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VHDL for FPGA Design/4-Bit Adder

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4-Bit Adder with Carry Out VHDL CodeEdit

library IEEE;

entity Adder is
      nibble1, nibble2 : in unsigned(3 downto 0); 

      sum       : out unsigned(3 downto 0); 
      carry_out : out std_logic
end entity Adder;
architecture Behavioral of Adder is
   signal temp : unsigned(4 downto 0); 
   temp <= ("0" & nibble1) + nibble2; 
   -- OR use the following syntax:
   -- temp <= ('0' & nibble1) + ('0' & nibble2);

   sum       <= temp(3 downto 0); 
   carry_out <= temp(4);
end architecture Behavioral;

Simulation WaveformEdit


library ieee; use ieee.std_logic_1164.all; use work.all; entity adder4b is port (a,b:in std_logic_vector(3 downto 0); cin:in std_logic; cout:out std_logic; s:out std_logic_vector(3 downto 0)); END adder4b; architecture arch12 of adder is signal y:std_logic_vector(4 downto 0); begin y(0)<= cin; cout<=y(4); --u:for i in 0 to 3 generate --p:entity work.FA(arch) port map(a,b,c,s,r=>y(i+1)); p0:entity work.FA(arch) port map(a=>a(0),b=>b(0),c=>y(0),s=>s(0),r=>y(1)); p1:entity work.FA(arch) port map(a=>a(1),b=>b(1),c=>y(1),s=>s(1),r=>y(2)); p2:entity work.FA(arch) port map(a=>a(2),b=>b(2),c=>y(2),s=>s(2),r=>y(3)); p3:entity work.FA(arch) port map(a=>a(3),b=>b(3),c=>y(3),s=>s(3),r=>y(4)); --end generate;