Mirad Grammar/Flaws in Mirad

Mirad has some flaws that may need to be fixed:
1. Ambiguities caused by different possible readings of morpheme boundaries. Here are a few examples:
  • zoyuzben can be interpreted as zo-yuz-ben (circulating behind) or zoy-uz-ben (turning back).
  • meima can be interpreted as the hybrid combination mem + mim (land-sea, amphibious) or the adjectival form of meim (rural) in the taxonomic series meam, meem, meim.... (countryside).
2. Use of the letter r for three different functions:
  • Words related to the universe and nature such as mar....star or mur....moon.
  • The infinitive form of verbs, such as xer....to do.
  • A sense intensifier in words, such as frua....ghastly or yonbyexren....exploding, or numbers like ara....one thousand.
  • Instruments, tools, machines, and vehicles, such as pur....car, sir....machine, or drar....pencil.
The semantic use of r for universe/nature-related words and the grammatical use or r as an intensified are not incompatible and do not need to be fixed. But the use of r for tools and the like needs to be changed to a different letter, perhaps, c.
Also the r used for the infinitive form of verbs needs to be changed as well.
3. The Mirad equivalents of the numeric prefixes penta- and hexa- can be confused with the adverbs yon (apart) and yan (together). For this reason, yon- as in yongun (pentagon) and yangun (hexagon) have to be changed to yoon- and yaon-, respectively.
If you see irregularities, misspellings, ambiguities, or exceptions, let it be known.