraxer send into rapture, make ecstatic

tosifraxwa - totdilamputyanEdit

tosifraxwa enraptured tosyebix compulsion
tosifray rapturously, ecstatically tosyebixer compel
tosifser cheer up tosyebixwa compelled
tosifxen cheering up tosyebixwan compulsively
tosifxer cheer up, cheer tosyebixway compulsive
tosifxwa cheered up tosyebux impulse, drive
tosika sentimental tosyebuxen impelling, driving
tosikan sentimentality tosyebuxer impel
tosin cross tosyebuxwa impulsive, driven
tosiun sensation tosyebuxwan impulsiveness
tosiuwa sensitive tosyebuxway impulsively
tosiuwan sensitivity tosyigza poignant
tosiyafwan sensitivity tosyigzan poignant
tosuen sensitizing tosyigzay poignantly
tosuer make feel, engender feelings, sensitize tosyofa numb, unsensing, insensitive, unable to feel
tosuf anger tosyofan numbness, insensitivity, inability to feel
tosufa angry, mad, irate tosyofwa numb
tosufan anger, irateness tosyofwan numbness
tosufay angrily, irately tosyofway numbly
tosufla unraged tosyofxea numbing, anesthetizing
tosuflan rage tosyofxer numb, anesthetize
tosuflaser get enraged, rage tosyofxul numbing agent, anesthetizing agent
tosuflaxea enraging, raging, outrageous tosyofxwa numbed, anesthetized
tosuflaxen enraging Tot ha Fyaa Top God the Holy Spirit
tosuflaxer enrage Tot ha Twed God the Father
tosuflaxwa enraged Tot ha Twud God the Son
tosufser get angry, anger, grow irate Tot Hyayafa God Almighty
tosufxea maddening Tot God
tosufxen angering tot god, deity, supreme being
tosufxer anger, make angry, make mad tota divine
tosufxwa angered totan divinity, deity
tosuka unfeeling, empty of sentiment totava pro-god
tosukan unsentimentality, lack of feeling totdab theocracy
tosun feeling, sensation, something felt totdaba theocratic
tosuwa sensitized totdabut theocrat
tosyaf sentience totdilam church
tosyafa sentient totdilampen church-going
tosyafat sentient being totdilamper go to church, attend church
tosyea sensitive totdilamput church-goer
tosyean sensitivity totdilamputyan congregation

totdilen - toxyeaEdit

totdilen praying tottun theology
totdiler pray tottuna theological
totdilim chapel tottut theologian
totdilun prayer Tottwud Son of God
totdin myth, tale of the gods totud godchild
totdintun mythology Totud Son of God
totdintuna mythological totuf hatred of god
totdintunay mythologically totufa god-hating
totdun word of God, gospel, hadith totufut god-hater
toted godparent totuin deism
totem mesi gates of heaven, gates of paradise totuina deistic
Totem Heaven totuinut deist
totem heaven, paradise totuka godless
totema celestial, heavenly totukan godlessness
totemat creature of paradise, heavenly creature, heavenly host, celestial being totuyd goddaughter
totemben sending to heaven totwed godfather
totember send to heaven totwud godson
totembwa sent to heaven totxen deification
totempen going to heaven totxer deify
totemper go to heaven totxwa deified
totemyena celestial, heavenly totyan pantheon
totemyepen entering the gates of heaven totyena divine, godly
totemyeper enter the gates of heaven totyenan divinity, godliness
toteyd godmother totyenay divinely
totif love of god totyuf fear of god
totifa god-loving totyufa god-fearing
totifra god-worshiping totyufut god-fearing person
totifram church, mosque, temple, house of worship totyuxler serve God
totin religion, theism totyuxlut servant of god, priest
totina religious, theistic tovsam chest, linen chest
totinab the church toxer forget
totinat religious person toxuwa forgettable
totinatyan religious community toxuwan forgettability
totinduidyes catechism toxwa forgotten
totineb priest toxwas forgotten item
totinut theist toxwasim lost-and-found
Totion Trinity toxyafwa forgettable
totion trinity, three gods in one toxyafwan forgettability
Totiona Trinitarian toxyafway forgettably
Totkebiwa chosen by God toxyea forgetful

toxyean - trawaxenEdit

toxyean forgetfulness toybufin misogyny
toxyikwa hard-to-forget toybufina misogynistic
toxyofwa unforgettable toybufinut misogynist
toxyofwan unforgettableness toybufut misogynist
toxyukwa easily-forgotten toybyena womanly, feminine, womanish
toyb vyoekdezen female impersonation, playing a drag queen toybyenan womanliness, femininity
toyb vyoekdezun drag queen show toybzoigpen woman-chasing, womanizing
toyb vyoekdezut female impersonator, drag queen toybzoigput woman-chaser
toyb woman toyd home, household
toyban womanhood toyda domestic
toybbaktun gynecology toydxen domestication, taming
toybbaktuna gynecological toydxer domesticate, tame
toybbaktunay gynecologically toydxwa domesticated, tamed
toybbaktut gynecologist toyja defunct
toybboktun gynecopathy toyjasea going defunct
toybboktuna gynecopathic toyjaser go defunct
toybboktut gynecopath toyl nutrition, nourishment
toybdab gynecocracy gynarchy toyla nutritional
toybdaba gynecocratic, gynarchic toylay nutritionally
toybdeb gynecocrat, gynarch toylien nourishing
toybet girl toylier nourish oneself
toybetan girlhood toyluen nourishing, nurturing
toybetyena girlish, girly toyluer nourish, nurture
toybetyenan girlishness toylun nutrient
toybifa pro-woman, feminist toyluyea nourishing, nurturing, nutricious
toybifin feminism toym residence, dwelling
toybifina feminist, pro-woman toyma residential
toybifinut feminist toymer reside, dwell
toybifut womanizer, philanderer toyogoblen scarring
toybil breast milk, human milk, mothers milk toys inkling, hint, intimation, vague feeling
toybin feminism toyt goddess, she-god
toybina feminist toz complexion, skin, hair, or facial color
toybinut feminist trawa known, familiar, recognized
toybkexea woman-seeking trawan familiarity
toybkexen seeking out women trawas something familiar
toybkexut woman-seeker trawaser become known
toybtwobsana gynandromorphous trawasyan familiar landscape, collection of familiar things
toybtwobyena gynandrous trawat acquaintance, known person, familiar person
toybuf misogyny trawatan acquaintanceship
toybufa misogynous, woman-hating trawaxen familiarization, acquaintance

