Interlingual Energizers/Kinsenseis Kimonoo

amount 1, more for groups which don't know the game
language level (advanced)
age 10+
group size 10-20
materials nothing special
space free space, outdoors or indoors
time up to 30 min
energizer and concentration game, teaches how to be attentive to others and is therefore a teambuilder

The activity Kinsenseis Kimonoo is part of the collection of interlingual energizers. See a list of all activities.


The introduction is also available in 1 other languages: Deutsch

Let's play a game in which everybody needs to be very attentive. We need to invest our entire power to make this work.


The rules is also available in 1 other languages: Deutsch

  1. Let's stand in a circle.
  2. We will start with the basic version. We'll begin the game always with shouting "Nippon Hoj!" and pointing with our elbows to the middle.
  3. Then I'll start to pass an impulse around. We always say "Hoj!" and move our arm in the direction of the impulse.

After the group got this you can introduce the next steps:

  1. We can also change the direction of the impulse by saying "Boink!" and crossing our arms in front of the head.
  2. We can also send the impulse across the circle. We say "Hattamanaa!" and lift our hands. The person who receives the impulse crosses their hands in front of their hand and says "Kinsenseis Kimonoo!". Check before sending that the other person noticed that she/he will get the impulse, so it doesn't get lost. Then all of us say "Nippon Hoj!" and the person who just received the impulse begins again.

Possible extensions

  • When the group got it, you can start to eliminate people.
  • A simpler version of this game is Samurai.
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