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  1. Robotic Pets for Psychosocial Therapeutics
  2. LMIs in Control
  3. Sublime Text Handbook
  4. Khepera III Toolbox
  5. Guide to Electrical Equipment for Travelers
  6. Tube Amp Design
  7. Visual Studio
  8. Software Engineers Handbook
  9. Learn Electronics
  10. Communication Systems
  1. Software Engineering with an Agile Development Framework
  2. Robotics Kinematics and Dynamics
  3. Analogue Electronics
  4. Digital Circuits
  5. Robotic Pets for Psychosocial Therapeutics
  6. LMIs in Control
  7. Visual Studio
  8. Unofficial Guide To Expanding Your Numworks
  9. OpenVOGEL
  10. A Beginner's Arduino Guide

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