trawaxer - tuinutEdit

trawaxer familiarize, acquaint tub arm, limb, brace
trawaxwa familiarized, acquainted tubaxen flailing, swinging, waving
trea familiar, acquainted, knowledgeable tubaxer flail, swing, wave
trean familiarity, acquaintance, knowledge tubyog stump, stub
treay familiarly, knowledgeably tubyuzen embracing, hugging, cuddling
tren recognition, being familiar, being acquainted, knowing by face, recognizing, acquaintance tubyuzer embrace, hug, cuddle
trer be familiar with, know, recognize, be acquainted with, know by face tubyuzyuben folding one's arms
triea becoming familiar, becoming acquainted with, getting to know tubyuzyuber fold one's arms
triean familiarity, acquaintanceship tud child, scion, offspring
trien familiarization, getting acquainted, getting to know tuda filial
trier become acquainted with, get to know, familiarize oneself with tudyena childlike, childish
triwa up-to-date, familiar tudyenan childishness
triyika hard to get to know tueb upper arm
trom domain, estate tuen informing, notification
troma belonging to a private estate, domanial tuer inform, notify, make aware
truea introductory tuf sleeve
truen familiarization, introduction, acquaintance tufoya sleeveless
truer familiarize, introduce, acquaint tuib yanar elbow joint
truun introduction tuib elbow
truwa familiarized, acquainted, introduced tuibaxen nudging, elbowing
truwat acquaintance, someone already introduced tuibaxer elbow, nudge
tryaf ability to recognize tuibaxwa nudged, elbowed
tryafwa recognizable tuij state of wakefulness and sleep
tryafwan recognizability tuijen zyus sleep-wake cycle
tryafway recognizably tuijen sleeping and waking, tossing and turning
tryobapen straddling, striding tuijer sleep and wake, toss-and-turn
tryof inability to recognize tuil sauce
tryofwa unrecognizable tuilar saucer
tryofwan unrecognizability tuilaya saucy
tryofwaxen masking tuilayan sauciness
tryofwaxer make unrecognizable, mask tuilben adding sauce, saucing
tryofwaxwa masked tuilber add sauce, sauce
tuab dopar shoulder gun, shoulder weapon tuilbwa sauce-added, sauced
tuab shoulder tuilika saucy
tuabexen shouldering tuilikan sauciness
tuabexer shoulder, hold on one's shoulders tuilyeb sauce pan, saucer
tuabexwa shouldered tuin theory
tuabnyef shoulder bag, satchel tuina theoretical
tuaf shoulder pad tuinay theoretically
tuapyexer bump into tuinut theoretician

tuinxen - tujogerEdit

tuinxen theorizing tujdinyena dreamlike, dreamy
tuinxer theorize tujea bi tolef dying of hunger
tuinxut theoretician tujea magmeb dormant volcano
tuinxwa theorized tujea sleeping, dormant
tuj- hypno-, somno- tujean dormancy
tuj bekul sleep medicine tujef sleepiness, need for sleep, drowsiness
tuj bekzyunog sleeping pill tujefa sleepy, drowsy, somnolent
tuj kyup mimpar life raft tujefbok lethargy
tuj tiexyik sleep apnea tujefboka lethargic
tuj yagsim sleep sofa tujefer be sleepy, need sleep, be drowsy
tuj yuxar sleep aid tujefxea soporific, sleep-inducing, somniferous
tuj zyus sleep cycle tujefxer make sleepy, make drowsy, put to sleep
tuj sleep, slumber, shuteye tujem dormitory
tuja bi tolef dead of hunger tujer bi tolef die of hunger
tuja tiexyof sleep apnea tujer sleep
tuja asleep, dormant tujia fallen asleep, asleep
tujam dormitory tujiea falling asleep
tujamdet dorm mate tujien falling asleep
tujan dormancy, sleep state tujier fall asleep, nod off
tujbar sleep inducer tujifa lethargic
tujbek hypnotherapy tujifan lethargy
tujbekut hypnotherapist tujifxen lethargizing, lethargization
tujben putting to sleep, hypnosis tujifxer lethargize
tujbena hypnotic tujifxwa lethargized
tujber put to sleep, hypnotize tujig catnap
tujbok sleep disorder, sleep sickness tujigea catnapping
tujbut hypnotist tujigen catnapping
tujbyea hypnotic, somniferous, soporific tujiger catnap
tujdalen somniloquy tujim bedroom
tujdalut somniloquist tujimyan dormitory
tujdat sleeping partner, bedmate tujjob bedtime, sleep time, beddy-bye time
tujdet sleep mate, sleepover, bedmate tujjobdin bedtime story
tujdeten sleeping over tujna sleep-related
tujdeter sleep over tujnagdrar hypnograph
tujdin mir dream-world, dream-land tujnagdren hypnography
tujdin dream tujnyef sleeping bag
tujdina chimeric tujog nap
tujdinem dream scape, dream world tujogea napping
tujdinen dreaming, reverie tujogen napping
tujdiner dream tujoger nap

