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Croutons are small chunks of dried bread that are toasted or baked until crisp.[1][2]

Characteristics edit

The chunks of bread may be regular in shape (e.g. cuboid) or irregularly torn. Size-wise, they should ideally fit on a fork so that they are easily picked up as a part of a dish.[3] They may be made from a variety of breads and seasoned with a variety of herbs and other flavorings, such as cheese, garlic, and tomato. Delicate breads, like brioche, will make delicate, powdery croutons, and vice versa.[3] Sweet croutons are rare but not unheard of.[3]

Selection and storage edit

Croutons may be purchased from a store or homemade, though the general consensus is that homemade croutons have better flavor.[4] In terms of storage, croutons should be kept in an airtight container at room temperature. Croutons made with butter will go rancid sooner than those made with oil.[3]

Preparation edit

Croutons are quite easy to make. Simply cut or tear your desired bread into bite-size pieces, toss with oil and seasonings as desired, and toast on a baking sheet at 350°F (180°C).[3][4][5] You don't want the croutons to be fully dry all the way through while toasting, since they will harden once cooled.[3] You can also make croutons in a skillet, but you have to pay more attention to them to prevent burning.[3][4]

Use edit

Croutons are most commonly used to add texture to dishes like salads and soups.[5] They can also be used to make stuffing or savory bread puddings.

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