MyHDL and the NEXYS 2 Board

This wikibook is about MyHDL and the NEXYS 2 board. MyHDL is a Python system for designing digital logic circuits in the Python language. The NEXYS 2 board, manufactured by Digilent Inc., is a prototyping board for Xilinx FPGAs (field programmable gate arrays). If you have some experience with the Python language and an interest in digital logic design, these two tools make a handy combination.



Then there should be a series of practical projects, generating video signals, building digital models of Moog-style analog music synthesizers, and a software-defined radio using the AD1 daughterboard, preceded by some sort of downconverter. If the SDR is baseband (AM radio and shortwave) then maybe you don't need a downconverter, But I'm not sure the AD1 is fast enough for shortwave frequencies.

The video generator could be something interesting like a videogame or an animation system.

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