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This category contains all interlingual energizers of the book Interlingual Energizers.


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  1. Interlingual Energizers/The Hunter and the Ducks
  2. Interlingual Energizers/One to Six
  3. Interlingual Energizers/Kinsenseis Kimonoo
  4. Interlingual Energizers/Pizza-Massage
  5. Interlingual Energizers/Am o casă mică
  6. Interlingual Energizers/Balance
  7. Interlingual Energizers/Bunny Bunny
  8. Interlingual Energizers/Mister Hit
  9. Interlingual Energizers/Knocking circle
  10. Interlingual Energizers/Vibrating hands
  1. Interlingual Energizers/Magic Objects
  2. Interlingual Energizers/Am o casă mică
  3. Interlingual Energizers/Samurai
  4. Interlingual Energizers/It itches here
  5. Interlingual Energizers/Pizza-Massage
  6. Interlingual Energizers/Banana-Palm tree-Elephant
  7. Interlingual Energizers/I like to dance
  8. Interlingual Energizers/Kinsenseis Kimonoo
  9. Interlingual Energizers/Toaster
  10. Interlingual Energizers/Name changing

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