Interlingual Energizers/One to Six

amount 1
language level (simple)
age 10+
group size 3-15
materials nothing special
space free space
time 5 min
energizer and concentration game

The activity One to Six (Deutsch: Eins bis Sechs, română: Uno până la Șase) is part of the collection of interlingual energizers. See a list of all activities.


The introduction is also available in 1 other languages: Deutsch

I see that we're a bit tired. Let's do a game to wake up again.


The rules is also available in 1 other languages: Deutsch

  1. Please stand in a circle and copy what I'm doing.
  2. First we will all say "Ommmm".
  3. Then we will count from one to six. For every number we point with both hands to the sides and clap.
  4. After doing this we count again from one to six. For every number we have to do a movement. After every movement we clap.
    1. Touch your right shoulder.
    2. Touch your left shoulder.
    3. Touch your left foot.
    4. Touch your right foot.
    5. Touch your right knee.
    6. Touch your left knee.
  5. Then we repeat doing this from step 3, but we only count from one to five and leave one movement out.
  6. The game goes on like this until no movements are left. It's very hard to keep the same rhythm. If you fail some how you get eliminated.

Possible extensions

  • You can vary the movements and their amount.
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