Software Engineering with an Agile Development Framework/Iteration Three/Testing

User testing edit

  Case study Power monitoring

Group: Hamish Dobson and Tim Grieve for Austin Brothers Electrical

Our client experiences problems with the quality of power supplied to electrical equipment from the electricity provider. This affects the operational efficiency of specialist electrical equipment in the farming industry such as pumps and electric motors. In the past solving such faults has relied on educated guesses and experimentation often resulting in wasted man hours and materials. The problems experienced have created a need for an Information Technology solution to be able to accurately monitor and record various electrical statistics to aid in the efficient resolution of these problems.

Using the Recording Voltmeter we can now gain an accurate picture of line conditions over a period of time...

The recording Voltmeter has solved our problem by providing us with the information we need at a financially viable cost


The operating environment of the voltmeter is extremely challenging. A very robust design was needed to withstand dirt and water over months of field trials before the project was completed.


  Case study Marine Quest

Group: Alastair Nicholl, Liz Coup and Janey Labes for Portobello Aquarium


Needs a description of ethics processes.

  Case study Water monitoring

Group: Thomi Richards, Krissi Wood and Wayne Fahey

This project developed a hardware device to measure various aspects of water quality, and send the results of those measurements to a central computer (in real time). Intended for use in remote locations, the components of the bouy were extensively bench tested (on a windowsill) before field testing.



  Case study Dust monitoring

Group: Dan Robinson, Mark Guise & Justin Nixon for Data Collection Limited

Hardware/software project to allow dynamic monitoring of gravel roads around regional NZ.