tujoyxwa - tulobaxegerEdit

tujoyxwa sleep-deprived tujyiker have a hard time sleeping
tujper fall asleep tujyof insomnia
tujpures sleeper car tujyofa insomniac
tujpyex knockout, K.O. tujyofat insomniac
tujpyexer knock out cold, knock unconscious tul cuisine, prepared food, dish
tujpyexwa knocked out cold tulam tyal restaurant meal
tujtaav pajama, pajamas tulam restaurant
tujtaf sleepwear, pajamas tulameb head of a restaurant, restaurateur
tujtav nightshirt tulamob restaurant staff
tujteaba sleepy-eyed tulampen dining out, going to a restaurant
tujten subconscious tulamper dine out, go to a restaurant
tujtena subconscious tulamput diner, restaurant-goer
tujtep subconscious, subconscious mind tulamut restaurateur
tujtojer die in one's sleep tular vyusobil dish detergent
tujtolefuen starving to death tular dish, piece of china, china
tujtolefuer starve to death tularsam china cabinet
tujtolefuwa starved to death tularsem buffet
tujtun hypnology tularvyilxar vyusobil dishwasher detergent
tujtuna hypnological tularvyilxar dishwasher
tujtut hypnologist tularvyilxen dish-washing
tujtyoyapea noctambulist, somnambulant, sleepwalking tularvyilxut dishwasher
tujtyoyapen sleepwalking, somnambulation, noctambulism tularyan dishes, china
tujtyoyaper sleepwalk, somnambulate, noctambulate tuldet dinner companion
tujtyoyaput somnambulist, sleepwalker, noctambulist tuldras menu
tujuar sleep aid tulgab relish, sample dish, appetizer
tujuea bekzyunog sleeping pill tulien dining
tujuea sleep-inducing, hypnotic tulier dine
tujuen hypnotism tulim dining room
tujuer put to sleep, make sleepy, induce sleep, hypnotize tulimeb tef chefs hat, chef's hat
tujuut hypnotist tuliut diner
tujuyea hypnotic tulnaxdras bill
tujuyeay hypnotically tulnov napkin
tujyaf capacity to sleep, ability to sleep tulob goyblar nail clipper
tujyem perch, roost tulob yugfil nail polish
tujyemea roosting, perching tulob fingernail, nail
tujyemer roost, perch tulobar manicure device, nail scissor, nail cutter
tujyemmis dormer tulobaryan manicure set
tujyena hypnoid, sleep-like, lethargic tulobaxegar tickler
tujyika sleep-deprived, hard to sleep, insomniac tulobaxegen tickling
tujyikan difficulty sleeping, insomnia tulobaxeger tickle

tulobaxegyukwa - tunteaxwaEdit

tulobaxegyukwa ticklish tulyuxen waiting tables
tulog tapa, small dish, tidbit tulyuxer wait tables
tulogdras tapas menu tulyuxut server, waiter
tulogyan selection of tapas tulyuxuta zyiun serving platter
tuloxar scraper, scratcher, claw tulyuxutyan server staff, wait staff
tuloxef itch tulyuxuyt waitress
tuloxefsea itchy tum cell, compartment, unit, section, closet, booth, pod, cubicle
tuloxefsean itchiness tuma yibdalar cellphone, cell phone, cellular telephone
tuloxefser itch tuma cellular, compartmental
tuloxefxea irritating, itchy tummul cytoplasm
tuloxefxen irritation tumxen compartmentalization
tuloxefxer make itch, cause to itch, irritate tumxer compartmentalize
tuloxefxwa irritated tumxwa compartmentalized
tuloxen scratching, scraping, clawing tun science, information, study, scholarship, knowledge
tuloxer scratch, scrape, claw tuna scientific, academic, scholastic, scholarly, informational
tuloxun claw mark, scrape, scratch tunay scientifically
tuloxwa scratched, scraped, clawed tunif curiosity, love of knowledge
tulsem dinner table tunifa curious
tultaf apron tunifer be curious
tultem dining hall tunifier take an interest in, grow curious about
tultun cuisine, culinary science, culinary arts tunifser become curious, grow interested
tultuna culinary tunifuer engender interest, arouse curiosity
tultut culinary scientist tunifut lover of knowledge, curious person
tuluen service tunifxer make curious, interest, arouse curiosity
tuluer dish out, serve Tunisya Tunisian
tuluka sauce-free Tunisyam Tunisia
tulur stove, cooker, range Tunisyama Tunisian
tuluut server Tunisyat Tunisian
tulxar cooker tunkex research
tulxeb chef tunkexam research facility, research firm
tulxen cooking tunkexem research site
tulxer cook, prepare food tunkexen researching
tulxim kitchen tunkexer researcher
tulxut cook tunkexim research laboratory, research lab
tulxuta napdras recipe, cook’s recipe tunkexut researcher
tulxwa cooked tunkexutyan research team
tulxyel cooking oil tunkexwa researched
tulyan course, spread, selection of dishes tunteaxen reconnaissance
tulyeb platter, food platter tunteaxer reconnoiter
tulyuxar platter, serving platter tunteaxwa reconnoitered

tunvyankex - tuxutyanEdit

tunvyankex scientific research tuundrof information board, data panel
tunvyankexam research institute tuuniblen data-gathering, data harvesting, intelligence
tunvyankexut research scientist, researcher tuunibler gather information, harvest data
tuobaren crushing to death tuunsyaagir computer, data processor
tup limb tuunsyaagira cybernetic
tupoben dismemberment, amputation tuunsyaagirtyen cybernetics
tupober dismember, amputate, remove a limb tuunsyaagirxen computerization
tupobwa dismembered, amputated tuunsyaagirxer computerize
Turka Turkish, Turkic tuunsyaagirxwa computerized
Turkad Turkish tuunyan information, data
Turkam Turkey tuunyana informational, data-related
Turkama Turkish tuut informant
Turkat Turk tuwa informed, notified
tusun jadrun lesson plan tuwas tip, information, notice
tut scientist, doctor, -ologist, professor tuwasdren bulletin, notice
tuta scholarly, doctoral tuwasyan information, data
tutam academy, institute tuxam school, academy, educational institution
tutama academic, scholarly, scholastic tuxama academic, educational
tutaman academia tuxamay academically
tutamat scholar, academician tuxem campus, place of learning, lecture hall
tutamyan university tuxen seym lectern, podium, rostrum
tutamyaneb rector tuxen instruction, lecturing, education, indoctrination
tutan doctorate tuxena instructional, academic, educational
tutaym college tuxenay educationally
tutaymeb college president tuxenmir academia
tutaymut college student tuxenmira academic
tutaymyena collegiate tuxenmirat academe
tutmir academia, scholarly world tuxer teach, school, educate, lecture, instruct, indoctrinate
tutnix fee, honorarium tuxim lecture hall, classroom
tutud grandchild tuxtun pedagogy
tututud great grandchild tuxtuna pedagogical
tututuyd great granddaughter tuxtunay pedagogically
tututwud great grandson tuxtut pedagogue
tutuyd granddaughter tuxun lecture, instruction, lesson, teaching
tutwud grandson tuxuna instructional
tutyan academia tuxundyes instruction manual, lesson book
tuub forearm tuxunyan set of instructions, instructions
tuun fact, datum, piece of information, information tuxut anx, lecturer, instructor, teacher, educator
tuunaxrur data processor, computer tuxuta gwaifwat teacher's pet
tuundraf bulletin tuxutyan faculty, board of educators

