Interlingual Energizers/The Hunter and the Ducks

amount 1
language level (medium)
age 4+
group size 5-20
materials a ball
space free space outdoors
time 10-20 min

The activity The Hunter and the Ducks (Deutsch: Der Jäger und die Enten, română: Vânător și Rațe) is part of the collection of interlingual energizers. See a list of all activities.


The introduction is also available in 1 other languages: Deutsch

Let's play a very energetic game. It's about a hunter and the ducks which she or he is going to catch.


The rules is also available in 1 other languages: Deutsch

  1. Who wants to hunt first? We need two hunters. You stand at the edges of the field facing each other.
  2. The others are the ducks. Please stand in the middle.
  3. The hunters will throw the ball at the ducks. The ducks they hit are dead and have to leave the game.

End of the Game

The end of the game is also available in 1 other languages: Deutsch

The hunters win when no ducks are left.

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