Software Engineering with an Agile Development Framework

This book is still in an early stage of development. Many topics do not yet have pages, many pages consist of text dumped from our teaching resources, and many of the current pages are stubs. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

This book provides an introduction to Software Engineering from a perspective of an integration of agile perspectives and structured methodologies. Every section will have a case study.

Introduction edit


Whole process

Iteration One: Understanding edit

Iteration One

Sector Deliverables
Management document(group established, environmental context), Scrum processes
Functional requirements
Interview with client established,

System metaphor Planning game

Interaction design
Ethical Design
Design specification
Knowledge base
Implementation (Release One).
Proposal to client, Value Proposition

Iteration Two: Functional Delivery edit

Iteration Two

Evaluation Project estimation
detail for evaluation
Functional requirements

Good requirements Fishing, Decomposition, Data modelling, Process modelling

Interaction Design

Context analysis Tasks, Dialogue Diagrams, Data model, Wireframes, Paper based prototypes , Interactivity

Design Specification
Design specification (style guide etc), Data modelStable development platform, System design (including procurement)
Functional deliverable, Field testing

Test based development Deliver to the client a system that meets most of their needs. This system should be usable and stable. Peer review

Analysis of functional deliverable

Iteration Three: Robust Delivery edit

Iteration Three

Evaluation Direction for Iteration 3. Complete Ethical processes.
Functional requirements Functional requirementsRevisit functional requirements
Interaction design

Interaction designDesign concepts update, Content production

Design specification

Style guide, System specification, Implementation and deployment plan

Implementation Robust delivery(Release Three), Paired programming, Testing, Deployment and packaging

Evaluation Project evaluation and completion

. Client satisfaction.

Resources edit