tuxuyt - tuyafyembenEdit

tuxuyt female teacher, female educator tuyabraxer wave
tuxwa taught, educated, indoctrinated tuyabsaxwa hand-made, hand-crafted, made by hand
tuxyafwa jwayb teachable moment tuyabsiun hand sign, wave
tuxyafwa teachable tuyabtuzunxwa hand-crafted, hand-made
tuxyea instructive, educative tuyabuen delivery, presentation
tuxyofwa unteachable tuyabuer hand out, deliver, present, hand
tuyab adopar handgun, pistol tuyabumof hand towel
tuyab manar flashlight tuyabumov napkin
tuyab umxar hand dryer tuyabuun handout, delivery, presentation
tuyab hand tuyabuut deliverer, presenter
tuyaba yex manual labor tuyabyanx joining of hands, handshake, handclasp
tuyaba yexut manual laborer tuyabyanxen joining of hands, clasping hands, handshaking
tuyaba yibdalar hand phone, cell phone tuyabyanxer join hands, shake hands, clasp hands
tuyaba manual tuyabyeb fistful
tuyabar handle tuyabyemog fob
tuyabbek manicure tuyabyex clap
tuyabbekut manicurist tuyabyexea clapping
tuyabelar hand cart tuyabyexen clapping
tuyaber handle tuyabyexer clap
tuyabexar handle tuyabyexun clap
tuyabexen holding hands, hand-holding, manipulation, handling tuyabyexwa clapped
tuyabexer grab onto, handle, manipulate, hold hands tuyadras manuscript, handwriting, chirography
tuyabexwa manipulated, handled tuyadrawa handwritten
tuyabibiwa hand-picked tuyadren handwriting
tuyabien grabbing, taking hold of, taking by the hand tuyadrer write by hand
tuyabier grab, take hold of, take by the hand tuyaf dopar hand gun, hand weapon
tuyabilyeb flask tuyaf nyem glove compartment
tuyabirar clamp tuyaf glove
tuyabiren grabbing, grasping, wrestling, clamping tuyafaben putting on gloves
tuyabirer wrestle, grab, grasp, clamp tuyafaber put on gloves
tuyabirut wrestler, grabber, grasper tuyafabwa gloved
tuyabirwa grabbed, grasped, clamped tuyafoben taking off gloves, de-gloving
tuyabiwa grabbed, taken hold, taken by the hand tuyafober take off gloves, de-gloved
tuyablaxen shaking hands tuyafobwa de-gloved
tuyablaxer shake hands tuyafut glover
tuyabrax wave tuyafyag fireman's glove
tuyabraxen waving tuyafyem jwobar pocket watch
tuyabraxer av noyxpur hail a taxi, wave down a taxi tuyafyem kobiut pick-pocket
tuyabraxer doof wave a flag tuyafyem pocket
tuyabraxer hay wave hello tuyafyemben pocketing

tuyafyember - tuyovEdit

tuyafyember pocket tuyepyex nyef punching bag
tuyafyembirut pocketer, pickpocket tuyepyex tuyaf boxing glove
tuyafyembwa pocketed tuyepyex zyimos boxing ring
tuyagibar stiletto tuyepyex punch, jab, fist blow
tuyamanar flash light tuyepyexen boxing, punching
tuyanaad banister, handrail tuyepyexer box, punch, sock, deck, hit
tuyanyef handbag tuyepyexut boxer, puncher
tuyapixen clasping tuyepyexwa boxed, punched, socked, decked
tuyapixer clasp tuyib palm
tuyapixwa clasped tuyibabax pat, caress
tuyapyex clap, slap tuyibabaxen patting, caressing
tuyapyexen clapping, hand-clapping, slapping tuyibabaxer pat, caress
tuyapyexer clap, clap one's hands, slap tuyibabaxwa patted, caressed
tuyapyexwa clapped, slapped tuyibaben palming, laying palms on
tuyasiun hand signal, hand gesture tuyibaber palm, lay palms on
tuyasiunen signaling, signing, hand-gesturing, waving, signaling with the hands tuyibien palming
tuyasiuner sign, signal, make a gesture, wave, signal with the hands tuyibier palm
tuyatuz handicrafts tuyibiwa palmed
tuyatuzun handiwork, handcrafted item, knick-knack tuyibuen palming off
tuyatuzunxwa hand-crafted, made by hand tuyibuer palm off
tuyatuzut hand craftsman tuyibuwa palmed off
tuyav mitten tuyipyex slap, smack
tuyaxen handling tuyipyexen slapping, smacking
tuyaxer handle tuyipyexer slap, smack
tuyaxut handler tuyipyexwa slapped, smacked
tuyaxwa ifektob puppet tuyj doze, snooze, nap
tuyaxwa handled tuyja defunct
tuyayex manpower tuyjea dozing, snoozing, napping
tuyazyuv handle tuyjen dozing, snoozing, napping
tuyeb fist tuyjer doze, snooze, nap
tuyebovek fist fight, boxing match tuyjpea dozing off
tuyeboveken boxing, fist-fighting tuyjpen dozing off
tuyeboveker fist-fight, box tuyjper doze off
tuyebovekut boxer, fist-fighter tuyob jwobar wrist watch
tuyebraxen shaking one's fist tuyob yuvar wrist band
tuyebraxer shake one's fist tuyob wrist
tuyebyujen clenching one's fist tuyobuz bracelet
tuyebyujer clench one's fist tuyof cuff
tuyeplexen pounding, pounding with the fist tuyojwobar wrist watch
tuyeplexer pound, pound with the fist tuyov cuff

