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VHDL for FPGA Design

For exercises you need ISE WebPACK, a fully featured front-to-back FPGA design solution for Linux, Windows XP, and Windows Vista, downloadable at no charge from Xilinx (download link).

Combinational Logic

  1. Decoder
  2. Multiplexer
  3. Priority Encoder
  4. 4-Bit Adder
  5. 4-Bit Multiplier
  6. 4-Bit ALU

Sequential Logic

  1. D Flip Flop
  2. T Flip Flop
  3. JK Flip Flop
  4. 4-Bit Binary Counter with Parallel Load
  5. 4-Bit BCD Counter with Clock Enable
  6. 4-Bit Shift Register
  7. 4-Bit Johnson Counter with Reset


  1. State-Machine Design Example Asynchronous Counter
  2. State-Machine Design Example Serial Parity Generator

Design Exercises

  1. Example Application Serial Adder
  2. Example Application Using PicoBlaze
  3. Complete synthesisable VHDL code for Signed 32 bit Radix-16 multiplier

Further Reading