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Pancakes are a subcategory of flatbreads made by cooking a batter on a hot pan or griddle.



Pancakes vary widely in size, shape, and ingredients. Their main shared trait is that they are typically made from a relatively thin batter and cooked on a pan or griddle. A select few are made from a very thin dough instead of a batter, and a few exceptions are baked in the oven.

Most pancakes are either filled or topped with other ingredients, both sweet and savory. Depending on the variety and the culture, they can be eaten at all meals.


  • American pancakes: wheat-based and chemically leavened; fluffy, usually served with sweet toppings as breakfast or brunch
  • Crêpes: large, thin pancakes; typically with sweet or savory fillings
  • Blini: small, round, and puffed; often topped with sour cream, smoked fish, and/or caviar
  • Blintz: thin pancakes enclosing a filling of sweetened cheese or jam
  • Palacsinta: very thin Hungarian pancake
  • Dutch pancakes: puffy, eggy pancakes baked in the oven; similar to Yorkshire pudding
  • Bao bing: plain Chinese pancake made of wheat flour
  • Chinese scallion pancakes (cong you bin): layered savory pancake filled with scallions
  • Jeon: variety of Korean pancake; often filled with savory ingredients
  • Dadar gutung: Indonesian pancake with sweet fillings
  • Matefaim: thick French pancake
  • Injera: fermented teff-based Ethiopian pancake; used to scoop up and eat other foods
  • Farinata: savory, chickpea-based Italian pancake
  • Dosa: thin South Asian pancake made of fermented rice/lentils
  • Hotteok: thick yeasted Korean pancake with sweet fillings
  • Okonomiyaki: Japanese pancakes made from nagaimo and filled/topped with a wide range of savory foods
  • Banh xeo: Vietnamese pancake based on rice flour and turmeric
  • Tortilla
  • Chremslach
  • Arepa
  • Schmarren
  • Ratzelach
  • Swedish pancakes