tuyoyuvar - tuzunaEdit

tuyoyuvar handcuff tuyupyexer tap, rap
tuyoyuvaren handcuffing tuyuxen palpating, fingering, feeling, touching, poking
tuyoyuvarer handcuff tuyuxer palpate, feel, touch, finger, poke
tuyoyuvaroben unhandcuffing tuyuxwa palpated, felt, touched, fingered, poked
tuyoyuvarober unhandcuff tuyuxyafwa palpable
tuyoyuvarobwa unhandcuffed tuyuxyafway palpably
tuyoyuvarwa handcuffed tuyx instruction, guideline
tuyub tul finger food tuyxam institute, training facility
tuyub finger tuyxama institutional
tuyuba digital tuyxamay institutionally
tuyubaxen fingering, fiddling tuyxdrev instruction sheet
tuyubaxer finger, fiddle tuyxdyes training manual, instruction book
tuyubaxwa fingered, fiddled tuyxen instruction, raising, training, guidance, education, upbringing
tuyubifekar tickler tuyxer instruct, raise, train, guide, educate, bring up
tuyubifeken tickling tuyxut instructor, trainer, guide
tuyubifeker tickle tuyxwa raised, educated, brought up, instructed
tuyubiga nimble-fingered tuyxyea instructive
tuyubigek prestidigitation, magic tuyz artisanship, craft
tuyubigeka magical tuyza artisanal
tuyubigekut magician, prestidigitator tuyzun piece of artisanship, craftwork
tuyubizden indication, pointing out tuyzut artisan, craftsman
tuyubizder point out, indicate tuyzyena crafty, artisanal
tuyubizdyea indicative tuz art
tuyubizeaxen pointing, pointing out, indicating tuza art, of art, artificial, art-related
tuyubizeaxer point, point out, indicate tuzam art museum, museum
tuyubizeaxwa pointed, pointed out, indicated tuzameb museum curator
tuyubraxen finger wagging tuzaya skillful, skilled, artful
tuyubraxer wag one's finger tuzayan skillfulness, artfulness
tuyubuz ring tuzem art fair, art exhibition
tuyubyex rap tuziea learning a skill, in training
tuyubyexen rapping tuzien learning a skill
tuyubyexer rap tuzier gain skill, learn a skill
tuyubyexun rap tuzika skillful, artsy
tuyubyexut rapper tuzikay skillfully
tuyubyexwa rapped tuzoya unskilled
tuyuf fingerstall tuztem art gallery
tuyugibar poker tuzuen teaching a skill, imparting a skill, instilling talent, training
tuyugiben poking tuzuer teach a skill, impart a skill, instill talent, train
tuyugiber poke tuzun art object, objet d'art, artifact, work of art, piece of art
tuyugibwa poked tuzuna artificial

tuzunxam - twotEdit

tuzunxam art studio twedser become a father
tuzunxen crafting twedtojben parricide
tuzunxer craft twedtojbena parricidal
tuzunxun craftwork twedtojber kill one's father
tuzunxut craftsman twedtojbut parricide
tuzunxwa crafted, artificial twedxen fathering
tuzunyan art collection twedxer father
tuzunyanam art museum, museum of art twedxwa fathered
tuzut artist, artisan, practitioner twedyena fatherly
tuzuwa trained twedyenan fatherliness
tuzyaf talent, artistic talent, art ability twer be known
tuzyafa talented twid brother
tuzyan arts, artisanship, crafts twidif bro
tuzyen craft, skill, practice, artistry twidyan fraternity, brotherhood
tuzyena artistic, skillful, talented, artsy twidyena avuncular
tuzyenay artistically, skillfully twob man
tuzyevdrut art critic twoba man's
tuzyevut art critic twoban manhood
twa glan known quantity twobet boy
twa known twobetan boyhood
twad husband twobetyena boyish
twadif hubby twobetyenan boyishness
twadoka widowed twobetyenay boyishly
twadokat widow twobog young man, little fellow
twadokatan widowhood twobyan collection of men
twadokayt widow twobyena manly, virile
twadoken being widowed twobyenan manliness, virility
twadoker lose one's husband, be widowed twobyenay mannishly
twas known fact, datum, something known, fact twoob male
twasdras fact sheet twooba male
twaskexen fact-finding, investigation twooban maleness
twaskexer fact-find, investigate twoobin male chauvinism
twaskexut fact-finder, investigator twoobina male chauvinistic
twasyan data, information, known facts twoobinut male chauvinist
twat male angel twoobyena male-ish, masculine
twed father twoobyenan masculinity
tweda paternal twoobyenoben emasculation
twedan fatherhood twoobyenober emasculate
tweday paternally twoobyenobwa emasculated
twedif papa, dad, daddy twot male god, he-god

