Buttercream-topped cakes

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Buttercream, also called butter frosting or butter icing, is a type of frosting. It is traditionally butter-based and sweetened with sugar, although some variations may contain other fats, eggs, and/or flour.

Varieties edit

There are several varieties of buttercream. All of these varieties can be modified with different colors and flavors.

American buttercream edit

American buttercream is made by beating together butter and powdered sugar until light and fluffy. This type of buttercream is very easy to make, but it is not particularly stable. It will form a thin crust when exposed to the air for long periods of time.

Decorator's buttercream edit

Decorator's buttercream is similar to American buttercream, but a large proportion of the butter is replaced with vegetable shortening to increase its stability. Sometimes fondant is used instead of powdered sugar to sweeten the frosting. This type of buttercream is very smooth and stable, but the lack of butter reduces the flavor.

French buttercream edit

French buttercream is made by whipping egg yolks and sugar syrup before beating with butter. It is less sweet than American buttercream, and the yolks give it a yellow tint.

Meringue buttercream edit

Swiss meringue buttercream is made by beating butter into Swiss meringue; likewise, Italian meringue buttercream is made by beating butter into Italian meringue.

German buttercream edit

German buttercream, also called crème mousseline, is made by beating butter into cooled pastry cream.

Ermine buttercream edit

Ermine buttercream, also called flour buttercream, is made by cooking together sugar and flour before beating in the butter.

Russian buttercream edit

Also called sweetened condensed milk buttercream, this is made by beating sweetened condensed milk into whipped butter. It is not very stable.

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