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Frostings and icings are types of sweet, smooth toppings generally used to coat a variety of desserts.

Terminology edit

Generally speaking, the terms frosting and icing are used interchangeably in common speech and by some cooks.[1] However, a distinction can be made, usually based on the consistency—frosting tends to be thicker, fluffier, and more opaque, while icing tends to be thinner with a lower fat content.[1][2][3][4] Additionally, glazes are very thin, often shiny coatings that are poured over or brushed onto desserts.[5][3]

Types edit

Frosting edit

  • Buttercream
  • Cream cheese frosting
  • Foam frosting
  • Seven-minute frosting

Icing edit

Glaze edit

Use edit

Frostings and icings have a range of uses, including protecting desserts from drying out, contributing flavor and texture, and adding aesthetic value.[5][6] They can also be used as fillings, especially when flavored. Be sure to pair the appropriate coating to a dessert—heavy with heavy and light with light.

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References edit

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