twud - tyemutEdit

twud son tyeb tum brain cell
twuda filial tyeb zyateax brain scan
twudan sonhood tyeb brain
twudif sonny tyeba eynzyunid cerebral hemisphere
tyaf cognizance, sense of awareness, ability to know, mental capacity, consciousness tyeba oyebmoys cerebral cortex
tyafa cognizant, conscious tyeba panyofbok cerebral palsy
tyafan cognizance, consciousness, awareness tyeba tiibililp cerebral hemorrhage
tyafser become conscious of, become aware of, become cognizant tyeba cerebral, cephalic
tyafwa knowable tyebbuk brain trauma, brain injury, concussion
tyafxen consciousness-raising tyebgon brain lobe
tyafxer to raise awareness tyebgonoben lobotomy
tyal meal, repast, chow, grub, mess tyebgonober lobotomize
tyalag banquet tyebgonobwa lobotomized
tyalagam banquet hall tyebib brain stem
tyalagem banquet hall tyebnyem cranium, brain case
tyalagsem banquet table tyebnyema cranial
tyalam diner, restaurant, eatery tyebof brain tissue
tyalier have a meal, dine tyeboga pea-brained, dimwitted
tyalim dining room tyebogat pea-brain, dimwit
tyaliut diner tyebtoja brain-dead
tyalobelun leftovers tyebtojper go brain-dead
tyalog snack tyebtuj coma
tyalogen snacking tyebtuja comatose
tyaloger have a snack, snack tyebtujat comatose patient
tyalogun snack tyebtujber put into a coma
tyalogunam snack bar tyebtujbwa rendered comatose
tyalogunir snack machine tyebtujoper come out of a coma
tyaluen serving dinner tyebtujper go into a coma
tyaluer serve dinner tyebuka brainless
tyan class tyebukan brainlessness
tyana class-related tyed relative, kin
tyanes genre, type, genus tyeda related, kindred, kin
tyanesa generic, typical tyedan relationship, kinship
tyanin classism tyedser become related
tyanina classist tyedyan kin, kindred, kinfolk, kith, race, ethnicity
tyaninut classist tyedyana ibvyixen ethnic cleansing
tyanxen classification tyem residence
tyanxer classify tyema residential
tyanxwa classified tyemer reside
tyeb fyusbok Alzheimer's disease tyemut resident

tyen tistam - tyezutEdit

tyen tistam trade school tyenuta artisanal
tyen skill, trade, profession, technique tyenutan artisanship
tyena professional, technical, skilled tyenuut trainer, master
tyenan technicality tyenuwat trainee
tyenar technical device, tool tyenxen professionalization
tyenaram tool shop tyenxer professionalize
tyenaraya equipped tyenxwa professionalized
tyenaruer equip tyenyan industry, skill set, technology
tyenarut technician tyenyana industrial, technological
tyenaruwa equipped tyenyanem industrial site
tyenaryan tool set, equipment, technology tyenyanxen industrialization
tyenaryana technological tyenyanxer industrialize
tyenat professional, technician tyenyanxwa industrialized
tyenay technically tyep intellect, intelligence, brain power
tyeneb master technician tyepa intellectual, intelligent, brainy
tyenien training, learning a skill, mastery tyepaga ingenious
tyenier train, take training, master tyepagan genius, ingenuity, ingeniously
tyenijer intern, work as an apprentice tyepagat genius
tyenijut apprentice, intern tyepay intelligently, intellectually
tyenijutan apprenticeship, internship tyepaya intelligent, brainy
tyeniut apprentice, trainee tyepaza brilliant, intelligent, of high intellect
tyenmep career, technical path tyepazan brilliance, intelligence
tyennad career, profession tyepazat brilliant person, person of high intellect
tyennog degree tyepazon brain power
tyennogien graduation tyepoza dumb, intellectually weak
tyennogier get ones degree, graduate, get one's degree tyepozan dumbness, weakness of intellect
tyennogiwat graduate tyepozat dumb person
tyennoguer graduate, give out a degree tyeyd female relative
tyenser professionalize tyez magic, wizardry, divination, charm
tyenson technicality, technical issue tyeza zyuv wand
tyentin technocracy tyeza magical
tyentina technocratic tyezay magically
tyentinut technocrat tyezaya magical, charming, enchanting
tyentun technology tyezdiyn fairytale
tyentuna technological tyezer perform magic, divine, charm
tyentunay technologically tyezil magic potion
tyentut technologist tyezuen enchantment
tyenuam training facility tyezuer enchant, charm
tyenuen training, familiarization tyezun charm, magical object
tyenuer train, supply training, school, familiarize tyezut magician, wizard, diviner, enchanter, charmer

tyezuyea - tyoyabaEdit

tyezuyea enchanting, charming tyodtut folklorist
tyoab yanar hip joint tyoduka deserted
tyoab hip tyodukem desert, wasteland, no man's land
tyob leg tyodxen population, populating
tyobaper straddle, stride tyodxer populate
tyod people, folk, populace, demos tyodxwa populated
tyoda ditdab people's republic tyodyena folksy
tyoda popular, people's tyodyenan folksiness
tyodab democracy tyoeb thigh
tyodaba democratic tyof pants, trousers
tyodabava pro-democratic tyofoben de-panting
tyodabay democratically tyofober de-pant
tyodabova anti-democratic tyofobwa de-panted
tyodabxen democratization tyofwa unknowable, impossible to know
tyodabxer democratize tyofwas something unknowable, mystery, enigma, puzzle
tyodabxwa democratized tyofway mysteriously, enigmatically, unknowably
tyodaya populous tyofyag long pants
tyodeb president tyofyog shorts, Bermudas, cutoffs
tyodeba presidential tyoib yanar knee joint
tyodebam presidential residence tyoib knee
tyodeban presidency tyoibea dompur kneeling bus
tyodebea serving as president tyoibea kneeling
tyodeben serving as president tyoiben genuflection, kneeling
tyodeber serve as president tyoiber genuflect, kneel
tyodifwa popular tyoibsom kneeler
tyodifwan popularity tyoif kneepad
tyodifway popularly tyoipen crawling, crawling on one's knees
tyodika populous tyoiper crawl, crawl on one's knees
tyodikem populated area tyoiv knee sock
tyodin populism tyolob goyblar toenail clipper
tyodina populist tyolob toenail
tyodinut populist tyoub leg, tibia, lower leg
tyodob republic tyouf puttee
tyodoba republican tyouv stocking
tyodobin republicanism tyouyv hose
tyodobina republicanist tyouyvyan hosiery
tyodobinut republicanist tyoyab ablax foot massage
tyodtojben genocide, progrom tyoyab poyxar foot rest
tyodtojbena genocidal tyoyab foot, pod
tyodtun folklore tyoyaba foot-related

