Software Engineering with an Agile Development Framework/Iteration One/Management document



2 hours




You are expected to have considered group management issues. We suggest that you use the BPP given in software engineering as a template.

 * Management issues
    o You should consider (and write down) how your project is to be managed. This should include factors such as:
       + Risk management, quality assurance etc. as required by you adopted methodology.
       + Do you require any ethical (etc.) approval?
       + What mechanism will you use to review your methodology?
       + What will happen if a group member leaves?
       + Are there likely to be any special hardware/software requirements?
       + What will happen if the client loses interest?
       + How should marks be allocated amongst the group?
       + Any special resources required? What are the contingencies if these don't happen?

Problem statement edit

  Case study Marine Quest

Group: Alastair Nicholl, Liz Coup and Janey Labes for Portobello Aquarium


School children visit the Marine Studies Centre, but often have trouble retaining their knowledge once they go back to school. Children are taught by the Marine Studies Centre educator, Steve Cutler. They are involved in a hands-on learning experience where they are taught an area of Marine Science appropriate to their age. Content is matched to the NZQA curriculum achievement objectives for each level. The majority of learning materials are currently paper based. The planned CD will benefit the business by providing the teachers with a learning aid to help reinforce children’s learning. A CD will benefit the Marine Studies Centre by enhancing their professional image and extending their Marine Science programme into the school classroom. This will help all those involved to interact with modern technology and learning methods.