tyoyabar - tyoyavyopenEdit

tyoyabar pedal, treadle tyoyakyepea hobbling
tyoyabarer stomp, trample, tread tyoyakyepen hobbling
tyoyabbek pedicure tyoyakyeper hobble
tyoyabbektun podiatry tyoyamep sidewalk
tyoyabbektuna podiatric tyoyameup footpath, foot trail
tyoyabbektut podiatrist, foot specialist tyoyamuv walking cane, cane, walking stick
tyoyabuzun stirrup, foot loop tyoyanog step, pace
tyoyabyex dazen kick-dancing tyoyanogea duzutyayn marching band
tyoyabyex kick tyoyanogem stoop
tyoyabyexen kicking tyoyanogen meg steppingstone
tyoyabyexer kick tyoyanogen stepping, marching, pacing
tyoyabyexun kick tyoyanoger step, march, pace
tyoyabyexwa kicked tyoyap step, walk, pace
tyoyabzyun ifek game of football, football match, soccer match tyoyapagar pedometer
tyoyabzyun football, soccer ball tyoyapar walker
tyoyabzyunek football, football match, football game, soccer tyoyapea ambulatory, walking
tyoyabzyunekut football player, soccer player tyoyapem walkway
tyoyaf egfiaxut cordwainer, shoe repairman, shoe mender tyoyapen zyuv walking stick, cane
tyoyaf nyives shoe lace tyoyapen walking
tyoyaf zyabixar shoe-stretcher tyoyaper walk, go by foot, go on foot
tyoyaf shoe tyoyaput pedestrian
tyoyafaben putting on shoes tyoyaputa gonem pedestrian zone
tyoyafaber shoe, put on shoes tyoyaputa pedestrian
tyoyafes walking shoe, flat shoe tyoyapyafa ambulatory, able to walk
tyoyafeyub shoe horn tyoyapyafwa walkable
tyoyafibrax scuff tyoyapyex kick
tyoyafibraxen scuffing tyoyapyexen kicking
tyoyafibraxer scuff tyoyapyexer kick
tyoyafibraxwa scuffed tyoyapyexut kicker
tyoyafmanxut shoe shiner tyoyapyexwa kicked
tyoyafnam shoe shop, shoe store tyoyapyofa unable to walk, crippled, non-ambulatory, lame
tyoyafnamut shoe salesman tyoyapyofwa impossible to walk, unwalkable
tyoyafnyiv shoe lace, shoelace tyoyapyofxea crippling
tyoyafoben removing one's shoes tyoyapyofxer cripple
tyoyafober remove one's shoes tyoyapyofxwa crippled, disabled, lame
tyoyafobwa barefoot tyoyav ektobet sock puppet
tyoyafoya shoeless, barefoot tyoyav sock
tyoyafsaxam shoemaker tyoyavyober trip up
tyoyafsaxem shoemaking factory tyoyavyobwa tripped up
tyoyafsaxut shoemaker, cobbler tyoyavyopen tripping, stumbling

tyoyavyoper - tyunxyofwayEdit

tyoyavyoper trip, stumble tyoyubyex toe tap, tap
tyoyayf high-heel tyoyubyexen toe tapping
tyoyayv stockings tyoyubyexer toe tap, tap
tyoyazyuv stilt, peg leg, crutch tyoyubyexut toe tapper
tyoyd clan tyoyupen tiptoeing
tyoyda clan-related tyoyuper tiptoe
tyoydeb clan leader tyoyuzupen pirouetting
tyoydyena clannish tyoyuzyuper pirouette
tyoyeb heel tyoyv slip, waist petticoat, underskirt
tyoyebasea squatting tyugsa agile, nimble
tyoyebaser squat tyugsan agility, nimbleness
tyoyeben spurning tyugsay with agility, nimbly
tyoyeber spurn tyun concept, idea
tyoyebwa spurned tyuna conceptual, ideational
tyoyef talon, spur tyunay conceptually, ideationally
tyoyev thigh length sock tyunier become inspired, get the idea to
tyoyf skirt tyunin ideology
tyoyfes petticoat, waist petticoat tyunina ideological
tyoyib yuvar ankle bracelet, ankle chain tyuninay ideologically
tyoyib ankle, sole tyunser conceive
tyoyiba plantar tyunuen inspiration
tyoyibalen trampling tyunuer inspire
tyoyibaler trample tyunuwa inspired
tyoyibalwa trampled tyunuxen suggesting, suggestion
tyoyibaren stomping, squashing tyunuxer suggest
tyoyibarer stomp, squash tyunuxun suggestion
tyoyibarwa stomped, squashed tyunuxwa suggested
tyoyiben supplanting, treading tyunuxyea suggestive
tyoyiber supplant, tread tyunuxyean suggestiveness
tyoyibwa supplanted, trod tyunuxyeay suggestively
tyoyiv ankle sock tyunuyea inspirational
tyoyob sole tyunuyeay inspirationally
tyoyof sole, shoe sole, platform tyunxen conception, conceptualization
tyoyub toe tyunxer conceive, conceptualize
tyoyubaxegen wiggling one's toe tyunxwa conceived, conceptualized
tyoyubaxeger wiggle one's toe tyunxyafwa conceivable
tyoyubuken stubbing one's toe tyunxyafwan conceivability
tyoyubuker stub one's toe tyunxyafway conceivably
tyoyubyex daz tap dance tyunxyofwa inconceivable
tyoyubyex dazen tap dancing tyunxyofway inconceivably

u- - uduzarutEdit

u- west, occidental ublen delegation
u four, the letter u ubler delegate, send on a mission, dispatch
ua tisnog fourth grade ublun mission
ua tisnogat fourth-grader ubun missive, message, dispatch
ua fourth ubut sender
uajabat senior ubux impulse, draw
uajayb leap year ubuxazon gravity, force of attraction
uateupib molar ubuxen impelling, drawing, attraction, luring, recruitment, wooing, enticement, pushing toward, induction, prodding, inviting
uatuyub left hand thumb ubuxer impel, draw, attract, lure, recruit, woo, entice, draw in, push toward, induce, prod, invite
ub ij bi toward the beginning of ubuxwa impelled, drawn, attracted, lured, recruited, wooed, enticed, pushed toward, induced, prodded, invited
ub kum bi toward the side of ubuxyea attractive
ub uj bi toward the end of ubuxyean attractiveness
ub zam bi toward the front of ubwa sent, transmitted, dispatched
ub zem bi toward the middle of ubwas transmission, missive, dispatch
ub zim bi toward the right of ubwat emissary, missionary, envoy, messenger
ub zom bi toward the back of ubwer yovbyokam be sent to jail, be sent to prison
ub zum bi toward the left of ubwer zo elyazyuvii be sent behind bars
ub toward udapat senior airman
ubar transmitter udaplat major
ubelen sending udaprat general air force chief of staff
ubeler send udeb duke
ubelwa sent udeba ducal
ubem destination udepat army specialist
uben mission, transmission, sending, dispatching udeplat chief warrant officer 4
uber bu yovbyokam send to prison udeprat general, four-star general
uber did bu x address a question to x udepyat corporal
uber ebdras send mail udeyb duchess
uber ebdres send a message udiepat corporal
uber yovbyokam send to jail, send to prison udieplat chief warrant officer 4
uber send, transmit, dispatch, address udieprat major general
ubigper run toward udipat petty officer 3rd class
ubixen attraction, luring, wooing, recruitment, enticement, drawing in, pulling toward udiplat lieutenant commander
ubixer attract, lure, woo, recruit, entice, draw in, pull toward udiprat admiral chief of navy ops, commandant
ubixwa attracted, lured, wooed, enticed, recruited, drawn in, pulled toward udipyat chief warrant officer 4
ubixyea attractive, alluring, enticing udob duchy, dukedom
ubixyean attractiveness udopar musket
ublam legation, embassy udoparut musketeer
ublawa delegated udopmimpur destroyer
ublawat delegate, representative, legate, missionary uduzar bass
ublawatyan delegation, body of representatives, mission team uduzarut bassist

udweb - uftauxyofanEdit

udweb duke ufkex persecution
uetuyub left hand index finger ufkexen persecution
uf hate, hatred, phobia, displeasure ufkexer persecute, hound, pester, badger
ufab prune tree ufkexut persecutor
ufdaler quarrel ufkexwa persecuted
ufden expression of displeasure, groaning, moaning ufkexwat person being persecuted
ufder express displeasure, groan, moan uflawa detested, detestable, abhorrent, despicable
ufdizeux sneer uflawan destestableness, abhorrence, despicableness
ufdizeuxea sneering uflen abhorrence, loathing, abhorring
ufdizeuxen sneering ufler detest, abhor, despise, loath
ufdizeuxer sneer ufon hatred, loathing, hate
ufdun complaint, word of displeasure, unpleasantness, groan, moan ufonaya hate-filled, hateful, odious
ufdut groaner, moaner ufonayan odiousness
ufeb prune ufonika hate-filled, hateful, odious
ufebdal quarrel, unpleasant exchange. squabble ufonikan odiousness
ufebdalea engaged in a unpleasant exchange, squabbling ufran scorn, spite, contempt
ufebdalen having an unpleasant exchange, squabbling, quarreling ufranteas look of scorn, contemptuous look
ufebdaler have an unpleasant exchange, squabble ufrawa despised, detested, scorned
ufebdalyea quarrelsome ufrawas something despicable, something contemptible
ufek fight, feud, battle, skirmish, combat, struggle, competition, conflict, clash, contest, strife, wrestle, quarrel ufrawat despicable person, butt of scorn
ufekea conflicting, contesting, fighting, battling, clashing, feuding, wrestling, quarreling ufraya scornful, spiteful, contemptuous
ufekem battlefield, fight arena, combat zone ufrea scornful, spiteful, contemptuous
ufeken fighting, feuding, battling, skirmishing, combat, struggling, competition, strife, wrestling, quarreling ufren scorning, having contempt, despising
ufeker fight, feud, battle, skirmish, combat, struggle, compete, conflict, clash, wrestle, quarrel ufrer scorn, have contempt, despise
ufektos rage, anger, fighting mood ufruwa despicable, abominable, contemptible
ufektosea angry, mad ufsea displeasing, disagreeable
ufektoser feel rage, be angry ufser be displeased, be disgusted, be displeasing
ufektosier get angry, get mad, be enraged ufseux groan, complaint, gripe, growl, scowl
ufektosuer anger, madden, enrage ufseuxen groaning, complaining, griping, growling, scowling
ufektosuwa angered, enraged ufseuxer groan, grumble, complain, grouse, whine, gripe, growl, scowl
ufektosuyea maddening, enraging ufta antipathetic, unpleasant, disagreeable
ufektosuyeay maddeningly uftan antipathy, unpleasantness, disagreeableness
ufekuj armistice uftauxea annoying, irritating
ufekut fighter, combatant, competitor, contestant uftauxen annoyance, irritating
ufekwa fought, battled, feuded, conflicted uftauxer annoy, bother, irritate, get on one's nerves
ufekyea pugnacious, combative uftauxwa annoyed, irritated, bothered
ufekyean pugnaciousness, combativeness uftauxyafa irritable
ufel prune juice uftauxyafan irritability
ufer hate, despise, loath uftauxyofa unflappable
ufien disgust uftauxyofan unflappability

ufteaxer - ugnogayEdit

ufteaxer glare, look meanly at, leer Ugandad Ugandan
ufteub frown, grimace, scowl, sneer Ugandam Uganda
ufteubea frowning, grimacing, scowling, sneering Ugandama Ugandan
ufteuben frowning